2019年6月25日 星期二

A List of Lists

Anyone else remember the world before the internet?  If you don't, I can assure you it was pretty much like the world of today.  Minus all the people staring at their phones.  If you don't believe me, go watch any movie from the 1980s.

Back in those pre-internet days we had sets of books called encyclopedias.  Inside these encyclopedias - or so we thought at the time - you could find anything and everything worth knowing.  And if the encyclopedias weren't enough we had almanacs.  And if the almanacs weren't enough we had dictionaries.  And if the dictionaries weren't enough we had thesauruses, or thesauri, or however you're supposed pluralize the word "thesaurus."  Oh, and look!  My computer's spellcheck has already told me which of those spellings is correct.

We also had books of lists.  My parents had a lot of these.  Even now I'm not exactly sure what their intended purpose was, but I suspect it had something to do with crossword puzzles.  These books were as their name suggested: lists of seemingly random things like "left-handed pitchers" or "cities that start with H" or "authors of banned books."  I never did find any real use for books of lists, but I enjoyed thumbing through them when I was little.

With this in mind I'd like to offer a few of my own lists, all about as random as you'd imagine.  You're welcome to read through them, though I doubt you'll find much use for the information.

Colors I Like

1. light green
2. gold
3. goldenrod
4. red
5. True Colors (the Cyndi Lauper song)

Colors I Don't Like

1. brown
2. Color Me Badd (the boy band)
3. gray
4. purple
5. Color of Night (a terrible movie starring Bruce Willis)

Movies I've Seen Recently

1. Annihilation (2018)
2. Blades of Glory (2007)
3. Quest for Fire (1981)
4. Chariots of Fire (1981)
5. Condorman (1981)
6. Possession (1981)
7. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
8. Inseminoid (1981)
9. Reds (1981)
10. A video of a woman taking a shit on a subway train in front of a crowd of horrified bystanders (Reddit, yesterday)

Movies I Haven't Seen Recently

1. Rocketman (kinda want to, might just wait for DVD)
2. Hellboy (wasn't interested)
3. Countless other movies I haven't heard of

States in the U.S. I've Visited

1. Washington
2. Oregon
3. California
4. Nevada
5. Idaho
6. Utah
7. Wyoming
8. Montana
9. Iowa
10. New Jersey
11. Alaska
12. Washington D.C. (not a state but whatever)

States in the U.S. I'd Like to Visit

1. Florida
2. Mississippi
3. Texas (mostly just Austin)
4. Massachussetts
5. Maine
6. Hawaii

States I Have No Desire to Visit

1. Oklahoma
2. North Dakota
3. South Dakota
4. Kansas

States I'm On the Fence About

1. Everything not listed above

Cities I Like

1. Seattle (my hometown)
2. Vancouver B.C.
3. San Francisco
4. Missoula
5. Salt Lake City (delightfully weird)
6. Osaka
7. Kyoto
8. Taipei
9. Tainan
10. Bangkok
11. Hanoi
12. Kuala Lumpur
13. Hong Kong

Cities I Hate

1. Seoul
2. Siem Reap
3. Pattaya
4. Sacramento
5. Boise
6. Vancouver WA
7. Portland OR
8. Pingtung City
9. Miaoli City
10. Singapore
11. Changhua City
12. Los Angeles
13. Denpasar

Superheroes That Are Cool

1. The Flash
2. The Hulk
3. Captain America
4. Dr. Manhattan
5. Iron Man
6. Thor (in the comics, not so much in the movies)
7. Batman
8. Wonder Woman
9. Spider-Woman
10. Magik

Superheroes That Are Dumb

1. Green Lantern
2. A lot of the lesser known X-Men
3. Robin
4. Captain Marvel
5. Doctor Fate (even if Keith Giffen's art is amazing)
6. The Elongated Man
7. She-Hulk (takes away Hulk's shine)
8. Firestorm (cool powers, stupid costume)
9. Starfox
10. The Falcon

Subjects I Have At Some Time Enjoyed Studying

1. math
2. programming
3. English
4. Chinese
5. history
6. anthropology
7. drama
8. logic
9. art
10. women

Subjects I've Never Enjoyed Studying

1. psychology
2. statistics
3. sociology
4. art history
5. Greek
6. woodworking
7. print production (a vanished discipline!)
8. metalworking
9. tennis (like to play, but the class I took sucked)
10. any Literature class taught by a teacher/professor with an unhealthy obsession with a certain author

My Favorite Holidays

1. Halloween
2. Chinese New Year
3. Christmas
4. Dragon Boat Festival
5. New Year's Day

My Least Favorite Holidays

1. Valentine's Day (pressure for those not in relationships)
2. Mother's Day (always a chore)
3. Father's Day (a non-event)
4. Tomb-Sweeping Festival (death!)
5. Billie Holiday (not a fan)

Bands I Like

1. Megadeth
2. High Tide
3. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
4. (The Crazy World of) Arthur Brown
5. Black Sabbath
6. Oingo Boingo
7. The Who
8. Jethro Tull
9. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
10. Meshuggah

Bands I Despise

1. rubber bands that get brittle with age and snap
2. Abba
3. anything with Bruce Springsteen
4. Pearl Jam
5. Creed
6. Limp Bizkit
7. Carly Simon
8. Madonna
9. Greta van Fleet
10. Manowar

Places I Like To Go

1. any pizza restaurant
2. Showtime movie theater
3. the Flowing Lake
4. the rooftop bar near Tiehua Village
5. Eslite bookstore
6. 7-11 or Family Mart if I can drink beer
7. the comic book rental place
8. friends' houses
9. the ocean
10. Taipei

Places I Hate Going

1. the post office
2. the bank
3. McDonald's
4. the tax office
5. Kaohsiung's industrial area
6. gas station bathrooms
7. parties where people I don't want to see are trying too hard to party
8. train stations (even though I like riding trains)
9. areas with too many tourists
10. art museums

