2016年4月26日 星期二

Captain America: Civil War 美國隊長3: 英雄內戰

Anyone who knows me knows I love superhero movies.  I know all the characters.  I know all the actors that have played all the characters.  I know all the movies that all the actors who've played all the characters have been in.  認識我的人都知道我超愛超人電影.  我知道電影裡的所有的角色.  我更知道這些演員在哪部電影裡所飾演的角色.

I suppose it's not unusual among American guys my age.  A lot of us grew up reading comic books, and it's only in recent years that we've seen a lot of the comic books I grew up with adapted into movies.  Yes, the first Superman movie came out in 1978 (when I was three!), but it wasn't until 2005's Batman Begins that I really felt like I was seeing movie versions of the comic book characters I grew up with.  Before 2005, the movie superheroes weren't much like the comic books that inspired them.  很多年紀跟我差不多的美國男人都是看漫畫書長大的, 近年來才有很多小時候看的漫畫拍成電影.  我知道第一部超人是1978年上映 (我三歲的時候!), 但直到2005年的蝙蝠俠 : 開戰時刻才看到我小時候最喜歡的那種超人在電影裡面.  2005年之前, 電影裡的超人都不像我小時候在漫畫書裡的超人.

In the summer of 2016, superheroes will continue to rake in billions at the box office.  Last month witnessed the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was a big financial (if not critical) success for the studio that produced it.  This month will see the release of Captain America: Civil War, which will probably make even more money than Batman v. Superman.  And later this summer there's X-Men: Apocalypse and Suicide Squad, two films I'm looking forward to very much.  2016年暑假, 超人系列的電影會持續在電影院裡賺很多錢.  蝙蝠俠對超人 : 正義曙光也賺了很多錢, 可惜很多人覺得不好看.  美國隊長 : 英雄內戰這個月也要上映, 大概會勝過蝙蝠俠對超人 : 正義曙光的票房美國隊長上映之後還有X戰警 : 天啟跟自殺突擊隊.  這二部電影我也很想看.

Three of these four movies also originate in comics I read when I was a kid.  Batman v. Superman borrows a lot from The Dark Knight Returns, a comic I loved when I was in elementary school.  X-Men: Apocalypse uses a villain that first appeared not long after.  The Suicide Squad also made its first comic book appearance around that time.  這四部電影中的三部的故事是我小時候的漫畫書的情節.  蝙蝠俠對超人 : 正義曙光中的內容很多取自我國小時最愛的蝙蝠俠漫畫 : 黑暗騎士歸來X戰警 : 天啟的壞人也是差不多那時候出現的.  自殺突擊隊的也是.

The Civil War storyline, which the third Captain America uses, came out in 2006, so it's a bit harder for me to relate to.  Nevertheless I've also read those comics, and I'm eager to see how they adapt them into a film.  It will be cool to see Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Black Panther was always one of my favorite characters. 英雄內戰取自2006年的美國隊長漫畫故事, 所以它跟我的距離遠一點.  可是我看過原來的漫畫書, 也很想知道漫畫中的故事在電影裡會如何表現.  看到蜘蛛人終於在漫威電影宇宙出現是很棒的事情, 我也很喜歡黑豹這個角色.

Captain America: Civil War, by the way, opens in Taiwan on April 27.  I'll probably see it the first day, and I might even see the first showing.  I'm fairly punctual about my superhero movies, and if I haven't seen it on the day of its premier, I've seen it during the following weekend.  美國隊長 : 英雄內戰在4月27日在台灣上映.  我應該會在上映的第一天去看.  也有可能看早場.  我對超人電影很忠誠.  如果第一天沒辦法看, 那我一定在當周末看.

