2019年12月24日 星期二

"Taitung Coffee News"

My parents live in Port Angeles, Washington State, U.S.A.  I spent most of last summer in Port Angeles, and while I was there I took a copy of Coffee News from a little cafe near my parents' house.

For those not familiar with Coffee News, it's a free newspaper available inside many restaurants in the U.S.  Coffee News is printed on a sheet of A3 paper, with advertisements for local businesses running down both sides of the page.  Down the center of Coffee News, between the two columns of advertisements, are "articles" on various topics.

I brought my copy of Coffee News back to Taitung with me, and I was rereading it last night.  As I reread it I got to wondering what the Taitung version of Coffee News might look like, and whether there might be a market for such a thing.  I know of similar periodicals placed in temples here, but nothing you'd find in local restaurants.

What follows is a summary of the contents of Coffee News, followed by my thoughts on how this content might relate to people, places and things where I live.

I. Advertisements: Column One

"Reserve Your Own Ad Space Now! - Northwoods Firearms - We Purchase Firearms! - One Gun or Entire Collections - Call today for an appointment - We Buy Houses! - And we LOVE to reward your referrals! - Northwest Drain - Septic & Drain Services - Recreational + Medicinal Cannabis - Verified Pesticide Free - High Quality Growers - Tinctures, Capsules, Bud, Concentrates, Vape Cartridges, Delta 8, Topicals - "Find Your Lifestyle at Origins" - Anytime Fitness - Get to a Healthier Place - K2 Stepmills, Elliptical Trainers, Recumbent Bikes, Upright Bikes, C2 Rowing Machines, Treadmills, Circuit Machines, Free Weights, Tanning Beds, Training, Classes, Supplements & More! - Village Concepts: Park View Villas - Voted "Best Assisted Living" 11 Years in a Row - RJ Services - Specializing in all types of excavations includes Sucker Truck, Site Development All Types of Septic Systems - Big or Small - Firehouse Grill - Burgers & Fries - Take Out - Fresh hand pressed patties - We Use 1/3 Pound Custom Patties - Fresh NOT Frozen Beef - Hand Pressed Daily"

Thoughts: Guns.  I sure can't buy any guns in Taiwan.  In America, however, it'd be no problem.  Or maybe it would be a problem.  At any rate, I'll leave that discussion for another day.

Not much call for septic and drain services where I live.  Are septic tanks used in Taiwan?  I kind of doubt it.  Most structures here don't even have basements.

Recreational and medicinal cannabis!  Now there's something you don't see in Taiwan.  Or maybe you do, but again, I'll leave that discussion for another day.  Buying and selling weed can get you into a lot of trouble, and if you ask me it's not worth the risk.

I have no idea what most of the equipment in that gym does.  I prefer to exercise outside, and thankfully the place where I live allows me to do that.  Taitung is much better than Port Angeles when it comes to running and bicycling.

The "Assisted Living" place is, as all Americans would know, an old folk's home.  A lot of people from the Puget Sound region retire to Port Angeles and other towns on the Olympic Peninsula, and there are many "senior living" developments there.  Sometimes, walking around parts of Port Angeles, you wonder what happened to people under 60.  The average age is much lower here.

I never did go to Firehouse Grill when I was there.  Let's just say that people in that area put A LOT of thought into their hamburgers.  In Taitung the items most thought about are probably beef noodles and dumplings.  Maybe also fried chicken.

II. Everybody's Talking!

"Bug heist: Thieves sometimes choose strange things to steal.  In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.), it was bugs, and quite a few of them!  At the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, the loot was more than 80 species of bugs, which included about 7,000 individual critters.  It represented over 80% of the museum's collection.  The heist netted everything from rare mantises and millipedes, to snakes and frogs.  Police investigated and found a few of the insects, but said the bugs are easy to sell and the enthusiast market is strong.  The stolen creatures were valued at over $40,000 (USD).

"Dark tattoos: People who want a tattoo with many colors shouldn't go to Body Luxe, a tattoo shop in Annecy, France.  Owner Eliot Kohek specializes in using only black and grey ink.  His tattoos look three-dimensional and are very realistic.  They often feature faces of gothic-looking beings, with maybe a skull or two tucked into a corner.  Kohek is not trained as an artist and developed is considerable skill on his own.  The extremely realistic images feature objects and people who look ready to step right out of the tattoo, as if they are actually there.

"No to marriage: A young woman from Hong Kong thought she was learning how to be a wedding planner and that portraying a bride in a mock wedding was just part of the training.  She found out too late that she'd been tricked, and was actually legally married.  The woman took a wedding planning course in Hong Kong, after which she was required to go to Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, for the mock wedding.  This was a scam that enabled Chinese residents to apply for residency in Hong Kong, based on having a spouse in the region.  Not surprisingly, the woman applied for a divorce.

"A sacred place: Its common name is Ayers Rock, after Sir Henry Ayers, but its sacred name is the Aboriginal word Uluru.  The giant, rest-red rock rises from the plains in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, in almost the geographic center of Australia.  It isn't the world's largest chunk of rock, but it towers over the flat landscape.  It is 348 meters (1,141 feet) high, 3.6 kilometers (2.2 miles) long, and 1.9 km (1.2 mi.) wide.  Uluru is naturally gray, but the iron content of the rock is "rusting" at the surface, resulting in the distinctive red iron oxide coating that creates beautiful images at sunrise and sunset."

Thoughts: I can just imagine some older Port Angeles resident reading this part and going: "Hm.  Well I'll be!"  Are there really people in the world who haven't heard of Ayers Rock?  Maybe.

More relevant to Taiwan is probably the "No to marriage" anecdote.  I doubt any Taiwanese woman could be tricked in this fashion - not unless she was really dumb - but marriage is a way for Mainlanders to live and work in Taiwan.  Taiwanese men working as "agents" for local KTVs will sometimes marry women from China and later divorce them, all for the sake of a resident visa that allows the women to work as hostesses here.  I'm not sure how widespread this practice is, and immigration laws may have since been amended, but it's been known to happen.

