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Walking Around Downtown Yuli 在玉里市區散步

Yuli is a town and a municipality.  It's on Highway 9, in Hualien County, about halfway between Taitung City and Hualien City.  玉里市區在玉里鎮.  它位於台九線上, 臺東市與花蓮市中間.

As far as I know, the only famous thing there is the "Yuli noodles."  I've had them at two different restaurants, and I didn't really like them.  就我所知, 玉里最有名的東西好像是玉里麵.  我在兩家餐廳吃過玉里麵, .我不怎麼喜歡.

It was very hot when I was there.  I walked around, hoping to find something interesting.  I didn't have any luck.  我在那邊的時候天氣很熱.  我在街道上走了一會兒, 想找些有趣的事物.  但我的運氣不怎麼好.

The picture above is their local market.  There were some stalls in the market serving food that looked good, but it was so hot that I'd lost my appetite.  上面的照片是那裡的菜市場.  那邊有的攤子賣的食物看起來很好吃, 可是天氣太熱, 我沒有胃口.

Along the way I picked up a tourist brochure.  Not very enlightening.  "Yuli was originally called Pu Shr Ge 璞石閣, and has a history stretching back to 1853..."  我散步的時候隨手拿了一張簡介.  還是搞不清楚玉里哪裡好玩.  "玉里鎮在1853年時稱璞石閣."

I made two separate trips around Yuli that day, but couldn't find anything except the market, some restaurants, and a big temple.  我在那裡饒兩大圈, 只經過菜市場, 一些餐廳, 還有一間廟.

I eventually arrived at Highway 9, where it passes through the city.  Still nothing.  終於走到台九線經過市區的部分.  還是找不到什麼景點.

And then I found a bike trail.  I followed this trail to a very pretty area where people grow rice.  The scenery was very beautiful.  然後我看到一條自行車道.  我沿著車道走就進入農民種米的地方.  那邊的風景很漂亮.

But by that point my camera wasn't working.  Ah well.  I guess you'll just have to imagine it?  可是這時候我的照相機壞掉了.  真是的!  你只好自己想像那邊的風景了.

After taking in the view, and having developed a bad sunburn, I walked back.  I felt a little defeated by downtown Yuli.  Is there really nothing interesting there?  Or was I just looking in the wrong places?  欣賞風景跟被曬傷之後, 我走回玉里市區.  我對玉里市區有點失望.  真的沒什麼有趣的景點?  還是我找錯地方?

Maybe I'll find something cool there another time.  I hope so.  I don't go to Yuli often, but in a town that big, you think there'd be something worth writing about!  我希望以後在那裡會發現很酷的地方!  我不常去玉里, 只是他們市區那麼大, 應該有其他值得寫的地方!

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台灣民俗由來 The Origin of Taiwanese Customs (1 of 4)

The (Chinese) questions and answers below are from the book "The Origins of Taiwanese Customs."  The Chinese was written by Lin Mao-shian, and the English translation was written by me.  下列的中文問題跟答案來自於台灣民俗由來這本書.  這本書的作者是林茂賢先生.  我則是將他書中的部分內容翻譯成英文.

Below are chapters 1-8 from the "Folk Beliefs" section.  Next month I'll introduce sections 9-16.  There are 32 chapters in all.  以下是 "民俗信仰" 第一到第八章的部分.  下個月我要介紹第九到第十六章的部分.  "民俗信仰" 這個單元總共有三十二章.

1. Q: 拜拜時的 "天公 " 指的是誰?  Who is the "Tian Gong" that people pray to?1

A: "天公" 指的是玉皇大帝, 閩南語稱為 "天公伯."  在民間信仰裡, 玉皇大帝是神明的主宰, 也是地位最高的神, 民間的凡人當然要祭拜祂囉!  由於天公的生日是每年的農曆正月初九, 所以 "正月初九拜天公" 就成了很重要的習俗.  拜天公的時間通常是農曆正月初九的凌晨十二點, 除了要準備好祭拜的牲禮外, 當天還要注意, 不能將衣服晾在屋外, 也不能清理水肥, 避免對天公不敬.  "Tian Gong" refers to the Jade Emperor.  In Taiwanese, he is called "Uncle Tian Gong."  In popular belief, the Jade Emperor is the master of the gods, and also the highest in status.  For this reason, it's obvious why people want to worship him.  Tian Gong's birthday falls on the ninth day of the first lunar month, and praying to Tian Gong on this day has become a very important custom.  The time to pray to Tian Gong is usually twelve o'clock in the morning, and aside from preparing the appropriate offerings, you should be careful not to dry clothes inside your house, or to clean up manure.  This is done to respect Tian Gong.

