2020年1月13日 星期一

What's Going On On the Beautiful Island

I. The Election is Over.

     1. That's one less thing to worry about, right?  Right?

          A. Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 remains President of Taiwan.

               (1). Haters gonna hate.  Oh well, the world keeps turning...

          B. The DPP won a lot of legislative seats too.  KMT supporters are very sad.

               (1). I can continue to go up the coast without encountering busloads of Mainland tourists.  Sounds like a win to me.

II. Chinese New Year Approaches

     1. It'll be the Year of the Rat.

          A. Happy Chinese New Year.

               (1). I'll be in Kaohsiung 高雄 during the holiday.

                    a. Kaohsiung isn't that bad.

                         [1]. Even if it was, I won't be there long.

               (2). Before the holiday, we'll be taking a trip to Jia Yi 嘉義and Nantou 南投.

                    a. I haven't been to Nantou in at least 15 years.

                    b. That'll be interesting.

               (3). Before the trip to Jia Yi and Nantou I'll be teaching/attending an English Winter Camp in Chu Lu 初鹿.

                    a. That won't be very interesting.

                    b. If I'm lucky it'll go by fast.

III. The Days are Getting Longer

     1. This is good, because lately I end up running after sundown.

          A. Running through Shr Chuan 石川 after dark is dangerous.

          B. I'm getting tired of the "cold."

               (1). "Cold" being a relative term, because in Seattle, where I'm from, "cold" would be considered "warm."

          C. Soon we can start complaining about the "heat."

               (1) "Heat" being a less relative term.  Because Taitung 台東, where I live, is hotter than a lot of places.

               (2) However hot it is where you are this summer, it's probably hotter in Dawu 大武.

IV. Stuff That Always Happens is Still Happening

     1. People are making "art."

          A. Some of the "art" is terrible.

               (1). The terrible "art" is receiving universal acclaim.

          B. Some of the "art" is good.

               (1). The good "art" is being dismissed as "divisive."

     2. People are stuck in traffic.

          A. Some of them are resigning themselves to this fact.

          B. Others are becoming increasingly aggressive, to the point where they're endangering themselves and others.

               (1) Most of the aggressive drivers/riders on scooters will come out the worse for wear after their respective traffic accidents.

               (2) Many of the aggressive drivers in cars will injure and/or kill pedestrians or people on scooters.

     3. Other people are not stuck in traffic.

          A. Some of them are thinking sexual thoughts.

          B. Some of them are worried about their families, school or work.

          C. Still others aren't thinking about anything at all.

V. Cool Stuff is Going Down in Taipei 台北

     1. I have no idea what this "cool stuff" is because I'm not there.

          A. Those of us in Taitung always have the impression that "cool" stuff is going down in Taipei.  We may all be wrong.

               (1). Department stores there may be having sales.

               (2). A marathon/road run may be taking place this weekend.

               (3). Whatever it is, people in Taipei will worry about the weather less, because they have the MRT and lots of stuff underground.

               (4). If I was in Taipei I'd probably be walking around the Xinyi Shopping District 信義商圈.

VI. Stuff That Hasn't Happened Previously is Happening

     1. Something of historic import is either being ignored or is being completely misunderstood because of online news cycles.

          A.  This something has roots in emerging economic, demographic, sociological or geographic factors that aren't easily distilled through social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

               (1). Could Google's search engine ever become self-aware?  Is it already so?  Google, can you "hear" me?

     2. Something of little or no historic import is being magnified and/or completely misunderstood because of online news cycles.

          A.This something involves wars, sports, soundbites from politicians, sex or celebrities.

               (1). Hey, what's Cardi B up to this week?

               (2). How can I be more outraged by Trump's latest tweet?

               (3). What's Han Kuo-yu 韓國瑜 doing post-election?

VII. People on the East Coast are Developing Stuff

     1. Someone is trying to build a hotel.

     2. Someone else is trying to open a restaurant.

     3. Someone else is in a waiting room, waiting to see the Taitung, Hualien 花蓮 or Yilan 宜蘭 County Magistrate, in the hopes of getting money for some questionable business venture.

