2019年5月3日 星期五

Hello, Taitung Person 台東人你好 10

In the Hello, Taitung Person entries I'll be interviewing local residents.  They decide what kind of biographical information to include.  Some people are more private individuals, and I respect that.  Others are happy to make their presence known, and I respect that too.  在 "台東人你好" 這些文章中我會介紹當地的居民.  這些資訊是他們同意分享的.  有的人比較重視隱私,  有的人則開心地讓他人更認識自己.  我尊重這二者不同的做法.

All numbered questions were chosen randomly from a list of 41 questions.  下列編號的問題是隨機由四十一個問題中選出來的. 

The thoughts and opinions expressed below belong to the person offering them, and may not be shared by the person writing this blog.  下列是被訪問者的想法與意見, 與寫這個blog的我不一定一樣.

Chinese Name 中文名字: It's a secret! 這是秘密!
English Name 英文名字: Alex Chou
Employment 工作地點: teacher 教師
Country of Origin 國家: Taiwan 中華民國
Age 年齡: 48歲
Place of Residence in Taitung 住在台東地區: Taitung City 台東市
Favorite Color 最喜歡的顏色: blue 藍色

1. Q: What is your favorite place in Taiwan to visit? 你最喜歡去台灣哪裡旅遊?

A: To visit... If it's a city, I would say Feng Jia Ye Shr [Fengjia Night Market].  If it's a natural place I would say... Wulai. 去玩的話... 如果是城市, 我選的是逢甲夜市.  如果是自然景點, 我選烏來.

2. Q: What do you like least about Taiwan? 你不喜歡台灣什麼?

A: Politics.  Too many fights.  Too many arguments.  Wastes too much time. 政治.  太多人打架.  太多人吵架.  浪費太多時間.

3. Q: What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you in Taiwan? 在台灣, 你有什麼最奇怪的經驗?

A: Strange...?  I can't remember anything.  I can't think of anything. 奇怪...?  我不記得這種事情, 我想沒有.

4. Q: Are you self-employed?  If not, would you like to be?  What kind of work? 你自己開業嗎?  如果不是, 你想要嗎?  哪一種工作?

A: So far, no.  But yeah, I would like to do something else when I'm retired.  Like a coffee shop.  Or a beautiful restaurant. 目前為止沒有.  可是我退休後想做不同的工作.  像開咖啡館, 或是開間美麗的餐廳.

5. Q: It's Friday night.  You're in Taipei.  You have 5000 NT to spend.  What do you do? 禮拜五晚上, 你在台北,  身上有五千元,  你會做什麼?

A: A fine restaurant.  Like a luxury restaurant with great food.  Michelin food if possible. 去高級餐廳.  有美食的豪華餐廳.  如果可以的話, 米其林的那種.

6. Q: How has your time in Taiwan caused you to think differently about other countries? 你在台灣的生活讓你對其他國家的生活方式有不同的看法?

A: Think differently?  I would say I really don't like the tradition in India.  The sexual inequality.  And disrespect to females. 不一樣的想法?  我會說我不喜歡印度的傳統,  性別不平等,  還有不尊重女人.*

7. Q: Where are you going after this interview? 這個訪問結束之後你要去哪裡?

A: I'm going to Taitung University English class.  Tonight.  I am a teacher. 我會去東大的英文課.  今天晚上我是老師.

8. Q: How could Taiwan's relationship with other countries be better? 台灣跟其他國家的關係如何更好?

A: Be better?  Um, only when you're separate, totally, from China.  Because China always tries to include Taiwan.  Other countries will not have to take a look at China before they do anything to Taiwan. 更好?  只有跟中國完全劃分清楚的時候.  因為中國每次說台灣是中國的一部分.  其他國家要跟台灣交流得先看中國的臉色.

9. Q: How many times have you visited Green and Orchid Islands? 你去過綠島和蘭嶼幾次?

A: Twice a year.  For Green Island, scuba diving or going with friends.  For Orchid Island mostly about visiting English schools. 綠島是一年兩次, 為了水肺潛水或是跟朋友一起去玩.  蘭嶼是為了參觀美語學校.**

10. Q: What do you think about the Cross-Strait situation, about Taiwan and China? 你對兩岸現況有什麼看法?  台灣與中國間的關係?

A: People in Taiwan are very confused about [whether to be] closer or farther away from China.  Because we need China, economically, sometimes for business, but but they try so hard to make it difficult for Taiwan to do anything.  Half of the people would love to be closer to China, half don't, which is a very sad or uncomfortable situation.  台灣人民對於靠攏中國或是離中國遠一點這件事很為難.  因為我們在商業經濟上需要中國, 可是他們一直打壓台灣.  親中與反對的人各一半.  這個現況很可惜, 也很不舒服.

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*The Chinese phrases are also variations on a theme of sexual inequality.

*Don't think he means "English schools" literally.  More like public school English programs.  I've never heard of any private English schools on Orchid Island.  They have a helluva time keeping public school teachers there.  If you sign a public school contract with the Taitung County Government you must agree to stay there 6 years.