2. Q: 為什麼有些媽祖臉是黑的?  Why are the faces of some Matsus black?2

A: 媽祖本名林默娘, 傳說她精通法術, 在十六歲那年救了出海遇難的爸爸, 哥哥和其他商船.  默娘在二十八歲時得道升天為神, 之後只要有漁民遇到海難, 祂都會顯靈相救, 所以被認為是海洋的守護神.  臺灣的媽祖神像有膚色, 黑色, 紅色, 金色和白色, 其中黑色的被稱為 "黑面媽祖," 一種說法是因為牠長期被供奉在廟中, 臉被香的煙燻黑; 另一種說法是黑面媽祖比較凶悍, 負責捉妖, 除煞等任務.  Matsu was originally named Lin Mo-niang, and legend has it that she was a magician.  When she was 16 years old, she saved her father, brother, and other people from a disaster at sea involving several merchant ships.  When Mo-niang was 28, she was called up to heaven, and afterward saved fisherman from many other disasters at sea.  For this reason she came to be seen as the protective spirit of the ocean.  

Taiwanese statues of Matsu are flesh-colored, black, red, gold, and white.  The black version of her statue is called "Black Faced Matsu," and it is said that she's been enshrined in the temple so long that her face has been blackened by the smoke.  Another explanation is that Black Faced Matsu [has a black face because she] is more aggressive.  This is because catching demons in one of her many tasks.

3. Q: 為什麼會有媽祖遶境活動?  Why is there a Matsu "Rao Jing" activity?3

A: 媽祖本是沿海地區庇護漁民的神明, 之後向海外傳播, 現在已成為華人的重要信仰, 在臺灣尤其盛行.  每年元宵節後到農曆三月二十三日這段期間, 各地媽祖廟都會舉行盛大的慶祝儀式, 其中白沙屯媽祖進香, 北港媽祖遶境和大甲媽祖遶境進香, 都是國家指定的重要民俗活動.  "遶境" 是指神明定其巡視, 保佑人民平安健康.  而媽祖遶境大多在農曆三月間, 所以閩南語有 "三月瘋媽祖" 這句俗諺.  Matsu was originally a deity that protected fisherman in coastal waters [near China], and was later carried to other places.  She is now one of the most important Chinese deities, and this is especially so in Taiwan.  

Every year after Lantern Festival, during the 23rd day of the third lunar month, Matsu temples everywhere host a grand celebration, which includes "Matsu's pilgrimage through the white sand."  The Rao Jing activities in Beigang and Dajia4 are also very important cultural activities in Taiwan.  "Rao Jing" refers to the god arriving for her inspection, and to the granting of peace and health to the people.  Because most of the Matsu Rao Jing activities occur during the third lunar month, in Taiwanese it is often said that "The third month is [when people go] crazy for Matsu."

4. Q: 千里眼和順風耳是誰?  Who are "Thousand League Eyes" and "Ears Like the Wind?"5

A: "千里眼" 叫做高明, 能看到千里以外的事物, 他的弟弟 "順風耳" 叫做高覺, 能聽見千里以外的聲音, 他們原本都是桃花山裡的妖精.  友一天, 媽祖路過桃花山, 兩兄弟不僅擋住媽祖的去路, 還想逼祂嫁給他們, 於是媽祖與他們鬥法, 而兩人最終還是敵不過媽祖的神威.  後來媽祖將千里眼和順風耳收為部下, 並且利用他們超乎常人的 "眼力" 和 "耳力," 協助祂救濟有苦難的人們.  "Thousand League Eyes" was called Kao-ming.  He could see things more than 1000 leagues away.  His younger brother, "Ears Like the Wind" was called Kao-jiao, and he could hear sounds from more than 1000 leagues distant.  They were originally spirits that lived on Peach Blossom Mountain.  

