2019年10月30日 星期三

Taiwanese People I Know

First of all there's "T," who I work with.  His favorite thing is to find new restaurants.  Usually these favorite restaurants are Western, but not always.  He also likes to travel, but the way he travels is very different from the way I travel.  He's more of a four-star hotel type of traveler, whereas I try to do it cheap.

I've known T for years, and if he's reading this I'll just ask him to be careful with the food.

There's also "A," who I talk to a lot.  I think she's one of the best teachers at our school.  I've also known her for years, and when we both have free class periods we play chess.  She's a very blunt person, but I've learned a lot from her honesty.  I think knowing her has made me a better person.

If A is reading this, I'll just thank her for all the help.

"I" works at a school in Tai Ma Li.  We both love American superheroes, so that's a recurring topic of conversation.  Sometimes I see him and his girlfriend at the movie theater, but I don't see him nearly as much as I used to.  We worked together years ago, and thanks to him I know a lot more about computers.

I, if you're reading this, we should have lunch or dinner together soon.

"W" ISN'T my friend, but rather my adversary.  I won't provide any details about W, because doing so would bring me a lot of trouble.  They say a good adversary is better than a good friend - and this may well be true - but just the same I'm never happy to be around W.

If W is reading this, I wish him/her well... but only if it's in my own interest to do so.

In Kaohsiung there's "A," who happens to be my mother-in-law.  She used to live in Tainan, but moved to Kaohsiung after we moved to Taitung.  Her life has had its share of obstacles, but every so often we'll have conversations that are weirdly enlightening.  Last time I saw her she was talking about how busy she is with her church.  I couldn't help but think that being her age and being so busy is a good thing.

If A is reading this, I'll just ask her to keep dancing.

In Taichung there's "N," who I haven't talked to face-to-face in a long time.  She'll send me holiday greetings on Line or Facebook, and occasionally ask me how to write/say something in English.  I think she works for a trading company there.  She is/was one of my best friends in Taichung, and I hope I'll see her and her husband again soon.

If N is reading this, I'll just invite her - again - to Taitung.

Oh, and look at this: T-A-I-W-A-N.  All of these people's "names" together spell "Taiwan."  I'm so clever.  I know, I know, you never would have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out, right?

I think that just about any place comes down to the people you know.  If you have friends around you'll like the place, and if you don't you probably won't.  I'm lucky to have so many friends (and enemies?) around the island, and I can only hope that my friends feel the same way.

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2019年10月26日 星期六

What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 7

For those less familiar with Taiwan, the "big" cities are divided into districts (區), and the counties are divided into cities (市), townships (鄉), and municipalities (鎮).  給對台灣比較不熟悉的讀者: 大城市 (高雄, 台南, 台中, 新竹, 桃園, 基隆, 嘉義, 台北, 跟新北市) 以下劃分為"區", 縣 (城市外的地方)則由市, 鄉, 鎮組成.

1. Da Ren Township 達仁鄉公所

They'll be opening the new stretch of the Southern Cross-Island Highway soon.  The article says December 20, but I've also heard December 25 (Christmas) as the date it will be open to traffic. 南迴公路最新一段快要通車了.  報告說十二月二十日, 可是我還聽說是十二月二十五日 (聖誕節).

The abandoned aquaculture ponds north of Nan Tian Village are the only public lands in Da Ren Township.  The local government recently tried to auction the right to use that land and no one put in a bid.  達仁鄉的公共用地只有南田村北邊的養殖魚地.  最近公所對外招標, 可是沒有廠商投標.

2. Da Wu Township 大武鄉公所

A fashion designer from Da Wu is getting some attention from the local government.  County Magistrate Rao Ching-ling has been spotted wearing some of his designs. 縣政府支持大武鄉的服裝設計師.  縣長饒慶鈴穿過他的衣服.

3. Jin Feng Township 金峰鄉公所

In Jin Feng it's the start of the roselle flower season.  金峰的洛神花季開始了.

4. Tai Ma Li Township 太麻里鄉公所

A girl was crushed to death under one of those "plastic pipe fishing boats" used by local fishermen.  The boat had been pulled up onto a nearby beach. 太麻里沙灘上的膠筏翻覆, 女子遭重壓死亡.  

In order to protect the "Japanese bald-headed shark", authorities in Tai Ma Li have suspending fishing on the Tai Ma Li and Jin Luen rivers.* 為了保育日本禿頭鯊, 太麻里溪和金崙溪公告禁漁期.