     4. Various other people, ambivalent and unambitious, are drinking beer in the morning, watching TV, or doing both at the same time.

VIII. Some Stuff, Which Has Never Happened, Continues to Not Happen Because It's Impossible

     1. The teaching of the English language is not improving in places where "face" is paramount, and where fear of embarrassment/censure prevents real advances in English language teaching from being made.

          A. Some kid who can barely read or write in English is getting 100% on an English test.

          B. His teacher is congratulating himself/herself over this fact.

          C. Another teacher, having administered a test more relevant to a workable understanding of English, is being censured.

          D. The system grinds onward.

     2. The role of the Taiwanese language in Taiwanese society is not expanding.  Other languages continue to encroach upon it, for the simple reason that other languages have more practical value.

          A. Although the Taiwanese soap operas seen during Chinese New Year lead you to the opposite conclusion, I'm guessing that many of the actors and actresses in those shows find the dialogue very awkward at times.

               (1). Someone is switching the channel to an American blockbuster.

               (2). Someone else is switching to a variety show which includes jokes in Taiwanese, but which is mostly conducted in Mandarin.

          B. Taiwanese continues to be very useful in central Taiwan, where people really speak (and live) it.

               (1). Some drunk guy in a KTV in Yunlin 雲林 is cracking untranslatable jokes and having a great time.

               (2). Some lady in Tainan 台南 is using Taiwanese to buy vegetables at a market there.

               (3). A Taiwanese teacher in a Taipei 台北 elementary school is struggling to control a largely disinterested student body.

     3. The number of English words incorporated into Mandarin and the number of Mandarin words incorporated into English is increasing, because hey, that's demography.

          A. 大家keep fighting.

          B. 你怎麼那麼high呢?

          C. 我今天非常busy.

IX. People in Cities are Envying the Lives of Those in Rural Areas, People in Rural Areas are Envying the Lives of Those in Cities, and People on the Outlying Islands may be Lying Outside.

     1. If I lived in downtown Kaohsiung City I'd be thinking about moving to Mei Nong 美濃.

     2. If I lived in parts of Miaoli 苗栗I'd want to move to Taipei.

     3. If I lived on Penghu 澎湖, Matsu 馬祖, Jinmen 金門, Green Island or Orchid Island I'd probably spend a lot of time on a wicker chair, sunning myself when it wasn't too hot.

          (1). Liars, of which every place has not a few, would probably spend their time on outlying islands outside, lying.  And by the way, are there "inlying islands?"

               a. Yes.  The "inlying island" would be Formosa, which means "beautiful island" in Portuguese.  There.  You.  Go.

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2020年1月12日 星期日

Saturday, January 11 Election Results

It was a big deal, it was all over the news, so here are the results of the last election:

I. The Presidential Election

1. 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen retains her seat as President of Taiwan.  She received over 8 million votes, or 57.1% of the total.  Why did she win?  Concerns over Mainland Chinese encroachment on Taiwan's sovereignty, and doubts about Han Kuo-yu's leadership ability were major factors.

2. 韓國瑜 Han Kuo-yu lost the election, but did manage to win several counties.  One of these counties was Taitung.  He received over 5 million votes, or 38.6% of the total.

3. 宋楚瑜 James Soong was a distant third.  He received over 600,000 votes, or 4.3% of the total.

II. Local Legislators (113 seats total)

I should have stated this in the last entry, but there are 113 seats in the Legislative Yuan.  Of these 113 seats, 73 are Local Legislators representing their voting districts, 6 are Aboriginal Legislators representing tribal interests, and 34 are "Floating" Legislators representing their respective parties.

IIa. Local Legislators (73 seats total)

1. 劉櫂豪 Liou Jhao-hao (DPP) won his seat back.  If you were wondering why it was SO quiet last night it was because the KMT candidates owned most of the fireworks.

IIb. Aboriginal Legislators (6 seats total)

1. I didn't mention these candidates by name in the last entry because there were a lot of them. 鄭天財 Sra Kacaw (KMT), 陳瑩 (DPP) and 廖國棟 Sufin Siluko (KMT) won seats as "Flatland" Aboriginal Legislators, and 伍麗華 Saidhai Tahovecahe (DPP), 孔文吉 Kong Wen Ji (KMT) and 高金素梅 Gao Jin Su Mei (unaffiliated) won seats as a Mountain Aboriginal Legislators.