One day, Matsu passed by Peach Blossom Mountain, and the two brothers blocked her path, demanding that she marry both of them.  She fought a battle of wits against them, and in the end the two brothers were no match for the divine power of Matsu.  Afterward Matsu accepted them as subordinates, and made use of their extraordinary eyesight and hearing to help people in trouble.

5. Q: 為什麼關公會變成神明?  Why did Guan Gong become a god?

A: 關羽是三國時蜀漢的大將, 他與劉備, 張飛結拜為兄弟, 一起為國家奮鬥, 後人十分景仰他的忠義精神, 便將他奉為神明來祭祀.  在華人的宗教信仰中, 關羽的地位備受尊崇, 被奉為 "武聖,"民間的信眾則尊稱祂為 "關公," "關聖帝君" 等.  關公廟遍及全台, 香火鼎盛, 不但警界供奉祂, 希望辦案如有神助, 正義得以彰顯, 就連商家也將祂視為財神來祭拜, 是臺灣重要的神明之一.  Guan Yu was a general for Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.  He swore brotherhood with Liou Bei and Jang Fei, and they fought for their country together.  Those who came after Guan Yu admired his sense of righteousness, and began to worship him as a god.  Guan Yu is respected by many, and for this reason he has been memorialized as "Wu Sheng" [War God] and revered among the people as "Guan Gong," "Emperor Guan Sheng," and by other names.  There are Guan Gong temples all over Taiwan, and incense is burned in his honor.  Police officers ask for his heavenly intercession in matters of justice, and businessmen also worship him as a god of wealth.  He is one of Taiwan's most important gods.

6. Q: 台灣人最常拜的財神有哪些?  Which gods of wealth to Taiwanese people usually pray to?

A: 在台灣傳統民間信仰中, 人們認為虔誠的祭拜神明可以得到庇佑, 讓一切平安順利, 並藉此獲得心靈上的力量.  此外, 由於適度的財富是讓生活順遂的一部分, 所以人們會祭拜 "財神," 尤其是依靠做生意賺錢的商人, 更視財神為重要的供奉對象.  財神有很多位, 多半是將歷史人物神格化後所產生的, 以滿足人們追求富裕的物質欲望, 而台灣人最常祭拜的財神有土地公, 關公, 寒單爺, 虎爺等.  In traditional Chinese folk beliefs, people believe that through proper worship of the gods one can be blessed with peace, prosperity, and spiritual strength.  Aside from this, and because a moderate amount of wealth is part of living a successful life, people worship "gods of wealth."  This is especially true of those who earn money by doing business, and such people view gods of wealth as an important object of worship.  There are many gods of wealth, and most of them can be traced back to historical figures who realized the commonly held goal of becoming wealthy.  The gods of wealth most often worshiped by people in Taiwan are Tu Di Gong, Guan Gong, Lord [or "Grandfather"] Han Dan, Lord Tiger, and a some others.

7. Q: 為什麼台灣有很多土地公廟?  Why does Taiwan have so many Tu Di Gong temples?6

A: 土地公又稱為 "福德正神," 祂是台灣人最普遍的信仰, 幾乎所有華人都虔誠的信奉祂.  土地公是最基層的神, 祂的職務繁多, 不僅要守護鄉里, 庇佑人民, 還要照顧牲畜, 橋梁, 田園等, 所以台灣到處可以見到土地公廟, 替當地的信徒解決煩惱.  閩南語有句俗諺: "田頭田尾土地公," 意思就是土地公無所不在, 就連墓園都能看到土地公的牌位或神象, 可以說是社區的守護神.  Tu Di Gong is also called "Fu De Jung Shen."7  He is the most commonly worshiped god in Taiwan, and almost all Chinese people revere him in one way or another.  Tu Di Gong is the most necessary of gods, and his duties include protecting the village, blessing the people, and taking care of livestock, bridges, and fields.  You can see Tu Di Gong's temples everywhere in Taiwan, and he is the local believer's recourse in times of trouble.  There is a saying in Taiwanese: "From the top to the bottom of the field is Tu Di Gong."  The meaning of this is that Tu Di Gong is everywhere, and his tablets and statues can even be found in cemeteries.  It could be said that he is the spirit that protects the community.