III.Quotable Quotes

"'Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.'
--Jim Rohn
"'The engineering is secondary to the vision.'
--Cynthia Ozick"

Thoughts: Thanks for the deep thoughts Jim and Cynthia, whoever you may be.

IV. What's Happening

"LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com/OlympicPenninsulaCoffeeNews

"PLACE FREE NOTICES HERE FOR NON-PROFITS AND LOCAL EVENTS!!  www.OlympicCoffeeNews.com  Click What's Happening, Allow 3-4 Weeks lead time

"Congratulations to XXXXXXX XXXXX of Port Angeles, this May's Find Little Bill $50.00 Contest Winner.  Valerie Found Little Bill in the ad for Olympic Laundry Cleaners and She read Coffee News at Sergio's Mexican Restaurant in Port Angeles.

"Friday Jun 7th First Friday Art Walk Downtown Sequim 5-8 pm

"VETERANS WEDNESDAY BREAKFAST Every Wednesday.  VETERANS please join us every Wednesday at 9:00 AM for no host breakfast.  Good Food and Conversation.  Guests always welcome.  Free!  Stymies and Cedars Dungeness Golf Course.

"Port Angeles Farmers Market Front & Lincoln Sts. Saturdays, 10am-2pm.

"Sequim Farmers Market Every Saturday May-Oct 9am-3pm Sequim Civics Center Plaza.  FREE!

"Peninsula Music "May/June Guitar Sale: 15% off Guitar Accessories and Select Used Guitars, starting at $149.99.  Also: Guitar Lessons only $100 per month!  Mention this event when visiting, good through June 30th.

"Tai Chi Class Every Saturday morning, 10:00am Tai Chi class for health & wellness focusing on Balance, Relaxation, and Stress Reduction.  Free.  Donations appreciated."

Thoughts: I never ate at Sergio's while I was in Port Angeles.  We ate at another Mexican restaurant, which Yelp said was the best in town.  It wasn't very good.  I always miss good Mexican food when I'm in Taiwan, and the bad Mexican food I ate in Port Angeles only made me miss it more.  Come to think of it, pretty much all of the "ethnic" foods in Port Angeles were bad.  Chinese, Mexican, "Asian," Italian, Vietnamese - all bad.  They do burgers, pizza and fish and chips well, but that's about it.

Like a lot of smaller towns, Port Angeles is big on veterans.  There's a 9/11 memorial park near the hospital, with parts of the World Trade Center incorporated into a sculpture there.  They're the opposite of Seattle that way: patriotic and pro-Trump on average, with the retirees from the Puget Sound usually leaning the other direction.  I've got to say, I had a hard time taking some of the left-leaning residents there seriously, mostly because they themselves weren't facing the consequences of the social justice agenda they were trying to push on locals.

I walked through the Port Angeles Farmers Market a couple times.  There wasn't much to it.

Where I live, I think most people would agree that the Chinese food is best.  There are a couple good Vietnamese restaurants and a couple good steakhouses.  The American restaurants here are only good by Taiwanese standards.  I think it's safe to say that in the States they'd be out of business quickly.  I like them, but then again I've been lurking around here for two decades.

Taiwan also has its share of veterans, but they're on average much, much older than veterans in the States.  The veterans in question would have served in the Chinese Civil War, which resulted in KMT (Chinese Nationalist) forces leaving the Mainland and resettling in Taiwan.  Modern Taiwan's relationship with this part of its history is, to put it mildly, complicated.

V. Chance to Win $50!

"Find 'Little Bill' [a small coin] in one of the ads!
Log onto: OlympicCoffeeNews.com
          Click on 'CONTEST'"

Thoughts: This kind of contest is fun, but ridiculously easy for anyone not suffering from dementia.  I did something like this in this blog long ago, the award being 100 NT.

VI. Trivia

"1. American singer Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tenn., or Detroit, Mich.?
2. Stratus, Cumulus, and Cirrus are types of what?
3. In terms of weight, what is the world's lightest timber?
4. The five Olympic rings represent what?
5. Which U.S. General was known as "Stormin' Norman?"?"

Thoughts: I didn't know the answers to #1 and #3.

VII. Advertisements: Column Two

"Brokers Group - Real Estate Professionals - In the heart of downtown Sequim! - In the Clear Window Washing - A difference you can clearly see - Residential "Commercial" Hard Water Stains - Gutter Cleaning - Moss Removal - Pressure Washing - Just Fix It - Fine Jewelry Sales and Repair - Best Estate Jewelry on the Peninsula - Buying and Selling Gold Silver Fine Estate Items. - L&I Help - 25+ YEARS HELPING INJURED WORKERS - Workers Compensation - Personal Injury - "STRAIGHT ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS" - No out of pocket fees - Sequim's Home Town Building Supply Company - THOMAS building center - SOUND SYSTEM RENTALS - For Your Special Event - Starting at $50.00 per day - STRAIT MUSIC - OLYMPIC GAME FARM - Gift Shop & Snack Bar - R.V. & Pet Friendly - Open Daily @9 - Home of the Waving Bears - Port Angeles Tattoo & Piercing"

Thoughts: Plenty of real estate changing hands where I live, too.  The cost of a house in Taitung is about double what it was when I first moved here.  Am I sorry I didn't buy a house in 2006?  Not really.  If I'd bought a house back then it would have been the wrong house.  And who would have wanted the pressure of paying off that house, when I wasn't really sure I liked it here yet?

There's a truck that sometimes cruises through our neighborhood, and one of the services they provide (for a modest fee) is window repair and washing.  I have yet to take them up on the offer.

The way the law works in Taiwan is very different from how it works in the States - not always in a bad way.  The legal system is more opaque, and outcomes are more based on relationships than on an established set of rules.  "Face" and family often come before the strictest interpretation of the law.  As far as worker's compensation goes, in many cases acquiring such compensation might have as much to do with "shaming" the company involved as resorting to legal process.