IIc. "Floating" Legislators (34 seats total)

The DPP and KMT each won 13 seats, the People First Party won 5 seats and The New Power Party won 3 seats.

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2020年1月8日 星期三

Around Dulan 在都蘭附近

Dulan is about twenty minutes north of Taitung City, in Dong He Township.  It's an area popular with backpackers, and I've even heard it referred to as "Taitung's Westerntown" (i.e. "reverse Chinatown").  With such fame comes a variety of opinions.  Some people love it, others are on the fence about it, and some people - for whatever reason - despise it. 位於東河鄉都蘭台東市二十分鐘.  這個地方很受背包客的歡迎.  我也聽其他人叫都蘭 "台東的西洋城" (相反的中國城).  那麼有名的地方, 當然很多人有不同的看法.  有的人喜愛, 有的人覺得還好, 有的人因為很多不同的原因很討厭都蘭.

If you want my opinion, it's alright.  I've had some good nights in Dulan, and I sometimes go there to eat pizza.  I don't go up there often, but I do go. 我的看法呢?  我覺得還好.  我曾在都蘭玩得很開心, 有時候也會去那裏吃披薩.  我不常去那裏, 只是偶爾去.

Most people visiting Dulan are obliged to visit the sugar factory.  Many local events are held there, there are some businesses to the right and left of the main building, and there's a bar/music venue next to the smokestack. 來玩都蘭的人一定會去參觀糖廠.  當地的活動常在這裡舉辦, 糖廠二邊有些商店, 還有一間酒吧在煙囪旁邊.

Once upon a time you could go into the factory and inspect all the dusty machinery inside.  They've since fenced it off. 很久以前人們可以進去糖廠看那些舊機器.  現在那個部分已經被圍起來了.

Highway 11 through Dulan.  On weekends you'll see a lot of foreign tourists walking up and down this stretch of road.  In the summer you'll also see a lot of sunburns. 經過都蘭台11線.  周末的時候可以看到很多觀光客在這條路上走來走去.  夏天的時候更可以看到很多曬紅的人.

For me one of the strangest things about Dulan is the lack of variety when it comes to restaurants.  You'd think with all the tourist traffic there's be more places to eat there. 我想都蘭最奇怪的部分就是餐廳不多.  觀光客很多, 可是餐廳的選擇很少.

The Dulan river, just north of town. 小鎮北邊的都蘭溪.

From the same spot, in the other direction.  There's an Indian curry place on the hill above the bridge.  I used to love that restaurant. 在同一個地方往另外一邊看.  山坡上有一家印度咖哩餐廳.  我以前很喜歡在那裏吃飯.

Dulan's most famous souvenir.  I've never understood why tourists like these so much. 都蘭最有名的紀念品.  我不了解觀光客怎麼那麼喜歡這種書包.

East of Highway 11 is the beach.  It's not an awesome beach - no white sand to be found there - but it's well visited. 台11線東邊的海灘.  這個海灘不是白沙, 也不是令人驚豔的那種, 可是還是很受歡迎.

A lot of people surf - or at least try to surf - on this beach.  There are much better beaches in other parts of the county, but this beach is one of the most accessible. 很多人到這個海灘衝浪或試著衝浪.  縣內有比較好的海灘, 只是這裡比較容易到達.

...and of course for every beach in Taiwan there's a sign like this.  "The deep water is dangerous, please don't play in the water."  To be fair, it can be dangerous, but nature is always dangerous for those who aren't careful around it. 當然, 台灣的每座海灘都有這種牌子.  "水深危險請勿戲水."  去海邊戲水有危險沒錯, 可是大自然對任何不注意安全的人來說都很危險.

I never noticed this walkway before.  Judging by the plants it doesn't get used much. 我以前沒看過這條步道.  看步道上的雜草就知道沒有很多人使用它.

I took these pictures on New Year's Day.  Most of the tourists, exhausted by a night of partying, had already left the area. 這些照片都是元旦的時候拍的.  大部分前一天晚上喝醉的觀光客都已經離開了.

