2015年4月25日 星期六

Commun Englash Mastakes 常見的英文錯誤

I teach "conversational English" to grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 at my elementary school.  I just finished correcting their mid-semester tests, and I've seen the usual mistakes in every class.  Below are some examples:  我在我的學校教3, 4, 5, 6年級的英文會話課.  我剛改完這學期的期中學習評量, 以下列的是一些學生常犯的錯誤.  :

1. Confusing "is" with "it's." 搞混is跟it's

I see this one more than anything.  Sentences like "He it's my brother," and "Is five o'clock" are commonplace.  Part of the problem, I think, is the fact that the word "is" isn't formally introduced in their textbooks.  這是學生最常犯的錯誤.  每天都會看到"He it's my brother"或是"Is five o'clock".  我覺得部分的原因是他們的課本沒仔細解說is跟it's到底是什麼意思.

2. "Can" vs. "do." can比do

This mistake has to do with answering questions in the proper form.  For example, if I say "Can you swim?" the correct answer is "Yes, I can."  And if I say "Do you like apples?" the correct answer is "Yes, I do."  Kids often answer "can" questions with "do," and "do" questions with "can," and sometimes they will even mix a form of "are" into their answer.  另外跟對方問的問題有關的.  例如我說"Can you swim?"答案應該是"Yes, I can."  我問"Do you like apples?"正確的答案就是"Yes, I do."  小朋友常用"can"回答"do"的問題還是"do"回答"can"的問題.  他們有時候也會把"is"或是"are"混在答案裡面.

3. Confusing "he" with "she."  搞混he跟she的差別

It takes a lot of kids a long time to register the fact that "he" refers to someone (or something) male, and "she" refers to someone (or something) female.  The textbooks we use never explicitly state this concept, so it is left to the discretion of teachers when (or when not) to introduce it.  有的小朋友要學習英文很久之後才懂"he"指的是男的, "she"指的是女的.  我們的課本沒有把這兩個單字的差別說出來, 所以都要等老師說明介紹才會知道.

4. Capitals 大寫跟小寫

Kids in the lower grades will capitalize a lot of letters, often because they're confused about the uppercase and lowercase forms of these letters.  Sentences like "MY fatHer is VerY Good." are the norm until maybe fifth grade or so.  低年級的孩子會把很多英文字母寫成大寫.  這個問題發生的原因通常是他們不太懂大寫跟小寫的用法.  很多小朋友到五年級會寫"MY fatHer is VerY Good"這種句子.

5. Verb tenses 動詞時態

Because Chinese doesn't employ verb tenses, kids often shake their heads over the difference between "run" and "ran," "walk" and "will walk."  Particularly confusing are forms of "is" such as "was" and "will be."  This problem doesn't appear in elementary quite as much, but it does surface quite a bit in the sixth grade.  中文沒有動詞時態, 所以學生碰到"run,""ran,""walk,""will walk,"這種單字會很混亂.  他們最常搞不清楚的是"is,""was,""will be"的用法.  在國小這個問題不是每天看到的, 可是五, 六年級生會在動詞時態碰到這種困難.

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Photo Gallery 我最喜歡的照片 9

Pictures taken in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Yunlin counties.  這些照片都是最近在高雄, 台南和雲林拍的.

Kaohsiung's Lovers' Wharf at sunset.  黃昏的高雄情人碼頭.

Beach in Chie Ding District, Kaohsiung City.  高雄市茄萣區的海灘.

At Tainan's Black Bridge Sausage Museum.  在台南的黑橋牌香腸博物館.

The Sausage Museum's take on 1980s Taiwan.  香腸博物館裡的1980年代的台灣.

Luermen Temple, Tainan.  台南的鹿耳門.

Tablets commemorating local history, Luermen.  鹿耳門的紀念牌.

Agricultural land behind Luermen.  鹿耳門後面的農地.

Abandoned paper mill in Yunlin County.  雲林縣的舊紙廠.

The Guan Miao rest stop on the Number 3 Freeway.  高速公路上的關廟休息站.

