2016年5月28日 星期六

Convenient Storage 最方便的回憶

How many 7-11s are there in Taitung?  How many Family Marts?  How many other convenience stores?  台東有幾家7-11?  幾家全家?  幾家其他的便利商店?

I don't know.  我不知道.

But I can tell you that in many of these stores lie memories of someone I talked to, or something that happened, or somewhere I was on the way to, not so long ago.  但是我可以告訴你, 很多便利商店留有我許多的回憶:  我跟誰在那裏聊過天, 在那裏發生過什麼事, 或是我不久前要到哪裡的路上所發生的事的回憶.

The 7-11 on the corner of Jung Shing and Chuan Guang.  My base of operations.  Beers purchased on Friday nights.  Friends stopping by when they're in the area.  中興跟傳廣路交叉口的7-11是我的基地.  星期五晚上買啤酒,  或是來到我家附近的朋友都會停的地方.

The Family Mart on Jung Shing, across from the Dong Ba Wang.  My alternate base of operations.  Ice creams my daughters ate there.  Watching the buses unload their daily quota of Mainland tourists.  東霸王餐廳對面, 中興路上的全家.  我另外一個基地.  我孩子們在那裡吃冰淇淋.  看遊覽車"卸下"當天的大陸旅客.

The 7-11 on Shin Sheng, near Shin Sheng Junior High.  A student I used to teach in that area.  A coke purchased on the way to Jer Ben.  Other students, now in the junior high, that I used to teach.  靠近新生國中, 在新生路上的7-11.  我以前的一位學生住在那附近.  我往知本前會順路在那裏買瓶可樂.  也常見到之前讀我學校的新生國中學生在那裡.

The Family Mart on Da Tong, not far from the 85 and Kasa.  Sitting around a dirty table with friends, watching people come in and out.  Jokes someone told me, or stories.  靠近85度CKasa, 在大同路上的7-11.  我會跟朋友坐在髒桌子看人們進出商店.  說著從其他朋友那裡聽來的笑話和故事.

Or even other 7-11s and Family Marts, these no longer with us.  The 7-11 that used to be on Jung Hua and Jong Jung.  Guys I used to run into there.  還有其他現在已經不存在7-11全家.   我以前常在中華跟中正路口上的7-11遇到很多朋友.

Or the other 7-11 that used to be on Chuan Guang and Jeng Chi North, across from the Triangle Park.  Running into the parents of various students.  On my way to somewhere else, late at night.  以前也有一家7-11在傳廣路跟正氣北路的路口, 在三角公園對面.  我通常在那裡遇到學生家長.  深夜時我也會在那裡順便買東.

Or that weird "Taiwan" convenience store I used to visit.  I can't even remember the name of the little road it's on.  Buying lichi wine there, and the nice guy who worked there.  還有家很有特色的 "臺灣" 便利商店.  我忘記那家的巷子名稱.  我在那裏買過荔枝酒.  那位老闆也很熱心.

And other convenience stores, further outside the city.  The Family Mart in Guanshan.  The 7-11 in Chr Shang.  The other 7-11 in Shang Wu, on the way to Pingdong and Kaohsiung.  Conversations come and gone.  Trips well remembered.  People I used to know, but see no longer.  市區外還有其他的便利商店.  關山的全家.  池上的7-11.  也有往屏東, 高雄路上的尚武7-11.  我記得之前的對話,  快樂的旅遊,  和很久沒見面的朋友.

So many convenience stores, crowded with memories.  I can't even remember them all.  那麼多的便利商店, 都充滿了我的回憶.  只是我不記得確切的數目了.

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2016年5月22日 星期日

Me, Twenty Years Ago 二十年前的我


What was I doing in 1996?  Where was I?  What restaurants did I like?  What bands was I listening to?  What kind of car was I driving?  Who was I dating? 我1996年的時候在做什麼?  我在哪裡?  我喜歡在什麼餐廳吃飯?  我聽哪些樂團?  我開什麼車?  我在和誰交往?

Twenty years is a long time, but in many ways it seems like yesterday.  If I think hard, I can remember most of the important details from that time, but some of the smaller ones elude me.  There are, after all, so many years, months, and days between now and then.  二十年真是很長的時間, 可是卻彷彿昨天才發生的事.  我努力回想, 還記得那時候許多重要的事, 只是一些無關緊要的事就沒辦法想起來了.  畢竟是經過多年, 期間包含了許多個月和那麼多的天.