14 local farmers won awards in the Tai Ma Li Farmer's Association Coffee Competition. 14位農民在太麻里農會咖啡競賽得獎.

5. Orchid Island Township 蘭嶼鄉公所

Boat service to Orchid Island was cancelled on October 14-16 because of heavy winds.  Visitors to Taitung should be aware that this happens often.  因為東北風的影響, 14-16日往返台東與蘭嶼的船班被取消.  來台東的觀光客應該知道這種事常常發生.

6. Green Island Township 綠島鄉公所

Boat service to Green Island was also cancelled.  往返綠島的船班也被取消.

Members of the coast guard rescued a sea turtle from a fishing net.  海巡越洋救被漁網纏繞的海龜.

Netizens and members of the Taitung County Government blamed residents of Green Island for the disappearance of (pearl-bearing) clams that were raised there.  The head of the Green Island Township Office protested.  有的網友說在綠島養的海中玫瑰失蹤是綠島鄉民的錯.  綠島鄉長抗議鄉民被汙名化.

7. Taitung City 台東市公所

A doctor at the Christian Hospital won an award for his dedication to medicine.  He's delivered A LOT of babies.  基督教醫院的醫生獲醫療奉獻獎.  他接生了非常多嬰兒.

Monkeys!  I hate monkeys!  One of them is causing trouble for homeowners near the Taitung Train Station. 猴子!  我很討厭猴子!  有一隻在台東車站附近作怪.

A foreign woman was sunbathing near Taitung's Seashore Park* and was harassed by a Taiwanese man.  Now he gets to go to prison for a year.  一名外國女子在台東海濱公園附近做日光浴, 卻受到一名台灣男子撫摸猥褻, 最後法院審結依強制猥褻罪判處男子一年一個月期徒刑.

8. Beinan Township 卑南鄉公所

There was a softball competition in Beinan recently. 最近卑南舉辦慢速壘球賽.

A 56 year old farmer was killed after his truck, one of those elongated types used to spray pesticides, tipped over and crushed him. 農用噴藥車翻覆, 壓死56歲農夫.***

9. Dong He Township 東河鄉公所

A driver lost control of his car, hit a guardrail, and his car then erupted into flames.  He died on the scene.  All I can say is that guy must have been driving FAST.  小車失控撞護欄起火.  駕駛當場身亡.  他一定開超級快.

The surfing competition is coming.  It starts on November 23. 衝浪比賽快到了, 是11月23日開始.

Hey, I know some of those guys!  Here's an article about foreigners living and and surfing in Dulan. 我認識其中的一些人.  這篇報導介紹了都蘭喜歡衝浪的外籍居民.

10. Cheng Gong Municipality 成功鎮公所

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for a multi-purpose care center in Cheng Gong.  This facility will provide more services for the elderly.  成功舉辦多元照服中心的開工動土典禮, 以後那邊的長者將能享受到更多的服務.

In Cheng Gong the arrival of fall means the arrival of swordfish.  Local fishermen will be competing to catch them. 在成功, 秋天的到來就是旗魚的季節.  當地的漁民能參加鏢旗魚競賽.

11. Chang Bin Township 長濱鄉公所

A private foundation has set up a new "work station" in Chang Bin to assist the elderly in remote areas.  一個基金會在長濱建置一所工作站, 提供偏鄉長輩的服務.

A farmer in Chang Bin is using a special method to increase the number of times he's able to harvest plaintains each year.  He's making a lot of money doing so. 長濱有一位農夫用特別的方法種芭蕉.  一年可以多次收成.  他賺大錢!

12. Lu Ye Township 鹿野鄉公所

A cyclist in his/her 60s, attempting to bicycle around the island, had to call for assistance after encountering the heat in Lu Ye.  The cyclist was later taken to Fu Li. 一位六十幾歲的單車騎士環島時, 因為天氣太熱而在鹿野求救.  最後警方幫助他前往下一個目的地富里.

Several Germans recently visited Yong An Community in Lu Ye as part of an agricultural exchange.  They had many good things to say about their experience. 最近幾個德國人來鹿野鄉永安社區參訪 "金牌農村."  一位德國人說要" 把這裡的好帶回德國分享."

13. Yan Ping Township 延平鄉公所

Yan Ping Township is looking to hire a "monkey expeller" to drive monkeys from local fields.  It doesn't pay much, but if you're looking for a career change... 延平鄉公所僱用 "驅猴人."  工作就是嚇阻猴子.  月薪不高, 可是想換工作跑道的人可以試試...