It's weird how little developed this stretch of coastline is.  Maybe that's for the best? 這一段海岸線的發展不多.  也許這樣是最好的吧?

From Highway 11 there's a road leading to the Moonlight Inn, another famous local attraction.  Before arriving at the Moonlight Inn you'll find the Dulan Archaeological Site. 從台11線有條路往知名的景點: 月光小棧.  到月光小棧前, 這條路會經過都蘭遺址.

This thing, "the Sarcophagus," is the most interesting part.  The rest of it just looks like rocks, all barely distinguishable from other rocks in the area. 岩棺區是最特別的部分.  其他的部分都很像普通的石頭.

The view from the top of the hill.  Those buildings to the right, just before the ocean, are downtown Dulan. 山坡上的美景.  右邊, 靠近海的建築物就是都蘭市區.

The Moonlight Inn.  It's a good place to have coffee if the sun's out.  It also has its share of history, which is explained both inside and outside the building. 月光小棧.  晴天時在這裡喝咖啡不錯.  這個地點也有自己的歷史,  在房子外面和裡面都有解說牌介紹.

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2020年1月6日 星期一

Next Saturday's Election

I usually HATE talking about politics.  I feel like when it comes to politics most people have made up their minds already, and political discussions consist converting the other side to their point of view.  I also think there's been enough propagandizing over the coming election, and adding my own propaganda to the mix isn't going to help anyone.

I. There are three pairs of people running for the office of President and Vice President of Taiwan.  They are:

1. 宋楚瑜 James Soong and 余湘 Sandra Yu, running for the 親民黨 People First Party.  At the time of writing James Soong is almost 79 years old.  Sandra Yu, his running mate, grew up in Taitung.

2. 韓國瑜 Han Kuo-yu and 張善政 Chang San-cheng, running for the 中國國民黨 Kuomintag, KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party.  Han Kuo-yu is currently serving as the Mayor of Kaohsiung City, though I believe he's on personal leave.

3. 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen and 賴清德 Lai Ching-de, running for the 民主進步黨 Democratic Progressive Party or DPP.  Tsai Ing-wen is currently serving as the President of Taiwan, and hopes to be reelected.

The reverse side of this sheet lists where you can vote on Election Day, January 11.  There are 236 locations in Taitung County where those registered can vote.  In Taitung City alone there are 91 locations, one of which is the public school where I work.

II. 立法委員 Legislators are also up for election/reelection.  These legislators will be representing Taitung's interests in the central government.  They are:

1. 張志明 Jang Jr-ming, running for the KMT.

2. 陳允萍Chen Yun-ping, running for the 台灣民眾黨 Taiwan People's Party.

3. 張坤和 Jang Kun-he, running unaffiliated.

4. 劉櫂豪 Liou Jhao-hao, running for the DPP.

III. Aside from the above four candidates, there are also 10 candidates for the office of 平地 "Flatland" 原住民立法委員 Aboriginal Legislator, and 11 candidates for the office of 山地 "Mountain" 原住民立法委員 Aboriginal Legislator.  5 of them are running for the KMT, 2 are running for the DPP, and the other 14 are either running for other parties or are unaffiliated.*

IV. Lastly, there are those running as 不分區及僑居國外國民立法委員 "Floating" Legislators.  These "Floating" Legislators are running dependent upon their party's overall percentage of votes.  In other words, if the DPP fields 20 candidates and wins 50% of the vote, 10 of their "Floating" Legislators will be elected.  These candidates aren't representing regional interests as much as their party's agenda.  The parties and numbers of candidates are:

1. 合一行動聯盟 United Action Alliance, 8 candidates.

2. 中華統一促進黨 Chinese Unification Promotion Party, 7 candidates.

3. 親民黨 People First Party, 22 candidates.

4. 安定力量 Stabilizing Force Party, 10 candidates.

5. 台灣基進 Taiwan Statebuilding Party, 5 candidates.

6. 時代力量 New Power Party, 11 candidates.

7. 新黨 New Party, 10 candidates.