Beers I Like

1. Taiwan beer
2. Bridgeport's IPA and Citra IPA
3. Ayinger (the blonde)
4. that purple Asahi I've only had a couple times
5. Dragontooth
6. Pyramid's Curveball IPA
7. Leffe
8. beers paid for by friends
9. beers friends let me buy them
10. all-you-can-drink beer at breweries

Beers I Don't Like

1. DeBeers (diamonds are EVIL)
2. any beer with coffee
3. fruit beers
4. Coors
5. Michelob
6. Killian's Irish Red
7. whatever that Spanish style beer is called
8. Go beer
9. San Miguel Lite (why bother?)
10. that pale lager from Hsinchu that smells like sweat

Stops on the Taipei MRT That are Fun

1. Taipei Main Station
2. Danshui (or however it's spelled)
3. Muzha Zoo
4. Hongshulin
5. Ximending
6. Taipei City Government
7. Nangang
8. Jungxiao Fuxing

Stops on the Taipei MRT That aren't Fun

1. any hospital stop
2. any school stop

Good Science Fiction Authors

1. Frank Herbert (half of his stuff is good)
2. Stanislaw Lem (sometimes pretentious)
3. Arthur C. Clarke
4. Philip K. Dick
5. Douglas Adams
6. Isaac Asimov (even if he wrote a lot of crap)
7. J.G. Ballard (really overlooked)
8. Jules Verne
9. Greg Egan
10. Theodore Sturgeon

Overrated Science Fiction Authors

1. Orson Scott Card
2. Ursula K. Leguin
3. Andre Norton
4. Marion Zimmer Bradley
5. Robert Heinlein
6. Kage Baker
7. Alastair Reynolds
8. Kevin J. Anderson
9. Brian Herbert (terrible)
10. Philip Jose Farmer

10 Yummy Foods

1. pizza
2. hamburgers
3. fried onion cake 蔥油餅
4. beef noodles
5. fried oysters
6. sushi, especially eel
7. French fries
8. dragonfruit
9. dumplings
10. sashimi

5 Foods I Don't Care For

1. bitter gourd 苦瓜
2. shrimp
3. steak (it's ok, but don't love it)
4. soupy foods on hot days
5. ostrich, especially when barbecued

Some Good Moments From My Life Prior to My Arrival in Taiwan

1. when my mom would let me skip school so she could take me to Toys R' Us
2. hours spent in video game arcades in the 80s
3. beating the shit out of that kid in the second grade
4. sex after I figured it out (definitely not the first time)
5. smoking weed and listening to either David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World or Miles Davis' Miles in the Sky
6. Driving from Seattle to Idaho, to Montana, to Idaho, to Nevada, to California, to Oregon and back to Seattle the first time
7. going to the bookstore in Astoria to buy comics with my grandma
8. visiting Wild Waves/Enchanted Village when I was little
9. reading good books
10. getting published the first time

Some Good Moments From My Life After Arriving in Taiwan

1. finishing my Chinese program at Tung Hai University
2. getting married
3. having kids
4. my first week living in Taitung
5. swimming in the Flowing Lake before they sectioned it off
6. taking my daughters to amusement parks when they were smaller
7. going to Thailand the second time
8. the two weeks (?) we spent in Malaysia and Singapore
9. getting an award from the County Magistrate (even if it was weird)
10. something I can never talk about because it will get me in a lot of trouble

Some Things I'd Rather Forget

1. getting a vasectomy (local anesthetic doesn't work well on me)
2. various arguments
3. when my parents disappeared from my high school graduation
4. Thai immigration authorities trying to refuse my wife entry back into Thailand
5. my first trip to Thailand
6. getting falsely accused of sexual harassment (even if they later apologized)
7. another thing I can't talk about because it will get someone else in a lot of trouble
8. finding that dead guy in California
9. a certain male friend of several years making a really awkward, pervy pass at me
10. that time in college when I though a girl was cheating on me (she was) and I almost drank myself into the emergency room

Books On My Desk

1. social studies textbooks for grades 3-6
2. a book for "train aficionados"
3. Dino on the Go! English textbooks for grades 3-6
4. Side by Side Activity Workbook 1

Other Stuff On My Desk

1. a metal car-shaped pencil box
2. a map of the Pacific Northwest
3. a cloth I bought in Kyoto
4. a mug with Taipei MRT stops on it
5. my iphone 5S
6. my hat, purchased at the National Museum of Prehistory
7. another mug of Kaohsiung's famous buildings with pens, scissors, a craft knife, a stapler and a ruler inside
8. a tape dispenser that's run out of tape
9. a desk calendar
10. this keyboard
11. my forearms
12. a monitor
13. a hard drive

A List of Things I Could Be Worrying About

1. death/mortality
2. the Trade War
3. Mainland Chinese designs on Taiwan
4. the next election in Taiwan
5. various social relationships

A List of Things I Could Be Happy About

1. I'm going to the States on Friday
2. the positive consequences of the Trade War
3. the fact that I have two more days of work
4. the fact that it's lunch time
5. various social relationships

Names of Cats I've Owned Which are Now Dead

1. Jessica
2. Marty
3. 大貓
4. Hurstwood
5. Oscar
6. Stripey
7. Muffin
8. (Christmas) Junior

Names of Cats I've Owned Which are Still Living

1. Jojo
2. Christmas
3. Smokey

Approximate Percentages

1. Percentage of "workday" spent fooling around with this entry: 80%
2. Percentage of life spent thinking sexual thoughts: 80%
3. Percentage of actual coffee in the coffee I'm drinking: 5%
4. Percentage of my life wasted on trivial matters: 99%
5. Percentage of a percentage of a percentage I won't tell you about: 4.5%

Clothes I've Owned

1. T-shirts
2. shorts
3. sandals
4. running shoes
5. socks
6. pants
7. a clip-on tie
8. dress shirts
9. hats
10 underwear
11. bicycle shoes
12. bicycle shorts
13. bicycle jerseys
14. head scarves
15. sunglasses
16. bicycle gloves (fingerless)
17. leather dress shoes
18. a raincoat
19. rain gear
20. swimming shorts

Animals Which You Probably Think of in Pairs

1. cats/dogs
2. mice/rats
3. birds/bees
4. Beatles/Monkees
5. tigers/lions
6. squid/octopi
7. Seahawks/Rams (if you follow the NFC)
8. snakes/lizards

DIY List:


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2019年6月24日 星期一

Hello, Taitung Persons 台東人妳們好 12

In the Hello, Taitung Person entries I'll be interviewing local residents.  They decide what kind of biographical information to include.  Some people are more private individuals, and I respect that.  Others are happy to make their presence known, and I respect that too.  在 "台東人你好" 這些文章中我會介紹當地的居民.  這些資訊是他們同意分享的.  有的人比較重視隱私,  有的人則開心地讓他人更認識自己.  我尊重這二者不同的做法.