Women's wrestling was a highlight of a recent athletic competition held in Yan Ping.  最近延平舉辦的運動會有女子摔角競賽.

14. Guanshan Municipality 關山鎮公所

Jong Fu Community in Guanshan won an award for community development. 關山中福區獲社區發展的甲等獎.

Authorities in Guanshan have already seized more than 1500 kg in property from drug dealers.  The police chief there are taking a hard line against drugs. 關山警察查獲1500餘公斤毒品.  分局長上廣播反毒.

15. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉公所

The head of the Hai Duan Township Office is asking the Taitung County Government for assistance in improving facilities in that area. 海端鄉長尋求台東縣政府的協助改善那裏的建設.

In Hai Duan the persimmons have ripened, and are selling in places as far away as Taipei. 海端的柿子紅了, 將到北部行銷.

A climber suffering from altitude sickness while trying to visit Jia Ming Lake was taken to Guanshan for medical attention. 往嘉明湖的登山客罹患高山症被送到關山醫院.

16. Chr Shang Township 池上鄉公所

The Chr Shang Farmer's Association won a prize in the "Taiwan Fried Rice King" competition's eastern division. 池上農會獲得台灣炒飯王東區競賽的冠軍.

Starting December 21 the Chr Shang Township Office will run a free"lucky bus" to meet residents' transportation needs.  十二月二十一日開始, 池上公所特別開辦免費的幸福巴士滿足鄉民交通需求. 

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*It's not really a shark, but rather a species of goby.  There are pictures here.

**Sunbathing near the Seashore Park?  Had to be a tourist.  Not an ideal location for sunbathing.  Even so, glad she was brave enough to press charges.

***I've never seen this kind of truck outside of Taiwan.  They look a little like jet engines on wheels.

2019年10月17日 星期四

Jun Jie to Water Running Up 郡界到水往上流

Jun Jie is the area north of Shan Yuan.  It's between Beinan and Dong He townships. 郡界位於杉原北邊.  它位在卑南鄉和東河鄉之間.

These guys are hiding out in what used to be the Golden Beach Resort.  It's been closed for years. 這二位先生隱身在以前的黃金海灘裡面.  這個地方好幾年前就停止營業了.

Further north there's a road down to the ocean. 更往北有條路通到海邊.

Looking north toward Shin Lan. 往北邊的新蘭看過去.

Looking south, not far from the southern end of Dong He Township.  The hill in the background is Monkey Mountain near Fu Gang. 靠近東河鄉南部的邊界往南看.  背景中的山坡是富岡附近的猴子山.

Scenic overlook next to Highway 11. 台11線的觀景台.

Shin Lan.  It doesn't look like much from the highway, but it's much cuter near the ocean. 新蘭.  從台11線看起來不怎麼樣, 可是靠近海邊的部分很可愛.

Jia Mu Dze Bay, south of Dulan.  This area is very popular with tourists. 都蘭南邊的加母子灣.  這裡很受觀光客的歡迎.

View from the other side of the same bay. 加母子灣的另外一邊.

Overlooking Jia Mu Dze Bay is an abandoned building.  It's both spooky and full of interesting graffiti.  It's probably also a good place to find snakes. 加母子灣上有一棟荒廢的建築物.  這棟屋子除了陰森外, 還有很多有趣的塗鴉.  應該也很容易看到蛇吧.

On top of the hill, just before Dulan, is Water Running Up.  In my opinion this is one of the lamest tourist attractions in Taitung County*, but of course everyone has to go there at least once. 在山坡上, 還不到都蘭水往上流.  我覺得這個景點是台東最爛景點中的一個, 卻是大家都一定要去過一次的地方.

Is the water running up?  I suppose you'll have to go and see for yourself. 水真是往上流嗎?  你自己來看看吧!

There are a few stands inside, but nothing you can't buy in other places.  If I were you, I'd avoid this place on weekends (if possible). 裡面有幾個攤子, 可是那邊的商品你在其他地方都可以買到.  週末最好不要來這裡(如果可以的話).

Back down the coast, close to the northern boundary of Beinan Township, is the road up to Dulan Mountain.**  This road goes up very high, and ends in a parking lot where the Dulan Mountain Trail starts. 再回到海邊, 卑南鄉北部的邊界附近有一條上都蘭山的路.  這條路通到高山上, 終點是都蘭山林道的停車場.

It's definitely the least visited area in this entry. 這個地區是觀光客最少的.

