2021年4月1日 星期四

Pingtung in the News 屏東的新聞 (North 北) 3

There are 29 townships, 3 municipalities and one city in Pingtung County.  It's exhausting to include news from every township, municipality and Pingtung City every time, so what I'll do instead is include news items from eleven different townships or municipalities in each entry.  This way I should be able to work my way through Pingtung County every three entries. 屏東縣包含了29個鄉, 3個鎮還有屏東市.  每次討論所有鄉鎮的新聞太累了, 所以我會每次討論11個鄉鎮的報告.  這樣子我每三篇新聞文章就會涵蓋到全縣內鄉鎮的新聞.

1. Ligang Township 里港鄉

1a. The Ligang Police Bureau has a special investigative unit seeking out those who attempt to illegally dispose of waste in the area.  They recently apprehended individuals attempting to dump a trailer full of waste in Sandimen. 屏縣環警檢  "天羅地網"  聯手破獲非法棄置廢棄物

2. Gaoshu Township 高樹鄉

2a. A resident of Gaoshu donned a facemask and fired a gun at the home of a former Township Mayor, hitting one of his windows.  The man was later apprehended, fined 50,000 NT, and sentenced to over 2 years in prison. 男變裝開槍射中前高樹鄉長住家  判刑5年半

2b. Pingtung County grows about a third of the pineapples in Taiwan, and many of these pineapples are grown in Gaoshu Township.  Farmers there were very worried about fluctuations in the price of pineapples, but the local farmer's association told them not to worry.  According to the farmer's association the price has been relatively stable. 鳳梨價格  高樹農會總幹事 : 3月低盛產期是觀察重點

2c. ..and speaking of those locally grown pineapples (and wax apples), a large shipment of both was recently sent from Gaoshu to Canada. 屏東鳳梨 , 蓮霧坐飛機空運加拿大

3. Sandimen Township 三地門鄉

3a. The Aboriginal Curriculum Development Center has created a set of textbooks in the Paiwan language for use in public schools.  The sixth graders graduating this school year from Dimoer Elementary School in Sandimen Township are the first students to have used the textbooks from the first to the sixth grade. 全國首套排灣族本位教科書  師博老師與孩子們一起成長 (1)

3b. The birthrate for Pingtung County is declining, yet Sandimen and several other townships with more aboriginal residents are bucking this trend.  Townships such as Sandimen credit new policies favorable to aboriginal residents, and an improved standard of living. 屏東原住民鄉出生率高於全縣  卻存在 "南北差異" (9)

4. Wutai Township 霧台鄉

4a. Dawu Village's administration of an ecological and cultural site in Wutai drew sharp criticism from many tourists visiting the area.  Some of these tourists were overcharged, others arrived to find that their names were not on the list of approved visitors, and others noted that the number of people visiting the area far exceeded the limit set by the local government.  The head of the Wutai Township Office tried to intervene, but the situation isn't likely to improve any time soon. 霧台哈尤溪祕境亂象  遊客怒批價格貴 , 配套不完善 (2)

Here's an article introducing Akame, a restaurant in Wutai Township, which sells aboriginal fusion cuisine.  It looks good, but be warned that seats are hard to come by. 屏東原住民料理Akame  魯凱族主廚打造南臺灣最難訂位的的秘境餐廳 (8)

5. Jiouru Township 九如鄉

5a. A new care facility will open on Children's Day in what was formerly a dormitory on the Jiouru Elementary School campus. 九如照顧園區  4月啟用

5b. A refrigerated storage company was shut down due to outstanding debts.  The Bureau of Land Managment then attempted to auction off the property three times, but no one put in a bid. 法拍3次均流標 !  九如大型冷凍廠底價降至2億億7千多萬元

6. Yanpu Township 鹽埔鄉

6a. A 22 year old man riding a scooter collided with a gravel truck on a flood control road and died at the scene.  The cause of the accident remains to be determined, and many are suspicious of the truck driver's version of events. 屏東鹽埔22歲騎士與砂石車碰撞身亡  家屬求畫面討真相 (3)

6b. Someone spotted multiple fires along a river in Yanpu.  The fire department was called in and they quickly extinguished the fires. 屏東隘寮溪振興堤防雜草燃燒逾7小時  消防漏夜警戒 (4)

6c. Yanpu Junior High School's girl's basketball team advanced to the Southern District semifinals, but were defeated by a team from Taichung.  They vowed to return next year. 明年再 !   鹽埔國中

7. Pingtung City 屏東市

7a. The Pingtung County Residents' Park will host a "sunset market" this Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 8 pm. 屏東縣民公園  "日落市集"  絕美快閃  3大市集推薦  賞夕陽 , 逛文創攤位