8. 喜樂島聯盟 Formosa Alliance, 6 candidates.

9. 中國國民黨 Kuomintang, KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party, 31 candidates.

10. 一邊一國行動黨 Taiwan Action Party Alliance, 5 candidates.

11. 勞動黨 Labor Party, 2 candidates.

12. 綠黨 Green Party, 6 candidates.

13. 宗教聯盟 Interfaith Union, 8 candidates.

14. 民主進步黨 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), 33 candidates.

15. 台灣民眾黨 Taiwan People's Party, 28 candidates.

16. 台灣維新 Taiwan Renewal Party, 6 candidates.

17. 台澎黨 Sovereign State for Formosa & Pescadores Party, 4 candidates.

18. 國會政黨聯盟 Congress Party Alliance, 6 candidates.

19. 台灣團結聯盟 Taiwan Solidarity Union, 7 candidates.**


*The aboriginal tribes are often divided into the "mountain tribes" and the "flatland/plains tribes."  And why is the KMT so popular among aboriginal voters?  I seriously have no idea.  It's not like the KMT has done them a lot of favors.

**All of the English names used for each party were taken from their Wikipedia page.

2020年1月3日 星期五

鐵道迷的第一本書 A Book for Train Aficionados 4

The Chinese text below was taken from "A Book for Train Aficionados" 鐵道迷的一本書, as written by 鄧志忠.  The English was written/translated by me.  I'm not sure how many entries from this book I'll do, but this will definitely be one of many.

Where Can You Buy Railway Souvenirs?

近年來隨著鐵道旅遊及鐵道研究風氣盛行, 許多與鐵道有關的商品如雨後春筍般湧現, 無論是著名鐵道觀光景點, 車站, 甚至是在列車上, 都能買到屬於台灣鐵道記憶的小商品.  下回的鐵道旅行, 不妨也為自己覓個特別的鐵道伴手禮吧! In recent years, alongside the rise in popularity of both railway tourism and railway scholarship, many railway-related products have appeared.  You can buy these products at famous tourist spots along rail lines, at stations, and even aboard trains.  [You can buy these products] as a gift for yourself, or to preserve memories of your travels by train.

台鐵夢工廠 TRA (Taiwan Railway Authority) Dream Factory

台鐵旗下的餐旅總所, 早年僅以服務旅客為主; 直至2012年5月25日起, 在台北車站開設 "台鐵夢工廠", 並陸續在高雄, 松山站及羅東站等陸續拓展據點. During its early years the Taiwan Railway Food Services Office was dedicated to providing passenger services.  On May 25, 2012 it opened the "TRA Dream Factory" in the Taipei Main Station.  [Other Dream Factories] were later opened in Kaohsiung, Song Shan and Luo Dong Stations.

台鐵夢工廠販賣的商品以台鐵自行開發的文創商品為主, 也販售與相關玩具, 書籍與模型, 當然更少不了台鐵餐旅最具人氣的 "台鐵便當"! The TRA Dream Factories primarily sell products created by the TRA itself, and they also sell related toys, books and models.  Of course they also sell the TRA lunchboxes so dear to the hearts of passengers!

高鐵紀念商品 HSR (High Speed Rail) Souvenirs

無論是高鐵迴力車, 文具等紀念品, 都能在高鐵各站的7-11商店, 候車室的紀念品自動販賣機, 或向列車服務人員購得; 有意者可於高鐵官網或列車上的免費雜誌中搜尋商品目錄. Whether motorized train toys, stationary or other souvenirs, [these items] can all be purchased at 7-11s inside HSR stations, from the vending machines inside the last car of the train, or from a service worker aboard the train.  Those interested can consult the HSR website or the free catalog available aboard the train.

台北捷運商品館 Taipei MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Shop

販售台北捷運及貓空纜車為主題的文創商品, 紀念票與紀念品, 自2001年開幕以來一直是許多遠道而來旅客必逛之處.  Taipei MRT or Maokong Gondola-related goods, souvenir tickets or souvenirs have been popular with all types of tourists since the system began operation in 2001.*

除了位在台北車站M3出口處的店址外, 也於捷運龍山寺站及貓空纜車動物園站開設分店.  無暇親自到店選購商品的買家, 可於台北捷運公司官網線上訂購. Aside from the store located near the M3 exit/entrance in Taipei Main Station, stores have also been opened in the Loong Shan Temple MRT Station and the Taipei Zoo Maokong Gondola Station.  Those without time to shop in these stores can visit the Taipei MRT Company's website and make purchases online.