Looking north, way down toward Dulan.  My wife spotted a family of wild pigs here, but they ran away too quickly for me to take a picture. 看往北邊的都蘭.  我太太在這裡看到一家山豬, 可是牠們跑太快, 沒辦法拍照.

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*Water Running Up and Chu Lu Pasture are so, so lame.

**I didn't want to mention it above because it might be gone, but on the road up to Dulan Mountain there used to be a recreational farm/campground where I stayed years and years ago.  I saw a sign for this place on the road, but didn't go in to see if it was still there.  It's also not on Google Maps.  IF it's still there, it's an interesting place to visit.

Social Studies 社會 3, Second Semester 下, Unit 2-3 第二單元到第三單元

The Chinese text below was taken from the textbook published by Kang Shuan 康軒文教事業.  For the first unit of this book click here.  For other excerpts from other textbooks click here.

二 Two: 居民總動員 Mobilizing the Community

多采多姿的活動是家鄉生活的一部分.  我們應該積極參與村里, 鄉鎮市區和社區舉辦的各種活動, 為自己創造一個良好的生活環境. Many activities are part of hometown life.  We should actively participate in every kind of village, township, municipality and community activity so that we can make a good living environment for ourselves.

第1課 Lesson One: 參與家鄉活動 Joining Hometown Activities

社區活動的內容與功能 Content and Use of Community Activities*

家鄉中有些居民會組成社區發展協會.  社區發展協會通常在社區設有活動中心, 舉辦各種活動.  這些活動, 不但可以提共居民正當的休閒娛樂, 也能聯絡居民的感情.  Some residents in our hometown form community development associations.  Community development associations will usually build an activity center and host every kind of activity there.  These activities don't only provide opportunities for recreation or entertainment, but also allow residents to develop a sense of community.

惜福愛物回饋社區 Giving Back to the Community

社區有時也會舉辦資源回收, 義賣, 舊物再利用的活動.  這樣的活動, 不但讓居民可以獲得有用的物品, 也培養惜福愛物的態度. Sometimes the community will host recycling, flea market and other activities for the reuse of old things.  This type of activity not only allows residents to acquire useful objects, but also encourages a thrifty attitude.

社區的居民在工作之餘, 也會組成志工團體, 協助指揮交通或探訪獨居老人.  這些居民自動自發的服務工作, 不但可以發揮行善助人的精神, 也可以營造一個祥和的社區. Aside from work-related groups, residents also form volunteer groups to direct traffic or visit elderly residents living alone.  This type of community service not only allows people to help one another, but also creates a peaceful community.

積極參與家鄉活動 Actively Taking Part in Hometown Activities

家鄉居民平時各忙各的, 很少有機會能往來交流.  因此, 為了凝聚家鄉居民的情感, 村里, 鄉鎮市區和社區等單位, 會經常舉辦各種活動, 例如: 郊遊聯誼, 才藝表演, 慶典活動等, 增加居民相處機會; 有時候, 還會針對家鄉的問題或共同利益, 召開說明會, 協調會等, 讓大家都有機會可以參與公共事務. Hometown residents are usually busy with their own affairs, and seldom have time to gather together.  Because of this, villages, townships, municipalities, districts, communities and other organizations host activities to foster a sense of community.  For example, trips/outings, talent shows and celebrations all provide chances for residents to be together.  Sometimes community concerns or benefits will be addressed in explanatory meetings, coordination meetings or other meetings, so that everyone has a chance to participate in public affairs.

家鄉的居民應該積極參加, 並主動辦理各種活動.  在活動中, 大家培養出深厚的感情及愛鄉愛土的情懷, 就能團結成改造家鄉的力量, 不分你我一起參與, 讓家鄉變得更美好. Hometown residents should both actively participate in and actively host every kind of activity.  During such activities everyone should maintain enthusiasm and concern for the community, so that we can join together and collectively make our hometown better.

學習加油站 "Learning Gas Station"

口頭報告 Oral Reports

在學校的過程中, 有時候會利用口頭報告的方式來表達.  你知道如何進行口頭報告嗎?  現在就以參與家鄉活動為主題, 來學習口頭報告的方式吧! In school we sometimes use oral reports to make presentations.  Do you know how to begin an oral report?  Using Hometown Activities as our topic, we'll learn how to give an oral report!

步驟1 Step One: 分組討論 Group Discussion

報告前先針對主題進行討論. Discuss the topic before the report.