Olympic Game Farm might be closed now.  The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was after them for supposed violations last summer, and this Northwest-centric wildlife park may be history.  That place was especially pointless given the fact that you could drive up into Olympic National Park and see many of the same animals.

There are no wildlife parks in my neck of the jungle.  There's an aquarium up the coast in Cheng Gong, some livestock in Chulu Ranch and Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens, but that's about it.  Taiwan doesn't have many big mammals, and while I find snakes interesting most people dislike them intensely.  There are a couple Formosan black bears in the Kaohsiung Zoo, but the Kaohsiung Zoo is a sad place full of sad animals.

I haven't gotten any tattoos in a long time, but that's definitely a thing both here and in Port Angeles.

IX. Advertisements: Column Three

"say goodbye to Back & Neck PAIN - CALL TODAY - Mittelstaedt Chiropractic and Massage - OPC SUPPLIES - CUSTODIAL AND PARTY - Locally Owned Since 2012 - Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Sound Systems, Band and Orchestra Rentals, Music Lessons - HOT ITEMS IN STOCK! - Peninsula Music - EVERY PET'S FIRST EXAM IS FREE! - OLYMPIC VETERINARY CLINIC - We know your pet is an important part of your family, & we can't wait to meet them! - Supernatural Lecture with Demonstration - The next lecture will be on Monday, July 29 at 6:00 PM - Public Welcome - Port Angeles Pet Posse - Call 8am-8pm days/wk - We find missing pets or locate owners of found pets - Use our fully equipped veterinary transport to assist owners to transport their sick or injured pets - We are a non-profit but appreciate your tax deductible donations for our small shelter and pet supply store - FARMERS INSURANCE - Get smart about your coverage! - STEVE'S Westside Muffler and Brake Shop - Mufflers and Pipes - S-S Tips & Welding - Catalytic Converters - Brake Service - Interstate Batteries - Alternators and Starters - M-F: 8-5"

Thoughts: A lot of people in the States use cannabis to deal with back pain.  Does it work?  Sure it does, but you often become reliant on it to manage the pain.  A chiropractor might be a good second option.  I've never been to a chiropractor, so I don't know.

Pets and animals.  Taiwanese attitudes toward animals vary from the couple in Taipei City who use their dog as a surrogate child, to the farmer in Yunlin who would view the same dog as little more than a security device.  Animals can be companions, but they can also be food and/or agricultural implements.  If you ask me, I think some Americans veer to far in the other direction, viewing animals as more "innocent" or more deserving of protection than other human beings.  Some people there give up on human relationships entirely, and instead pursue relationships with their pets.

I would have loved to attend that "supernatural lecture and demonstration," but I saw the advertisement too late.  I love stuff like that, especially when it's nonsense.  Of course there's stuff like that in Taiwan too, and sometimes it can be equally great.

X. Your Weekly Horoscopes

"ARIES (March 21 - April 20): This might be a time when you really don't want others to tell you what to think or do.  If you present your own ideas with grace, they may find them very useful, too.  Lucky Numbers: 6, 7, 12, 24, 32, 47.

"TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): This can be an inspiring time, one in which imagination may be important.  You might be in the mood for diversion.  Just be sure it doesn't cost you too much energy.  Lucky Numbers: 7, 18, 27, 28, 37, 38.

"GEMINI (May 22 - June 21): Even if the world seems to be a complex and demanding place with little logic, you may be able to stir your deepest waters to find inspiration and passion within yourself.  Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 12, 21, 36, 42.

"CANCER (June 22 - July 22): This may be a good time to expand your physical routine or widen your range of activities.  Your positive enthusiasm can become contagious, so keep up the great effort!  Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 13, 24, 26, 44.

"LEO (July 23 - Aug. 23): You may tend to put your feelings on hold while you attend to practical demands.  Taking care of new, immediate responsibilities might require your attention.  Lucky Numbers: 13, 14, 23, 24, 33, 34.

"VIRGO (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23): Your spirit may want to soar, so sitting still and dealing with details might not be easy.  You may feel good without knowing why, so try to show your good judgement.  Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 32, 33, 39.

"LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23): You may feel that others are demanding more from you than is reasonable.  Try to keep your cool and not overreact to what you might see as strong criticism.  Lucky Numbers: 7, 11, 12, 18, 23, 41.

"SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22): You may take things seriously and might not be easily convinced by others.  On the other hand, you could be able to persuade people to change some of their ideas.  Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 21, 36, 43, 48.

"SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21): You might want to be with people now.  You may experience strong and enthusiastic feelings.  If you have more energy than usual, that might bring up feelings from your heart.  Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 13, 14, 18.

"CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20): Sympathetic contacts might be established easily now.  You may experience feelings of well-being and emotional harmony, both in yourself and with those close to you.  Lucky Numbers: 2, 13, 24, 25, 27, 28.

"AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19): Many small details may need your attention.  You might need to take your time to breathe deeply and slow your pace.  Communications could be very important right now.  Lucky Numbers: 23, 25, 28, 33, 35, 38.

"PISCES (Feb. 20 - March 20): Try to keep your energy on an even keel because you may find yourself flying from one thing to another.  You might need space to decompress and do things your own way.  Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 13, 38, 42, 46.

"Lucky numbers this week: This week's odds favor Taurus winners with the luckiest number being 7." 

Thoughts: For the record I'm a Capricorn.  Also for the record, that horoscope couldn't have been further from what actually happened to me during that time.

It's funny how people read things like horoscopes and then proceed to read them into any and all subsequent events.  Humans are just built that way I suppose - we're always seeking out patterns.

In Taiwan the horoscopes offered would relate to the Chinese Zodiac, which works very differently.  There'd be lucky numbers as well.  This section has a counterpart in the free circulars placed in Taiwanese temples, and many people here take those circulars just as seriously.  And do Taiwanese people believe in Western horoscopes?  Yes, many do, but this would be a step removed from traditional thinking.

XI. Did You Know...

"Dine and dash: Nobody likes visits from wasps and hornets during an outdoor meal.  However, these insects are not all bad.  Both wasps and hornets often eat other insects that may damage crops and plants.