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2015年4月11日 星期六

Da Peng Bay 大鵬灣

Da Peng Bay is in Pingtung County.  I've driven by it a hundred times on my way to or from Taitung, but I didn't actually visit it until last weekend.  大鵬灣在屏東縣.  我已經在往返台東的路上路過上百次了, 直到上個周末, 這是我第一次參觀大鵬灣.

The bay is closed off from the ocean by a bridge, and a two-lane road loops around the bay.  It's about half wetland and half sand flat.  I think their plan is to allow the sand flats to revert into wetland, but this is of course a slow process.  The signs of aquaculture (fish farming) in this area are to be seen everywhere, and the barren remains of fish farms detract from the beauty of the area.  大鵬灣和海洋隔著一座橋.  有一條兩線道的道路繞大鵬灣一圈.  它的一半是濕地, 另一半是沙地.  我覺得屏東縣政府的計畫可能是等沙地慢慢恢復成濕地, 當然這需要很長的時間.  這裡到處都看得到水產養殖的影響, 所以這個風景區的風景不是最美的.

It is a good place for bird watching, but those looking for natural splendor will be disappointed.  This place might be a lot prettier in ten to twenty years, but as of right now it's not much to look at.  這裡很適合賞鳥, 但對於崇尚大自然的觀光客應該覺得很失望.  可能十或二十幾年後這裡的景色才能比較漂亮, 現在的大鵬灣沒什麼好看的風景.

On the inner shore of the bay there is a resort area, and the go-kart racing in the resort is very popular.  The rest of the resort is practically empty, and one wonders how half of the businesses and attractions inside can afford to stay open.  在灣內有一個休閒區.  這裡的賽車場很受歡迎.  除了賽車場之外, 在休閒區的客人不多. 讓人不禁懷疑這裡的商店, 餐廳和租車店怎麼經營得下去.

Next to the bridge that closes off the bay there's a small beach and camping area, and entrance to this place is 100 NT for non-locals on weekends.  The beach isn't very scenic, and the camping area next to it offers few amenities.  在跨海大橋旁邊有一個沙灘跟露營區.  周末時外縣市的人要買100元的門票.  沙灘不是很漂亮.  隔壁的露營區也很簡單.

So is Da Peng Bay worth going to?  If you're looking to race go-karts, it's a good place to go.  If not, there are more interesting places in Pingtung...  所以呢?  要去大鵬灣嗎?  要賽車的人應該喜歡大鵬灣.  不想賽車的人應該去屏東其他的景點!

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2015年4月6日 星期一

10 Great Places on the East Coast 東海岸很棒的地方

There are of course more than 10 "great places" on the east coast of Taiwan, but these were the first ten that popped into my head.  Those looking for a (somewhat) deeper analysis of certain areas will find links to previous posts below.   當然台灣東海岸"很棒的地點"不只十個, 可是這十個地點是最先出現在我腦海的.  對於那些在找比較深入討論介紹這些地點的讀者,可以看以下相關文章.

1. Jin Luen Hot Springs 金崙溫泉

This is the most peaceful hot spring area I know of.  Most tourists pass it by on their way to Taitung City, and I've never seen a single tour bus stop there.  If you want impressive hot springs go to Jer Ben, further north, but if you want a quiet place to relax go to Jin Luen.   我覺得這是最悠閒的溫泉區.  大多數往台東市的觀光客只會經過這邊.  我還沒在這裡看過遊覽車.  如果想要去外觀漂亮的溫泉應該去比較北邊的知本, 可是如果是要比較平靜的溫泉經驗應該去金崙.

2. The National Museum of Prehistory 國立史前博物館

As Taiwanese museums go, I would rank this one second after the National Palace Museum.  It is located in Taitung City, not far from the airport.  Many of the exhibits focus on Taiwanese archaeology, and there is a nice park behind it.   以台灣的博物館來說, 我覺得這是繼故宮之後排名第二的博物館.  它位於台東市, 靠近台東機場.  很多展覽品介紹台灣考古學.  博物館後面還有一個漂亮的公園.