In 1996 I was 21.  I was three years out of high school, and fully independent of my parents.  I visited them often for the purposes of doing laundry and catching up, but otherwise I was pretty much my own person.  我1996年的時候是二十一歲.  結束了三年的高中生涯, 我已經完全可以自立了.  所以我回家通常是回去爸媽家洗衣服或是和他們聊天, 那時我已經完全靠自己生活了.

1996 was also three years before I moved to Taiwan.  At that time I had never been abroad, unless you count Canada.  I was a college student, I was in the midst of a series of part-time jobs, and I had received my first credit card. 1996年也是我搬到台灣的前三年, 我那時候除了加拿大之外, 沒有去過任何其他的國家.  當時我是個大學生, 也忙著好幾個兼職工作.  我那一年我申請到第一張信用卡.

I must have been living in Kirkland.  Kirkland is one of Seattle's many suburbs, though it's not technically part of the city.  It's across the lake from downtown Seattle, and there are many nice parks in that area.  I remember renting a room in the basement of a house at that time, and sharing this basement with two other guys whose names I can't remember.  One of these guys was cool, but the other one was crazy.  我那時候應該是住在柯克蘭.  柯克蘭是靠近西雅圖的社區, 可是它不算在西雅圖市裡.  西雅圖市東邊有座華盛頓湖, 柯克蘭就在湖的另外一邊.  那個社區裡有很多漂亮的公園.  我在那裏租了一個地下室的房間, 和另外兩個室友共用客廳
小廚房和洗手間.  其中一位室友不錯, 但另一位怪怪的.

If I was living in Kirkland, I must have also been a student at Bellevue Community College (BCC).  Bellevue Community College is in the city of Bellevue, about a half hour south of Kirkland.  I was completing my transfer degree at BCC, and a year later I would attend the University of Washington.  我如果住在柯克蘭的話, 那時候應該也在貝爾維社區大學讀書.  貝爾維社區大學位於柯克蘭南邊的貝爾維市裡面.  我在那裡完成轉學學位, 一年後轉到華盛頓大學.

And if I was living in Kirkland and going to school at BCC, I must have been working at UPS.  Back then I was a "loader" at their Redmond plant, which means I was loading boxes into trailers.  It was an exhausting job, but it paid well.  I also had a job as an office temp on the weekends, and that paid even better.  那時我住柯克蘭, 也在BCC讀書, 我同時一定是在UPS工作.  我在那裡的工作是loader.  工作內容是把包裹裝進去拖車裡.  那種工作很累, 可是薪水不錯.  周末的時候我也在很多公司當臨時工.  那種工作的薪水甚至更高.

Inside UPS

I had a girlfriend at the time, a Japanese woman who was much older than me.  If I was 21 then, she would have been about 30.  I would break up with her that same year, and I wouldn't see her again until much later.  I remember a lot of arguments we had, and a few good conversations.  I also remember her cheating on me.  Not a good memory.  我那時候有女朋友.  她是日本人, 我們年紀差很多.  我那時候二十一歲, 她應該是三十歲.  我們也在那一年分手, 很久之後見了她一次.  我記得我們我們經常吵架, 有時候聊得很愉快.  我也記得她劈腿別人. 這是個不好的回憶.

I ate a lot of teriyaki back then.  There was also a Wendy's on my way to UPS, so I ended up there a lot, too.  I drank gallons of Mountain Dew.  Most of my friends were coworkers at UPS, with a sprinkling of other friends from other places.  我那時候常吃韓式鐵板燒.  我上班的路上有一家Wendy's美式餐廳, 所以我常在那裡吃飯.  我也喝了大量的Mountain Dew汽水.  我當時的朋友大部分是我UPS的同事.  也有些在其他地方認識的朋友.

My clearest memory of BCC is watching people play Street Fighter vs. X-men, an arcade game which was HUGE then.  I also have a strong memory of this Indian girl I was chasing after.  She never turned out to be girlfriend material, but I did get pretty good at Street Fighter.  我對BCC最深刻的回憶就是看同學玩快打旋風對X戰警.  那個電動玩具當時很受歡迎.  我也記得我那時追的一位印度女同學.  我沒有追到她, 可是我的快打旋風技術進步很多.

