2021年9月13日 星期一

Roaming Around Chaozhou Municipality 潮州鎮遊記

Chaozhou is east of Kanding and north of Xinpi.  It's one of Pingtung's three municipalities.  According to the last census, 53,820 people live in Chaozhou. 潮州位於崁頂的東部 , 新埤的北部 .  上次人口統計表上潮州有53,820人 .

The most "famous" things in Chaozhou are the Forest Park, the green tunnel and Bada Forest Amusement Park.  There's also a beef restaurant that seems very popular with tourists.  I go to Chaozhou fairly often. 潮州最有名的景點是森林園區 , 綠色隧道8大森林樂園 .  還有一家似乎很受觀光客喜愛的牛肉餐廳 .  我常常去潮州 .

This sign is across from the Chaozhou Train Station.  The Chinese opera guy is a reference to a local Chinese opera troupe.  There's a Chinese opera museum in town. 這個牌子位於潮州車站對面 .  中間的先生跟當地的歌仔戲劇團有關 .  潮州有一棟戲曲故事館 .

This is downtown, across the street from Chaozhou's "cold hot ice" dessert shop.  The Starbucks and the Culture Park are down the road to the right.  If you're visiting the area, be very careful when passing through these circular intersections. 這是潮州的市區, 冷熱冰店就在這對面 .  右邊那條路是往星巴克日式歷史建築文化園區 .  在潮州過這種路口要非常小心 .

An old church near the train station.  Some bible verses for your edification? 車站附近的舊教堂 .  想學聖經嗎 ?

Near the McDonald's.  We usually park in this area and then walk to nearby restaurants for lunch or dinner.  I miss the 85 Coffee Shop that used to be here.  It was a nice place to sit on rainy days. 在麥當勞附近 .  我們通常把車停在這附近 , 然後走路到附近的餐廳吃飯 .  我想念這邊的85度C .  下雨天坐在那邊很舒服 .

Old buildings within the Culture Park.  These buildings were constructed by the Japanese Colonial Administration. 文化園區裡的日式建築 .

Inside one of the buildings.  They'll probably fix it up at some point, but I'd rather they left it like this. 這是一棟日式建築的裡面 .  這大概有一天會被重新整修 , 可是我覺得保留這樣的面貌就好 .

And what's that, you say?  You like old, semi-abandoned amusement parks?  I hereby give you Bada Forest Amusement Park, the creepiest of all Taiwan's tourist attractions.  This place is OLD, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was shut down soon.  They're attempting to run it as some kind of "eco-park" now. 你說什麼 ?  你喜歡奇奇怪怪半荒廢的樂園嗎 ?  我介紹你台灣最奇怪嚇人的8大森林樂園 .  這個樂園超級舊 , 舊到快停止營業了吧 .  8大最近好像朝生態公園發展 .

Call me crazy, but this pool looks like an excellent place to contract a bacterial infection. 這邊的水可以玩嗎 ?  不會有問題嗎 ?  我不太清楚 .

In case any of the staff at Bada see these pictures, no, we didn't ignore the signs telling people to stay out of this area.  It's just that we entered from the other side, down a side path where there were no signs. 以免8大的工作人員看到這些照片以為我們不守規矩 , 我們不是忽視警告牌闖進去的 .  我們順著步道進去卻走到另一邊的入口 .  那邊沒有放任何警示牌.

So yeah, this is what used to be "Water World."  It was probably really fun in the 80s, when this place first opened.  Now it's the abode of iguanas. 這個破破爛爛的地方是當時的水世界 .  現在則是鬣蜥天堂 .

There's some truly spooky stuff in this place.  I'm guessing this tree inspired a lot of nightmares over the years. 這裡有的東西真的很恐怖 .  這棵樹應該曾經讓很多孩子做惡夢 .

For whatever reason someone is keeping silkworms on the property.  About a third of this place resembles a petting zoo, a third is a barbecue area, and the remaining third is a lot of rusting, long-forgotten rides. 有人在這裡養蠶 .  這個樂園的部分像動物園 , 部分是烤肉區 , 還有部分是充滿了生鏽的遊樂器材 .

If the tree wasn't bad enough, how about a spooky octopus? 那棵樹不夠恐怖嗎 ?  那這隻章魚呢 ?

Or a tiny rollercoaster, falling into ruin? 還是快掉下來的小過山車 ?

Or a spooky angel in a bush? 還是嚇人的小天使 ?

Or this CAVE OF TERROR, which even i wasn't brave enough to venture into? 還是這個盤絲洞 ?  我也不敢進去 !

Lastly there's the Forest Park, which is on the outskirts of Chaozhou, toward Laiyi.  This place is very crowded on weekends, and despite its name there aren't that many trees here.  Some of the land is used to grow pineapples, some is grassland, and the land near the park boundaries actually has trees.  Kids love playing in the canals inside the park, and adults enjoy riding bicycles along its trails. 最後有靠近來義鄉森林園區 .  周末的時候這裡很多人 .  奇怪的部分是這個園區的樹沒那麼多 .  有的地是種鳳梨 , 有的地是草地 , 公園的邊界也有樹林 .  小朋友很喜歡在這裡的水溝玩水 ; 成人喜歡在這裡的單車道騎單車 .

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NOTE: Do you like abandoned stuff?  If so, Chaozhou is for you.  I'm not encouraging anyone to trespass, but aside from Bada's ruined splendor Chaozhou also has an abandoned hospital, an abandoned elementary school, a huge condemned apartment building and an abandoned kindergarten.