3. Beaches in the East Coast National Scenic Area 東海岸風景區的海灘

I could tell you about my favorite beach in the East Coast National Scenic Area, but then I'd have to kill you.  There are a lot of great beaches between Shan Yuan in Taitung and areas just south of Hualien City.  Most of these beaches put that minuscule beach in Kenting to shame.  我可以告訴你我最喜歡的東海岸風景區裡的哪個海灘, 但那之後就需要把你滅口了.  在杉原跟花蓮市南邊中間有很多很棒的海灘.  大部分的海灘比墾丁小小的海灘好很多.

4. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉

This is the area surrounding the south entrance to Jade Mountain National Park.  The scenery here is outstanding, though it isn't easy to get to.  There are a few hot springs on the way up, and a nice trail near the Tian Loong Hotel.  This road is often washed out after typhoons, so be sure to check ahead of time.  這裡靠近玉山國家公園南入口.  這附近的風景很棒, 可是這裡不方便到達.  上山的路上有些溫泉.  天龍飯店也有個很不錯的步道.  只是這裡的道路常被颱風破壞, 所以要去之前要先確認路況.

5. Ruei Suei Hot Springs/Ranch 瑞穗溫泉跟瑞穗牧場

Compared to Hai Duan, this area is quite easy to get to.  The Ruei Suei Ranch is south of the Ruei Suei Train Station.  There's no entrance fee, and it's a nice place to sit and have coffee.  The Ruei Suei Hot Springs are behind the train station, and some of them - although impressive - are practically abandoned on weekdays.   跟海端鄉比起來, 瑞穗牧場比較方便到達.  瑞穗牧場在瑞穗火車站南邊.  它不用門票, 也是個適合喝咖啡的地方.  而瑞穗溫泉區在火車站後面.  有的溫泉很棒, 可是星期一至四客人不多.

6. Sixty Stone Mountain 六十石山

This is the mountain in Hualien that was in all the commercials not long ago.  The "peak" offers an amazing view of the surrounding countryside, and when the daylilies are blooming it's very pretty.  Avoid this place on weekends or major holidays.   沒多久前這座山出現在很多廣告裡面.  從最上面可以看到花東縱谷國家風景區的風景,金針花開的時候很漂亮.  但是周末和節日的時候不要去.

7. Taroko Gorge National Park 太魯閣國家公園

The lame thing about Taroko Gorge is that the weather isn't usually very good.  It is of course a gorge, and this gorge tends to trap the rain inside the park.  This said, it's a great place to explore when the sun is shining.  It can be super touristy at times, but this is to be expected.  太魯閣的缺點就是天氣很差.  當然因為太魯閣是個峽谷, 所以雲雨都滯留在裡面.  但是除了這件事之外,  太魯閣在晴天時是一個適合散步的地方.  而且在那麼有名的景點通常觀光客很多.

8. Shr Ti Ping Port/Scenic Area 石梯坪漁港跟石梯坪遊憩風景區

This is an area famous for whale watching in south Hualien.  There is a good seafood restaurant in the port, and the scenic area is just up the hill from there.  Erosion has created "wells" in the rocks along the coast, and the view in any direction is stunning.  這個地區最有名的活動是賞鯨.  漁港裡有一家很好吃的海鮮餐廳, 遊憩風景區也在港口旁的小坡上.  海浪的侵蝕作用在石頭上造了許多的"井".  這裡的風景無論從哪個方向看都美不勝收.

9. Dong Shan River Park冬山河親水公園

This park is in Yilan City, and there is a place inside for kids to play with water.  You can also take boats up and down the adjoining river, and there is an interesting "Craft Center" on the other side of the river.  If you're lucky the sun will be out when you're there.  這個公園在宜蘭市.  它也有給小朋友玩水的部分.  也可以從這裡坐船去河的另外一邊的傳統藝術中心.  你運氣好的話,太陽會露臉 .

10. Tai Ping Mountain 太平山森林遊樂區

This is still my favorite single mountain in Taiwan, if not my favorite mountain area.  There is a train that goes up near the top, and the whole place feels very mysterious and remote.  It's not far from Yilan City by car.  太平山是我在台灣最喜歡的一座山, 可是它不是我最喜歡的森林遊樂區.  那裡有小火車上山, 整個地方充滿了神秘感也很空曠.  離宜蘭市也很近.

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