步驟2 Step Two: 列出報告大綱 Make an Outline for the Report

討論時先把內容重點以條列的方式寫下來. During the discussion list the important points,

步驟3 Step Three: 進行口頭報告 Begin the Oral Report

報告一開始先自我介紹, 說出自己的名字或組別, 以及報告的主題. At the start of the report introduce yourself, say your name or the name of your group, and the topic of your report.

步驟4 Step Four: 搭配主題海報 Make a Matching Poster

報告時可搭配製作好的海報, 介紹報告的主題及重點, 並依各重點進行報告. You can make a poster to go along with your topic, to introduce important points, and to address points listed.

第2課 Lesson Two: 多元的生活風貌 Diverse Lifestyles

多元的生活方式 Different Lifestyles

隨著交通的發達, 經濟的發展, 現在家鄉中也出現許多因為求學, 工作或結婚等原因, 而從外地或其他國家移居到這裡的居民. Along with the growth of the transportation [infrastructure] and the development of the economy, our hometown has many [new] residents from other places or other countries.  Many of these [new residents] have immigrated here for study, work, marriage or other reasons.

這些來自不同地區或國家的居民, 和家鄉居民經過長時間的共同生活, 彼此間互相影響, 甚至融合不同國家, 不同地區的生活方式, 為家鄉帶來更多元的生活風貌. These residents from other places or countries live among hometown residents for a long time, and the [two cultures represented] influence each other, to the point where ways of living from different places or different cultures make hometown life more diverse.

體驗多元文化 Experiencing Different Cultures

在家鄉裡, 各種文化不斷融入我們的生活, 由於觀念和習慣的不同, 難免形成偏見或誤會.  政府或居民舉辦的活動, 正好讓大家有機會認識其他文化的特色.  透過這些活動, 讓我們更了解不同文化的人們, 也學習以尊重, 包容和平等的態度對待他們, 進而珍惜家鄉的多元文化. In our hometown, every type of culture continues to influence our daily life.  Because perspectives and customs differ, different points of view and misunderstandings easily arise.  The activities hosted by the government or residents give everyone an opportunity to acquaint themselves with other cultures.  Joining in these activities allows us to understand members of other cultures better, and to learn how to respect and maintain a tolerant attitude toward them.  [This also allows us to] treasure the diversity of our hometown culture.

三 Three: 生活要更好 Life is Getting Better

家鄉有許多場所與設施, 能為居民的便利生活堤共多元的服務.  使用這些設施, 有許多應該注意的事項, 需要大家學習. [Our] hometown has many places and facilities geared toward the convenience of residents and assisting them in many ways.  When using these facilities there are many things we should be aware of.

第1課 Lesson One: 便利的家鄉生活 A Convenient Hometown Life

不論我們的家鄉是在山上, 海邊, 農村或都市, 都有許多為大家堤共服務的場所和設施, 滿足大家日常生活的基本需求. Regardless of whether our home is in the mountains, near the sea, in a farming village or in the city, there are many places and facilities available for the assistance of residents and the fulfillment of their many needs.

家鄉的場所和設施 Hometown Places and Facilities

自來水公司滿足居民用水的需求, 電力公司堤共大家用電的服務, 電信公司堤共我們電話, 網路等通訊的服務.  客運站, 火車站, 高鐵站, 機場和港口等, 是方便居民往來各地的場所.  學校, 圖書館, 公園, 體育場等, 是堤共大家學習新知, 休閒娛樂或運動的地方. The water company gives residents the water they need.  The electric company provides everyone with power.  the telecommunications company provides phone, internet and messaging services.  Bus stations, train stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, sea ports and other facilities are places that allow residents to travel.  Schools, libraries, parks, stadiums and other places allow everyone to acquire new knowledge, enjoy recreational activities or exercise.

醫院, 珍所等是居民看病的地方.  銀行或農, 漁會信用部, 則提共居民存錢, 提款和投資理財等服務.  郵局除了堤共郵件, 包裹的投遞, 也可以存錢和提款.  廟宇和教堂是信仰中心, 通常也成為居民情感交流與聚會的場所. Hospitals, clinics and other places are where residents go when they're sick.  Banks, agricultural or fishing credit unions allow residents to save money, withdraw money or invest their savings.  Aside from providing postal services such as the sending of packages, the post office is also a place where money can be saved and withdrawn.  Temples and churches are spiritual places where residents can gather together and develop a sense of community.

善用場所和設施 How to Use Places and Facilities Well

大家要愛惜並善用家鄉裡的各種場所和設施, 讓生活更豐富充實. Everyone should treasure every place and facility in their hometown, so that our lives can be rich and fulfilling.

