2014年12月29日 星期一

Disconnected 切斷的

Last weekend I was in a bar with my friends.  We were sitting at a table in the center of the room, and during gaps in our conversation I studied people at other tables.  The bar was full that night, and the staff were very busy taking orders and bringing drinks to each table.  上個周末我跟我的朋友去一家酒吧.  我們坐在中間的桌子聊天.  聊天的空檔我看其他桌的客人在做什麼.  當晚酒吧客滿, 工作人員忙著幫客人點單及送飲料.

The first thing I noticed about the other patrons was that none of them were talking.  They were all staring down at their phones.  On some of the phones I could see Facebook.  On other phones Line.  Occasionally the person holding the phone would lift it up to take a picture of himself (or herself), and then it was back to staring at their phone.  我最先注意到的是旁邊的客人都沒有講話.  他們都在看手機.  在有的手機上我看到臉書.  有的手機上看到的是Line.  不時地有人把手機拿出來拍自己, 然後繼續看手機.

And that night wasn't the first time I saw this.  Just a few months ago I was in another local bar, this one divided into a "bar" section and a "dance" section.  My friends and I, noticing that the "dance" section was packed with people, decided to sit there for a while.  To our surprise it was exactly the same.  No one was talking.  Everyone was looking down at their phones.  Occasionally a phone would come up, and someone would take another selfie.  那個晚上不是我第一次看到這種情形.  幾個月前我在另一家酒吧.  那家酒吧分成兩邊, 一邊是酒吧, 另一邊是可以跳舞的地方.  我們看到跳舞的區塊坐了很多人就過去那邊坐一下.  讓我們驚訝的是那裡的客人都在看手機.  沒有人講話.  他們都忙著看手機.  有時會看到手機被舉高, 因為它的主人要自拍.

Perhaps I notice this more because I don't own a smartphone.  I still use the old style phone, the kind without Internet access.  This is partly because I am too lazy to change it.  This is also because  I'd rather be experiencing real things, in real time.  I don't want to feel like I'm connected to the Internet every second.  I don't want to hear my phone beeping every time a Facebook friend updates their status.  It just doesn't seem necessary to me.  可能我比較注意這件事是因為我沒有智慧型手機.  我還是在用舊型的無法上網的手機 .  我沒有智慧型手機的原因是因為我懶的換.  沒換手機的原因是我想要真實的生活經驗.  我不想時常被網路影響, 也不要一直聽到朋友們在臉書上更新消息的嗶嗶聲.  我覺得這樣的功能不是必要的.

Sure, you could own a smartphone and exercise self-control.  You could turn it off before entering a social situation, or just not pay any attention to it.  But I haven't seen a lot of smartphone owners with this ability.  More often I see people staring at their phones at the most inappropriate (or even dangerous) times.  當然你可以擁有智慧型手機並且練習自我控制使用手機的時間.  可以在與朋友聊天前關掉手機或是不理它.  可是我還沒看過很多人這麼做.  我常看到的是許多人在最不適當的時候或是最危險的時候用手機.

And when I think back to that night at the bar, I can remember an actual conversation, with actual people, who were actually there.  What about the other people in the bar that night?  Well, perhaps they had some meaningful conversations on Line.  Perhaps they found out what movies are playing.  But wouldn't a real conversation, in a real place, have been better?  當我回想在酒吧的那個晚上, 我記得實際的對話內容跟當天一起的朋友.  那看手機的客人呢?  可能他們記得Line的對話.  可能他們知道電影院正播什麼電影.  可是實際的談話不是比較好嗎?  在真實存在的地方活動不是最好的選擇嗎?

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2014年12月21日 星期日

What's Going On in Taiwan? 台灣最近的新聞 (December 十二月 2014)

Hey ladies!  Welcome to Taiwan!

What is going on in Taiwan?  Well the biggest news is probably this month's elections.  The Kuomintang, long Asia's richest political party, lost big in city and county elections, and this loss led to President Ma's resignation as the head of the party.  台灣最近發生了什麼事呢?  最重要的事應該是這個月的選舉.  在,市的選舉上, 亞洲最有錢的國民黨被打敗了.  也因為這件事, 馬總統請辭國民黨黨主席.

What else is going on?  Chen Deming, Mainland China's top negotiator for Cross-Strait affairs, visited Taiwan recently.  I saw him on the TV news last week, and several men in Tainan were accosting him in public.  Officials from the Mainland Chinese government often receive a less-than-warm receptions in south Taiwan.  還有什麼消息呢? 大陸海協會的會長陳德銘來台灣.  我上禮拜在電視新聞上看到他在台南的消息.  很多台南人跑到他面前罵他.  大陸的行政人員在南台灣通常受到冷淡的歡迎.

