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Retrospective 懷舊的 1: Where is Taitung?

For the "Retrospective" entries I'll be revisiting posts from ten years ago.  The post referenced below is from 2009. 在這些 "懷舊的" 文章我再看十年前的文章.  下列的文章是2009年寫的.

The original version of "Where is Taitung?" is to be found in the Blog Archive 1 entry.  I've added comments below the italicized text. 原本的 "Where is Taitung?" 在Blog Archive 很久很久以前的文章 1的文章.  我在每一段下面加入新的意見.

"Taitung (which should probably be spelled "Taidong"), is on the southeast coast of Taiwan. Taitung is also a city and a county. Taitung County borders Hualien County to the north, and both Pingtung and Kaohsiung Counties to the west. The city of Taitung is on the coast, roughly halfway between the northern and southern borders of the county. "台東"這兩個字的官方英文拼法是Taitung, 可是我自己覺得Taidong這個字比較像中文的發音. 台東的位置在臺灣的東南部.通常提到 "台東"這個地方包括的是台東縣跟台東市,台東市正好在台東縣東海岸的中間. 台東縣北部接花蓮縣, 西部及南部則緊臨高雄縣和屏東縣."

Thoughts 意見: I used to be very opinionated on the "Taitung" vs. "Taidong" debate.  On the one hand 台東 sounds like "Taidong," but on the other "Taitung" is the spelling you see all over town and all over the internet.  These days I'm not that emotionally invested in the argument, but at the time it really bothered me. 我以前對Taitung vs. Taidong這個問題很有意見.  "台東" 這兩個字比較接近Taidong英文發音, 可是Taitung卻是路邊和網路上到處可見的拼法.  最近我對這件事比較沒有意見, 但我當時真的覺得這是個問題.

"The weather here is subtropical. It never snows, and from July to September the typhoons pass through the area. The typhoons invariably bring a lot of rain, though flooding is not generally as much of a problem near the ocean. 這邊的氣候屬於亞熱帶氣候不會下雪,每年的七月至九月是颱風季節. 颱風來時因為靠海所以風雨很大, 但是較少傳出水患."

Thoughts 意見: IS Taitung subtropical?  Some of the Social Studies textbooks describe it as tropical, so I'm not entirely sure.  I do know that the southern end of the county (particularly Da Wu) gets some of the hottest weather on the island, so the subject seems open to debate.  There's a definite change in weather as you approach Hualien.  For this reason "tropical" makes more sense to me. 台灣的氣候真是亞熱帶的嗎?  有的社會課本說台東的氣候是熱帶的, 所以我不曉得.  台東縣的南部 (特別是大武附近) 有全島最熱的天氣, 所以這件事不是很確定吧.  花蓮縣的氣候真的有差.  我想台東的氣候大概是熱帶的.

"There are about 230,000 people living in Taitung City. The only other "city" of any size is Cheng Gong to the north, and this city has less than half of the population of Taitung City. The rest of the county is sparsely populated. There are small fishing villages hugging the coast, and farming communities hidden away in the mountains. 台東市的人口差不多10萬人左右. 除了台東市以外, 台東縣最大城市是成功鎮, 它的人口數是台東市的一半,其餘的鄉鎮人口不多. 小小的魚港是台東海岸的特色之一, 而在山區的特色則是許多可愛的鄉村部落."*

Thoughts 意見: Pretty sure that number is/was wrong.  Google lists Taitung County's population as 224,500, and the County census for August 2019** lists it as 217,408, with 105,276 people in Taitung City.  As far as "city of any size" goes I'd also list Guanshan, north of Taitung City. 上面的數字大概錯了.  Google說台東縣的人數是224,500人.  縣政府人口統計說全縣人口是217,408, 台東市的人口是105,276. 除了台東市, 成功鎮之外, 北部的關山鎮人口也很多.

"Taitung boasts a higher-than-average aboriginal population. For those unfamiliar with patterns of migration to Taiwan, the island was originally settled by Austronesian peoples, coming up from islands farther south. These first settlers were in time displaced by later Chinese immigrants, who now form the majority in Taiwanese society. Despite the encroachment of Chinese culture and language, the aboriginal tribes still maintain a noticeable presence in this area. 台東的原住民人口較其他縣市多且居住密集. 他們的祖先是從臺灣以南的島嶼渡海而來的, 在漢人來台以前, 就已經成為這塊土地的保護者. 隨著臺灣漢文化跟語言的影響越來越大, 在這裡的原住民更是為保護自己的文化跟母語而努力."

Thoughts 意見: I still agree with all of that. 我還是同意這一段.

"There are really only two roads through the length of Taitung County. There is the mountain highway, starting in Hualien City and ending in Jer Ben, and there is the coastal road, running down (almost) the entire length of Taiwan. The mountain highway offers stunning views of farmland and mountain valleys, while the coastal road offers small fishing hamlets and spectacular panoramas of the Pacific Ocean. 台東縣的對外公路只有兩條.台 9線是從花蓮到知本, 台11線是從台北到大武. 走台9線的觀光客可以看山景, 走台11線的觀光客則可以欣賞古老的小村落跟美麗的太平洋."

Thoughts 意見: Driving to (or from) Hualien City?  Highway 9 is faster through Taitung, while Highway 11 is faster through Hualien.  Hualien's section of Highway 9 has a lot of lights, and Taitung's section of Highway 11 has a lot of speed cameras, and police officers lurking around corners.  Driving to (or from) Kaohsiung?  Highway 9 south of Taitung City is a mess right now, and even the parts that look finished are riddled with traffic lights and speed traps. 開車從台東到花蓮市或相反,  在台東走台9線比較快, 在花蓮走台11線比較快.  在花蓮, 台9線的紅綠燈比較多, 在台東, 台11線有很多照相機和躲在路邊的警察.  開車去高雄或從高雄來?  台東市以南的台9線路況很亂.  連完工的路段都有很多紅綠燈及測速照相機.

"Most of Taitung County is still very undeveloped. Those seeking the kind of urban amenities available in Taipei (bars, upscale restaurants, and of course department stores) will find little of that in Taitung. If, however, you are looking for a place to enjoy the scenery, you could do no better than this part of Taiwan. From feeding monkeys to rafting down the Shiogulan River, from surfing to hang gliding, there really is a lot to do here! 台東的海岸線未受都市文明侵襲,保持著自然風光 . 這邊沒有什麼大酒吧,高級餐廳,百貨公司,但是對於熱愛大自然的人來說,卻是一個不可多得的天堂, 從可愛的野生猴子到泛舟,從沖浪到滑翔翼,這個地方充滿了許多驚奇的戶外活動機會."

Thoughts 意見: The Shiou Gu Lan River is in Hualien!  The "urban amenities" have improved, and the hang gliding has been superseded by the hot air balloon festival. 秀姑蘭溪在花蓮.  花蓮都市發展顯著.  現在熱氣球活動比滑翔翼熱門.

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*The Chinese here is correct.  It states that Taitung City had about 100,000 people at the time.  Apparently I changed one and forgot to change the other.

**Other "fun" facts gleaned from this census: 1) There are about 6000 more men than women in the county.  2) About 79,000 people in the county are members of one or more aboriginal tribe.  3) The population of Taitung County has been decreasing steadily (100-200 people) every month.  4) For some inexplicable reason the total population decreased by 849 people in January.  5) An average of 117 babies were born each month, and an average of 204 people died each month.  6) The number of people moving here has experienced a slight increase, but the number of people moving away has exceeded those moving in during every month of the year.  7) The marriage/divorce ratio has held relatively steady, with the number of marriages each month being about double the number of divorces.