第2課 Lesson Two: 買東西學問大 The Knowledge [Related to] Buying Things is Deep

為了滿足居民生活各方面的需要, 家鄉有許多商店, 市場等, 堤共居民多元的選擇. For the sake of meeting residents' daily needs, every hometown has many stores and markets to provide more choices.

交易工具的改變 Changes in Currency

現代人購物時, 大多是利用貨幣進行交易.  但是在遠古時代, 人們是用物品交換物品的方式, 滿足生活的需求.  後來的人, 發現不同的物品, 價值有高有低, 不容易換算, 於是就利用貝殼等作為交易的工具.  隨著時代的進步, 人們逐漸發展出各種貨幣, 使物品的買賣更為便利. When modern people buy things they usually use money.  But in ancient times people used the barter system to fulfill their daily needs.  Later people discovered that the value of different goods fluctuated, that rates of exchange were difficult to calculate, and for this reason they used shells or other items as currency.  As the years progressed people gradually developed many kinds of money to make buying and selling goods easier.

使用信用卡購物 Using a Credit Card to Make Purchases

現在有愈來愈多的人在購物時使用信用卡付帳, 而不必攜帶大量的現金, 讓交易更為方便.  但是, 刷卡購物時, 要先考慮自己有多少可以使用的錢, 不能想買就買, 以避免成為還不出錢的卡奴. More and more people now use credit cards to buy things.  [When they use credit cards] they don't need to carry around a lot of money, and purchases are much more convenient.  But when you use a credit card you must first think about how much money you can spend.  You can't just buy anything you want, and you don't want to get stuck with goods you can't get a refund for.

購物也需要學習 Buying Things also Requires Study

買東西是一門學問, 購物前要先確認是否有需要才購買.  購物時, 要注意商品的標示, 例如: 有效日期, 產地, 成分, 廠商等.  付帳時, 要當場點清物品, 並收回找回的零錢; 同時, 別忘了要索取統一發票.  如果有發現商品有問題時, 可以憑發票要求商家退換商品, 保障自己的消費權益. Buying things is a form of knowledge.  Before buying something, you should decide whether you need to buy it or not.  When making a purchase you should be aware of certain things like the date of expiration, where it was made, ingredients, and the company that made it.  When paying, you should retrieve your items and take back any change owed to you.  At the same time don't forget to take a (registered) receipt*.  If you discover any problem with items purchased, you can use the receipt to exchange your goods and protect your rights as a consumer.

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*活動 could just as easily be translated as "events."  "Community events" works just as well for most of this unit.

**The receipts with the numbers, like the ones you get in 7-11.  These represent taxable sales and also allow you to take part in the government "receipt lottery."  There are less formal, nontaxable receipts offered by some businesses, and an even more official form of receipt used by larger organizations.

2019年10月8日 星期二

Retrospective 懷舊的 2: Bicycling in Taitung 臺東腳踏車之旅

For the "Retrospective" entries I'll be revisiting posts from ten years ago.  The post referenced below is from 2009. 在這些 "懷舊的" 文章我再看十年前的文章.  下列的文章是2009年寫的.

The original version of "Where is Taitung?" is to be found in the Blog Archive 2 entry.  I've added comments below the italicized text. 原本的 "Where is Taitung?" 在Blog Archive 很久很久以前的文章 2的文章.  我在每一段下面加入新的意見.

"During most of my time in Taitung I've gotten around by bike. When I first moved here, this was the only option available to me, since at that time I was too poor to buy any other form of transportation. After a few weeks I got used to getting around this way, and even though we now have a scooter I only ride it once a week.在臺東的大部分時間我都是以腳踏車代步,剛開始是因為這是我們唯一買得起的交通工具,幾個禮拜後就習慣了,就算現在我們有一輛摩托車,我一個星期只用一次接小孩."

Did we have a scooter ten years ago?  Man, I really don't remember that.  We must have had a scooter because I wrote about it here.  I sure don't remember it! 我們十年前有摩托車嗎?  我真是記不得了.  我在這裡提到摩托車, 所以一定有.  我真的忘了!

I still go almost everywhere by bike.  We do own a car and scooter however.  I sometimes ride the scooter to visit friends outside of town.  We sometimes drive the car up the coast on weekends. 單車還是我最常用的交通工具, 可是我家也有汽車跟摩托車.  我有時騎摩托車去市區外的朋友家.  我們有時也會在周末開車到東海岸玩.