In Taipei, the new mayor faces a lot of criticism over his proposal to construct a new rail line between Taipei and Yilan.  This rail line would involve the construction of an extensive tunnel beneath an ecologically sensitive reservoir.  Many environmentalists are incensed over the plan, which they regard as wasteful and unnecessary.  新的台北市長也面對很多的非難, 因為他推出新北宜直線鐵路計畫.  蓋這條鐵路需要在水庫下方挖一條很長的隧道.  很多環保人士覺得台鐵這麼做會破壞水庫的自然生態, 認為那條鐵路不是必要的並且浪費公帑.

Weatherwise it's pretty cold, though nothing compared to North American cold.  I've been able to wear pants to work this month, and most of the time I have socks on.  The sun comes out in the afternoons, but it's usually very dark and overcast.  Too cold for swimming, but not bad for running or bicycling.  最近的天氣很冷, 當然和北美洲比不算冷. 我這個月已經穿長褲去上班了.  大部分時間也穿襪子.  下午的時候太陽會出來一下, 可是大部分的時間都是陰天.  這樣的天氣游泳太冷.  但跑步或是騎單車還不錯.

Outside of Taiwan, the Hong Kong protest ended peacefully this week, and I'm glad that no serious violence accompanied the end of the protest.  It remains to be seen whether on not we've really heard the last of these protesters.  Perhaps the protests will take another form?  國外方面, 香港的抗議活動和平的結束了.  還好沒有人受傷嚴重.  不知道那些抗議的民眾真的放棄, 還是他們會利用新的抗議方式?

And that's about it.  There are of course a thousand other stories of movie star infidelity, spectacular car crashes, food scares, and bad behavior from government officials, but nothing earth-shattering.  Life goes on in Taiwan, much as in other places.  最近的新聞差不多這樣.  當然還有一千多個名星外遇, 驚人的車禍, 食品恐慌, 跟政府機關行政人員做壞事的消息可以講.  可是這種事情到處都有.  台灣人民還是要跟其他國家人民一樣向前走.

And how about you?  How are things where you live?  那你呢?  你住的那個地方還好嗎?

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2014年12月14日 星期日

行憲紀念日 Constitution Day*

Christmas is coming!  But did you know that the same day, December 25, is also Taiwan's Constitution Day?  So while you're opening presents and singing Christmas songs you can also reflect on the Taiwanese constitution, that glorious document from which the Republic of China derives its governing principles!  聖誕節快到了!  但你知道十二月二十五日也是臺灣的行憲紀念日?  所以當你唱聖誕歌跟打開禮物的同時, 也要好好珍惜中華民國的憲法.

The Chinese text below was taken from "Taiwanese Holiday Stories" 台灣節日故事, published by Windmill Press 風車圖書出版有限公司 in 2012.  The Chinese text was written by 張青史, and the English text was written by me.  下面的中文文章是出自台灣節日故事這本書.  這本書是風車圖書出版有限公司2012的作品. 中文的部分是張青史寫的.  英文的部分是我從中文翻譯的.

行憲紀念日 Constitution Day
(National Calendar, December 25)**

12月25日, 是我國的行憲紀念日.  實施憲政是一個國家的大事, 所以紀念行憲具有非常特別的意義.  December 25 is our country's Constitution Memorial Holiday.  The implementation of a constitution is important for any country, so it is especially important to commemorate this event.

國父孫中山先生率領革命志是推翻滿清, 建立中華民國以後, 實施民主憲政一直是全國引頸盼望的目標.  然而, 建國之初, 國家的政局一直動盪不安, 先有遠世凱竊位稱帝, 後有軍閥擁兵割據, 接著是北伐, 對日抗戰和國共內戰, 使得憲政的推行歷經許多波折, 遲遲無法實現.  Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Father of our Country, led the rebellion to overthrow the Ching Dynasty.  After he established the Republic of China, the implementation of a constitutional democracy was viewed as our national goal.  However, after its foundation the country was thrown into political turmoil, firstly by Yuan Shi-kai's attempt to crown himself emperor, and then by the division of the country between warlords and the northern expedition to restore order.  Lastly there was the war of resistance against Japan, all of which amounted to a number of difficulties which made implementation of a constitution impossible.