"Tasty apples: When it comes to apples, most people are familiar with such varieties as McIntosh and Granny Smith.  But there are many more, including the sweet, sharp Cox's Orange Pippin and Wolf River.  The latter is usually used in cooking.

"Quiet place: If you need a bit of quiet time, outer space is a good place to go.  It is completely silent there because sound has no way to travel.

"Song wailers: Bob Marley, the famous reggae musician, was born in 1945 in Nine Miles, St. Ann, Jamaica.  He formed his band, originally called The Wailing Wailers, in 1962 with Peter "Tosh" McIntosh and Neville "Bunny Wailer" Livingston.  Marley died in 1981.

"Big wingspan: Butterflies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  However, the species with the largest wingspan is the Queen Alexandra's birdwing of Papua New Guinea.  The wingspan of females can measure up to 28 cm (11 in.) wide."

Thoughts: Apples from Washington State can be purchased all over Taiwan.  I see boxes bearing the "Washington" label even in the little vegetable market near my house.  Most apples here are imported.  They do grow some apples way up in the mountains, but pears are far more popular.

What do you mean, Coffee News?  No sound in space?  What, are you implying that most Hollywood movies get it WRONG?  What good is a space battle without the sound of explosions?

I like Bob Marley, but my ears have a hard time registering his music.  Same problem with Led Zeppelin.  Their songs come on, and five to ten minutes later I have no idea what I just heard.

XII. On the Lighter Side

"It's getting to the point that you need more brains to figure out the income tax forms that to make the income.

"Client: 'Can I ask you two questions?'
"Lawyer: 'What's the other one?'

"A robber walks into a bank and says, 'Give me all your money!'  The manager says, 'Take the books, too.  I'm $10,000 short.'

"My doctor told me to take a hot bath before I retire.  But that's ridiculous.  It will be years before I retire.

"Some people stay longer when they're leaving than others do when they're staying."

Thoughts: HA HA HA HA.  It's funny, right?  Why aren't you laughing?  People in more rural parts definitely have their own sense of humor...

XIX. Advertisements: Column Four

"RAIN SHADOW INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE - A Whole Body Approach to Women's Healthcare - Board Certified in Gynecology and Integrative Medicine - Comprehensive women's healthcare, integrating the best of conventional medicine and evidence-based alternative therapies to help your body find balance - Accepting new patients - The Two of Us - First Street Barber & Styling - Haircuts: $17 - Kids 12 & Under: $15 - Seniors (60+): $15 - Vets: $13 - (add $3 for Shampoo) - Across from the Lincoln Theater - Peninsula Heat - 12 YEAR Warranty - "We Set the Peninsula Standard for Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction" - Fujitsu ELITE Contractor - Exclusive Fujitsu Elite Dealer for Clallam and Jefferson Counties - Now Open! - PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES SEQUIM Washington - Volunteers Matter - Make your voice count for an abused and neglected child that cannot speak for themselves - CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates FOR CHILDREN - There are nearly 200 children in foster care in Clallam County.  Without a volunteer their voices cannot be heard.  CASA is assigned to speak for their best interest.  Be that voice, become a CASA volunteer now - Enroll in ongoing training by calling Clallam County Juvenile and Family Services - ANIME KAT - Your store for: Anime, Manga, Card Games, Board Games, Miniature Games, Video Games & More - Randy's AUTO SALES & MOTORSPORTS - No Credit Check - This Space Available! (...but not for long!)"

Thoughts: I'm not sure what "integrative medicine" is.  Maybe just a combination of Eastern and Western approaches?  In Taiwan it's fairly obvious which doctors are "Western" and which are "Eastern."  I'm not a huge proponent of Chinese medicine, but it does work sometimes.  In Taiwan both approaches are covered by insurance, and it's nice to visit a doctor without having to worry about ridiculous fees.

The CASA add represents the other side of Port Angeles.  Meth/opiods and other forms of substance abuse are big problems there, which in turn affect many families.  The suicide rate in Port Angeles is higher than average, perhaps in part due to the dark and gloomy winter months.  If I was a teenager there I'd probably be dying to move away.

In Taiwan ketamine is more popular, and most young people go the betel nut/alcohol route when they want to be "adult."  Ketamine seems to be less addictive, but in drug-phobic Taiwan it's hard to get accurate information on that substance.  If never tried K or meth, so I don't know for sure.

Anime Kat.  I went there a couple times.  It was weird to see all that anime and manga in English.

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Answers to "Trivia": 1. Memphis  2. Clouds  3. Balsa  4. The Five Continents  5. General Norman Schwarzkopf

Note: For anyone confused by some of the place names above, Port Angeles is located on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula.  It's also within Clallam County.  The nearest town of any size is Sequim (pronounced "skwim"), where many of the businesses found in the advertising section are based.

2019年12月18日 星期三

What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 8

For those less familiar with Taiwan, the "big" cities are divided into districts (區), and the counties are divided into cities (市), townships (鄉), and municipalities (鎮).  給對台灣比較不熟悉的讀者: 大城市 (高雄, 台南, 台中, 新竹, 桃園, 基隆, 嘉義, 台北, 跟新北市) 以下劃分為"區", 縣 (城市外的地方)則由市, 鄉, 鎮組成.

1. Da Ren Township 達仁鄉公所

With the Southern Cross-Island Highway soon passing through a tunnel between Pingtung and Taitung counties, a special rescue squad was formed to handle potential accidents in this tunnel. 南迴公路上連接屏東縣與台東縣的隧道快要通車了, 所以台東縣消防局特別成立分隊.

And when will that new stretch of the Southern Cross-Island Highway open, exactly?  The latest estimate is December 22 or 23. 南迴公路的最新路段什麼時候通車呢?  目前延至十二月22或23日. 

