2020年5月7日 星期四

What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 10

This will be the last news entry for a while.  Even in the best (and worst) of times there aren't a lot of things happening in Taitung, and since I'm probably moving to Pingtung next semester I'd rather start fresh with news from that part of the island. 這會是關於新聞的最後一篇.  通常台東沒有什麼事發生, 我下學期也應該會搬到屏東, 所以下學期會從屏東新聞開始.

For those less familiar with Taiwan, the "big" cities are divided into districts (區), and the counties are divided into cities (市), townships (鄉), and municipalities (鎮).  給對台灣比較不熟悉的讀者: 大城市 (高雄, 台南, 台中, 新竹, 桃園, 基隆, 嘉義, 台北, 跟新北市) 以下劃分為"區", 縣 (城市外的地方)則由市, 鄉, 鎮組成.

1. Da Ren Township 達仁鄉公所

There's a trail leading into a nature reserve between Nan Tian Village in Taitung County and Shu Hai Village in Pingtung County.  There is a limit to how many hikers can walk this trail each day, and Taitung County is hoping to raise the limit by 80 people. 台東南田部落和屏東旭海中間有一條進入自然保留區的步道.  台東縣希望把每日的使用人數提高到80人.

They've added three new speed cameras along the South Cross-Island Highway.  Two of these cameras are in the tunnel between the counties, one other is near Da Niao (Big Bird) Village. 警方在南迴公路上安裝三個測速照相桿.  兩個在連接台東縣與屏東縣的隧道裡, 還有一個在大鳥附近.

A man in in Da Ren was interviewed about growing quinoa there.  According to him the water supply in that area is a problem. 達仁鄉的 "紅藜先生" 為了水源煩惱.

2. Da Wu Township 大武鄉公所

New Tang Dynasty television has a video/article introducing Dawu Village.  It's somewhat interesting.  Be warned that aside from the trail on the hill behind the village there's not much there. 新唐人電視台有短片介紹大武村.  有興趣可以看.  除了村後面的步道, 大武村的景點不多.

An article in Chinese AND English!  This one's about the old Gu Jhuang Train Station being reopened as a tourist destination.  Duo Liang further north sees a lot of visitors so this makes sense. 這篇報導是中文, 還有英文翻譯喔.  這是關於重開古莊站當觀光景點.  參觀北邊多良站的觀光客非常多, 所以這是一個好主意. 

Construction crews recently dumped some of their equipment in front of a sculpture that the Taitung County Government paid WAY too much money for.  Most people probably didn't even notice. 最近南迴有工程單位施工, 把很多東西丟在很貴的藝術品旁邊.  大部分的人大概沒有注意到.

The temperature recently got as high as 37.1 in Da Wu, but it wasn't bothering the kids there all that much. 最近大武的高溫到達35.3度, 可是那邊的學童早就習慣炎熱的天氣了.*

3. Jin Feng Township 金峰鄉公所

The daylily flowers are blooming on Jinjen Mountain金針山的金針花開花了.

4. Tai Ma Li Township 太麻里鄉公所

No recent news out of Tai Ma Li.  最近太麻里沒有消息.

5. Orchid Island Township 蘭嶼鄉公所

Last Friday was Labor Day in Taiwan.  During the three-day weekend about 2000 people visited Green and Orchid Islands. 上週五是臺灣的勞動節.  兩千遊客去綠島蘭嶼.

Several homestays on Orchid Island were recently made legal.  All of the land there belongs to the local tribe, and this presented legal problems for such businesses. 蘭嶼11家民宿合法立案.  因為蘭嶼都是原住民用地, 很多民宿沒辦法取得建照跟使用執照.

6. Green Island Township 綠島鄉公所

No recent news out of Green Island. 最近綠島沒有消息.

7. Taitung City 台東市公所

A monkey recently wandered into Bao Sang Elementary School.  Conservation workers brought it down with a tranquilizer dart and took it away. 寶桑國小有猴子出現.  保育員吹箭之後帶走了.

Work continues on the new road along the Tai Ping River between Taitung City and Beinan Township.  在太平溪旁邊, 台東市與卑南鄉間的道路還在施工.

A homestay along Jeng Chi Road was recently defaced.  Police are investigating this act of vandalism. 最近正氣路上的一棟民宿受到破壞.  警方目前正在偵辦中.

8. Beinan Township 卑南鄉公所

Beinan Junior High School recently won a baseball championship卑南國中在全國青少棒賽奪冠.

There's a new aboriginal-themed post office in Beinan. 卑南的 "原住民風" 郵局落成營業.

9. Dong He Township 東河鄉公所

A junior high school student almost drowned after playing with friends in the ocean.  四個國中生去海邊戲水, 一個溺水獲救命危.

10. Cheng Gong Municipality 成功鎮公所

The ashes stored in a Cheng Gong cemetery tower were disturbed by a recent earthquake. 最近的地震將成功公墓塔的部分骨灰甕震落摔破.

An aluminum shack in Cheng Gong caught fire.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 成功鐵皮屋發生火警, 原因待查.

The Taitung version of "The Old Man and the Sea."  A fisherman in Cheng Gong caught a prize tuna, only to have it devoured by dolphins. 台東版的老人與海, 成功漁民捕獲了黑鮪魚, 最後卻發現被海豚吃到只剩下頭.

11. Chang Bin Township 長濱鄉公所

No recent news out of Chang Bin. 最近長濱沒有消息.

12. Lu Ye Township 鹿野鄉公所

This is how little news there is in Taitung.  There's an actual news article about people seeing clouds in Lu Ye. 台東真是沒有消息.  有報導介紹鹿野天空的雲.

The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival will start on July 11 this year. 台灣國際熱氣球嘉年華今年七月十一日開幕. 

A Hakka group in Lu Ye recently convened a workshop on Japanese-era census information.  This workshop helped improve local knowledge of family histories. 鹿野的客家團體最近舉辦了日治時期戶口名簿工坊, 讓當地人更了解自己的家族系譜.

13. Yan Ping Township 延平鄉公所

No recent news out of Yan Ping. 最近延平沒有消息.

14. Guanshan Municipality 關山鎮公所

No recent news out of Guanshan. 最近關山沒有消息.

15. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉公所

No recent news out of Hai Duan. 最近海端沒有消息.

16. Chr Shang Township 池上鄉公所

Despite a virus-related downturn in rice exports, one brand of rice in Chr Shang is still seeing a surge in demand. 台東農產外銷受到武漢肺炎疫情影響, 可是池上米品牌卻是逆勢成長.

On June 21 Chr Shang will be a good place to view an eclipse.  There will be eclipse-related events around Da Po Lake on that day. 六月二十一日可以去池上看 "日環食".  那一天大坡池會舉辦相關的活動.

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*There were several different reports on how hot it got in Da Wu recently.  All of these reports stated slightly different temperatures.  Most of them stated that it was hotter than 37 degrees.