2016年11月23日 星期三

Riding Around Taitung's Forest Park 在台東森林公園騎單車

Bicycle map of the Forest Park.  台東森林公園自行車道導覽圖.

The Flowing Lake, where the triathlons are held.  舉辦鐵人三項的活水湖.

The other end of the same lake.  活水湖的另外一邊.

A little closer to the ocean.  比較靠近海一點.

View from the big hill next to the Flowing Lake.  The Beinan River to the right, with the Jung Hua Bridge passing over it.  從活水湖旁邊小坡上看到的風景.  卑南溪在右邊, 還有卑南溪上的中華僑.

Even closer to the ocean.  更靠近海一點.

View north along the Pacific.  看往北邊的太平洋.

Strange trees.  This part of the Forest Park gets the worst of every typhoon, and the trees here need to be strong.  奇怪的樹.  這部分的森林公園每次颱風一來就受到猛烈衝擊, 所以這些樹要很堅韌.

Closer to Pipa Lake.  This area was damaged most during recent typhoons.  比較靠近琵琶湖.         這裡受到最近的颱風的破壞.

Still pretty, but most of the trees are gone.  還是很漂亮, 可是很多樹都不見了.

A month ago most of this area was under water.  They've diverted some of the water to a nearby stream, but it will take a long time to drain out completely.  一個月前這裡都被水淹沒.  很多水都被排到附近的小溪, 可是仍然要等很久才會完全恢復成以往的樣子.

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2016年11月17日 星期四

台灣民俗由來 The Origin of Taiwanese Customs (2 of 4)

The (Chinese) questions and answers below are from the book "The Origins of Taiwanese Customs."  The Chinese was written by Lin Mao-shian, and the English translation was written by me.  下列的中文問題跟答案來自於台灣民俗由來這本書.  這本書的作者是林茂賢先生.  我則是將他書中的部分內容翻譯成英文.

Below are chapters 9-16 from the "Folk Beliefs" section.  Next month I'll introduce sections 17-24.  There are 32 chapters in all.  以下是 "民俗信仰" 第九到第十六章的部分.  下個月我要介紹第十七到第二十四章的部分.  "民俗信仰" 這個單元總共有三十二章.

9. Q: 為什麼初一, 十五要拜拜?  Why do we need to visit the temple on the first and fifteenth days of the lunar month?

A: 人們對土地公的信仰, 源自於對土地的崇拜, 因為土地孕育萬物, 並提供豐富的五穀, 滿足人民生活所需, 自然而然, 人們就將這種崇拜神格化.  土地公雖然是職位較低的神明, 但是祂所管轄的事情非常多, 而且除了各村里的土地公廟外, 各大廟宇也一定會有土地公.  人們都相信土地公能庇護鄉里, 保佑人民, 所以每逢農曆初一, 十五, 一般家庭會祭拜土地公, 希望全家都能平安又順利.  People's belief in Tu Di Gong comes from their reverence for the land - because everything comes from the land, and because the land provides the grain which sustains the lives of the people.  Of course many other gods are worshiped for similar reasons, and although Tu Di Gong is a god with less status, many things fall under his jurisdiction.  Aside from the Tu Di Gong temples which are to be found in every village, every big temple also has a [statue of] Tu Di Gong.  Everyone believes that Tu Di Gong can watch over their village, and that he can protect the people.  For this reason, the first and fifteenth days on the lunar calendar are when most families worship Tu Di Gong, in the hope that they will be peaceful and prosperous.

10. Q: 為什麼小孩要拜 "七娘媽?"  Why do children need to worship "the Seventh Mother?"

A: 七娘媽是兒童的守護, 神父母為求孩子平安長大, 便會在每年的七夕 (農曆七月七日), 也就是七娘媽生日當天, 準備牲禮, 四果, 胭脂水粉, 鏡子, 梳子等來祭拜七娘媽, 一直到孩子滿十六歲為止.  孩子平安長大十六歲了, 就要在七夕當天準備果, 粽, 湯圓等祭拜七娘媽, 感謝祂的保佑, 稱為 "作十六歲," 這也是孩子的成年禮, 慶祝他們已經長大成人, 可以為自己的言行負責了.  The Seventh Mother is the goddess which parents entreat for the safe growth and protection of their children.  During the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which is the Seventh Mother's birthday, offerings such as the four fruits, cosmetics, mirrors, and combs are placed upon her altar.  This is done until children reach 16 years of age.  Once they have safely reached 16, they should prepare fruits, dumplings, and soup balls for the Seventh Mother on her birthday, in order to thank her for protecting them.  This is called "Making 16 Years," and is a rite celebrating one's passage into adulthood.  It also marks the time when one's deeds must match one's words.

