2018年10月12日 星期五

What's Going On In My Apartment 我的公寓現在發生的事

Sorry, I can't bring myself to sort through the local news this week.  There's not much going on anyway.  Much of what little "news" there is has to do with local elections, and these kinds of news reports only serve as advertisements for local candidates.  很抱歉!  我最近不想看台東的新聞.  反正也沒有什麼重要的事發生.  地區新聞大部分都跟選舉有關, 有的反而比較像候選人的廣告.

晚上 5:21 p.m.

I'm sitting here typing this.  As I'm sitting here I'm thinking about what I should type and what I should not type.  I'm also thinking about work, and I'm also thinking about last week's entry in this blog.  People on Facebook liked it, though the group of random strangers on Reddit thought it was "stupid" or "wrong" without going on to explain why in any meaningful way.  Was what I wrote there really so offensive?  So misguided?  So ignorant of political realities?  Or is this just too sensitive a subject to talk about, given the thin-skinned "experts" on the topic?  我坐在這裡打電腦.  我坐這裡的時候想我要寫什麼和不要寫什麼.  我想著工作, 也想著上禮拜寫的文章.  臉書的讀者都喜歡, 可是在Reddit有一些不認識的讀者回應說那文章很笨, 或是錯的, 但沒有清楚的說出他們不喜歡的原因.  真是因為我寫的文章那麼可惡嗎?  那樣子寫真是錯了嗎?  我根本不知道台灣與大陸的關係嗎?  還是這種事情最好不要講, 因為 "網上的專家" 不會接受我的意見?

I know I shouldn't get too invested in online chatter (especially Reddit), and I'm probably being oversensitive because I haven't gotten enough sleep.  I woke up at 4 a.m. today to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Los Angeles Rams, and to make it even worse I wasn't able to sleep during my lunch break.  我知道不應該放太多心思在網路聊天上(特別是Reddit).  我有點難過的原因大概是沒睡好.  我今天早上四點起床收看西雅圖海鷹隊對洛杉磯公羊隊的美式足球賽.  更煩人的是中午休息的時間沒辦法睡午覺.

晚上 5:35 p.m.

My wife just walked in the door.  She gets off work in Guanshan at four in the afternoon on Mondays, and after that she rides her bicycle to the Guanshan Train Station.  From the Guanshan Train Station she takes the train back into Taitung City.  From the Taitung Train Station she rides a scooter back home.  我太太剛剛進來.  星期一的時候她從關山下午四點下班.  下班以後會騎單車到關山車站.  再從關山車站坐火車到台東市.  最後從台東火車站騎摩托車回到我們家.

Right now she's talking to some of our cats and boiling two packages of dumplings that we bought at Carrefour yesterday.  She just asked me what I was doing and I said "Typing."  她正在跟我們家的貓講話, 也在煮我們昨天在家樂福買的兩包水餃.  她剛剛問我在做什麼, 我回答 "打字."

晚上 5:43 p.m.

My older daughter has been home almost as long as I have.  She rides her bike home from her senior high school, and as I sit here typing she's in her room playing with her phone.  We keep asking her if she wants a new phone and she keeps saying "No."  我大女兒到家的時間跟我差不多.  她每天從高中騎她的單車回家.  我在這裡打電腦的時候, 她在自己的房間玩手機.  我們一直問她要不要買新手機, 她每次回答說: "不用."

I often worry about my older daughter.  She says she wants to find a full-time job this summer, and not bother with college.  She also says she wants to work in Taiwan, and that finding a job in Seattle doesn't appeal to her.  I think she's a very responsible girl, and she's worked jobs in Taiwan for a while already, but I worry that she's "settling" for a summer job in Taiwan because it's the easy choice, and because it's what she knows.  Time will tell.  我常擔心我的大女兒.  她說暑假要去找一份全職工作, 不要去大學念書.  她也說要在台灣上班, 她不想去西雅圖找工作.  我覺得她是一個很負責任的人, 也在台灣打過工, 可是我擔心她暑假留在台灣工作是因為她覺得這是最安全的選擇. 時候到了就知道了.

晚上 5:47 p.m.

My younger daughter is the last to arrive home.  The homeroom teacher of her junior high school class has been keeping the class later, so she doesn't get to leave until 5:30 or so.  My wife just asked her if she wants a fried onion cake with her dinner, or just dumplings.  My younger daughter replied that she only wants dumplings, but she wants twenty of them because she's really hungry.  She's just gone into her room, closed the door, and I have no idea what she's doing now.  Maybe her homework?  我的小女兒是最後到家的.  她國中導師最近讓他們留在學校越來越久, 所以她5:30左右放學.  我太太剛剛問她晚餐要不要吃蔥油餅, 或是餃子就好了.  女兒回答說餃子, 可是她要吃二十顆餃子, 因為她很餓.  她剛進去她的房間裡, 把門關上, 所以我現在不知道她在做什麼.  有可能她在寫她的功課.