Maybe I'll see you there.  And if you do end up seeing it (along with most of the other people in the world), let me know what you think.  I realize that superhero movies aren't for everyone, and I know that some people are getting tired of them, but for me they're like old friends, coming to see me after a long time away.  It's not often that we get to relive our childhood, and superhero movies provide a way for me to do just that.  我可能會在電影院碰到你.  如果你也去看的話, 請跟我分享你對那部電影的意見.  我知道有人不喜歡超人這種電影, 我也知道有人快受不了超人電影, 可是對我來說, 這種電影很像很久沒見面的好朋友, 它從很遠的地方回來跟我見面.  重返童年時光是很難得的事情.  看超人電影就給我這種感覺.

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2016年4月18日 星期一

The 2016 National High School Athletic Games 全中運

I'm only working four days this week.  I get Friday off because Taitung is hosting the National High School Athletic Games.  Because I am not "administrative staff," I get a whole week off starting Friday.  我這禮拜只上四天班.  這禮拜五不用上班是因為台東要舉辦全中運.  我不是行政人員, 所以我從這禮拜五開始放一個禮拜的假.

The National High School Athletic Games are, by the way, a big deal.  They will be held from April 23 to 28.  If you are interested, there's a website here, though I'm sorry to say it doesn't have any English.  全中運是很重要的大事.  這個活動從4月23日進行到4月28日.  他們的網站在這.  可惜的是, 這網站沒有任何的英文介紹.

There are many events included in the National High School Athletic Games.  There's track and field, swimming, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, tennis, martial arts, weightlifting, archery, shooting, triathlon, wrestling, and croquet.  Venues include the Taitung University campus, the Taitung high school campus, the Forest Park, and a few other places.  全中運有很多不同種類的競賽,  包括:田徑, 游泳, 體操, 桌球, 羽球, 網球, 武術, 舉重, 射箭, 射擊, 鐵人三項, 角力, 還有木球.  比賽會場在台東大學, 台東高中, 森林公園和其他的學校.

If you're in town between the 23rd and the 28th, you might want to check it out.  I doubt it will be super interesting, but it's something to see.  The opening ceremony will probably be the liveliest part.  如果你23日至28日在台東, 可以去參觀並為他們加油.  我覺得它應該不是很有趣, 但會是一件值得看的賽事.  開幕典禮應該是最熱鬧的部分.

And on the week after, from April 30th to May 5, the National Intercollegiate Games come to town.  I'm not sure how big a deal the Intercollegiate games are, especially since no one I know has anything to do with them.  The website for that event is here.  全中運後的那個禮拜還有4月30日到5月5日的全大運.  我不知道全中運是不是跟全中運一樣重要, 因為我的同事中沒有人跟這個活動有關係.  它的網站在這裡.

My condolences to coworkers who'll be assisting with this competition, and are thus unable to get a week off.  At least you get extra pay?  我對要幫忙全中運的同事很不好意思.  因為他們那禮拜要上班.  還好那時候有加班費吧!

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2016年4月14日 星期四

了解台灣遠洋漁業: 六個問答 "Understanding Taiwan's Deep Sea Fishing Industry: Six Questions and Answers

The Chinese text below was taken from Greenpeace's 2016 spring issue.  下面的中文取自"綠色和平2016年春節的成果報告".

I don't always agree with Greenpeace, but I read their newsletters and I have been a member.  They have a lot to say about many environmental issues, though I think they have a tendency to overlook any local factors that they find inconvenient.  我不完全贊同"綠色和平"的看法, 可是我會看他們的成果報告, 而且我也是他們的會員.  他們提出許多的環保議題, 但是這些報告中卻看不到這些議題的完整的面向與探討.