高雄捷運商品館 Kaohsiung MRT Shop

位於O5R10美麗島站及R16左營站的 "高雄捷運商品館", 是高雄捷運公司自營的紀念品專賣店. The Kaohsiung MRT (KMRT) Stores are located near the O5R10 exit/entrance in the Formosa Boulevard Station, and the R16 exit/entrance in the Dzuoying Station.  These stores are operated by the Kaohsiung MRT Company for the purpose of selling souvenirs.**

台灣鐵道故事館 Taiwan Railway Story House

屬於民間經營的鐵道紀念品公司, 有約20家分店於車站內或附近經營, 販售鐵道文創商品與融合地方文化特色的懷舊商品, 是國內外鐵道迷必訪的鐵道景點. This is a privately owned railway souvenir company, with about twenty stores operating in or around train stations.  [They sell] railway-related products and other items related to local history and culture.  [These stores] draw in "railway fans" from all over the world.

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Social Studies 社會 4, First Semester 上, Unit 2-3 第二單元到第三單元
鐵道迷的第一本書 A Book for Train Aficionados 3

*The Taipei MRT system, that is.  The Maokong Gondola began operation much later.

**I've been to these fairly recently.  Might be different now, but last time I checked the Taipei MRT stores were selling way cooler stuff.

2020年1月1日 星期三

Retrospective 懷舊的 5: Foreigners I Know (Besides Me) 我認識的外國人

For the "Retrospective" entries I'll be revisiting posts from ten years ago.  The post referenced below is from 2010. 在這些 "懷舊的" 文章裡看十年前的文章.  下列的文章是2010年寫的.

The original version of "Foreigners I Know (Besides Me) 我認識的外國人" is to be found in the Blog Archive 3 entry.  I've added comments below the italicized text. 原本的 "Foreigners I Know (Besides Me) 我認識的外國人" 在Blog Archive 很久很久以前的文章 3的文章.  我在每一段下面加入新的意見.

"Living in Taiwan, and especially living somewhere like Taitung, I get asked a lot of strange questions by a lot of very curious people. These questions range from things like "Do you eat McDonald's every day?" to "If you live in America, how do you have the time to take the airplane here all the time?" Naturally, it is usually kids asking me these kind of questions, but you'd be surprised what kinds of questions also come out of the mouths of adults.住在臺灣,有時朋友問我很多奇怪的問題,例如:你每天吃麥當勞嗎?你住在美國怎麼有時間常常坐飛機來臺灣?通常這些問題是小朋友問的,但有 時大人們也有這些疑問,這就讓我很訝異了."

I had one of these questions come up just the other day.  I was teaching the fifth grade unit on transportation, and one of my students insisted - even after several classmates corrected him - that I took the airplane to school every day. 最近有人問我這些問題.  我在五年級的課堂上介紹交通工具的時候, 又有學生堅持說我每天坐飛機上下班.  就算其他同學跟他說他錯了, 他還是堅持這想法.

"I suppose that one of the questions I am asked most frequently is whether or not I know some other foreigner. I can understand this sort of question coming from someone in Taitung - it's a small place, and the odds are good that just about any foreigner living here has crossed paths with me at some point. Even in places like Taipei, however, someone will say something like, "I just came back from Texas to visit my friend Rick, do you know him?"最常被問的是:你認不認識那個Peter還是John.......我可以了解為什麼他們這麼問,因為在臺東很容易認識或聽過某人,畢竟地方就 這麼大,只是有時在臺北這樣的城市也會發生,例如:我剛剛才從德州拜訪我的朋有Rick回來,你認不認識他?"