I was listening to a weird mix of music that time.  I had a pile of cassette tapes in my Jeep Comanche, and in the course of a week I'd cycle through Buju Banton, Captain Beefheart, Arthur Brown, and various thrash metal bands.  I miss that truck sometimes.  It was very comfortable.  我那時候聽很多不同種類的音樂.  我的卡車裡有許多錄音帶, 所以一個禮拜內我會聽到Buju Banton, Captain Beefheart, Arthur Brown和多種的重金屬樂團.  我有時候會想念那輛卡車.  坐在裡面很舒服.

I don't recall worrying much about the future then.  I think I was more concerned with girls and having a good time.  I briefly considered studying abroad, but I never filed the paperwork.  I did well in my classes, but not because of any particular goal.  I hoped that I would eventually find a job that would require me to use my brain, but I had no conception of what that job might be.  我那時候對我的未來沒有想太多.  我比較關心的是女人或是讓自己開心.  我有一陣子想去國外留學, 可是我都沒有申請.  我當時沒有什麼特定的目標, 但我的學校成績不錯.  我希望未來可以找到需要動腦的工作, 可是我還不知道那會是個什麼樣的工作.

It's funny to think about all of that now.  Twenty years later, and in some ways I'm not so different.  I still listen to Arthur Brown, I still eat teriyaki when I'm back in the States, and I still like to have a good time (of course).  But it's been a while since I drove a truck, or studied in a university, or played Street Fighter Vs. Anyone.  I suppose I might do one or all of these things again in the future, but it seems unlikely now.  現在回想當時蠻好玩的.  現在的我跟二十年前的我沒有那麼不同.  我還在聽Arthur Brown, 還是喜歡吃美國的韓式鐵板燒, 當然還是會尋找樂子.  可是我很久沒開卡車了, 離開學校生活也很久了, 更沒有玩快打旋風.  可能我以後還是會做這些事情, 只是可能性不大.

Twenty years.  How can it be so long ago, when it feels like it happened yesterday?  二十年的時間.  怎麼會這麼久了? 可是那時候的事都好像昨天才發生的!

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*Is half of the truth enough truth?  Not sure, but I can't be too forthcoming here because I'm worried about who might read it.  A lot of crazy s*&t happened that year!

2016年5月13日 星期五

A List of Crazy Things You Could Do This Weekend 十項你這周末可以做的瘋狂事

This weekend, you can 這周末你可以:

1. Walk barefoot up a mountain, far from any road or trail.   打赤腳爬山.  不走馬路或是步道.

2. Go up to some Mainland Chinese tourists and start a conversation about Tibet, Xinjiang, and Taiwanese independence.  接近一些大陸客, 跟他們討論西藏, 新疆, 和台灣的自由.

3. Surf to Green Island.  駕衝浪板去綠島.

4. Buy a realistic toy rifle and run towards the entrance of the nearest military installation.  買支仿真的玩具槍並衝進最近的軍事基地.

5.  Bring your scooter to the shadiest scooter shop you can find, tell them "Money is no object," and leave your scooter there.  把你的摩托車騎去最爛的機車行, 跟他們說 "錢不是問題" 然後把摩托車留在那裡.

6. Ask a police officer where the ketamine store is.  問警察先生賣K他命的店在哪裡.

7. Go to a hospital and get all the free X-rays you can.  去醫院欣賞很多免費的X光片.

8. Go to the Taipei or Kaohsiung zoos, and attempt to take the Formosan black bear out for a walk.  去台北還是高雄的動物園, 把那邊的台灣黑熊遛一遛.

9. Start mixing Tunnel 88 in with your morning coffee.  Have three or four coffees.  把米酒跟你早晨的咖啡混在一起,  並喝個三, 四杯.

10.  Go to the most expensive KTV you can find.  Order the most expensive drinks.  Order the most expensive food.  Order the most expensive everything.  But leave your money at home.  去最貴的KTV點最貴的酒,  點最貴的小吃,  只要是最貴的都要點.  但是把錢留在你家.

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2016年5月12日 星期四

Nonsense That Fills My Head on a Wednesday

I. Items, Ideas, Thoughts That I was Actually Preoccupied with This Week (At Least Some of the Time)

A. I thought Captain America: Civil War was just okay.  It was really, really long and it felt really, really long.  I think the movie would have worked better if the big airport fight and the last fight in Siberia had been combined.  As it was, the airport fight felt like the end of the movie, and the last fight was a letdown by comparison.