Taiwan's deep sea fishing industry was also discussed in the Conventional Industries (2) entry, the Fishing Ports of Taiwan entry, and in the Cheng Gong Fishing Port entry.  我以前也在Conventional Industries (2), Fishing Ports of Taiwan, 和Cheng Gong Fishing Port成功漁港討論過台灣遠洋漁業

了解台灣遠洋漁業: 六個問答
Understanding Taiwan's Deep Sea Fishing Industry: Six Questions and Answers

新政府即將上任, 所有關心環境的人, 能否期待未來將實現更多對環境友善的政策?  過程中, 絕不能少了您的關注.  去年十月以來, 在您的支持之下, 綠色和平藉由政策建議, 法規遊說, 專注推動改善台灣遠洋漁業的管理.  為什麼?  唯有台灣的法規與國際接軌, 並有效賞行, 才能更有效地守護區域以至全球海洋的生物多樣性. As a new administration takes over, all of those who care about the environment are wondering what kinds of environmentally-friendly policies will be enacted in the future.  We must all, of course, be attentive to this process.  Since October of last year, and with your support, Greenpeace has offered its advice with regard to policies and lobbying regulations, and has concentrated on the improved management of Taiwan's deep sea fisheries.  Why?  It is only when Taiwan conforms to regulations and international standards, and with effective implementation of these regulations and standards, that we can more effectively protect both our local fisheries and the biodiversity which the oceans of the world provide.

Pacific Saury 秋刀魚

1. 台灣, 是遠洋漁業強權?  Is Taiwan an "Offshore Fishing Power"?

是的.  全球九成的魚貨都來自六大遠洋捕魚國的船隊, 臺灣是其中之一.  臺灣的遠洋漁業年產值居全球前三位, 達400多億元, 其中, 鮪延繩釣產業規模全球排名第一, 作業漁場遍佈世界三大洋區.  您喜歡秋刀魚嗎?  去年, 臺灣秋刀魚年產量蟬聯世界第一.  Yes.  Taiwan is counted among the six fleets that fish 90% of the world's fishing stocks.  Taiwan's yearly catch from deep sea fishing is the world's third largest, amounting to more than 400 billion NT.  In this context, Taiwan's longline tuna fishing industry ranks first worldwide within the three major ocean fishing areas.  Do you like Pacific saury?  Last year, Taiwan's Pacific saury catch was the largest in the world. 

2. 遠洋漁業, 對台灣有多重要?  How Important is the Deep Sea Fishing Industry to Taiwan?

遠洋漁業除了為台灣帶來豐富收益, 也因為漁業合作打開許多外交機會.  臺灣22個邦交國中, 太平洋島國就佔了六個.  在許多重要的區域漁業管理組織中, 台灣都是正式會員, 而非僅止於觀察員身分.  遠洋漁業是台灣以產業實力參與國際社會的例證.  In addition to the prosperity that deep sea fishing brings to Taiwan, there are also the diplomatic opportunities that cooperation among deep sea fishermen engenders.  Of the 22 countries with which Taiwan has diplomatic ties, 6 of these are Pacific island nations.  Taiwan is a full member, not merely an observer, of many important local fishery management organizations, and Taiwan's ability to capitalize on its deep sea fishing industry makes its participation in the international community an established fact.*

3. 遠洋漁業, 究竟出了什麼問題?  What Problems Really Accompany Deep Sea Fishing?

您是否同意, 作為遠洋漁業強權, 法規也應與國際接軌?  Do you agree, that as a "deep sea fishing power," Taiwan should abide by [domestic] regulations and international standards?

台灣遠洋漁業管理的癥結在於船隊太多, 但管理不善.  漁業署不論人力或經費, 都不足以有效監控龐大的船隊.  多數漁船待在公海數月, 甚至數年也不需進港, 成為管理上最大漏洞.  現在漁業資源持續減少, 競爭越來越激烈, 不少漁民鋌而走險, 進行非法漁業.  臺灣現有法規無法有效遏止, 成為在區域漁業組織或國際會議上一再被指陳的問題.  The real problem with Taiwan's deep sea fishing industry is that the fleet is too large, and that it is not well regulated.  The Fisheries Department has neither enough people nor funds to effectively monitor a large fleet.  Most fishing boats remain on the high seas for months or even years without entering into any port, and this is the Fisheries Department's greatest weakness.  At the present time, the fishing industry's resources continue to decline, competition grows, and many fisherman take risks and/or engage in illegal fishing.  Taiwan's present laws cannot halt this trend, and in both regional and international fishing organizations [illegal practices] have become a bone of contention. 