11. Q: 廟會中的七爺, 八爺是誰?  Who are the Seventh Master and Eighth Master we see during temple festivals?1

A: 相傳, 七爺名叫謝必安, 八爺名叫范無救, 他們都是衙門的差役.  有一次, 他們押解的一名犯人在上京途中逃跑了, 於是兩人分頭去找, 並相約在橋下見.  後來八爺先到達橋下, 卻遲遲等不到七爺, 結果遇上溪水暴漲, 不幸被溺死臉也變成了黑色; 七爺則因過度悲傷而上吊自盡, 所以舌頭吐出.  玉皇大帝十分佩服他們的情義和勇氣, 便將他們分派給城隍爺當部將, 負責捕捉四處害人的鬼怪.  According to legend, the Seventh Master was originally named Shie Bi-an, and the Eighth Master was named Fan Wu-jiou.  They were officers in the service of Ya Men.  A prisoner escaped their custody on the way to the capital, and the two separated to search for him.  They agreed to meet under a bridge, and the Eighth Master was the first to arrive there.  He waited a long time for the Seventh Master, until the river below the bridge flooded.  He drowned, and as a result his face became black.  Because of this tragedy, the Seventh Master hung himself, causing his tongue to stick out.  The Jade Emperor greatly admired their friendship and courage, and put them under the command of the City God, who charged them with catching harmful ghosts.

12. Q: 為什麼求姻緣要拜月下老人?  Why do people who want to get married pray to the Old Man Under the Moon?

A: 月下老人掌管人世間所有男女的姻緣, 所以有許多單身的人會去祭拜祂.  相傳月下老人手中有一本姻緣簿, 裡面記載所有男女應該婚配的對象, 當祂找到注定要婚配的男女時, 就會拿出一根紅線, 並繫在兩人的手上, 因此我們說幫人作媒就是 "牽紅線."  如果到廟中向月老祈求姻緣, 之後順利遇到適合的對象並結婚的話, 記得帶盒喜餅到廟中還願, 誠心感謝月下老人的祝福.  The Old Man Under the Moon is in charge of marriages between all earthly men and women, so many single people will go and worship him.  According to legend, the Old Man Under the Moon holds in his hands a Marriage Book, and within the book are recorded suitable marriage partners for every man and woman.  When he finds a man and woman who are destined to marry, he takes out a red string, and with it he ties the two peoples' hands together.  This is why matchmaking is called "pulling the red string."  If you go to the temple and pray to the Old Man Under the Moon for a marriage, and afterward you happen to meet a suitable person and get married, you should remember to take a box of wedding cakes to the temple, and offer them to the Old Man Under the Moon in thanks for your good fortune.

13. Q: 為什麼想生小孩要拜註生娘娘?  Why should those who wish to have children worship Ju Sheng Mother?

A: 註生娘娘是掌管生育以及保護幼童的神明, 因此想求子的婦女都會去祭拜祂, 請祂保佑自己順利懷孕.  在臺灣, 除了祭拜註生娘娘, 孕婦在生產前還會祭拜臨水夫人陳靖姑.  她是唐朝人, 具有斬妖除魔的能力, 懷孕時為了收服妖怪不幸去世, 臨終前立誓要幫助所有婦女順利生產.  因此婦女希望懷孕, 求生男或女, 就會去拜註生娘娘; 懷孕之後希望能平安順利的生產, 就會去拜臨水夫人.  Ju Sheng Mother is a spirit who oversees births and protects small children.  For this reason all women who want to have children make offerings to her, and ask for her help in getting pregnant.  In Taiwan, women will also make offerings to Chen Jing Gu, the Woman Near the Water, before giving birth.  She [Chen Jing Gu] lived during the Tang Dynasty, and had the ability to banish demons.  In order to ensure that pregnancies proceeded without the ill effects of vengeful spirits, she swore before her death to help women have births free of complications.  This is why women wanting children pray to Ju Sheng Mother, and why those hoping for a peaceful and easy birth pray to the Woman Near the Water.