晚上 5:51 p.m.

Our cat Jojo is lying in the hallway between the kitchen where my wife is cooking and the laundry basket.  She is watching me type this.  Her hippo doll is on the floor, in front of her, where she left it last night.  我們貓Jojo趟在走廊, 在廚房跟洗衣籃中間.  她在看著我打電腦.  她的河馬娃娃在她前面, 她昨天晚上就把它留在那裡了.

晚上 5:55 p.m.

I can't see our other cat Christmas from where I'm sitting.  I think she's in my older daughter's room.  My older daughter is by far her favorite person, and she likes my older daughter even more when she smells sweaty from school.  Christmas is a funny cat.  從我坐的地方看不到我們的貓Christmas.  我想她在我大女兒的房間.  我的大女兒是那隻貓最喜歡的人.  那隻貓特別喜歡她剛放學有汗臭味的時候.  Christmas是一隻滿好笑的貓.

晚上 5:57 p.m.

Our cat Muffin is sitting on the floor next to Jojo.  Muffin loves nothing more than to eat, and she's probably waiting for my younger daughter to feed her.  Feeding the cats is one of my younger daughter's chores.  我們的貓Muffin坐在Jojo的旁邊.  Muffin最喜歡吃飯, 她大概在等我的小女兒餵她.  餵貓是我小女兒的工作之一.

晚上 5:58 p.m.

Our cat Stripey is sitting behind the living room fan.  Stripey is the weirdest of our cats, and he has some kind of mouth infection that makes him drip saliva all over the floor.  We've taken Stripey to the vet several times, but the vet says there's nothing we can do about it.  我們的貓Stripey坐在電扇後面.  他是我們家最奇怪的貓.  因為嘴巴感染的問題, 他的口水一直滴到地上.  我們帶他去看過好幾次獸醫, 可是獸醫沒辦法治癒他.

晚上 6:01 p.m.

I can't see our cat Smokey either.  This is because she hides in one of our bedrooms, away from the other cats.  Our four other cats despise Smokey, and were I to leave the bedroom door open either Christmas or Jojo would go in there and torture her unmercifully.  Smokey is a sweet cat, but she only gets along with human beings.  我也看不到我們的貓Smokey.  因為她都躲在我們的臥室裡, 不想跟其他的貓在一起.  其他四隻都非常討厭Smokey.  如果我沒把臥室門關上的話, Christmas或是Jojo一定會毫不留情地追咬她.  Smokey很可愛黏人, 可是她只適合跟人類在一起.

晚上 6:05 p.m.

I'm on the deck watching the sun go down.  The construction guys stopped their work on the sidewalks for the night, though they'll be back at it tomorrow.  A few scooters drive by downstairs, and I can hear people cooking dinner on the floors below.  Our neighbor - the nice lady who works at Chu Lu Ranch - is at home, and through our open front door I can hear the weird taxi driver guy who lives down the hall.  我在陽台看日落.  樓下的人行道施工的工作人員決定天黑休息明天再來.  幾台摩托車經過大樓.  我也可以聽到樓下鄰居在煮飯.  在初鹿牧場上班的那位親切的鄰居小姐也在家.  從打開的前門可以聽到走廊另一頭的那個奇怪的計程車司機的聲音.

I'm on the roof.  On my way up the stairs I could hear the sound of the building's two elevators going up and down, the echo of my own footsteps, and cicadas chirping from various trees.  From the roof I can see the lights of downtown Taitung, Jer Ben, Beinan, Shr Chuan, Highway 11, and in the middle of downtown there's Li Yu Mountain, where there are no lights at all.  我在大樓屋頂上.  我走上樓梯的時候聽到大樓那兩座電梯往上往下的聲音, 我腳步的迴聲, 還有樹上的蟬聲.  從屋頂可以看到台東市區, 知本, 卑南, 石川, 和台11線的燈,  和城市中間有完全沒有燈的鯉魚山

晚上 6:13 p.m.

And now my younger daughter is talking about burning her fingers on a plate of dumplings.  My wife is telling her to turn on the fan.  They're all sitting behind me, it's time for dinner, and I should go eat.  現在我的小女兒說她的手指頭一碗餃子燙傷了.  我太太叫她開電扇.  他們坐在我後面, 晚餐的時間到了.  我要去吃飯了.

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