4. 歐盟發給黃牌, 為什麼?  What Does it Mean When the EU Issues a Yellow Card?

因為長期以來管理不力, 去年十月, 歐盟將台灣列入打擊IUU不合作第三國警告名單, 如不改善, 可能施以經濟制裁禁止海鮮出口.  Due to long term mismanagement, in October of last year the EU placed Taiwan third on its list of countries not complying with its IUU [fishing] regulations.  If Taiwan fails to improve, the EU may impose economic sanctions and ban imports of [Taiwanese] seafood.

為了維護台灣多數辛苦的合法漁民, 捍衛其生活與工作權利, 綠色和平主張, 應修法大幅提高罰則, 執行進步的管理政策, 諸如增加觀察員覆蓋率, 電子漁護日誌或電子觀察員改善監控技術, 和其他國家聯合海上巡邏等.  In order to protect Taiwan's many hard working and law-abiding fishermen, to defend their lives and right to work, Greenpeace has argued that laws should be amended and penalties increased.  With this should come the implementation of improved management policies, such as increasing the number of observers, the use of electronic journals, the use by observers of electronic surveillance technology, and international maritime patrols.

5. 經濟制裁, 改善更快?  If Economic Sanctions are Imposed, Will the Situation Improve Faster?

絕非如此.  歐盟是全世界最大的魚類消費市場, 從2008年開始, 歐盟希望從市場端出發改善產業鏈.  以經濟制裁的角度出發, 歐盟積極與各國協商, 希望各國盡力打擊非法漁業.  Far from it.  The EU is the world's largest market for fish, and from 2008 it hopes to improve their market from the suppliers upward.  The EU actively consults other countries with regard to the economic sanctions it opposes, and it is hoped that all countries will do their utmost to combat illegal fishing.

之前歐盟曾經對菲律賓, 韓國也發出過類似的警告, 韓國與菲律賓都因此而加強了管理, 包括重新修改法規, 加強對非法行為的制裁.  Previously the EU issued similar warnings to both the Philippines and South Korea, and for this reason both countries improved the management of their fishing industries.  This improvement included new legislation and regulations to stem illegal activities.

如升高為紅牌禁止海鮮進口, 台灣最主要的海鮮市場美國與日本也可能跟進, 影響嚴重.  然而, 台灣的損失, 絕對不只是經濟收益.  If seafood imports [into the EU] are banned with the issuance of a red card, it is possible that Taiwan's two most important export markets, the US and Japan, will follow suit, and the impact of this will be very serious.  The loss to Taiwan, however, will not only be economic in nature.**

您能想像嗎?  如果有一天, 台灣所代表的不再是溫暖的人情, 自然美景或美食, 而是非法漁船橫行, 濫捕, 濫抓?  台灣有許多美好事物足以自豪, 非法漁業絕非其中之一.  Can you imagine?  What if one day Taiwan is not known for the kindness of its people, its natural beauty, and its cuisine, but is known instead for the widespread practices of illegal fishing, overfishing, and excessive catches?  Taiwan has many things to be proud of, but illegal fishing is definitely not one of them.

6. 現在, 正是法規改善的良機?  Is Now Really the Best Time to Improve Legislation?

是的.  "漁業法" 從1929年立法以來, 從未作大幅調整, 現在是台灣重新整頓漁業管理的良機.  修法影響層面廣大, 政府應召開公聽會, 收集漁民, 公民團體的意見, 而除了法規修正與立法, 為了確保真正落實, 還需要配套措施.  Yes.  Since the "Fisheries Act" of 1929 never had any real impact, now is the time to revolutionize the management of Taiwan's fishing industry.  In order to amend the law to reflect the will of the majority, the government should hold a public hearing to hear suggestions from both fisherman and the general public.  In addition to new and amended laws, and these [new and amended laws] being implemented effectively, we also need [other] supporting measures.