All numbered questions were chosen randomly from a list of 32 questions.  下列編號的問題是隨機由四十一個問題中選出來的. 

The thoughts and opinions expressed below belong to the people offering them, and may not be shared by the person writing this blog.  下列是被訪問者的想法與意見, 與寫這個blog的我不一定一樣.

Chinese Names 中文名字: It's a secret! 這是秘密!
English Names 英文名字: Tina and Ruby
Employment 工作地點: Students 學生
Country of Origin 國家: Taiwan 中華民國
Age 年齡: 這是秘密! 12
Place of Residence in Taitung 住在台東地區: 台東市 Taitung City
Favorite Color 最喜歡的顏色: blue 藍色/ white 白色

1. Q: What do you usually do after school? 妳們放學之後通常做什麼?

Tina: I usually go to cram school after school.

Ruby: 我去安親班. I go to a study class.

2. Q: What time do you usually go to bed? 妳通常幾點去睡覺?

Tina: 10:30.

Ruby: 10:30 o'clock.

3. Q: What is special about Taitung?  Is Taitung special? 台東有什麼特別的地方?  台東很特別嗎?

Tina: 空氣很好.  大自然的地方有很多.  The air is very good.  There are many natural places.

Ruby: 那個... 沒有百貨公司, 但是空氣很好, 有很多自然景觀. That... there's no department store, but the air is very good, there are many nature spots.

4. Q: What are your thoughts on Taitung's environmental situation? 妳對台東的環境現況有意見嗎?

Tina: 沒有, 我覺得很好. I don't have any [thoughts], I think it's very good.

Ruby: 沒有. I don't have any.

5. Q: How would you like to see Taitung develop (or not develop) in the future? 妳對台東未來的發展有什麼看法?

Tina: 我覺得保持大自然的文化可以很好. 只是繼續保持. I think to preserve the natural culture is very good.  Just continue to preserve it.

Ruby: 以後不會被污染.  繼續保持台東本來的樣貌. No pollution after [in the future].  Continue to preserve Taitung's original appearance.

6. Q: Are Taiwanese parents overprotective?  Why or why not? 台灣家長對孩子過度保護嗎?  為什麼?

Tina: 我家有的人會, 有的人不會.  會的原因就是太愛我們了. In my family some people are and some people aren't.  The reason they do this is because they love us too much.

Ruby: 我們是不會過度保護, 只是民主. We can't be overprotective, it's just democracy.*

7. Q: How often have you visited Green and Orchid Islands?  Why? 妳去過綠島或蘭嶼幾次?  為什麼?

Tina: 我沒有去過. I haven't gone there.

Ruby: 我沒有去過. I haven't gone there.

8. Q: Are there any leisure activities you would love to do, but find too difficult here? 妳有沒有喜歡的休閒活動, 但在台東不方便進行的?

Tina: 都還好, 不會說不方便. It's ok, I can't say [leisure activities I like] aren't convenient.

Ruby: 沒有百貨公司可以逛... 是可以網購, 可是我媽說不定不會讓我買. There's not department store to stroll through... [you can] shop online, but it's not certain that my mom will let me buy anything.

9. Q: Which is better, Kaohsiung or Taipei?  Why? 高雄, 台北哪一個比較好?  為什麼?

Tina: 台北.  Because... 他們那邊交通很方便. Taipei.  Because... Getting around there is very convenient.

Ruby: 應該是高雄.  因為那裏相較台北品質會比較好.  那裏的百貨公司也很多.  空氣比台北好.  自然環境也比台北好很多. It's probably Kaohsiung.  Because it's better than Taipei.  There are also many department stores there.  The air is better than Taipei.  The natural environment is much better than Taipei's.**

10. Q: How could Taiwan improve its tourism industry? 台灣的觀光業哪裡需要改進?

Tina: 可能只是比較普通的地方吧, 因為那邊如果增添一些新東西, 然後我們比較會過去看. Maybe it's just a normal place, because if you add a few new things we will go there and see it more often.

Ruby: 就是應該是AI模擬. It's just an A.I. simulation.***

11. Q: What type of music do you wish Taiwanese people liked more? 妳想哪一種音樂在台灣會受大家的歡迎?

Tina: 溫柔的. Relaxing.

Ruby:動漫主題曲. Anime theme songs.

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Moving? 要不要搬家?

*Not sure what she means by this.

**Sounds ridiculous be she might have a point.  The eastern half of Kaohsiung City is still relatively undeveloped, and this area might be larger than natural areas found in Taipei City or New Taipei City.

***Not sure if they understood the question.  Maybe Ruby was joking?  Again, they're both 12.

2019年6月19日 星期三

What's NOT Going On In My City (Anymore) 我的城市不再有的事物

I've lived in Taitung City for 12 years.  Over these years the city has undergone some changes, though in a place this rural the changes are sometimes difficult to spot.  If I think hard, I can remember the way things were. 我住台東市十二年.  這十二年中, 這個城市經過些改變.  在這個鄉下地方有的改變看不出來, 如果我努力回想, 就能想起這些地方以前的樣子.