Residents of Tu Ban Village are offering tourists a unique chance to learn about Paiwan culture by playing a 2-day game.  土坂部落正在推展排灣族文化旅遊, 體驗兩天一夜的文化遊程.*

2. Da Wu Township 大武鄉公所

Da Wu residents, frustrated at the Da Wu Township Office's insistence they they sort their garbage, have thrown garbage at collection agents and even dumped garbage in front of the Da Wu Township Office.  In order to ensure the safety of garbage collection agents, the Township Office has equipped their garbage collection agents with recording devices.  有的大武鄉民不接受大武鄉清潔隊員拒收未分類垃圾 , 就把垃圾丟到清潔隊員的身上, 也把垃圾丟在鄉公所前.  為了保護清潔隊員的安全, 鄉公所請清潔隊員配戴密錄器.

3. Jin Feng Township 金峰鄉公所

No recent news out of Jin Feng.  金峰最近沒有新聞.

4. Tai Ma Li Township 太麻里鄉公所

Tai Ma Li's New Year "sunrise party" will be at their sunrise park.  There will be DJs.  Expect a lot of people. 太麻里的跨年迎曙光活動在曙光園區.  今年有DJ音樂祭.  一定會有很多人參加.

There was a fire at an auto repair shop in Tai Ma Li.  汽車保養廠有火警.

The Taitung County Government recently released a book to introduce Tai Ma Li's history and culture.  台東縣政府最近出版 "曙光灑落 --太麻里" 一書介紹太麻里的文化跟歷史.

5. Orchid Island Township 蘭嶼鄉公所

The first ray of New Year's light will hit Orchid Island at 6:33 in the morning.  I don't know why anyone cares, but there you go.  You're welcome.  2020年第一道曙光將在6:33出現.  怎麼會有人注意這種事?

6. Green Island Township 綠島鄉公所

There were beach cleanups on Green and Orchid Islands recently.  The local Environmental Protection Bureau was only stating the obvious when they said, "The beach is not a garbage dump."  最近綠島和蘭嶼舉辦清理海邊垃圾的活動.  台東環保局表示 "海洋不是垃圾場."**

A resident of Green Island went fishing at night, was injured by a fish, and was taken to Mackay Hospital for treatment. 綠島男深夜去潛水打魚, 被魚刺傷, 最後送到馬偕醫院治療.

7. Taitung City 台東市公所

A 17 year old resident fell off an apartment building.  He/she was taken to a hospital but was dead on arrival.  17歲少年墜樓, 到院前已無呼吸心跳.

The temple procession during Lantern Festival/Handan will go back to being a two-day event next year. Local attitudes toward this festival are mixed.  元宵神明遶境明年恢復2天時間.  有的居民不一定會贊成這項改變.

8. Beinan Township 卑南鄉公所

An elderly man, walking near the ocean near Fu Shan, fell into the sea and drowned.  老翁在海邊玩, 意外落水送醫不治.

Someone has been mutilating cows left to graze along a local stream.  在溪河床放牧的牛隻被割傷.

9. Dong He Township 東河鄉公所

A traditional aboriginal archery competition was recently held in Dong He.  最近東河舉辦原住民傳統射箭賽.

Here's an article about stuff to do in Dong He.  Nothing that hasn't been discussed here before. 這篇文章討論了東河的景點.  所有的景點已經在這裡討論過了.

10. Cheng Gong Municipality 成功鎮公所

No recent news out of Cheng Gong.  成功最近沒有新聞.

11. Chang Bin Township 長濱鄉公所

A boat may have drifted all the way to Chang Bin from Japan, but there is some uncertainty about the issue.  可能是日本船漂到長濱, 只是這件事還沒被證實.

12. Lu Ye Township 鹿野鄉公所

No recent news out of Lu Ye.  鹿野最近沒有新聞.

13. Yan Ping Township 延平鄉公所

The Forest Management Bureau and a workshop in Yan Ping recently held a class in Hong Ye to teach people about Bunun Tribal Culture.  林務局與延平鄉的工作室合作, 在紅葉辦理布農族山林文化的 "學習基地."

14. Guanshan Municipality 關山鎮公所

No recent news out of Guanshan. 關山最近沒有新聞.

15. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉公所

No recent news out of Hai Duan.  海端最近沒有新聞.

16. Chr Shang Township 池上鄉公所

No recent news out of Chr Shang.  池上最近沒有新聞.

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What's Going On On My/Our/Your/Their Half of the Island

*I've gotta say, the residents of this village work really hard to attract tourists to the area.  I went to a 10K run there not long ago.

**This said, the local EPA seems like a very toothless organization to me.  They organize various cleanups, they have a booth at every local event, but they seem to be doing very little about bigger environmental issues.  The Taitung County Government, fond of showing "progress" via new roads and new buildings, has relegated this branch of itself to the run-down baseball stadium on the other side of town.

NOTE: I skipped over some articles in which the central government gave awards to members of local governments.  It's always hard to tell how meaningful these awards really are.

2019年12月12日 星期四

Around Chulu 在初鹿附近

Chulu is about twenty minutes north of Taitung City, on Highway 9. 初鹿村位於台9線, 離台東市區開車二十分鐘.

The two most famous places near Chulu are the Yuan Sen* Botanical Gardens and Chulu Ranch.  Neither place will blow your mind, but if you're in the area they're somewhat interesting.  The building in the picture above is in Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens. 初鹿附近最有名的景點是原生應用植物園初鹿牧場.  這二個地點不是很好玩, 可是算有自己的特色.  上面照片裡的建築物在原生應用植物園裡面.

Those visiting Yuan Sen can either pay an entrance fee or purchase and entrace fee/meal combo.  The meal consists of hot pot and a few other things.  If it's your first time visiting, I'd suggest paying extra for the meal.  The hot pot isn't awesome, but it does offer the chance to sample many of the edible plants grown on the premises. 來原生的觀光客可以買門票或買餐劵(包含門票).  餐點是自助式火鍋跟其他食物.  我想第一次來的遊客應該買餐劵.  火鍋不是很棒的那種, 但是你可以吃到植物園裡種的蔬菜.

Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens is also not a bad place to sit down and enjoy the view.  On a sunny day - provided it's not too late into the summer - lounging around here can be very relaxing. 在原生坐一下欣賞風景也不錯.  除了夏天出大太陽的時候, 晴天來這裡很舒服.

This is looking south, toward Taitung City.  The mountains here aren't as dramatic as ones seen further north, but the view isn't bad. 往南邊的台東市看.  這附近的山沒有北邊的那麼高, 可是風景還是不錯的.

Don't forget to check out the plants while you're here.  There are guided tours available, and I've even heard one of the guides stammer his way through an English tour.  I applaud this guide's bravery. 在這裡的時候別忘了參觀植物園的部分.  這裡有導覽的服務, 我也看過一位導遊用英文介紹植物園裡的植物.  我覺得那位導遊很勇敢.

Further up the hill from Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens is Chulu Ranch.  The thing that sucks about Chulu Ranch is that they charge an entrance fee, and what you'll find inside Chulu Ranch really doesn't justify the fee.  The above picture was taken from behind the parking lot. 在原生植物園的上坡處是初鹿牧場初鹿牧場最爛的部分是他們收門票, 初鹿牧場內部設施真不值得它的門票票價.  上面的照片是在停車場後面拍的.

On my visit I was surprised to find new buildings.  As you can probably guess, these new buildings are really just excuses to sell things.  Chulu Ranch definitely looks  a lot better now, but it's hard not to feel disappointed by it. 我這一次發現了裡面有新的建築物, 你應該可以猜到蓋新建築物的理由就是賣東西.  現在的初鹿牧場比較好看, 可是我還是一樣對它感到失望.

Behind the buildings is a petting zoo.  Some of the animals here, like this donkey, look happy.  Other animals here look sad. 建築物另外一邊有一個動物園.  裡面有的動物像這隻驢子一樣看起來很開心, 有的卻看起來很悲傷.

The main view into the East Rift Valley.  Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens is down the road to the left. 花東縱谷的風景.  前面那條路往左邊就可以到原生植物園.

If you trace your way back down the hill, and follow the road to the botanical gardens even further down, you'll end up in Shanli, a small town in the middle of nowhere.  This picture was taken not far from where the Shanli Dump used to be.  Yes, as pretty as it is there used to be a dump in this area. 如果順著原路下坡, 順著植物園的那條路走, 你可以到山里, 一個小小的村莊.  這照片是在停用的山里垃圾掩埋場附近拍的.  你剛看的句子沒錯, 以前這個美麗的地區也有垃圾場.

The most famous thing in Shanli is the train station.  It's becoming increasingly popular with tourists. 山里最有名的景點就是火車站.  越來越多的遊客來這邊.

As you can see from the sign, Shanli is only 8 km from Taitung Station.  Feels a lot farther away though. 從照片中看出來, 山里台東車站只有八公里.  其實這裡感覺離台東市很遠.

This picture was taken from the viewing platform next to the train station.  I walked through the town and didn't see a single other soul there.  Maybe they were busy in their fields? 這張照片在車站旁邊的觀景台拍的.  我走進去村子裡, 但沒看到什麼人.  可能他們在自己的農田裡工作.

A local church.  Either local Christians built another one or they moved away long ago.  It's right up the hill from the train station. 當地的教堂.  當地的信徒蓋新的或搬走了吧.  從車站出來一下子就到了.

And this is "downtown" Chulu.  Besides Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens and Chulu Ranch, there's really not much to do around here. 這是初鹿市區.  除了原生應用植物園初鹿牧場之外, 這附近沒有什麼好玩的景點.

But I did want to mention the Palan (Archaeological) Site, which is just a bit southwest of here.  The site itself isn't exactly impressive, but it offers a nice, short hike with a good view if the weather's good.  When I was there last weekend the weather wasn't good, which is why there aren't any pictures of it here. 我也要提一下西南邊的巴蘭遺址.  這個遺址不是很壯觀, 可是天氣好的時候可以輕鬆地爬上去欣賞美麗的風景.  我上周末在那裏時天氣不好, 所以文章中沒有它的照片.

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*"Yuan Sen" is how they spell it.  In Chinese the name sounds more like "Yuan Sheng."  All other spellings used here follow those seen on local signs.

2019年12月11日 星期三

Social Studies 社會 4, First Semester 上, Unit 2-3 第二單元到第三單元

The Chinese text below was taken from the textbook published by Kang Shuan 康軒文教事業.  For the first unit of this book click here.  For other excerpts from other textbooks click here.

二 Two: 家鄉巡禮 Hometown Institutions

家鄉是先民辛苦建立的生活場所, 從他們居住的傳統住屋, 信仰中心的廟宇或教堂, 以及商品買賣的老街, 都可以認識先民的生活情形, 也可以了解到家鄉生活的特色. [Our] hometown is the place we live in, established through the hard work of [our] ancestors.  From their traditional houses, [their] temples and churches (places of worship), and from the old streets where goods were bought and sold, we can acquaint ourselves with the ways in which our ancestors lived.  We can also acquaint ourselves with the unique characteristics of hometown life.

1傳統住屋 Traditional Houses

原住民族的傳統住屋 Traditional Aboriginal Houses

為了方便取得材料, 並配合地形, 氣候等環境特色, 原住民族的傳統住屋發展出多樣化的建築形式與風格.  例如: 為了取材方便, 有的住屋會用石板, 竹子, 茅草等搭建; 為了躲避強風, 有的住屋形式比較低矮; 為了適應濕熱的天氣, 有的則是利用木頭把住屋架高. In accordance with available materials, [local] geography, weather and other environmental factors, traditional aboriginal houses have developed into several distinctive architectural forms.  For example: some aboriginal houses incorporate stone, bamboo or thatch [because] those materials were most easily acquired; some aboriginal houses are shorter to withstand strong winds; others are elevated on wooden stilts to accommodate humid weather.