"We'll probably be buying a car soon. That is if we can find one that's reasonably priced and not a total wreck. This car will be purchased in anticipation of Chinese New Year, and the trips we hope to take to the other side of the island. In the interim, between now and January; there will be only my bike and I, and I cannot feel too much regret at not having a car right now.我們可能近期買輛二手車,但這取決於價錢及車況,因為我們希望可以在過年期間到西部去拜訪親友,所以從現在起到一月這段期間,應該還是我與我的腳踏車為伍."

The car we eventually purchased was a 20+ year old Ford Festiva, and damn that car was a piece of crap.  I was SO slow, and it broke down all the time.  You don't even want to know what it was like to take that thing on the freeway.  Let's just say it got scary fast. 我們那時買的車是一台車齡二十年的福特汽車公司的festiva.  那台車又慢又常需要修理.  開那台車上高速公路是一件很可怕的事情.

Many years later we bought a new Nissan Tiida.  This is a popular model that you can see all over Taiwan.  After driving the old Festiva for a couple years the Tiida felt like a Ferrari. 幾年後我們買了一輛日產汽車公司的tiida.  這種車在台灣很普遍.  開過那輛festiva之後,  覺得tiida開起來跟法拉利一樣快.

"Taitung is a great place to own a bicycle, and I cannot understand why so many people insist on driving all the time. Given the population of Taitung City, you wouldn't think that traffic jams are possible here, and yet every weekday from 5 to 6 this is exactly what I see taking place. I cannot think of anywhere in Taitung City that is farther than thirty minutes away by bike, and yet people insist on driving their cars to work or school every day. In the summer you might use the heat as an excuse, but it's now the end of October and the weather is far from hot.臺東是最適合騎腳踏車的地方,我不明白為何大部分人還是堅持開車?從人口數來看,臺東不應該會塞車的,但它真的在每天下班時間發生了,臺東市區任何地方的距離騎腳踏車都不超過30分鐘,可是很多人還是每天開車上下班,在夏天你可能以天氣太熱為藉口,但是現在正是秋高氣爽的好時節."

I still agree with all of this.  Most people really don't need to drive as much as they do. 我還是同意這個部分.  大部分的人其實不需要開那麼多車.

Last weekend we rode our bikes to the Li Ji Badlands, just northwest of the Train Station. It was an enjoyable ride, with stops at parks along the way, and a lunch just before coming home. As we went, I could not help but think where we might have gone if we owned a car. Hualien I guess, but how often can you go to Hualien? There are nice places there, but there are also many nice places within Taitung City.上個星期我們騎腳踏車到新火車站西北邊的利吉惡地,一路上有許多的休息景點,沿途風景怡人,在我們的騎程中我忍不住想到如果有部車就可以到更遠的地方,可能是花蓮,但是另一方面,花蓮雖然有許多漂亮的地方,但是臺東美麗的景點也不少.

I haven't been up to Li Ji in a while.  Not exactly sure why, but I just don't like it the way I used to.  Part of it might be all the bicycling I've done up there.  One year I trained very hard for the "Loving 197" bicycle race, and this meant going back and forth through Li Ji a lot. 我很久沒去利吉了.  我不知道原因, 只是我不像以前一樣對它有興趣.  可能是我之前常騎腳踏車去那裡.  因 為有一年我很認真的準備戀戀197的單車比賽, 所以常在那附近騎車.

I think I was a little dismissive toward Hualien at the time, perhaps because I was less familiar with it.  I really like the areas between Fu Li and Guang Fu in the East Rift Valley.  I've even considered moving up there more than once. 我想我以前對花蓮不屑一顧是因為我對它不熟.  我很喜歡花東縱谷的富里到光復一帶.  我也曾經考慮過搬到那邊去.

"When you buy a car you are making your world much larger. Places that were previously too far become very near, and excursions that would have been very complicated suddenly become very simple. This is not always a good thing. By passing by those places near at hand, we can easily forget the places outside our own front doors. In longing for what lies in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hualien, it is so easy to forget all the good things right here, in Taitung.擁有車子是可以讓人的活動範圍增大許多,很多地方變得不再遙遠,可是那也不一定都是好的,因為你可能因此就錯失了近在咫尺的美好."