1. The area around the Showtime Multiplex/Tiehua Village/the Eslite Bookstore 秀泰影城 / 鐵花村 / 誠品書店的地區

I first visited Taitung City in 2000.  Back then the train ran straight into downtown.  There were cows grazing in fields near there.  There was a big bus depot not far away.  No big movie theater, no bookstore, and no Starbuck's Coffee.  When the train wasn't passing through it was dead quiet, and the only thing to do in that area was walk up Li Yu Mountain. 我是西元2000年時第一次來台東市.  那時候火車站在市區.  火車站附近的空地有牛, 公車站也在附近.  那時沒有影城, 沒有書店, 也沒有星巴克.  沒有火車經過的時候很安靜, 觀光客在這一區只有鯉魚山可以去.

2. The Naruwan Hotel 娜路彎大酒店

The Naruwan Hotel used to be a lot bigger deal than it is now.  Now it's just one hotel among many.  When I first moved here it was a local landmark, something people referenced a lot more.  The hotel's business seems to be thriving, but it's definitely not as "local" as it once was. 以前娜路彎大飯店比現在重要.  現在它只是很多飯店中的一間飯店而已.  我剛搬到台東的時候, 娜路彎就是一個地標, 很多人會用它介紹往其他地方的路線.  現在那間飯店的生意還是好好的, 可是它 "在地的"感覺慢慢消失了.

3. The Flowing Lake and the Forest Park 活水湖跟森林公園

When I first moved here no one cared about the Flowing Lake, and anyone who wanted to was free to swim to the other end.  No water slide, no zip line, and no one trying to develop/make money off the place.  It was great.  They also used to hold the dragon boat races there. 我剛搬到台東的時候, 沒有人管理活水湖.  大家都可以自由的游到另外一邊.  沒有水上滑梯, 沒有溜索, 也沒有人利用那個地方賺錢或提出什麼發展計畫.  那時候超讚的.  以前那裏也舉辦龍過舟比賽.

For that matter, the Forest Park was a lot prettier 10 years ago.  It was more natural, and less developed.  The County Government likes to blame a certain typhoon for the change, but in my opinion that area was never managed well.  Look down at it the next time you're passing over the Jung Hua Bridge, on your way into town.  If there's an activity there, you'll see that they're now using the grassy area as a parking lot. 再來, 十年前的森林公園比較漂亮.  比較自然, 較少人為的管理.  縣政府都說改變的原因是之前的莫拉克颱風災害, 可是我認為那個公園從來沒被管理好.  你下次經過中華橋往市區的時候, 看看橋下面,  那裏舉辦活動的時候大草原就變成一座停車場.

4. Restaurants 餐廳

There are certain restaurants that haven't stood the test of time.  Formaggio's Pizza, the Pirates burger place, the Taitung Subway, Pasadena, the aboriginal restaurant/bar next to the Taiping River, some brunch places, and so on.  Some of these places were convenient, some were good, and some were both. 有的餐廳已經倒了.  Formaggio's義式餐廳, 海盜漢堡餐廳, 台東的Subway, Pasadena, 太平溪岸的原住民餐廳跟酒吧, 一些早午餐店, 還有其他的餐廳.  這些餐廳中有的很方便, 有的好吃, 有的二者兼備.

5. Who's 胡酒吧

Back in the day Taitung had VERY few bars, and many of the bars were not places you'd want to find yourself at 2 a.m.  When I wanted to drink AND see other foreign people it was either Who's or the local convenience store.  I think I took Who's for granted when it was around, but I sometimes miss it now. 以前台東的酒吧不多, 而且有的酒吧不適合深夜的時候去.  我以前想跟外國朋友喝酒只有兩個選擇: 酒吧跟便利商店.  那家酒吧還在營業的時候我不常去, 可是我現在有時會想念那個地方.*

6. Traffic 塞車

There wasn't any.  Not if you go back a decade or so.  Now there is.  (Sigh) 以前沒有.  十年前沒有.  現在有.  好可惜...

7. Han Dan Festival 邯鄲夜

Has anyone else been to this lately?  It's a shadow of its former self.  It used to be EVERYWHERE, now you're not sure if it's actually going to happen, or when. 最近有人參加過這個活動嗎?  這個活動的現狀跟以前差很多.  以前到處都有, 都很明顯, 現在常常都不清楚會不會有或什麼時候有.

8. The area near the (newer) train station 台東車站附近

They moved the train station to a location near Beinan Mountain.  Back then there was NOTHING in that area, now it's full of homestays, hotels and convenience stores.  It's still not a place I'd hang out - although I do run through there once a week - but they seem to be making a lot of money off tourists. 火車站遷移到卑南山附近.  那時候新火車站附近真是沒有什麼東西, 現在那邊到處都有民宿, 飯店跟便利商店.  我不是很喜歡在那附近 - 除了一星期一次跑步經過- 附近似乎發了許多的觀光財.

9. Carrefour and the Sheraton 家樂福跟桂田喜來登酒店

Carrefour is a newer development.  When I first moved here we all went to RT Mart, sometimes just to visit the KFC and San Shang Chiao Fu beef noodles inside. 家樂福比較新.  我剛搬到台東的時候都去大潤發,  有時候目的只是裡面的肯德基或是三商巧福牛肉麵.

The Sheraton?  That building was empty for the longest time.  It was originally some kind of failed hotel project (I remember a dolphin theme), and the building wasn't remodeled until fairly recently. 桂田呢?  那棟大樓空了很久沒有主人.  他們原來的計畫是在那個地方開別的飯店 (我記得牆壁上有海豚), 近幾年才重新整修完成. 

10. Taitung University 台東大學

Taitung University has moved down to Jer Ben, which is, I believe, still inside Taitung City limits.  They still do... something at the old campus, though I'm not sure what that something is.  In some ways the downtown area was a lot more vibrant when all those college students were living and studying on the old campus, but I get why the university wanted to move south. 台東大學搬到知本.  知本好像還在台東市裡.  我不確定他們如何利用大學的舊校園, 但是舊校區還是使用中的.  我了解為什麼大學要搬到知本的原因, 可是當時那些大學生住在市區的時候比較熱鬧.