漢人的傳統住屋 Traditional Chinese Houses

漢人的傳統住屋大多就地取材, 用竹子, 木頭, 土石或燒製的磚瓦來建造.  房屋會有不同的外形, 有的幾間連成一排, 稱為正身; 有的則在正身的一側或兩側加蓋護龍; 由正身和兩側護龍組成的建築, 稱為三合院. Most traditional Chinese houses were made with local materials such as bamboo, wood, stone or fired bricks.  Houses may come in different shapes.  [In some] several rooms are arranged in single file, and this is called a "Jeng Shen."  To this [central section] are added wings on either side, called "Hu Loong."  A "Jeng Shen" with "Hu Loong" on both sides is called a "San He Yuan" [or courtyard enclosed on three sides].

[In the book follows an interesting illustration of these houses and how the various spaces in and around them are traditionally used.]

傳統住屋的轉變 Changes to Traditional Houses

隨著工商業的發展, 生活方式的轉變, 及建築物材料的革新, 傳統住屋已經漸漸消失, 現代住屋的主要建築材料, 改為鋼筋混凝土, 住宅也大多改為樓房的形式.  有些留存的傳統住屋則改建為特色民宿, 餐廳等, 吸引遊客前往, 體驗傳統的生活. Alongside industrial development, people's lifestyles have also changed, and new construction materials are being used.  Traditional houses are slowly disappearing as reinforced concrete is used to build modern homes.  Single-family dwellings are also giving way to apartment buildings.  Some of the remaining traditional houses have been converted into homestays, restaurants and other things.  These [traditional houses] attract many tourists wishing to experience a more traditional way of life.

近年來, 政府和民間也積極推動傳統建築的維護, 例如: 設立原住民族文化園區, 保存, 維護原住民族的文化資產; 規劃文化聚落的護區, 使傳統聚落成為當地的觀光景點, 也為老建築找到了新生命. In recent years, the government and individuals have been working hard to preserve traditional buildings.  For example: aboriginal culture parks have been established to preserve and protect aboriginal tribes' cultural heritage; cultural preservation areas have been created, which bolster tourism through the preservation of local culture, thus giving old buildings a new lease on life.

2廟宇與老街 Temples and Old Streets

廟宇的功能 Uses of Temples

人們沒有辦法避免生老病死, 悲歡離合, 於是往往會興建廟宇, 祭拜神明, 以祈求平安, 獲得心靈安慰.  在家鄉廟宇裡供奉的神明, 最常見的有土地公和媽祖等神明. No one can avoid growing old, getting sick, dying or disappointment, so we often build temples to ask favor from the gods, request safe passage through life, and seek spiritual comfort.  Of all the gods worshiped in [our] hometowns, Tu Di Gong [the "Earth god" or "local diety"] and Matsu are the most often seen.*

廟宇不但是當地的信仰中心, 廟前廣場也是許多人休閒聚會, 欣賞表演和舉辦祭典的場所. Temples aren't only centers of spiritual worship.  The plazas in front of every temple are also used for recreational gatherings, performances and rituals.

家鄉中除了廟宇外, 也可以看到許多教堂.  教堂是信徒做禮拜及情感交流的地方. Aside from temples, [our] hometowns also have churches.  Churches are places where believers pray and share a sense of community.

老街的功能 Uses of Old Streets

由於廟宇附近人潮較多, 經常有許多商人, 小販聚集, 進行商品買賣, 因此較易形成市集或商店街.  這些早期的商店街, 部分演變為現在家鄉的老街. Temples are crowded places where businessmen congregate and merchants set up shop.  For this reason they are convenient places to set up markets or shopping streets.  Some of the early shopping streets have become old streets in modern hometowns.

老街是各種貨物頻繁進出的地方, 顧客往來不絕.  老街的店鋪通常位在道路兩旁, 店面朝向街道, 並設有騎樓, 供顧客, 行人遮陽避雨.  店鋪的後方, 則是商家起居作息的場所. Old streets are places where all manner of goods are bought and sold, and where customers come and go.  The shops on old streets are usually on either side of the road, the storefronts face the road, and there is a porch allowing customers to avoid the sun and rain.  The families of shop owners live behind their shops.**

廟宇與老街的新風貌 New Looks for Temples and Old Streets

到了現代, 廟宇和老街隨著時代的潮流, 產生新風貌.  廟宇的活動, 除了保存傳統的民俗曲藝外, 也加入新的做法, 促進當地觀光活動, 例如: 台南市鹿耳門的媽祖繞境活動, 每年都吸引各地信徒參加. Temples and old streets have kept pace with the times, and taken on new looks.  Temple festivals, aside from preserving traditional folk arts, also host events for tourists.  For example: every year the procession of the goddess Matsu at Tainan's Lu Er Men Temple attracts many believers from all over.

有些老街則經過改建和更新, 變成家鄉居民平日休閒購物的商店街; 有些則刻意保持原始風貌, 吸引遊客觀光, 成為家鄉重要的文化資產, 例如: 彰化縣鹿港鎮的鹿港老街, 將具有特色的古老建築, 規劃成觀光區, 並帶動糕餅, 香燭等傳統手工業, 為老街注入新生命. Some old streets have undergone renovation or restoration, and have become recreational shopping streets for local residents.  Some have retained their original appearance, and both attract tourists and remain important cultural relics for hometown [people].  For example: Chang Hua, Lu Gang Municipality's Lu Gang Old Street not only has historic buildings, but is also an important tourist district specializing in cookies, scented candles and other traditional businesses.  [In this way] an old street can have a new life.

學習加油站 Study "Gas Station"

如何進行觀察 How to Start an Investigation

小朋友, 想要進一步認識家鄉, 可以從觀察家鄉的廟宇或老街開始.  我們要如何進行觀察呢?  可以按照下列步驟學習. Children, if you want to take a step toward understanding your hometown, you can begin by investigating your hometown temple or old street.  How can we begin an investigation?

步驟1 Step 1: 列出觀察重點 List Investigation Points

列出觀察時需要注意或記錄的重點.  例如: 老街的建築特色, 居民的生活方式, 商家的種類等. List the goals of the investigation.  For example: special characteristics of old street buildings, local people's way of life, types of businesses, etc.