14. Q: 廟會中的 "陣頭" 是指什麼?  What is the significance of the "Jen Tou" performance during temple festivals?

A: 陣頭是台灣民間的一種街頭表演藝術, 通常是在廟會, 迎神, 神明遶境, 喪葬儀式中出現.  陣頭表演除了民眾熟知的八家將, 花鼓陣, 宋江陣, 舞龍舞獅外, 近年更結合創意, 發展出電音版的三太子, 而這些表演元素融入莊嚴的宗教禮俗後, 不僅增添熱鬧氣氛, 也為廟會表演添加藝術性質.  陣頭表演人員大多是業餘的, 他們利用空閒時間學習民俗技藝, 當有廟會活動時再代表地方出陣遊行.  The "Jen Tou" is a kind of Taiwanese roadside performance art.  It can be seen during temple festivals such as "the welcoming of the gods," the Rao Jing, and during funerals.  In addition to the 8-person performance, the flower drum ensemble, the martial performance, and the dragon and tiger dances, in recent years there has been a new innovation in the "Electronic San Tai Dze."  These performances bring a liveliness to otherwise solemn religious ceremonies, and add a certain artistry to temple festivals.  Most of those performing in the Jen Tou performance work for a living, and use their free time to learn this folk art.  They represent their communities during temple festivals.

15. Q: 拜拜時的 "三太子" 是指誰?  Who is the "San Tai Dze" referred to in temple worship?2

A: 三太子就是 "封神演義" 中手持火尖槍, 腳踩風火輪的哪吒.  有一次, 他大鬧東海龍宮, 龍王不甘心, 就上奏玉帝, 希望問罪他的父母李靖夫婦, 哪吒為了不連累父母, 自願以性命贖罪.  哪吒死後, 得到太乙真人的幫助, 用荷葉, 蓮花替他重塑形體, 並賜給他火尖槍和風火輪.  在臺灣的民間信仰中, 哪吒是守護鄉里的中壇元帥, 兒童的守護神, 也是職業駕駛, 輪胎業者的行業神, 能保佑行車平安.  San Tai Dze is the spear-wielding Nuo Ja, who rides upon wheels of fire in the "Romance of Feng Shen."  At one time, he raided the palace of the Dragon of the Eastern Sea, and the Dragon King was inconsolable.  The Dragon King then asked the Jade Emperor to avenge this wrong by punishing Li Jing and his wife, who were Nuo Ja's parents.  In order to save his parents, Nuo Ja sacrificed himself.  After Nuo Ja's death, and with the aid of the Perfected Tai Yi3, lotus leaves were used to recreate his body, and he was given back his spear and wheels of fire.  In Taiwanese folk beliefs, Nuo Ja is the protector of the central village altar, children, those who drive for a living, those involved in the tire industry, and also those involved in related professions.  He protects vehicles and keeps them safe.4

16. Q: 什麼是 "電音三太子?"  What is the "Electronic San Tai Dze?"

A: 台灣民間三太子的造型都年輕, 活潑又可愛, 經常以戴墨鏡, 拿玩具, 溜滑板和騎機車等方式出現.  直到西元二000年左右, 人們突發奇想, 以童謠結合三太子的人偶來表演, 之後更嘗試搭配流行歌曲或熱門音樂, 型成一股風潮, 並在西元二00六年台中市舉辦 "台客嘉年華會" 活動時, 定名為 "電音三太子." 由於跳著電音舞步的三太子特殊又逗趣, 因此在海, 內外都十分受到歡迎.  Among Taiwanese people, San Tai Dze always has a youthful appearance.  He looks very friendly and cute.  He often wears sunglasses, carries toys, rides a skateboard, rides a scooter, and other similar things.  It wasn't until around the year 2000, when people began to take a more whimsical approach to San Tai Dze, that they began to play popular songs and other fashionable music during his street performances.  This created a new craze [for this type of performance].  In 2006, Taichung City hosted its "Tai Ke5 Festival," also known as "Electronic San Tai Dze," and from this time onward the amusing sight of San Tai Dze dancing to electronic music has become popular everywhere.

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1. 爺 can also be translated as "grandfather."   

2. "San Tai Dze" or 三太子 could be translated at "Third Prince," but that sounds weird to me, so I'm not doing it.

3. "Perfected" (Person) or 真人 is a Daoist term that goes back to the "Romance of Feng Shen."

4. Next time you have your car, scooter, or bicycle's tires changed you might want to look for this god's altar in the shop.  You never know, right?

5. "Tai Ke" or 台客 could be translated as "Taiwanese person," but it's more meaningful than the English term suggests.  A "Tai Ke" is someone who is especially Taiwanese, or who exemplifies Taiwanese culture.