也因此, 除了推動法規修訂, 未來是否能有效執法, 也是綠色和平一大關注重點.  As a result of this, in addition to promoting amended legislation, in the future effective law enforcement is also necessary, and this is one of the issues that Greenpeace is focusing on.

"Who is the King of Longline Fishing?"

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*It should be noted that several of these 22 countries are not worth bothering with.

**Doubt it would ever happen.  The US values Taiwan for other, geopolitical purposes too much.  And Japan?  That would be like the pot calling the kettle black.

2016年4月7日 星期四

Nonsense That Fills My Head on a Thursday

It's getting hot again.  I am OK with this.  I think it was unnaturally cold before.  This is the right temperature for Taitung.

There were a lot of tourists in town last weekend.  We had a four-day weekend because of Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Day, and it felt like half of Taiwan had driven over.  I rode my bike up the coast last Sunday, and could not believe the traffic.

Thanks to the above-mentioned four-day weekend there are only three days of work this week.  Next week is a full week, but the week after that is only four days long.  We get an additional five days off because of the National High School Athletic Games.

Went to R's house last weekend.  D, J, J2, and P were there too.  I left as their poker game started.  I've never been into poker, and can only hope they don't despise me too much for my unmanliness.

Finished testing the kids in my school.  Asking a group of 29 kids the same 6-8 questions is exhausting.  I thought it was kind of interesting when I started, but it grew tedious very quickly.  I'm thinking that next time they can ask ME the questions, and I can answer however I wish.

Wrote a really long entry in my other blog yesterday.  I felt quite proud of it once I'd finished, but my pride was mediated by the fact that it's only a blog entry about superhero movies, and few will ever read it.  Deep thoughts?  Not quite! 

I often wish I could summon up greater depths of eloquence about less frivolous subjects.  Occasionally I manage to do so, but for the most part my attempts at being more "serious" founder.  At times it's also a language issue, since translating deeper thoughts into Chinese presents difficulty.

Boredom makes people weird.  So does loneliness.  People want to change, but it's not easy.

But then I suppose we've all been there, at one time or another.

I really want to go back to that Korean restaurant in Chr Shang 池上.  Unfortunately the only day I can get back there is Saturday, and it's hard to find a Saturday when I have so much time.

Finally saw Fast and Furious 7 last night.  I'd been meaning to see that movie since it came out, mostly because of Tony Jaa.  As expected it was ridiculous.  Cars driven out of airplanes with parachutes that the drivers somehow steer down onto an isolated mountain road, where they fight with bad guys who have machine guns and no one gets shot even though only one of the cars is armored.

As I mentioned to D already, I think the bikini girls in Furious 7 are akin to explosions in other action movies.  In Die Hard, for example, there's always a big explosion that the hero walks away from, and while he's walking away he can't be bothered to turn around and look at the explosion.  In Furious 7, Vin Diesel can't be bothered to notice the bikini girls or their big, round asses.  He's too cool for that.

A gay parody of Furious 7 would almost write itself.

Taiwanese people I don't know who give expensive bottles of scotch to Taiwanese people I do know are AWESOME.  Why?  Because the Taiwanese people I do know often give that expensive scotch to me!  I would never drink so well in the States.

I was in one of the fifth grade classrooms just now and some examples of their "letter to my future self" were on the bulletin board.  With this in mind, I have written my own letter to a future self:

Hey Man,

How you doing?  Been a while since I talked to myself, so I thought I'd see what you were up to.  I imagine you're a little different now, mostly because it's 20 years later and you're 61.  Hope your penis still works, hope your heart is OK, and hope your family is alright.  Let me know how everything is going when you have some time.


And with that I leave you.  Hope your penis (or vagina) still works, hope your heart is OK, and hope your family (or friends) are doing alright.  If you have your health, you have almost everything.