步驟2 Step 2: 事前的準備工作 Things to Prepare

1. 規劃當天的路線 Plan your route for the day.
2. 準備必要的觀察用品 Prepare items needed for your investigation.

步驟3 Step 3: 進行觀察 Begin Investigation

依照觀察紀錄表進行觀察活動.  如當場發現有趣或特殊的事物, 也可以記錄下來.  例如: 老街牆面的裝飾, 有的用花草, 有的用八仙的圖案. Follow your investigation worksheet while participating in the investigation activity.  If you run into any interesting or unique things during your investigation, you can also record them.  For example: some of the wall decorations on old streets depict plants and flowers, some depict fairies.***

步驟4 Step 4: 完成觀察紀錄表 Complete the Observation Worksheet

觀察結束後, 把觀察重點紀錄在觀察紀錄表內. After the observation has been concluded, record important points on the observation worksheet.

三 Three: 家鄉的生產方式 Hometown Production Methods

家鄉的居民, 為了維持生活的需要, 從事的生產活動多采多姿.  以下我們以水稻農業為例, 說明灌溉設施, 農具和肥料從早期到現代的轉變. In order to meet their daily needs, hometown residents engage in a variety of activities.  Below we use rice agriculture as an example, explaining changes in irrigation methods, farming implements and [the use of] fertilizers from early times to the present.

1灌溉設施與農具 Irrigation Facilities [Methods] and Farming Implements

傳統的水稻農業 Traditional Rice Agriculture

早期的家鄉, 是以種植水稻為主的農業社會.  為了農業的發展, 先民會興建池塘, 水圳等灌溉設施, 以獲得水源來灌溉農田. The earliest hometown societies were based upon rice agriculture.  As agriculture developed, our ancestors built ponds and canals to irrigate farmland.

從池塘水圳到抽水機 From Ponds and Canals to Water Pumps

後來由於部分農民在田邊鑿井, 利用抽水機抽取地下水灌溉, 使得農田的灌溉水源更加穩定, 對池塘或水圳的依賴也逐漸減少. Later on, some farmers dug wells next to their fields and used pumps to extract groundwater.  This was a more reliable source of water for irrigating fields, and reduced the need for ponds and canals.

隨著都市與工商業的發展, 傳統水稻農業逐漸沒落.  因此, 有些水圳變成附近工廠或住家排放汙水的溝渠; 有些池塘被填平當作建築用地; 有些則用來放養魚蝦或重新改造, 成為居民的垂釣, 遊憩的場所. With the industrial and commercial development of cities, traditional forms of rice agriculture slowly declined.  For this reason, some canals became channels for wastewater from factories or homes.  Some ponds were filled in for development, while others were used for aquaculture, or renovated for residents' fishing or other recreational needs.

從鋤頭到耕耘機 From Hoes to Tillers

早期家鄉的農民, 為了從事耕作, 會使用鋤頭, 犁, 秧盆等農具.  這些農具多依賴人力或牛隻來操作, 工作效率較低. Farmers in earlier times used implements such as hoes, plows and seed pots when farming.  These farming implements relied upon manpower or oxen.  Their effectiveness was low.

隨著科學技術的進步, 農民使用現代化農業機械來進行耕作.  由於這些農業機械只需少數人就可以操作, 工作效率較高, 也降低了對人力和牛隻的需求. Alongside technological innovations, farmers now use modern agricultural machinery.  This type of agricultural machinery can be operated by fewer people, its effectiveness is high, and it does not require manpower or the use of oxen.

2生生不息的土地 The Renewable Soil

堆肥是天然的有機肥料 Compost is an Natural, Organic Fertilizer

在傳統的農業社會裡, 農民為了維持土地的生產力, 會自製堆肥當成肥料.  堆肥的使用, 不但可以使土地生生不息, 也可以讓動植物的廢棄物回歸大地, 避免汙染環境. In a traditional agricultural society, farmers use compost to maintain the fertility of the land.  The use of compost not only regenerates the soil, but also returns plant and animal waste to the soil, thus eliminating pollution.

從堆肥到化學肥料 From Compost to Chemical Fertilizers

隨著科學技術的進步, 出現了化學肥料.  由於使用方便, 又能快速補充農作物需要的養分, 提高作物的產量, 農家就大量購買使用.  長期使用的結果, 不但使製作堆肥的原料變成廢棄物, 也使土壤受到不良的影響. Alongside technological development, chemical fertilizers have appeared.  Although [the use of these chemical fertilizers] is very convenient, farmers need to buy a lot of them.  Long-term use not only means that compost becomes a form of waste, but also that the soil is adversely affected.****

農業的新風貌 A New Kind of Farming

現代農民為了減少對化學肥料的依賴, 常會利用農作物採收後或休耕的期間, 種植波斯菊, 油菜等植物做成肥料, 提高土地的梅沃度. In order to lessen their dependence on chemical fertilizers, modern farmers often plant garden cosmos or rapeseed during fallow times.  These plants can also be used as fertilizer, and make the land more productive.

有些農民則捨棄農藥和化學肥料, 改採自然, 無毒的耕種方式發展有機農業, 不但滿足了現代人追求健康, 注重環保的需求, 更可以維護自然生態環境的平衡, 讓農業生產永續發展. Some farmers have given up the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers altogether, and have switched to natural, non-toxic farming methods as organic agriculture has expanded.  This not only satisfies modern people's desire for healthy [food] and [addresses their] concern for the environment, but also protects the ecological balance [necessary to] preserve that environment.  It also allows for the continued expansion of agriculture.

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***I used "fairies" for 八仙, even though the meaning isn't quite the same.  The 八仙 or "Ba Shian" are more literally the "Eight Immortals" from Chinese mythology.

****A prime example of this is the sugar apple or 釋迦.  They just don't get that big or that flavorful naturally.  Farmers need to dump A TON of chemicals into the soil, use lights to speed up the growing period, and the runoff from sugar apple orchards can be a major problem.