8. Q: 為什麼商人不拜土地婆呢?  Why don't businessmen pray to the Tu Di Gong's Wife?

A: 由於土地公樂善好施, 喜歡幫助窮人, 所以玉皇大帝派祂下凡, 來當人民的守護神.  可是一同來到人間的土地婆卻有不同想法, 土地婆覺得人們想要變得有錢, 就要自己努力工作, 不能只靠神明保佑, 而且土地婆不喜歡土地公凡事都要管.  據說每個月的農曆初二, 十六, 是土地婆固定回娘家的日子, 因此商人會趁此時祭拜土地公, 向祂求財, 不用擔心被土地婆破壞, 這也是 "做牙" 的由來.  Tu Di Gong is very charitable and enjoys helping people, so the Jade Emperor sent him to earth so that he could offer his spiritual protection to the people.  But Tu Di Gong's wife, who arrived in our world at the same time, has a different way of thinking.  Tu Di Gong's wife thinks that if people want to become rich, they should work harder, and not rely on the gods' blessings.  She also doesn't like Tu Di Gong to be so busy all the time.  

It is said that during the second and sixteenth days of each lunar month, she returns to her parents' house, and for this reason businessmen use these two days to worship Tu Di Gong, and to ask him for wealth.  During these two days they don't need to worry that Tu Di Gong's wife will spoil their wishes.  From this custom comes the "Dzuo Ya" (Wei Ya) celebration.8

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Koxinga 鄭成功 

1. 天 means "sky" or "heaven."  公 implies "male."  His name could be translated as "Heavenly Father," or "Heavenly Man."  Sounds very Catholic, doesn't it?

2. Since many of the Chinese people who "settled" Taiwan were seafaring people, Matsu has a long history here.  She could be described as a sea goddess.

3. Most aptly described as a temple procession.  The "Rao Jing" term is specific to the goddess Matsu.

4. As it turns out, I've been to both of these.  Going to the one in Da Jia is a traffic nightmare, but I highly recommend the one in Beigang.  It's like seeing a whole other side of Taiwan.

5. 千里眼 is probably better translated as "Chien Li Yan," but his name is so fun that I couldn't resist.  Ditto for 順風耳 or "Shuen Feng Er."

6. "Tu Di Gong" could also be referred to as the "Earth God."  土地 means "earth," and again 公 implies maleness.  The trouble with referring to him as the Earth God is the fact that there are other, lesser known earth gods.

7.  福德正神.  福 means "prosperity."  德 means "kindness" or "compassion.  正神 could be translated as "true spirit."

8. From this "Wei Ya" celebration comes the yearly dinner that employers in Taiwan offer their employees.  The phrase "Wei Ya" comes from 尾牙, the second of the two 牙 (ya) celebrations honoring Tu Di Gong each month.  The dinner is traditionally offered during the last of the yearly "Wei Ya" celebrations each year.  "Dzuo Ya" refers to both days, "Wei Ya" only to the second of the two.

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What's Going On In Taitung 台東最近發生的事 1

Local news from the past week or so.  Some of it's from Google, some of it's from Facebook.  If you can read Chinese, I've linked the news articles to below.  這些是上個禮拜左右的新聞, 有的新聞從Google, 有的新聞從FB上來的.  看懂中文字的讀者可參考以下提供的網址.

1. A foreign resident's dog was shot, and afterward one of the dog's paws had to be amputated.  Last I heard, the foreign resident was looking for the perpetrator.  有人拿槍射一位外國人士的狗, 之後那隻狗的一隻腳需要截肢.  所以那位外國人士在找那位罪犯.

2. High school students from Taitung won 1 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze medals in the track and field events which are part of the National High School Track and Field Competition.  臺東的高中生在全中田徑賽獲一金三銀一銅.