Still happens, but less than it used to.  These questions always come in Chinese, from lower-achieving students, in the ten minutes before class.  The Hess teachers are a big topic of conversation, as are the Joy teachers.  I don't get asked about Columbia or Cornell teachers nearly as much. 這種事還是會發生, 只是現在較以前少了.  通常都是學習成就較低的學生
利用下課時間以中文問的 .  很多學生喜歡討論何嘉仁跟佳音美語的老師.  而討論哥倫比亞跟康乃爾的老師較少.

"I'm sure part of it is nervousness. There are many people in Taiwan who never really talk to someone from another country, and when they finally get the chance they're at a loss for something more intelligent to say. I imagine that if I lived somewhere like, say, Omak in Eastern Washington, and I met someone from Taiwan for the first time, I'd probably say a few ignorant things myself.我想他們可能太緊張了,很多人都沒有機會跟外國人接觸,等到他們有機會時,真的會不知道說什麼好,也許我如果住在美國很鄉下的地方,第一次 見到臺灣人也會說這樣的話."

I think "forgive and forget" is a good philosophy to pursue in Taiwan.  People sometimes make assumptions about local foreigners; people sometimes ask stupid questions.  It's not usually their fault, and it's not usually meant as an insult.  I'm not often surprised by the ways in which Taiwanese people interact with me now, but when I am my first thought is to not take it personally.  Some foreign residents definitely hold a grudge against Taiwan for this reason, and that's never good. 我想在台灣 "諒解"和"不放在心上" 是最好的處世方法.  有的台灣人不了解外國人, 有時候
會問奇怪的問題.  這不是他們的錯, 也不算沒禮貌的事情.  我現在習慣台灣人相處了, 當我不解他們的行為時, 我不會認為那是在針對我了.  有的外國居民因為這種事會抱怨台灣.  我認為這種想法不對.

"So with this in mind I have to say (politely), that I don't know Rick from Texas. Neither am I acquainted with Lisa from Canada, Bobby from South Africa, nor Rex from England. Even if they live in Taitung. Honestly, I don't really talk to that many other foreigners, and having counted the other foreigners that I know, they would amount to about 10. It's not that I don't want to meet them, it's just that I'm not going out of my way to do so. Between work and family I just don't have that much time to seek out other foreigners, nor do I have an overriding desire to seek them out. 碰到這樣的情形,我還要附帶說明自己也不認識德州的Rick,加拿大的Lisa,南非的Bobby或是英國的Rex,就算他們住臺東,我也不大有可 能認識他們,不是不想,而是除了工作和陪伴家人,我已沒有那麼多時間再去認識其他人了."

I still don't know Rick, Lisa, Bobby or Rex, though I do know way more local foreigners now.  Back in 2010 there were far fewer of us around, and of course over ten years I've made a few new friends.  Just don't ask me about the weird guy who makes calliopes in Dulan, because a) he probably doesn't exist, and b) I definitely don't know him. 我還不認識Rick, Lisa, Bobby跟Rex, 可是我認識更多在地的外國朋友了.  2010年的台東
沒那麼多的外國居民, 這十年內我當然也交到更多的新的外國朋友.  只是不要問我住在都蘭製造calliope的那位外國居民, 因為a)他大概不存在, b)我一定不認識他.

"The world might be growing smaller and smaller all the time, but we are still surrounded by many strangers. I am am glad to meet new friends, but I cannot know everybody!這個世界越來越小,但是我們每天還是會接觸到許多陌生人,我喜歡認識新朋友,只是我認識的人還沒有多到建立起一個龐大的網來含蓋所有 的臺東的外國人."

This is even truer now.  There's always a new foreign guy or girl in town, and most of them don't stick around for long.  I'm always reminded of this when I visit Dulan.  Many new faces, and many people who say they're in it for the long haul.  I'm happy to meet them, but I'm not about to get too attached. 還是這樣子.  我每次去都蘭都會看到新的面孔, 新的外國男女在這裡出現.  大部分留在這裡的時間不長.   但也有人說會留在這裡久一點.  我很高興認識他們, 可是大概不會變成好朋友.

Maybe they feel the same way about me? 有可能他們對我的看法也一樣.

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NOTE: Speaking of local foreigners, congratulations to Uncle Pete, who managed to survive his recent sailing excursion.  Glad you're alright man.