7b. Many people living on Jian Guo Road were parking their cars on sidewalks due to a lack of parking spaces in the area.  These illegally parked cars were being reported to police on a regular basis.  The residents thus reported recently sought the help of a Pingtung County Council member in the hopes of solving this problem. 屏東市建國路住戶車輛屢遭檢舉  居民無奈找縣議員陳情 (5)

7c. Fuxing Park in Pingtung City has been renovated, and many residents there were very happy about their "new" park. 變漂亮了 !  屏東市復興公園大改造  當地居民樂見新景點

8. Chang Jr Township 長治鄉

8a. The local Rotary club donated money to Dexie Elementary School for the completion of their ecological pond.  A stone was inscribed to commemorate the event. 民間社團協助  長治德協國小生態池揭牌

8b. Their coach might have died, but the Changjr Junior High soccer team still won the Gold Cup recently.  They dedicated the win to their departed coach. 化悲為力  長治國中足球隊奪縣冠軍獻教練

8c. Taiwanese celebrity Ella (formerly of S.H.E.) visited a noodle restaurant in Changjr, further increasing its popularity.  Ella is originally from the area. 返鄉吃到屏東肉圓  藝人Ella加持讓排對名店人更多了

9. Linluo Township 麟洛鄉

9a. Tsai Zhi-he, former mayor of Linluo Township, was given prison time for taking bribes and being involved a graft scheme centered around road construction projects. Due to begin his sentence last month, he has since disappeared, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 屏東前麟洛鄉長蔡志和發監前潛逃 檢將發布通缉 (6)

10. Jhutian Township 竹田鄉

10a. Students at Jhutian Junior High School are learning about the area's agricultural history through old maps.  Coconuts?  Not so much demand for those now. 認識家鄉農業  竹田國中用台灣古地圖講古

10b. A farmer in Jhutian won an award for his "Angel Garden," a recreational farm specializing in orchids. 竹田鄉農民陳宏志打造  "天使花園"  獲選第32屆模範農民

10c. A man riding a scooter was attempting to pass a car on the wrong side when he was knocked into a nearby breakfast restaurant.  Watch the video!  That must have hurt... 超車不慎釀擦撞事故  屏東騎士連人帶車噴進路旁早餐店

11. Neipu Township 內埔鄉

11a. Meihe University of Science and Technology recently finalized an agreement with the Chaozhou and Neipu township offices to integrate academic and vocational exchanges between Meihe and these two townships. 美和科大攜手潮州 , 內埔鄉公所簽訂策略聯盟

11b. Several environmental technology companies want to invest in a biogas wastewater treatment plant to be built in Neipu.  The plant would use wastewater from pig farms to create gas.  Presently farmers in the area are dumping their wastewater into local rivers, and this is a major source of pollution. 養豬廢水澆灌農地  發電  內埔擬建處理廠

11c. An elderly resident of Neipu, targeted by scam artists, was withdrawing money from his account on a regular basis.  Local law enforcement was alerted to the situation, and despite the elderly man's initial reluctance to cooperate they managed to resolve the situation. 老翁匯款稱拯救酒店公關  屏東內埔警阻詐178萬元 (7)

Related Entries 相關的文章:

1. There are definitely pros and cons to this approach to education.  On the one hand it preserves tribal culture, and the other hand it removes aboriginal students even further from the larger Taiwanese culture which surrounds them.  I live not far from a couple Paiwan villages, I teach several Paiwan students, and I've seen parents deal with this issue firsthand.  Should I keep my kid in a village school and strengthen tribal ties?  Or should I send them to another school outside the village, in the hope that it prepares them for life and work outside the tribe?

2. I haven't been to this place yet, but I think it might be overrated.  You can see rocks like that in several other mountain locations, both inside and outside of Pingtung.  It just so happens that those other mountain locations aren't famous.

3. This kind of traffic accident happens a lot.  I was driving on Highway 27 between Pingtung City and Donggang the other day, and saw two such accidents along the road.

4. With Tomb-Sweeping (Qingming) Day coming up, it's very possible that someone lit a fire to clear brush from a grave in the area, and then left thinking it was extinguished.  Many people fulfill this duty in advance of the upcoming 4-day holiday.  Doing so leaves them free to do other things on their vacation.

5. Tough area to park in.  There's a Carrefour near there, and it's not far from the Pingtung Train Station.

6. What's the deal with Linluo?  That place is gangster.

7. My grandpa had Alzheimer's and I sympathize.  Reigning in lonely older people with dementia isn't easy.

8. I can't be bothered with this kind of restaurant.  Somewhere that far in the mountains?  And I have to make a reservation?  Nah, I'll go somewhere closer instead.

9. This article goes on to state that people in Shrdze and Mudan townships, which also have a high percentage of aboriginal residents, are NOT having more children than the rest of Pingtung.