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Retrospective 懷舊的 6:March 三月 2010年

The March 2010 entries are to be found in the Blog Archive 4 entry.  There are only three of them.  Apparently I had a LONG winter vacation that year.  2010年三月的文章都藏在Blog Achive很久很久以前的文章4裡面.  那一年的寒假很"長".

1. English Literature 英文文學

In that entry I discussed English fiction, English-language books that might help people understand Western culture, and authors I liked at the time. 我在那篇文章裡討論了我當時喜歡的作者, 也討論了英文小說和可能幫助其他人認識西方文化的英語書籍.

Back then I was working at Taitung University's Language Center, and students would occasionally ask me about what books I liked, what English-language books were more interesting, or what books could help them learn English. 那時候我也在台東大學的語言中心上班, 有時候學生會問我喜歡什麼書, 哪些英文書比較有趣或是在學習上比較有效.

I still agree with everything written in that entry, though if I was writing about this topic today I'd probably leave James Ellroy off the list.  He wrote some great books, but his recent stuff isn't very good. 我還是同意那時候的看法, 但是我現在會把James Ellroy刪除.  雖然他寫了一些好書, 可是我覺得他最近寫的小說沒有那麼好看了.

2. Buying Land in Taitung 台東置產

Back when I wrote that we were thinking about buying land.  We later decided to buy an apartment in the city instead.  We do still talk about buying a house, but if we did it would definitely be outside the city. 當時寫那篇文章時我們在考慮買土地.  後來決定在市區買公寓.  我們有時候還是會討論買房子, 只是我們就不會考慮買市內的.

But where, exactly?  Back in March 2010 I mentioned Li Ji and Tai Ma Li, but knowing what I now know about Li Ji I probably wouldn't buy land there.  Erosion is too much of a issue in that area.  Parts of Tai Ma Li are alright, but Tai Ma Li is far from the city and exposure to pesticides can be a problem.  The school where I work is in Taitung City, and my wife's school is in Hai Duan, so somewhere in the East Rift Valley would probably be best. 問題是在哪裡?  2010年三月我想到的是利吉或太麻里, 可是現在覺得利吉的土石流應該是個大問題.  所以不會在那附近買房子.  太麻里有的地方不錯, 可是離市區比較遠和農藥使用的影響.  我的學校在台東市區, 我太太的學校在海端, 所以在花東縱谷大概是最好的選擇.

The issue of buying a house is compounded by the fact that I might (I say might) be changing schools next year.  If I leave my present school I'll probably have to leave the county, which for me means either south Pingtung or south Hualien.  IF we moved that far away we'd be renting a house near my new school for a while, and possibly buying a house a year or so later. 讓買房子這件事更複雜的是我下學年可能換學校.  如果下學年我換學校, 我大概會到屏東縣或是花蓮縣的南部.  如果搬到那麼遠的地方的話, 第一年一定會在那裏租房子, 之後再考慮.

3. Wildlife in Taitung 台東野生動物

I was really into local wildlife at the time.  Part of the reason for this was a book I bought on this topic.  I'm always happy to see local animals when I ride my bike, and in certain parts of Taitung they're not that hard to see.  Birds and snakes?  No problem.  A Formosan black bear?  Uh... good luck with that. 我當時對當地野生動物很有興趣.  部分的原因是我那時候買的一本書.  我很喜歡騎單車的時候看到當地的動物, 台東有的地方很容易看到.  鳥類跟蛇類?  沒有問題.  台灣黑熊呢?  不可能吧!

I don't want to preach too much, but I wish there was more effort put towards conservation in this area.  Local elected officials are, for the most part, put into office by either farmers or those engaged in selling things to tourists, and whatever these officials do in the local government tends to focus more on agriculture/land reclamation and tourism/development.  This is to be expected in any rural area, but development can do more harm than good if left unchecked. 我不想講得太嚴肅, 可是我希望當地人更重視環保.  這裡的政府官員都是靠農夫, 商人投他們的票, 所以比較重視農業, 政府土地利用, 觀光業跟地方發展的部分.  所有的鄉下地方當然這樣, 可是只重視發展而沒想到未來的環保問題是很危險的事.

I do worry about the environment here, primarily because there are wider environmental issues in Taitung that more people should know about.  I'm not just talking about building hotels too close to local beaches, nuclear waste or garbage incinerators.  I'm talking about potentially bigger problems like chemical fertilizers entering the water supply, traffic and land put to improper uses.  我真的擔心台東的環境問題.  主要原因是應該有更多的人來關心更廣泛的環境議題.  不只是在海邊蓋大飯店, 核廢料或是焚化爐, 我講的是更大的問題.  例如化學肥料滲透到飲用水裡, 塞車和土地的不當使用.

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