I still agree with this but I can't say that having a car isn't nice.  Of course you can always rent one if you need it, but owning a car makes typhoon days less problematic.  If I lived in one of the big cities I doubt I'd own a car, but yeah, having a car makes living on the east coast much easier. 我還是同意這個部分, 可是有車也是件不錯的事.  當然有需要的話可以租車, 可是颱風天時, 有車的家庭不會碰到那麼多問題.  我如果住在大都市應該不會有車, 可是在東部, 擁有一部車讓生活方便許多.

"I've noticed more people riding bikes lately. This is a good thing. With recent improvements to the trail system, there are indeed a lot of places you can visit on a bicycle. Yes, it's hot sometimes, and yes, sometimes you get caught in the rain, but if you aren't the kind who normally pursues this kind of exercise you might give it a try. Weather permitting, we'll be riding to Fu Gang this weekend. Perhaps we'll see you there?有越來越多人加入騎腳踏車的行列,隨著腳踏車道的改善與完成,你可以到的景點更多了,是的,有時天氣太熱有時下雨,但是你真的該試試這項運動,如果天氣許可,我們這週末想騎腳踏車到富崗,也許你會在那裡看到我們."

This was probably written as the "biking fad" was winding down.  Bike stores were opening up everywhere, and a lot of people were buying new, modern bikes to replace their old ones.  Unfortunately people can only own so many bikes, and Taiwan's population is shrinking, so that market was only going to grow for so long. 我寫這文章的時候騎單車是件非常流行的事.  到處有新的單車店, 很多人買新型及現代化的單車取代舊單車.  可惜人們能買單車的量有限, 人口也慢慢減少了, 所以單車的市場的成長也有限.

"Riding to Fu Gang."  I think that was as far as my family ever rode together.  Maybe once we went a little farther, to Shiao Ye Liou, but that was definitely it.  We still talk about riding to the Green Island Ferry and taking the bikes over there, but in ten years we still haven't done it. "騎腳踏車到富岡."  我想富岡就是我們全家一起騎單車到的最遠的地方.  有可能我們曾一次騎到小野柳, 可是一定沒有超過那裡.  我們仍是在討論騎到富岡漁港, 然後帶單車一起去綠島, 可是十年了, 我們只是討論而已.

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2019年10月2日 星期三

What May Or May Not Be Going On In My County

OK, OK, I get it.  No names or personal details.  No invasions of privacy.  But keep it in mind that a lot of people have similar names, and a lot of people find themselves in similar situations.  But yeah, I get it.  Whatever.

I. Up the Coast

Maybe my ex-coworker's grandma is in her nice fang dze on the hill.  Maybe her other chin ren are there, those people who were good at sorting 咖啡豆.  Maybe they're selling more of their 咖啡豆 now.

Perhaps R and his family are in that room they rented up in 美山.  Perhaps R is getting ready to go chong lang.  Perhaps T is playing in that jang peng I left there.

It might be that some dramatic event is consuming the foreign community in 都蘭 even as I type this.  It might be that someone slept with someone else they weren't supposed to sleep with.  It might be about du pin, it might be about old grudges, or it might be about harsh words spoken after a few pi jiou.

II. Up the Valley

It's possible that the yoga teacher is still holding classes in 池上.  It's possible she has many shuei sheng now.  It's possible she's quietly getting rich up there.

My tai tai may or may not be teaching a class.  She may or may not be sitting in an ban gong shr using the 電腦.  She may or may not be talking to coworkers.

It could be that someone in 鹿野 is drinking too much.  It could be that this person is going to kai che very soon.  It could be that I'll soon read about this ren in the newspaper.

III. In the City

Possibly someone is eating their 早餐.  Possibly they're having a chi sse dan bing with milk tea.  Possibly someone else is cleaning up a nearby juo dze, and a third person is possibly cooking.

Odds are that J is teaching Math or 國語.  Odds are one of the students in her class isn't juan shin.  Odds are it's raining wai mien, with the wind blowing the trees back and forth.

Conceivably someone's soaking in a 溫泉.  Conceivably jhan ji are taking off from the air base north of town.  Conceivably fishermen are out on yu chuan, trying to catch enough to pay back loans or to pay off houses.

IV. Down South

Maybe someone is lighting incense in a 廟.  Perhaps someone is burning garbage.  It might be that someone is celebrating a birthday.  It's possible someone's hunting in the shan chu.  It may or may not be that someone's buying a bag of betel nut.  It could be that someone's picking up a bao guo from 7-11.  Possibly kids are playing basketball.  Odds are that a train is passing through.  Conceivably jing cha are policing, babies are crying, and older people are talking about older times.  Maybe I even have a friend or two down there, or even friends that I have yet to meet.

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