2016年11月10日 星期四

What's Going On In Taitung 台東最近發生的事 2

Local news from the past week or so.  Some of it's from Google, some of it's from Facebook, some of it's stuff I just overheard.  If you can read Chinese, I've linked the news articles below.  這些是上個禮拜左右的新聞, 有的新聞取自Google, 有的新聞取自FB, 有的新聞則是聽說的.  看的懂中文字的讀者可參考以下提供的網址.

Queen of Heaven Temple 天后宮

A. Follow Up on Last Month's News 接續上個月的新聞

1. Went to the Queen of Heaven Temple, and saw the "stone relic" that the articles were talking about.  If you're interested, it's the big temple on Jung Hua Road, not far from where they hold the Ss Wei Road night market.  The relic is in a small room, to the left of the main entrance.  我去了天后宮, 看到新聞報導中的 "古物."  你如果有興趣的話, 天后宮就在中華路上, 靠近四維夜市,   古物就在大門左邊的小房間裡.

2. No typhoons recently, though there have been some close calls.  Because of recent flooding, the aquifer beneath our school has risen close to the surface, and as a result our school basement is flooding.  How this problem will be resolved is anyone's guess.  最近沒有颱風, 只是有些在台灣附近形成.  因為水災的問題, 我們學校的地下水位變高接近地表.  所以我們學校的地下室都淹水.  我們還不知道怎麼處理這個問題.

B. Recent News 最近的新聞

1. In the wake of recent typhoons, Taitung's Forest Management Bureau is replanting trees.  According to the article, 47 organizations have already applied for 110,000 seedlings.  Those interested in assisting with the replanting effort should call 089-345495.  颱風過後, 台東林管處要把樹種回來.  報告說已經有四十七個機關團體申請十一萬株苗木.  要幫忙種樹的民眾要打089-345495.

2. The Taitung County Government is promoting activities in agricultural recreation areas.  Those interested are encouraged to sign up on Taitung's Online Farmer's Market (eFarmer), and then write about the agricultural recreation area they'd most like to visit.  Those participating will have a chance to win a gift certificate worth 100 NT.  台東縣政府正在推廣休閒農業區民眾只要加入台東網路農場粉絲團,留言寫下最想去的休閒農業區,就有機會獲得超商100元禮券。

3. Former Olympic athlete Huang Ting-jun won first place in the "Free Ride Highway National Championships" in Taitung.  The winner of the men's competition biked 40 km in 52 minutes, 39 seconds.  全國自由車公路錦標賽今天在台東登場.  參加過里約奧運的黃亭茵順利封后.  男子組冠軍以52分39秒完成40公里賽程.

4.  The Bureau of Forest Affairs, The Taitung Forest Management Office, and a criminal investigation team seized a horde of mushrooms near Hong Ye.  These mushrooms were stolen from local farmers.  Police caught five suspects, and yes, the mushrooms in question were worth a lot of money.  林務局台東林管處會同保七總隊第九大隊刑事偵查小隊,在紅葉山區查獲歷年來最大宗牛樟菇盜採案, 他們逮捕了五名嫌犯. 這五名竊賊偷當地農夫的牛樟菇主要是因為牛樟菇的市場價值很高

5. The Taitung County Government is cooperating with the Department of Transportation to issue a "Fun Card" (Day Pass) to promote tourism.  It can be used to visit the Taiwan Open of Surfing, to visit hot springs, and for other things.  台東縣政府配合交通部觀光局輔導發行台灣好玩卡.  可以用這個卡參加衝浪比賽和泡溫泉, 除此之外, 它還有很多其他的功能.

6. 4,600 households had their water turned off last week.  The "no water" period began at 10 a.m. on November 2, and lasted about a day.  Water was turned off to repair wind-related damage to the Da Nan water district.  台東市部分地區上禮拜三上午十時起停水一天左右, 估計有四千五百戶無水可用.  停水的主因是大南圳因風災受損.

7. The County Department of Hygiene and a group from Mackay Hospital visited the Taitung County Council, where they provided council members with flu shots.  Given the distances they travel, their contact with the public, their age, and the corresponding weakness of their immune systems, they are viewed as a "high risk group" for catching the flu.  縣衛生局與馬偕台東醫院團隊到議會幫議員施打流感疫苗衛生局表示, 議員四處奔波, 屬高危險群, 也呼籲五十歲以上, 慢性病患或免疫力較低者施打疫苗.