3. The Taitung County Government returned a stone relic to the Queen of Heaven temple.  This stone relic dates back to the Ching Dynasty. 台東縣政府把一個古物還給天后宮.  這塊石器是清朝時候所留下的文物

4. As a way of promoting tourism, an advertisement featuring Chr Shang's Mr. Brown Boulevard now adorns a double decker bus in Hong Kong.  The advertisement will run for one month.   為了推廣臺東旅遊, 一幅臺東池上的伯朗大道廣告在香港的叮叮車出現.  這個廣告會持續一個月.

5. An article in TVBS questioned whether or not funds for disaster relief were apportioned differently according to party affiliation.  Farmers in Taitung were only able to apply for 110,000 NT per 10 square kilometers, whereas Pingtung and Kaohsiung farmers were able to apply for 450,000 NT per 10 square kilometers.  Taitung's County Magistrate, Justin Huang, is affiliated with the KMT, while the county and city heads of Pingtung and Kaohsiung are members of the DPP.  TVBS新聞問風災補助有沒有分藍綠.  臺東縣農民一公頃只能申請到十一萬, 可是高屏地區可以申請到四十五萬.   台東的縣長黃健庭是國民黨.  高屏地區的縣市長是民進黨的.*

6. Taitung joined Airbnb's online lodging platform.  I don't know why this is such a big deal, but the last time I visited the Taitung County Government offices they were very excited about it.  臺東縣加入Airbnb旅遊服務平台.  我不知道這件事為什麼那麼重要, 可是我上次在縣政府時他們對這件事很興奮.

7. Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang presented an elderly man with 5000 NT, a plaque, and several other gifts.   The man, a member of the Beinan Tribe, is now 105 years old.  台東縣長黃健庭送給一位長者5千元, 金牌, 和一些禮物.  這個卑南族的長者已經105歲了.

8. The army conducted a missile-firing exercise of the coast of Taitung.  This exercise was halted after a Mainland Chinese police vessel was detected off the eastern coast of Orchid Island.  國軍在台東海岸實施 "國軍精準武器射擊",   後來他們發現蘭嶼東邊有中國的海警船, 所以停止活動.

9. After a landslide in Wu Lu Village, Haiduan Township, the village chief is missing.  It is not known whether or not he is still alive.  After the landslide it began to rain in earnest, and people in that area were isolated from settlements further east by other landslides.  Not a good time for people in Haiduan.  海端鄉霧鹿村發生土石流.  當地村長生死不明.  那次土石流之後又開始下大雨, 當地居民因為更多的土石流而被隔離在山裡面.  最近當海端鄉民很辛苦.

10. A local farmer won a lot of money through an electronic receipt.  It was the first time in Taitung that anyone won so much through this kind of receipt.  第一次臺東縣農民贏得無實體電子發票100萬元.

11. Because of Typhoon Aere, boat service between Taitung, Green Island, and Orchid Island was suspended.  Service was resumed on October 7.  因為颱風艾利要經過台灣, 所以台東往返蘭嶼綠島的船停開.  直到十月七日恢復行駛.

12. Last Friday there was an earthquake and a lot of rain, with roads either flooded or buried under landslides.  The landslides closed down the South-Link Highway to both trains and cars, and roads north towards Hualien weren't much better.  It was a very disastrous weekend.  上個禮拜五發生地震和下大雨.  很多路被水或是土石淹沒.  因為土石流的關係, 南迴公路跟鐵路不通.  往花蓮方向的路也有很多問題.  是個很慘的周末!

13. The Taitung County Government's Society Office gave concert tickets to county residents over the age of 60.  This concert was also a way of thanking volunteers who assisted with disaster relief after recent typhoons.  This concert was held on the 14th of this month.  台東縣政府的社會處舉辦演唱會, 也把演唱會的票送給60歲以上的縣民.  這個演唱會的主要目的是為了感謝救災志工.  演唱會的舉辦日期是這個月十四日.

14. County residents will be able to collect driftwood from October 14 to November 13.  There are two collection periods: the first for residents of each area, and a second for all residents of Taitung County.  台東縣民從十月十四日到十一月十三日可以撿拾漂流木第一階段是開放設籍在當地民眾,第二階段是開放設籍台東縣民.