B. I'm taking a mini-break from reading books, and I've transitioned into comic books for the time being.  A lot of the Marvel and DC stuff is crap (no big surprise there), but the big companies do have a few interesting titles.  There are some good independent comics as well.  "Monstress" and "Saga" are two of my favorites.

C. X-Men: Apocalypse will be coming out next week.  Not all that excited about the movie, but hey it's something to do.  Actress Olivia Munn recently stated that she chose playing Psylocke over playing Deadpool's love interest because there was more "character development" in store for Psylocke.  Never mind the fact that Deadpool's girlfriend had ten times more screen time than Psylocke will ever have in any X-Men movie.  Also never mind that Psylocke spends her days fighting bad guys in a bikini.

D. I've given up on the idea of wearing pants to work.  I was giving it the old college try, but then I realized that I'm not in college anymore.  It's fu*&ing hot right now, and pants would be unbearable. 

E. Going to spend some of this weekend seeing all the Tom Cruise movies I haven't seen before.  I'll be starting from 1981's Endless Love, and working my way up to 2012's Rock of Ages.  I think there are about five movies in his filmography that I haven't seen, and only one of them is likely to be any good.  Of course I've already seen the really famous ones, so I'll be working my way through his least popular films. 

F. I'll probably go out drinking with some guys tomorrow.  Or if I publish this later than tomorrow, I've probably gone out drinking with some guys last Friday.  I feel like I haven't been to a bar in ages, and it would be nice to catch up with some people.

G. I often think that people are just mammals pretending not to be mammals.  We like to pretend we're more complicated than we are.

H. Since last week I've been wanting that Yona Yona Ale they sell at 7-11.  It's pretty close to an IPA, though the flavor isn't as well rounded as I would like.  It's also not cheap.  Maybe I'll go drink some more of it tomorrow.  Or, if I publish this later than tomorrow, maybe I will have gone to drink some more of it last Friday.

I. Triathlons this Saturday and Sunday.  I'm going to the Olympic distance on Sunday.  On my way home I'll probably swing by the Royal Queena Hotel and ask about my accessories, since nothing's come in the mail yet.  I should also stop by the Taitung County Government building.  I was told that I actually did get the job, and there are papers for me to sign.

J. I was recently very close to condemning someone as socially awkward... until I realized that by doing so I was being just as socially awkward as he is.  None of us are that well-adjusted after all.  Some are just better at ignoring the awkward moments, or failing to see that they exist.  I suppose this is just another way of saying that some people are more empathic than others.

K. "A" is thinking about moving to the States with his son for a year.  It would be weird not to have him around.  I get why he wants to do it, but it would be weird. 

II. Items, Ideas, Thoughts That I was Not Actually Preoccupied with This Week

A. The upcoming release of any major film not superhero-related.  Although I do want to see two other films: Miles Ahead and High-Rise.  Those two films, however, probably won't be released in Taiwan.

B.  Any upcoming apocalyptic/cataclysmic/catastrophic comic book crossover events.  I got my fill with Marvel's Secret Wars and the earlier Ultimatum, both of which I read last week.

C. Whatever the X-Men film after Apocalypse is going to be.  Deadpool aside, I think that movie franchise is running out of ideas.

D. Wearing pants to work.

E. The idea of a Rock of Ages sequel.  I've also had my fill of bad 80s hair metal songs.  Poison, Bon Jovi, and who knows what else.  That movie had every song I despised during that decade.  Made me want to break out the old Black Sabbath albums.

F. Hanging out with certain people.  Some personalities conflict, and I have come to realize that I just shouldn't be around certain people.

G. Whether people are more like reptiles than mammals.  That really doesn't make any sense.  Reptiles, man?  People aren't born inside of eggs!

H. Whether Budweiser was better left as "Budweiser" or whether it's new name, "America" is/was a good idea.  Of course it's a good idea.  Just look at their target demographic.  That s&%t is genius!

I. Going to any more triathlons in the near future.  I'm done man.  I'm really done.  I'd like to ride my bike to Hualien City though.

J. Whether or not I'm going to be reassigned to another school next year.  I know I'm not.  They want me where I am, and I suppose that's a good thing.

