2021年11月15日 星期一

Places to Go in Pingtung That AREN'T in Kenting 墾丁之外的景點

For the sake of clarity I'm defining "Kenting" as Kenting National Park.  This national park stretches between Hengchun Municipality, Checheng Township and Manzhou Township.  It's a fun area to explore, but it's one of Taiwan's major tourist destinations and needs no introduction here. 在這個文章內 , "墾丁" 指的是墾丁國家公園墾丁國家公園位在恆春鎮 , 車城鄉滿州鄉中間 .  這個地區很好玩 , 它是台灣的旅遊勝地之一, 我不用在這裡對它多做介紹 .

What I wanted to talk about instead were other places in Pingtung County you might want to visit.  None of these places are as famous as Kenting of course, but they're all worth visiting if you have the time. 我想在這裡介紹的是屏東縣其他的景點 .  這些景點不像墾丁那麼有名 , 可是都跟墾丁一樣值得去 .

This is in Sandimen Township, at the north end of Pingtung County.  It's next to the Aboriginal Culture Park.  The view from the bridge is nice, and there are places selling coffee and snacks nearby. 這座吊橋在屏東縣北部的三地門鄉 , 在台灣原住民族文化園區旁邊 .  橋上的風景很美 ,附近還有人賣飲料和小吃 .

Dapeng Bay lies between Donggang Municipality and Linbian Township, not far from the industrial area in south Kaohsiung.  Does it deserve to be labeled a "national scenic area?"  Probably not, but if you're in the area it's a pleasant place to walk or bike around.  A road loops around the bay, and there's a fun little bar near the famous bridge. 大鵬灣東港鎮 和 林邊鄉中間 , 也靠近高雄南部的工業區 .  這裡值得成為國家風景區嗎 ?  好像不是 , 沿著海灣有一條路 , 在這裡散步或騎單車不錯.  著名的橋附近還有間可愛的酒吧 .

This is in Shrdze Township, near the tunnel that passes between Pingtung and Taitung counties.  It's a relatively undemanding walk to the end of the trail, and the view from the top, overlooking Shrdze and Fangshan townships, is worth the effort.  Just be sure you get there early.  It's much prettier in the morning. 雙流獅子鄉 , 靠近連接屏東縣台東縣的隧道 .  從雙流的步道終點可以看到獅子鄉 和 枋山鄉的美景, 步道也不難走,   早點去比較好 , 那是風景最美的時候 .

This trail starts in Fangliao Township and passes through Chunrh Township on its way to Taitung.  If you start from the trailhead in Chunrh (where most people start) it's a relatively easy hike, and the middle section is very scenic.  Those in better shape could start at Fangliao Fishing Port and walk ALL the way to Dawu Train Station in Taitung. 古道的起點在枋寮鄉 , 往台東的終點會經過春日鄉 .  大部分的人從春日鄉開始走 , 從春日台東的那一段沒有那麼累 , 風景也非常漂亮 .  很強的登山者可以從枋寮漁港走古道到台東縣大武車站 . *

Definitely one of the most scenic parts of Pingtung.  The Xuhai Pasture is near Xuhai Village in Mudan Township, on the east coast.  The pasture itself is quite small, but there's a nice trail which winds around the nearby hills.  It's a long drive from everywhere, but it's worth visiting. 絕對是屏東風景最好的景點之一 .  旭海草原位於 台灣東部的旭海村 , 靠近牡丹鄉 .  草原雖然小 , 可是附近山坡的步道很好走 .  這個景點離所有的地方都很遠 ,  但卻絕對值得去.

6. The Hakka Villages of Wanluan 萬巒的客家庄

Wanluan Township has a long history of settlement by Hakka people.  During the Ching (Qing) Dynasty this area was like Taiwan's version of the Old West, with Hakka settlers "going east" away from Hokkien-speaking communities.  I recommend starting from the "Pork Knuckle Street" and working your way east toward the mountains. 客家人開發萬巒鄉的歷史久遠 .  清朝的時候 , 這個地區有點像美國的 "舊西部 " , 因為客家移民"東移",離閩南村落越來越遠 .  我建議從豬腳街慢慢往山區走 . **

7. Pingtung's Mountainside Highway 沿山公路

This highway starts in Fangliao Township and goes through the eastern, more mountainous parts of Pingtung.  If you've got a car it's a pleasant drive, with views of mountains, pineapple fields and aboriginal villages along your route. 這條公路從枋寮鄉連到屏東東部的山區 .  在那段路開車很舒服 , 可以欣賞山景 , 鳳梨田 和 原住民部落 .

Yes, it's overrated, and yes, it's small, but Xiaoliuqiu is a convenient diving destination, and the views on the other side of the island, away Donggang, aren't bad.  Avoid this place on big holiday weekends. 真是被高估的景點 , 小 , 可是去小琉球潛水很方便 , 島上另外一邊(看不到東港)的風景不錯 .  連假周末最好不要去 .

I'm embarrassed to say that I've never been to Wutai, but I have friends who rave about it so here it is.  It's WAY up in the mountains, and should also be avoided on big holiday weekends. 我不好意思說我還沒有去過霧台 .  我有幾個朋友讚美這個景點 , 所以要在這裡介紹 .  它在山區"裡面" , 連假周末最好不要去 .***

This is also in Wanluan Township, not far from Taiwu.  It's one of Taiwan's most famous and most photogenic churches, and its unique history is well worth studying. 這個景點也在萬巒鄉 , 靠近泰武 .  這個聖殿是全台灣最有名 , 最好拍的教堂其中一個 .  它的歷史也很有趣 .

11. Weirder Destinations 更奇怪的景點

The above places not weird enough for you?  Below is a list of stranger places you could visit: 上面十個景點不夠奇怪嗎 ?  還有下列十個景點可以去 :

1. The Loongchuan Brewery in Neipu.  2. The Bada Forest Park in Chaozhou.  3. The Old Xiao Family Residence in Jiadong Township.  4. Fu-an Temple in Checheng Township.  5. York Stables in Checheng Township.  6. The A-Hou Fortified City East Gate in Pingtung City.  7. "The Banana Graduate School" in Jiouru Township.  8. The Lower Danshui River Iron Bridge in Pingtung City.  9. President Tsai's Ancestral Home in Fangshan Township.  10. The Liyu Mountain Mud Volcano in Xinyuan Township. 1. 內埔鄉的屏東龍泉觀光啤酒廠  2. 潮州鎮的8大森林樂園  3. 佳冬鄉的蕭家古厝  4. 車城鄉的福安宮  5. 車城鄉的悠客馬場  6. 屏東市的阿猴城東門  7. 九如鄉的香蕉研究所  8. 屏東市的下淡水溪鐵橋  9. 枋山鄉的蔡英文總統古厝  10. 新園鄉的鯉魚山泥火山

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*That's a hike not to be taken lightly, however.  It would be well over 21 K, and the hardest part would be the section below what's commonly known as the trailhead.

**There are some parallels with the Paiwan tribes once resident in the area too.  They once lived much further west, but were pushed east by both the Ching authorities and a wave of settlers following in their wake.  The Wanjin Catholic Church mentioned above also figures into this historical period, with worshipers coming from Hokken-speaking, Hakka-speaking and Paiwan-speaking groups.

***I've been really close though.  Last weekend I had lunch in Sandimen Village, twenty minutes down the road from there.  The traffic kept me from going further up.