15. Residents of Taitung had a difficult time returning from other parts of Taiwan after the three-day weekend.  With several roads damaged by rains, it wasn't an easy drive back.  三天連假之後, 台東縣民要回到台東的路很痛苦.  以路況來說, 水災的影響還是很大.

16. The Taitung County Government is issuing a new kind of certificate to improve tourism.  Residents attend a 6 hour class on tourism, English, and emergency medical assistance.  The deadline for applying for this certificate it October 21.  台東縣政府推廣新的旅遊認證.  要取得認證的縣民要上6小時的課程.  這個課程關於旅遊, 英語, 還有急救.  報名至21日止.

17. On October 13th a meeting was held to explain to farmers how they can apply for government assistance after the recent flooding.  十月十三日台東農民可以參加風災說明會, 關於如何申請風災補助.

18. The Pacific Island Youth Leaders arrived in Taitung.  It is hoped that their visit here will lead to tourism, cultural exchanges, and even agricultural cooperation between Taitung and other Pacific island nations.  太平洋群島青年領袖來到台東.  縣政府希望他們來之後, 臺東跟太平洋群島的國家的旅遊, 文化, 還有農業交流變多.

19. Farmers (fishermen?) in Taitung have been raising "white shrimp."  The article does not state whether they are Pacific white shrimp, Indian white shrimp, or Chinese white shrimp.  Whichever kind they are, these shrimp will be packaged for markets next year.  臺東農漁民開始養殖白蝦.  報告上沒說是哪一種白蝦.  不管是哪一種, 最快明年調理包上市.**

20. And remember that stone relic from #3 above?  The Taitung City mayor and several other government officials welcomed it back into the Queen of Heaven temple.  你記得上面第三點提到的古物嗎?  臺東市長還有些縣議員歡迎古物回到天后宮.

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*Gotta say, the numbers in this article don't sound right to me.  110,000 per 10 square KM is pocket change, and 450,000 isn't much better. 

**The article makes it sound like the raising of white shrimp in Taitung is a new thing, yet a local friend says that she knows someone who has been doing this for YEARS.  Could she be confused about what type of shrimp her friend is raising?  Or is the person who wrote the article confused?  I can't eat shrimp, and I don't spend much time thinking about them, so I can't say!

2016年10月8日 星期六

Me, Years From Now 幾年以後的我

5 years from now, after everyone in Taiwan realizes how awesome I am, they'll erect a giant statue in my honor.  五年後, 每個台灣人都會知道我多棒, 然後他們會用高大的雕像紀念我.

They'll build this statue on top of Li Yu Mountain, and it will be the eighth wonder of the world.  You'll be able to see it from Green Island, Orchid Island, and even Cheng Gong.  他們會把雕像建立在鯉魚山上, 那也會成為世界第八大奇蹟.  你可以從綠島, 蘭嶼, 甚至成功看到它.

10 years from now, they'll proclaim January 14th to be "National Adam Day."  十年之後, 政府會宣布一月十四日為 "國立亞當日."

And on that day, no one will have to work, or do anything they find unpleasant.  On that day pizza, my favorite food, will be free for all.  And it'll be illegal to put shrimp on any pizza, anywhere in Taiwan.  那一天大家不用上班, 也不用做他們不喜歡做的事.  那一天我最喜歡的食物披薩將是免費的.  那一天在台灣放蝦子在披薩上會是違法的事情.

20 years from now,  they'll put my picture on Taiwan's money.  二十年之後, 我的照片會在台幣上出現.

Sun Yat-sen will still be on the 100 NT note, but I'll have my arm around his shoulder - like we're best buddies.  Those baseball guys will still be on the 500 NT note, but they'll be giving me a high-five.  The mikado pheasants will still be on the 1000 NT note, but I'll be cooking them, at a really fun-looking barbecue. 孫中山還會在100元上, 可是照片上我很親切的用一隻手搭著他的肩.  那些打棒球的人還在500元上, 可是他們都跟我舉手擊掌.  帝雉也還在1000元上, 只是我很開心的烤著牠們.