K. Existentialism.  I tried in college, but honestly.  Can you prove to me that existentialism exists?

III. Items, Ideas, Thoughts That I Might Actually be Preoccupied with Next Week (At Least Some of the Time)

A. Money.

B. The respect of my peers.

C. Sex.

D. Death.

E. Pizza. 

F. Work.

G. The future.

H. Travel.

I. Bicycling.

J. Drinks.

K. Movies.

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2016年5月2日 星期一

台灣各地的地名由來 (台東縣) The Origin of Every Place Name in Taiwan (Taitung County)

OF COURSE there are more than four place names in Taitung County, but there are only five in my book.  The first of these five place names, Liyu (Carp) Mountain, was discussed in another entry.  What you see below are the remaining four.  當然臺東縣的地名不只五個, 可是我這本書裡面只寫了五個地名故事.  第一個地名故事就是鯉魚山, 那個故事我在另外的文章討論過.  接下來你看到的是其他的四個故事.

The Chinese text below was taken from "Taiwan Place Name Stories" 台灣地名故事, published by Windmill 風車圖書出版有限公司 in 2012.  The Chinese text was written by Jang Ching-shr 張青史, and the English was written by me.  下面的中文文章是出自台灣地名故事這本書.  這本書是風車圖書出版有限公司2012年的作品.  中文的部分是張青史寫的.  英文的部分是我從中文翻譯的.

朝貓離 (太麻里) Jao Mao Li (Tai Ma Li)

此地是太麻里溪出口沖積成的肥沃三角洲平原, "朝貓離" 本是原住民語, 意指太陽照耀肥沃的地方.  "太麻里" 就是 "朝貓離" 的譯音.  In this place the Tai Ma Li River flows out onto an alluvial plain.  [This plain is known as] Jao Mao Li, which in an aboriginal language means "the land made fertile by the sun."  "Tai Ma Li" is derived from "Jao Mao Li."

鹿野 Luye

日劇時期, 日本來臺移民在此開墾, 種植甘蔗, 由於附近有原住民的 "鹿瞭社," 又多 "野" 生景觀, 所以稱為 "鹿野."  During the Japanese occupation, Japanese immigrants settled in this area and began planting sugar cane.  Because there was an aboriginal community called "Lu Liao She" nearby, and because of the "wild" (野 or "ye") character of the landscape, this place came to be called "Luye."

紅頭嶼 (蘭嶼) Red Head Island (Orchid Island)

本島形狀類似一艘紅頭船隻浮於水上; 也有人說島上山頭夕陽照射時, 遠遠望去, 呈現紅色, 因此得名.  後來, 因為島上盛產蘭花, 改名為 "蘭嶼."  This island is shaped like a red-colored (or "headed") vessel, afloat upon the water.  It is also said that when the sun strikes the hills of Orchid Island it appears red from afar.  For this reason it came to be called "Red Head Island."  Afterward it was named Orchid Island because of the orchids that grow there.*

加走灣 (長濱) Jia Dzou Wan (Chang Bin)

從前, 軍討伐阿美族時, 族人在此設瞭望台監視清軍的活動.  阿美族語的 "加走灣" 就是暸望台的意思.  後來因本鄉瀕臨太平洋, 而且地勢狹長, 於是在民國12年改名為 "長濱鄉."  In the past, the Ching armies troubled the Amis tribe, and the members of the tribe set up an observation post in this area, to monitor the Ching army's activities.  In the Amis language "Jia Dzou Wan" refers to a lookout point.  Later, because of its nearness to the Pacific Ocean and its long, narrow terrain, it was renamed "Chang Bin Township" in 1923.**

More place name stories?  Find out why Green Island is also called "The Burning Island" here.  There's also a little bit about where Yingge gets its name here.  There are no end of place name stories, and what you see here are just a few!  其他的地名故事?  你可以參考為什麼綠島叫火燒島.  這裡還有關於鶯歌地名故事.  除了這些, 還有很多其他的地名故事, 你在這個部落格看到的只是其中一部分!

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*Not sure what a "red-headed vessel" is supposed to look like exactly.  The Chinese reads "head" 頭, but as a nautical term that doesn't seem to work in English.

**長 or "chang" means "long."  濱 or "bin" means "shore."  If it was really named "Chang Bin" in 1923 that would mean that the Japanese named it.