8. A third year student from Taitung Vocational College's Interior Design program won a gold medal in a carpentry competition.  台東專科學校高職部室內空間設計科三年級女學生突破聽力障礙, 潛心學習木工有成, 在今年全國身心障礙者技能競賽中奪得家具木工職類金牌.

9. There is no easy solution to the flooding problem in Taitung.  The Taitung County Council recently convened a meeting to discuss the reasons for recent flooding, disaster relief, and reconstruction.  解決臺東的淹水問題很難縣議會定期大會今天進行縣府建設處等5單位工作檢討,有關多次水患成災的原因,救災及復建均受議員關切。

10. It is possible that the Matsu "Rao Jing" Festival, which takes place at the same time as Lantern Festival, will not be held in Taitung next year.  Due to the danger inherent in such festivals, the government is pushing for these festivals to be covered by insurance.  As the cost is too much for many temples and related associations, they are instead opting to discontinue the festivals.  There is a feeling that this type of local festival is "under attack."  台東市天后宮可能不續辦媽祖遶境活動.  政府強制規定大型活動需投保公共意外責任險。因保費高、保險公司不願承保,讓一些地方知名民俗活動都受到衝擊。

11. The Directors-General for several local agricultural associations started work last Monday.  Competition for open Director-General positions in Chr Shang, Guanshan, and Tai Ma Li, where previous Directors-General have retired, is intense.  台東縣各級農會總幹事候聘登記作業上個禮拜一起跑.  池上、關山及太麻里三個農會總幹事因已退休或即將退休將換新人新政,競爭相對激烈.

12. More drama over the garbage incinerator.  Garbage is problem for Orchid Island, and people there want the Taitung County Government to do something about it.  The head of the EPA wants to use the garbage incinerator to incinerate the garbage, but the County Government faces pressure from Taitung City residents who don't want this incinerator used.  他們還在吵焚化爐的事.  蘭嶼沒辦法當地處理垃圾, 叫縣政府幫忙.  環保署長想啟用臺東的焚化爐燒垃圾, 可是很多住民不要開焚化爐.

13. There was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Taitung last Tuesday.  上個禮拜二台東近海發生規模5.0地震.

14.  An "Integrated Physical Training Center" opened in Duo Liang recently.  A big reason for this was the difficulty people there were having in driving north to locations in Taitung City.  On the first floor there is a self-defense (Judo) studio, and on the second floor there is an indoor gun range.  "多良綜合體技館," 最近落成啟用.  他們蓋體技館最大的原因就在於基層常訓不再南北奔波一樓為柔道場, 二樓為室內手槍靶場.

15. More arguing over Taitung's garbage disposal problems.  Taitung County Council members protested a plan to accept recycled aggregates in exchange for the continued shipping of garbage to Kaohsiung.  The head of Taiwan's EPA, Shie Ching-chuan, exclaimed, "I am not a god!  I can't make the garbage disappear!"  台東垃圾處理問題存在更多的爭議.  台東縣議員群起反對運垃圾到高雄換回再生粒料.  環保局長謝清泉說: "我非神仙, 沒辦法把垃圾變不見!"*

C. Stuff I Overheard 我聽說的消息

1. "Subway Bob" is back in town.  He told me that he's here to stay.  Welcome back, Subway Bob!  "Subway Bob" 回來台東.  他跟我說他以後都住這邊.  歡迎回來Subway Bob!

2. The Queena Plaza (Sheraton) Hotel is building an extension behind their present location.  I haven't been able to verify this through the usual news sources, but two different people mentioned it to me during the past week.  桂田飯店要在飯店後面蓋第二館.  這件事不是從新聞上知道的, 而是上個禮拜有兩個人分別告訴我的.

D. And the BIG News is... 最恐怖的新聞就是...

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.  Just take a moment to process this.  It's ok, it's ok.... no hurry.  Needless to say, he probably won't be a good friend to Taiwan, given the kind of racial and/or isolationist statements he's made in the past.  川普被選上美國總統.  我給你一點時間接受這件事情.  沒關係... 繼續考慮... 不用那麼急.  不用說, 他大概不會當臺灣最好的朋友.  聽他談論種族還是國際貿易的論點就知道.

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* You might be wondering about that picture.  This is the big empty area near the ocean, east of Jer Ben.  The "recycled aggregates" mentioned in the article might be used to fill in land and create a resort in this area.  The term "Recycled aggregates" most commonly refers to waste from construction sites.  It can be used to reinforce coastlines and to create artificial islands.