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*Kasa might have been around 10-12 years ago too, but it took me a while to discover Kasa, and when I finally did an experience I had there put me off it for some time.  Kasa is still around, but last time I went there the service was terrible.  I asked some foreign friends about it recently, and they all said they hadn't been there for a long time.

P.S. Honorable mentions!  I asked some of my coworkers about this topic and it turned into a raging discussion.  They came up with:

1. The Taiwan convenience stores that you used to see downtown.  I visited these a couple times, but don't remember much about them.

2. A few restaurants I'd never been to.

3. The old Da Tong Movie Theater, which I was never that fond of.

4. San Shang "Department Store," which used to be on Shin Sheng Road.

P.P.S. Also people, but that's a more personal thing.  Respect for, and fond memories of, V.P., D.K., and R.S., who are no longer with us.  Also best wishes to those who've moved away.

2019年6月17日 星期一

Social Studies 社會 3, First Semester 上, Unit 2-3 第二單元到第三單元

The Chinese text below was taken from the textbook published by Kang Shuan 康軒文教事業.  For the first unit of this book click here.

二: 家庭與倫理
Two: Family and Propriety

每個人都有親人, 和親人往來時要有適當的稱呼和問候.  當家庭組成發生變化時, 我們也要學習接納和珍惜.  平時和家人相處要遵守應有的倫理, 才能和家人維持良好的關係.  Everyone has loved ones.  When people are with their loved ones, they use the right titles and greet their loved ones appropriately.  When a family undergoes changes, we must learn to accept and value these changes.  For the most part, we must conform to the principles of our family unit in order to maintain good relationships with our family members.

第1課 Lesson 1: 親人的往來 Family Relationships

親人的稱呼 Family Titles

每個人都有親人, 爸爸的父母, 我們稱為爺爺和奶奶; 爸爸的兄弟, 我們稱為伯伯和叔叔; 爸爸的姊妹, 我們稱為姑姑.  媽媽的父母, 我們稱為外公和外婆; 媽媽的兄弟姊妹, 我們稱為舅舅和阿姨. Everyone has family members.  [Your] father's parents are referred to as "ye ye" and "nai nai."  [Your] father's brothers are referred to as "bo bo" and "shu shu."  [Your] father's sisters are referred to as "goo goo."  [Your] mother's parents are referred to as "wai gong" and "wai po."  [Your] mother's sisters and brothers are referred to as "jiou jiou" and "a yi."

正確稱呼親人, 是應有的禮貌, 可以使彼此相處得更融洽.  To refer to family members by their correct title is an important custom that helps everyone get along better.*

親人的往來 Family Relationships

親人之間的往來, 是我們日常生活中非常重要的一部份.  遇到喜事時, 可以彼此祝福; 碰到問題時, 也可以互相幫忙, 共度難關.  親人之間經常保持聯繫, 相互關心, 也能增進彼此的情感. The relations between family members are the most important part of our lives.  When good things happen, [family members] can celebrate together.  When problems are encountered, [family members] can help each other, and work to overcome difficulties.  Family members should stay in communication, and care about one another.  This can also improve the emotional ties between them. 

適當的稱呼 Correct Forms of Address

平時對鄰居或其他人, 我們也會借用對親人的稱呼來稱呼他們.  這些親切的稱呼和問候, 不但能夠表達對他們的尊敬, 也拉近了彼此的關係.  We often borrow the titles used for family members when greeting neighbors or other people.  These kind greetings and forms of address don't only represent our respect for these people, but also create a sense of togetherness.**

第2課 Lesson 2: 家庭的組成 The Composition of a Family

每一個家庭的組成成員並不完全相同.  例如: 有些人的家庭成員, 只有父母和子女; 有些人的家庭成員, 除了父母女外還包括了祖父母或外祖父母; 還有些人的家庭成員除了父母, 子女, 祖父母或外, 祖父母外, 還有其他親人. The composition of every family is different.  For example: the members of some families consist of only the parents and children; the members of other families consist of not only the parents and children, but also the paternal and maternal grandparents.  The members of other families consist of not only the parents, children, paternal and maternal grandparents, but also other family members.***

影響家庭成員產生變化的原因 Reasons for Changes in a Family

家庭的成員, 會因為出生, 死亡, 結婚, 離婚等因素而使得人數增加或減少, 也使家庭的組成產生變化. The number of family members can change due to births, deaths, marriages and divorces.  This can also bring changes to the family's composition.

當家庭的組成產生變化時, 有些人只能和爸爸或媽媽居住; 有些無法和爸爸, 媽媽住在一起的人, 則與爺爺, 奶奶或其他長輩住在一起.  也有些人因為失去家人, 而有其他家庭收養, 或住進育幼院. When the composition of a family undergoes changes, some people must live with their father or their mother.  Some people cannot live with their father or mother, but must go to live with their grandfather, grandmother, or other extended family members.  Some people who lose family members are raised by another family, or sent to live in an orphanage.

珍惜我們的家庭 Treasuring Our Family

不管我們的家庭成員有哪些人, 或產生哪些變化, 我們都要接納和愛護他們, 並且珍惜大家相處的時光. No matter who the members of our family are, or what changes our family undergoes, we must accept and support our family, and treasure our time together.

第3課 Lesson 3: 家庭倫理 Family Propriety

我們的社會一向重視家庭倫理.  家人相處, 要遵守應有的倫理, 才能維持良好的關係. Our society values family propriety.  When a family is together, [we] must observe certain norms in order to preserve good relationships.

孝道是美德 Filial Piety is a Virtue

在父母和子女的倫理關係中, 強調父母要愛護子女, 子女要孝敬父母.  我們常說: "百善孝為先", 從這句話可以知道, 孝敬父母和長輩, 是我們社會的美德.  到了現代, 我們表現孝道的方式, 也許和以前不同, 但是孝敬父母和長輩的心意卻都是一樣的. In the context of proper modes of behavior between parents and children, the important thing is that parents protect their children, and children respect their parents.  We often say: "Filial piety is the greatest virtue," and from this sentence we understand that deference towards our parents and extended family members is a virtue of our society.  In modern times our way of showing filial piety may differ from that of previous ages, but [the need to act in accordance] with the wishes of parents and extended family members is the same.