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2016年4月2日 星期六

Development in Taitung 2 台東的發展

The pictures below are just a sample of ongoing construction projects in Taitung City.  There are many more underway.  下面的照片只是目前正在台東市進行的一些工程.  還有很多其他的工地在施工中.

I didn't take pictures of it, but the Flowing Lake is also a bit different now.  Whoever's currently managing that place has set up a boating center, roped off a swimming area, and installed a zip line across the lake.  我沒有拍活水湖, 但那裏也有點不同了.  負責那裡的單位在湖岸設立了一個划船中心, 一個游泳區, 和一條鋼纜.

This red hotel is at the intersection of Ma Heng Heng Bouldevard and Highway 11, just down the road from the Forest Park.  Looked pretty empty inside, but it appears to be open.  這間紅色的飯店位於馬亨亨大道跟台11線的路口, 靠近森林公園.  好像已經開始營業了, 只是裡面空空的.

They built a parking lot across from the hotel, and cut down a lot of trees to do so.  他們在飯店前砍了許多樹蓋一個停車場. 

On the other side of the hotel, along Highway 11, there is work being done near the Seashore Park. 在台11上, 飯店的另一邊, 海濱公園附近有很多地方在施工.

Just a little further down, there is an even bigger construction site.  I'm guessing another hotel, but it could just as easily be a park or even a parking lot.  There are no signs explaining what they're doing here.  再往下走一點, 有更大的地方在施工.  我猜是蓋飯店, 也有可能是公園或是停車場.  工程旁沒有任何指示牌說明他們到底在蓋什麼.

This is still further down, near Lin Family Dumplings.  This used to be a feed factory (?).  There are plans underway to build a hotel here.  這塊地在鄰家蒸餃附近.  以前是飼料工廠.  以後他們要在這裡蓋一棟飯店.

This is also on Highway 11, not far from Tung Hai Junior High School.  I'm thinking this will be another park, but I could be wrong.  Hard to tell if the drainage work was set down recently, or if it's something they're eventually going to remove.  這也在台11線上, 靠近東海國中.  我覺得這裡可能會變成公園, 也有可能我搞錯了.  看不出來田裡的小水溝是新蓋的, 還是以前就做好的.

Near Tie Hua Village.  The buildings are still empty, and work on the building behind the fence is ongoing.  靠近鐵花村.  建築裡面還是空的.  圍起來的建築物還在施工中.

The building behind the fence.  The interior is composed of shipping containers, and as of now it looks fairly hideous.  Maybe it will look better later?  圍牆後的建築物裡面有許多貨櫃,  看起來很醜.  也許以後會變得比較好看吧!

Tie Hua Village, with another new hotel looming behind it.  This hotel is located on the intersection of Shin Sheng Road and Bo Ai Road, just behind the Eslite Bookstore.  鐵花村後面還有一間新的飯店正在蓋.  這棟飯店位於新生路跟博愛路的路口, 在誠品後面.

There is also work being done on Highway 9 south of Taitung City, which includes a tunnel through Da Ren and an impressive bridge/span near Jin Luen.  In Luye the coral company has completed its big resort, though I'm not sure if it's fully operational yet.  There are also a few projects on or near Jung Shing Road, between the Prehistory Museum and RT Mart.  台東市南邊的台9線也在施工.  他們在達仁挖隧道, 也在金崙蓋高架橋.  珊瑚公司也在鹿野把他們的度假村蓋完了, 可是我不知道那裡是否開始營業了.  在中興路, 大潤發, 和史前博物館附近也有些建築工程在進行中.

I'm sure there are also other plans afoot - some harmless, and some worrying to those who enjoy Taitung's natural scenery.  Development isn't always a bad thing - but it's not always good thing, either. 應該還有其他的工程進行中.  有的是好的, 有的讓喜愛台東自然風景的人很緊張.  城市發展不一定會破壞環境, 但是它一定有它的代價.

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