憲法制定過程也是一波三折, 先有民國元年的 "臨時政府組織大綱", "臨時約法".  到民國20年, 國民政府頒布 "順政時期約法", 並從民國21年底開始研擬憲法草安; 民國25年通過並公布 "五五憲草".  後來卻因為全面對日抗戰, 遲遲無法召開會議, 制定憲法.  The making of the constitution faced many obstacles.  In its first year the new Republic issued a "Provisional Government Memorandum," and a "Provisional Constitution."  In 1931 the Republic hosted a "Political Assembly," and from 1932 the Republic began drafting the Constitution.  In 1936 the Republic announced the passage of the "55 Draft Constitution," though after this point the country faced the war against Japan, and there was no way to hold meetings that would formalize the Constitution.

抗戰勝利後, 政府終於在民國35年召開制憲國民大會.  同年12月25日通過 "中華民國憲法", 並於民國36年12月25日開始施行.  After victory over Japan was achieved, in 1946 the government finally convened a meeting to formalize the Constitution.  During the same year, on December 25, the Constitution of the Republic of China was formalized, though it wasn't implemented until December 25 of the following year.

後來發生國共內戰, 國民黨政府退守台灣.  有感於實施憲政的重要意義, 所以民國52年, 行政院正式決定以每年的12月25日為行憲紀念日.  Civil war occurred after this point, and the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwan.  As a means of signifying the importance of the Constitution's implementation, in 1963 the Executive Yuan formally decided that December 25 of every year would be Constitution Day.

憲法是一個國家的根本大法, "中華民國憲法" 的制定與施行歷經許多波折, 所以我們更應該好好珍惜.  The fundamental laws of every country come from its Constitution.  The "Republic of China's Constitution" has been formalized and implemented despite many obstacles, and we should treasure it for this reason.

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*I want to translate 行憲紀念日 as "Constitutional Memorial Holiday," but in English this sounds vague.  To be sure, translating 紀念日 as "memorial holiday" is more correct, but in English putting "constitution" before "memorial holiday" seems ungrammatical, and putting "constitutional" before "memorial holiday" seems ambiguous.

**The national calendar follows the solar calendar, but year one is 1911, when the Republic of China was founded in Canton Province, Mainland China.  Years have been adjusted accordingly.

2014年12月7日 星期日

Far Glory Amusement Park 遠雄海洋公園

If these pictures look familiar, it's because I posted pictures of Far Glory on my other blog 2 years ago.  These pictures, however, are from a sixth grade field trip two weeks back.  如果你覺得好像看過這些照片的話, 那是因為我兩年前在我另外個博客發過遠雄的照片.  這些照片是兩個禮拜前六年級的戶外教學拍的.

Statues just inside the main entrance. 大門內的雕像.

Looking down on the main promenade.  This is where the gift shops are located.  從上面往下看購物中心, 這是禮品店所在.

The flume ride, by far the most popular ride in the park.  遠雄裡最受歡迎的遊樂器材.

The Crystal Castle.  This is where the acrobatic performances are held.  水晶堡.  雜耍特技表演的地方.

Entrance to the amusement park area.  遊樂園的入口.

The dolphin show.  It was interesting two years ago, but this time it was boring.  海豚表演.  兩年前的比較有趣.

Octopus hanging out above a hamburger restaurant.  喜歡漢堡店的章魚.

The roller coaster.  It's very small.  小小的雲霄飛車.

Riding around on a tigergiraffe.  Or is it a giraffetiger? 在騎一隻虎頸鹿?  還是騎長頸虎?

In the audience for the sea lion show.  After this we headed home!  海獅表演.  看完之後我們就回學校了.

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2014年12月1日 星期一

Historic Tainan 充滿歷史感的台南 3

Pictures taken in Tainan County three weeks ago.  I was on my way to the "Sweet Run" near the Jiang Nan resort.  這些照片是在台南拍的.  我那時候去參加台糖的甜蜜公益路跑.

This is Tainan's Municipal Park.  The European-style building is the Chi Mei Museum, which won't open until next year.  這是台南的都會公園.  歐式的建築物是明年才開館的奇美博物館.


Downtown Tainan.  The picture above was taken in Our Lady Queen of China Cathedral 中華聖母主教座堂.  This building dates back to 1964.  Looks like a temple, doesn't it?  台南的市區.  上面的照片是台南的中華聖母主教座堂.  這座堂是1961年建立的.  很像中式的廟對不對?


More of downtown Tainan.  This part of the city is not far from An Ping Fort. 這些也是台南市區.  這邊靠近安平古堡.

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