友愛兄弟姊妹 Caring for Brothers and Sisters

除了孝敬父母, 長輩外, 兄弟姊妹之間, 也要發揮友愛的精神.  雖然在日常生活中, 我們難免會和兄弟姊妹意見不同, 但是, 我們應該要彼此幫助, 相互照顧, 發揮兄姊愛護弟妹, 弟妹尊敬兄姊的精神. Aside from showing filial piety to parents and extended family, [we] should also care for our brothers and sisters.  Although we often disagree with our brothers and sisters over everyday affairs, we should help and care for each other.  Older brothers and sisters should protect their younger siblings, and younger siblings should respect their older brothers and sisters.

服務社會的行動 Helping the Community

我們還可以把孝敬父母, 尊敬長輩和友愛兄弟姊妹的心意, 再擴大到對其他有需要幫助的人.  這是一種愛心的表現, 更是服務社會的具體行動, 值得大家一起來實踐. We can extend both the filial piety reserved for parents and extended family and the mutual care between siblings to other people who need help.  This is a way of showing our love and improving our community, and it's also a goal that everyone should work toward.

三: 學習與成長
Three: Study and Growing Up

我們到學校的主要目的就是學習, 學校有許多課程和活動, 豐富我們的生活, 我們也要培養良好的學習態度和方法, 讓自己獲得更多知識, 在學習中成長. The goal of school is study.  School has many classes and activities which enrich our lives.  We also need to cultivate good study habits and good attitudes toward study.  This allows us to learn more and grow through study.

第1課 Lesson 1: 學習的方法 The Way to Study

學習的重要 The Importance of Study

學習是我們的權利, 也是我們來學校的主要目的.  在學校, 我們可以獲得許多知識, 培養各種能力, 也可以學習做人做事的道理. It is our right to study, and study is also the school's primary goal.  In school we can acquire a lot of knowledge, develop new skills, and learn how to be a better person.

隨著年級的升高, 學習內容更多, 範圍也更廣.  透過老師的教導, 讓我們增加各種知識和生活能力. As the years progress there is more to study, and a wider range of subjects.  [Our] teachers' instruction allows us to expand every type of knowledge, and improve every kind of practical skill.

良好的學習方法 A Good Way to Study

為了讓學習更有效率, 我們要懂得學習的方法.  無論學習哪些科目, 都要養成課前預習, 課後複習的習慣.  上課要專心聽老師講解, 遇到不明白的地方要勇於發問, 也可以利用下課時間請教同學, 和同學互相討論, 或回家詢問家長, 親友. In order to make study most effective, we need to understand how to study.  No matter the subject studied, [we] should always come to class prepared and review afterward.  During class [we] should pay attention to the teacher's explanations, and when [we] reach a part we don't understand we should be ready to ask questions.  [We] can also use break times to ask classmates, discuss things, or ask friends and family when we're at home.

主動解決學習問題 Being Proactive About Problem Solving

當我們碰到學習問題時, 可以主動利用圖書館, 電腦網路查詢資料, 也可以透過訪問他人, 實地調查或分組合作等方法來解決問題. When we encounter problems while studying we can take advantage of the library, [or use] the internet to look up information.  [We] can also ask other people, investigate things firsthand, or form a group to solve problems.

尊重別人的學習權利 Respecting Others' Right to Study

了解適當的學習方法, 養成良好的學習態度, 有助於我們的學習.  同時, 我們也要尊重別人的學習權利, 上課時遵守課堂秩序, 不影響他人, 讓大家都能擁有良好的學習環境. Understanding the right way to study and developing a good attitude toward study helps us study [better].  At the same time, we should also respect other people's right to study.  When in class we should follow [established] procedures and not bother other people.  This allows everyone to maintain a good environment for study.

學習加油站 "Study Gas Station"****

如何利用圖書館 How to Use the Library

當我們學習時碰到問題, 或需要蒐集資料時, 圖書館是我們的好幫手.  你知道如何快速找到自己需要的書籍嗎?  現在我們將告訴你簡單的步驟, 讓你學會利用圖書館! When we encounter problems while studying, or if we need to look for information, the library is our friend.  Do you know how to quickly find that book you've been searching for?  We'll now tell you how to do this in simple steps, so that you can learn how to use the library!

步驟1: 認識圖書分類 Step 1: Know the Types of Library Books

先找出自己想要查詢的書大概在哪一個類別的架上. First investigate what section [of the library] your book will probably be located in.

步驟2: 搜尋需要的書籍 Step 2: Look for the Books [You] Need

方法一 Method One

如果圖書館規模較小, 可依照分類直接到書架上尋找. If the library is smaller, you can directly go to that section and look.

小幫手: 如果你是想要搜尋某一類的資料, 用這個方法可以看到許多相關的書籍. Little Helper: If you are looking for a specific type of information, use this method to find many books on the same topic.

方法二 Method Two

利用圖書館的電腦查詢, 如果知道書名, 可以直接輸入書名尋找; 如果想查詢相關書籍, 可以多試試不同的關鍵字, 找出相關的資料. Use the library computers to search.  If you know the name of the book, you can enter it directly [into the computer].  If you want to search for books on the same topic, you can try out different search terms and find related information.

步驟3: 取出需要的書籍 Step 3: Check Out the Books [You] Need

找到書籍後, 可以在閱覽區閱讀, 或辦理借書手續帶回家參考. After you've found your book, you can read it in the reading area, or you can check it out and study it at home.

小幫手: 使用圖書館, 要遵守使用規則.  例如: 保持安靜不大聲喧嘩, 遵守借還書規定, 閱讀完的書籍要放在書車上或歸回原位等. Little Helper: When using the library, you need to observe the rules.  For example: maintain silence and don't talk loudly, follow the rules for checking out and returning books, and after you've finished reading a book place it on the trolley, or return it to its original place [on the shelves].