40 years from now, Taiwan will have a colony on the moon.  四十年之後, 台灣在月球上會有一個殖民地.

By then I'll be very old, but I'll still be very spry.  I'll be living in Taitung, in a nice but small house overlooking the ocean.  One day I'll receive an invitation to visit Taiwan's moon colony, and I'll happily accept it.  那時候我將很老了, 我還是很會運動.  我將會住在台東, 住在海邊的小房子.  有一天會收到臺灣政府寄給我的請帖請我去月球.  我會很高興的接受這邀請.

80 years from now, I'll most likely be dead.  Or at least that's what everyone will think.  What will really happen is another story....  八十年後, 我大概不存在了.  大家應該都是這樣子想,   真正發生的事不是這樣子...

160 years from now, explorers on Jupiter's moon Europa will find my body, frozen in the ice.  No one will know how I got there - not even me.  But using scientific techniques perfected in the year 2176, they'll transfer my mind into the body of a younger, healthier clone.  160年之後, 在木星附近的木衛二, 一群探險者會發現星球上的冰裡有我.  大家不會知道我怎麼到那裡的.  我自己也不知道.  他們會用2176年的科學技術把我的思想傳送進去較年輕健康的身體.*

Then I'll have many adventures, in this solar system and in others.  然後我會在這個太陽系和其他太陽系展開冒險.

Until one day, while visiting the planet Taiwan in a distant star system, I'll meet a scientist who has invented a real, working time machine.  This time machine won't transmit anyone physically through time, but using a person's DNA, it will transmit their consciousness backwards through time to one of their ancestor's bodies.  The ancestor's consciousness will be sent forward in time, to the other host body in the future.*  直到有一天, 我的旅程去到一個遙遠的太陽系的 "台灣星" 的時候.  我會在那裏碰到一位時光機器的發明者, 他的機器不會把你的身體送到其他的時間.  這部機器會使用穿越者的DNA和傳送穿越者的意志到他們的祖先的身體裡.  這樣子他跟自己祖先的意志會交換時代, 所以他的祖先就被傳送到未來了.

Because an exact copy of myself is living over a hundred years before, I will become the scientist's test subject, and he'll send me back to the year 1975, when I was born.  因為跟我一模一樣的人在100年前已經存在, 所以我會當發明者的實驗對象.  然後他會用時光機器送我到1975我出生的那一年.

But along the way something will go wrong, and the process will give me amnesia.  When I arrive in my infant body I won't remember anything of what happened before.  可是我被送過去的時候出了一些問題, 所以我出生的時候沒辦法記得自己的過去.  在嬰兒的身體裡, 我不記得所有發生過的事情.

Until just now, when I wrote all of it down.  直到現在我把這些事寫下.

And you'll know that I was telling the truth when they start building my statue on top of Li Yu Mountain, 5 years from now.  Just wait a while!  You'll see!  等到五年後他們在鯉魚山上開始蓋我的雕像, 你們就知道我現在說的是實話.  等一等!  你們就知道!

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*The answer to the mystery of why I was later found, frozen on Europa, will be discovered in the year 3254.  I would tell you about it here, but I'm tired.

**One can only assume, then, that sometime in the year 2176 my infant consciousness will be moved into an adult body, and will grow to maturity inside that other "me."  I could from this point chronicle my adventures up until the year 20,176, but I think I'll leave that for another day...

2016年10月1日 星期六

Me, Forty (One) Years Ago 四十一年前的我

Before I turned 41,

typed this,

or drank coffee,

Before I turned 36,

visited Taroko,

or joined a marathon,

Before I turned 32,

lived in Taichung,

or taught at Tung Hai,

Before I turned 26,

had a kid,

or came to Taiwan,

Before I turned 21,

finished high school,

or worked at UPS,

Before I turned 16,

read books,

or fell in love,

Before I turned 11,

watched Top Gun,


or played Metroid,

Before I turned 6,


discovered porn,


or lived in West Seattle,


Before all of that,

I was just a tiny baby,

And I don't remember.