2016年11月6日 星期日

Traffic 塞車

Traffic, man.  Traffic is rough.  Traffic makes me tired, and traffic makes me angry.  塞車.  塞車是件很難過的事情.  塞車讓我很累, 也讓我很生氣.

Last weekend we were driving from Shin Zuoying to Yanchengpu.  Shin Zuoying is in north Kaohsiung, and Yanchengpu is near the zoo.  Geographically speaking, the two places aren't far apart, but the traffic between them made driving quite a nightmare.  上個周末我們從新左營開車到鹽埕埔.  新左營在高雄的北部, 鹽埕埔靠近動物園.  其實這兩個地方相隔不遠, 只是二地之間的交通讓過程像場噩夢.

And then, after Yanchengpu, we still had to drive to the freeway.  On the map it seemed like a fairly straight shot, but traffic slowed to a crawl on Jong Jeng Road, and it took more than an hour to get to the other side of the city.  從鹽埕埔再到高速公路.  在地圖上看起來路程很短也很筆直的樣子, 可是中正路的車速超慢.  後來才發現我們花了一個多小時才開到高雄的另外一邊.

To add to this unpleasantness, we spent about twenty minutes trapped inside a tunnel.  For some reason the fans in this tunnel weren't working, and it was full of exhaust fumes.  Even through closed windows, and with our air conditioner on full blast, we could smell the gasoline.  在這個不好玩的經驗中, 我們還塞在一個地下道裡將近二十分鐘.  地下道的電扇也沒有開, 所以汽油的味道很重.  這個味道重到我們將車子裡的冷氣開到最強還是一樣臭.

Thirty minutes later we were finally on the freeway, and it was (relatively) smooth sailing back to the east coast.  Yes, Highway 9 was still undergoing construction, but we were expecting that, so the delays weren't quite as hard to bear.  三十分鐘後, 我們終於到達高速公路順利地開回東部.  台九線還在施工, 因為我們早知道路況, 所以路上碰到不方便的地方也不覺得那麼難過了.

That traffic in Kaohsiung though.  Damn.  I don't know how people can drive through that every day.  I guess most of them don't have a choice.  I know that if I lived there, and I had a choice, I definitely wouldn't drive a car.  哇!  高雄的塞車問題很嚴重!  不知道那裡的人如何每天開在那樣的路上.  我猜他們大部分沒有其他的選擇.  我如果住那裡的話, 而且有其他的選擇, 我一定不要在那裡開車.

But of course traffic isn't only a problem in Kaohsiung.  It isn't only a problem in Taiwan.  It's a problem that every big city faces, at one time or another.  It's the price we pay for economic prosperity, and for rising incomes.  當然塞車的問題不只是高雄有,  國外也有.  也是每個大都市要面對的問題.  這是經濟發展的代價, 也是跟民眾薪水的提升有關係.

The traffic in my hometown, Seattle, has also grown to spectacular proportions.  Some people there spend an hour or more commuting to work each day, and when you add up all of those hours they can equal a VERY large percentage of your life.  我家鄉西雅圖也很容意塞車.  有的人開車上下班的時間超過一個小時.  把這通勤的時間全部加起來, 你就知道它在你生活中佔了很大的部分.

If only the solution to the traffic problem was something we could all agree upon, and implement quickly.  But many of us are tied to jobs far from home, and we often have to go places beyond the easy reach of public transportation.  It would be great if we could all start riding bicycles tomorrow, but for many people this simply isn't possible.  It's not so much that the problem of traffic is beyond our power to fix, but that it would take a lot for enough of us to agree upon a solution.  And until we do, more traffic.  我希望我們可以趕快找出塞車的原因, 然後解決這個問題.  可是很多人的工作離家很遠, 也常常需要去公共交通工具不方便到達的地點.  明天開始騎單車當然是一件好事, 但是對於很多人來說不可行.  我們有能力解決這個問題, 可是這需要很多的努力才能夠讓民眾接受解決方法.  只是直到人們願意接受之前, 仍是要忍受交通問題.

I know one thing.  I'm not driving in Kaohsiung again any time soon.  And for those who have no choice but to do so, I can only offer my condolences.  我知道一件事情.  我要過很長一段時間後才願意在高雄開車.  對於那些無法避免在那裏開車的人, 請接受我的慰問.

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