第2課 Lesson 2: 多元的學習 Many Ways of Learning

各種學習活動 Every Type of Academic Activity

在學校中, 除了課堂上的學習活動外, 參加合唱團, 田徑社等社團, 都能讓我們學到不同的知識與技能.  此外, 學校也經常舉辦各種活動, 像運動會, 校外教學等, 內容十分豐富.  透過這些活動, 我們可以學習跟同學, 老師合作和相處的道理. Aside from activities held inside the classroom, joining activities like the school choir or track and field club can help us gain new knowledge and skills.  Aside from this, schools normally host other activities like Sports Day and field trips which are very meaningful.  By joining these kinds of activities we can learn how to get along better with [our] classmates and teachers.

主動爭取學習機會 Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities

有時候, 我們還可以主動爭取老師和學校的支持, 到校外參觀展覽或邀請文化團體到學校表演等, 讓自己有更多的學習機會. Sometimes we can also find support from our teachers and school to visit exhibitions, or to invite cultural groups to perform in school.  [These types of activities] give us more opportunities for study.

善用課後時間 Using Time Outside Class Wisely

在課後時間, 我們可以閱讀課外讀物, 也可以走出戶外到圖書館, 國家公園, 植物園, 博物館, 古蹟等場所進行參觀或學習. After class we can study materials outside of the curriculum, and go outside [the class] to visit libraries, national parks, botanical gardens, museums, archaeological sites or other places to learn more.

不論是學校安排的課程或是課後自己主動的學習, 透過這些多元豐富的學習活動, 我們可以增加更多的知識, 培養各種能力, 獲得學習的樂趣, 豐富我們的生活. Regardless of whether it's a class assigned by the school, or something you study on your own, taking part in these kinds of worthwhile academic activities increases our knowledge, develops our skills, adds interest to [our]  studies, and makes our lives better.

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*This is only critical if you're part of a Chinese family.  If you have married into a Chinese family, use of these titles makes you look well-mannered and respectful.  Chinese people put a lot of stock into using the right title with the right person, and addressing Chinese people in the right way is extremely helpful in forming relationships with them.  It can also make you money.  It can also get you jobs.  It can open many doors.

This said, I often forget how to address certain in-laws.  If in doubt, you can always whisper a question into a friend's ear.

**Such as calling so-and-so "uncle," or so-and-so "auntie," that kind of thing.

***I wonder if they'll be modifying this section of every third grade social studies textbook now that gay marriage is legal in Taiwan.  I kind of doubt it, but you never know.

****This is kind of a play on words.  加油站 means "gas station," but to say 加油 is to offer encouragement.

2019年6月14日 星期五

Xia Bin Lang to Yan Tsao Jian 下賓朗到煙草間

Xia Bin Lang is a village at the north end of Taitung City's "green tunnel."  Almost everyone there is a member of the Beinan Tribe.  It's also located to the east of Highway 9, in Beinan Township. 下賓朗村位於台東市綠色隧道的北邊. 也是卑南鄉, 台9線的東邊. 大部分的村民是卑南族.  

This roadside altar is in Xia Bin Lang.  I assume most of the Beinan Tribe members there are Christian.  Their church was closed down - odd to see on a Sunday morning - but maybe there's another church in the area people go to. 這是下賓朗路邊的祭壇. 隔壁的教堂拜天早上關著門.  不知道為什麼.   我猜想這裡的大部分村民是基督教或天主教信徒.   可能社區裡還有其他的教堂.

Xia Bin Lang is fairly closed off from other communities.  You can get there from Highway 9, and there's another, smaller road that leads to it from Beinan Mountain, but aside from that it's somewhat insular. 下賓朗離其他社區比較遠.  你可以從台9線進來, 這裡也有可通往卑南山的農路.  這裡感覺很鄉下.

That's Beinan Mountain to the left.  A lot of sugar apple farming goes on up there.  To the right, outside the picture, is the "green tunnel." 左邊是卑南山.  很多人在那裏種釋迦.  照片右邊邊界外有綠色隧道.

Xia Bin Lang is not far from this intersection.  A lot of tour groups stop at the yellow and black building, but if I were you I wouldn't bother with it.  The Amis Tribe has better outlets in other places. 下賓朗在這個路口附近.  很多旅行團會在黑黃色的建築物裡停留, 可是我想不用去了, 阿美族有比較好的.

Further north is the Old Bin Lang Train Station, not far from Bin Lang Elementary School.  It's kind of cute, but not especially memorable. 比較北邊, 靠近賓朗國小有賓朗舊站.  它有點可愛, 可是不是很有趣.

This is the view in the other direction.  That road in the background is a weirder, more interesting alternative to Highway 9.  No idea what these stone things are. 往另外一邊看, 後面的那條路也可以走到台9線.  我不知道前面的石頭是什麼東西.

This is near the entrance to the Old Bin Lang Train Station.  I guess you could call this "downtown" Bin Lang, even though there's nothing for tourists in this area. 在賓朗舊站的入口附近.  這裡大概算賓朗的 "市區," 可是沒什麼好玩的景點.

This is further north, near that "weird road" mentioned above. 更北邊, 靠近上面介紹過的那條路.

One of thousands of sugar apple trees.  I have the feeling this is the best area for growing them. 釋迦樹超多.  我想這裏應該是最適合種釋迦的地方.

This canal (river?) feeds into the Taiping River further south.  On the other side of the canal the road leads deeper into the Coastal Mountain Range. 這個水溝 (小溪?) 流到南邊的太平溪.  水溝另外一邊的小路是往海岸山脈.

That little rivulet is all the water passing through here now, but when the typhoons arrive this will be a raging torrent of water.  The change can be scary. 現在溪的水很小, 可是颱風來的時候會變很多.  有時候很可怕.

This is from another road that goes all the way to Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens.  There were signs indicating an "ecological ranch" around here, but we couldn't find it. 這裡是往原生植物園的小路.  附近的路牌說有 "生態農莊," 可是我們找不到.

This picture was taken from the other side of the valley, near Dong Cheng Elementary.  There's a prison in this area, and also a few local attractions that are only worth visiting if you're really bored.  Nice view though. 這張照片是縱谷的另外一邊, 在東成國小附近拍的.  這個地區有監獄, 還有些你無聊時可以去的景點.  風景很不錯.

This was taken from the same spot, looking west into the Central Mountain Range.  Yes, more sugar apple trees.  Sugar apple = big money.  Some farmers in this area are surprisingly wealthy. 這張照片在同一個地方拍的, 看過去是中央山脈.  又是釋迦.  釋迦 = 賺大錢.  這個地區有的農夫很有錢.

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鐵道迷的第一本書 A Book for Train Aficionados 1
Ciaotou District 橋頭區, Kaohsiung City 高雄市

NOTE: Hey, what about this "Yan Tsao Jian" place in the title?  That's just where we turned the scooter around.  It really doesn't look like much.

2019年6月5日 星期三

Moving? 要不要搬家?

I've got a foreign friend who always talks about moving.  Maybe he's really going to do it.  Maybe it just makes him happy to talk about it.  I don't know. 我有一個一直討論搬家的外國朋友.  有可能他真是要搬家.  有可能討論這件事讓他舒服一點.  我不知道.

Sometimes he talks about moving up the coast, north of Taitung City.  "I want a house with a yard," he says, "I grew up having a yard, and I want my kid to have one, too." 他有時候說想搬去台東市北邊的東海岸.  他說想住在有院子的房子, 他小時候是在那種房子長大的,  他想要他的孩子也在那種房子長大.

Other times he talks about leaving the county altogether.  Hualien maybe, or even another country.  The Philippines?  Japan?  Back to the States?  I'm not always sure where he's talking about, or when he might move there.  When we have these conversations we're always a few beers in, and our opinions on various places tend to flit between the Rift Valley, Feng Bin in Hualien, and various other locations. 有時候他也會說要搬到別的縣市, 花蓮或是其他的國家.  菲律賓?  日本?  搬回去美國?  我不總是確定他講的是哪一個地方, 或是他什麼時候要搬家.  我們通常是在喝啤酒的時候討論搬家, 我們通常提到的地方是花東縱谷, 花蓮的豐濱和其他的地方.

Lately I've started to talk about moving too, though for different reasons.  With him it's frustration with work and the desire to live closer to surfing spots; with me it's my daughters, and where they might be in two years. 我最近也開始想"搬家"這件事, 可是我的原因不一樣.  他要搬家的原因除了因為工作不順利, 也是想靠近衝浪地點.  我的原因是我二個女兒未來二年可能會住在哪裡.

My older daughter is applying to Wen Dzao Foreign Language University in downtown Kaohsiung.  She wants to enter their Translation program.  My younger daughter wants to attend Tainan City Asia Senior Hospitality School, where she'll study cooking.  These two schools are within about an hour's drive of each other, with one located near the southern edge of downtown Tainan and the other located in the north end of downtown Kaohsiung. 我大女兒在申請高雄的文藻外語大學.  她想進翻譯系.  她的妹妹要念亞洲餐旅學烹飪.  這二所學校的距離大概一小時左右的車程.  一個在台南市區的南部, 另一個在高雄市區的北部.

All of which makes me think it might be better to move to either north Kaohsiung or south Tainan year after next.  My older daughter's 18 of course, so she's less of an issue, but I worry about my younger daughter going off to senior high on the other side of the island.  Wouldn't moving closer to her school be the responsible thing to do? 這件事讓我覺得下下學年的時候搬到高雄的北部或台南的南部可能比較好.  我大女兒已經18歲了, 所以比較沒有問題, 可是她妹妹自己一個人去西部念高中讓我很緊張.  我們搬到她學校附近是比較負責任的吧?

It wouldn't be forever, after all.  I'm thinking three years, and then maybe a move back to Taitung, where we already own an apartment.  Three years isn't that long when you think about it, and maybe a change of scenery, a different job, and new acquaintances would do me good.  Of course I'd miss Taitung, but I already know and like Tainan.  Maybe the relative "foreignness" of Tainan would outweigh the nostalgia I'd feel for Taitung. 反正不會永遠在那裏.  我想在那裏住三年之後搬回來台東.  我們已經在這裡有公寓.  三年沒那麼久, 也有可能新環境, 新工作, 新朋友會讓我的生活更有趣.  我當然會想念台東, 可是我已經喜歡也認識台南.  有可能台南的 "新鮮感" 不會讓我想台東太多了.

The last time I brought this up my friend just laughed at me.  "You're a 'Taitunger,'" he said, "You'll never leave this place." 我上次說出這種話的時候朋友笑我: "你是台東人, 你永遠不會離開這個地方."

And maybe he's right.  I can certainly think of worse fates than never leaving Taitung.  But I also don't think moving to south Tainan or north Kaohsiung would be the end of the world.  I could see myself getting along quite well there.  Of course I've never lived in that area, but I've visited it more times than I can remember. 也許他是對的.  我也覺得定居台東很好.  可是住台南或高雄也沒有什麼問題.  我應該會慢慢習慣那邊的生活方式.  雖然我沒住過這些地方, 可是我去過很多次.

We'll see.  For now it's just talk, but you never know how things go.  Maybe one day I'll be writing this blog from Tainan, while my friend is inhabiting a house (with a yard) in Hualien.  Or maybe I'll be the one in Hualien, and he'll have gone back to the States.  Or maybe we'll both be sitting at the same place - two years from now - talking about moving. 以後再說.  現在只是討論而已, 不知道結果會怎樣.  有可能到時候我在台南寫這個blog, 然後我朋友住在花蓮的有院子的房子裡.  或是我自己住花蓮, 然後他回去美國住了.  還是我們二年後還在同一個地方討論"搬家"這件事情.

Get back to me in 2021, and we'll see where we're all at. 2021年的時候再問我一次.  那時候才知道.

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