2021年10月14日 星期四

Roaming Around Mudan Township 牡丹鄉遊記

Mudan Township is south of Shrdze.  According to the last census, 4,854 people live there. 牡丹鄉位於獅子南部 .  上次的人口統計顯示牡丹人口是4,854人 .

In my opinion the boundaries of Kenting National Park should be extended north to include Mudan.  I'm not sure how much doing so would help protect ecosystems there, but given Mudan's small population and large size, I can't see how extending national park boundaries to include Mudan would do any harm. 我認為墾丁國家公園的邊界應該北到牡丹, 我不知道這麼做對保護這個地區的生態系統有多少幫助 .  只是認為牡丹的人口不多 , 但土地面積廣大 , 讓這個鄉成為國家保護區應該比較好 .*

And in the Pingtung County Government's defense, they have made efforts to recognize and preserve some of the ecosystems there.  Mudan might be far, Mudan might be hard to get to, but parts of it are definitely worth preserving. 屏東縣政府宣稱他們在保護生態系統上做了許多的努力 .  牡丹可能遠 , 也可能不容易到牡丹 , 可是這個地區的生態系統值得被好好的保護 .

This photo was taken on Highway 199, not far from Taitung.  That's the Pacific Ocean in the distance. 這張照片是在199省道拍的 , 靠近台東的那一段 .  背景是太平 .

Same road, but a little closer to Dongyuan Village. 同一條路, 比較靠近東源 .

Just north of Kuqi Lake.  This place offers coffee and tours of its gardens.  The man selling tickets, an ex-priest who's spent decades in the area, knows a lot about Mudan. 哭泣湖北部 .  這裡是咖啡館 , 也可以參觀植物園 .  賣票的工作人員是這附近退休的牧師 ,  他非常了解這地區 .

In the gardens north of the lake. 湖北部的花園 .

Near the lakeshore.  On the hill there's a stone house that's locally famous. 靠近湖岸 .  山坡上的石頭屋也是景點 .

South of Dongyuan Village is the Dongyuan Pasture.  It looks pretty from the small parking lot next to the road, but the trail through it is somewhat disappointing.  Someone cut down a bunch of trees on top of the hill to the right, and there is other evidence of "development" in this area. 東源村南部有東源草原 .  從路邊的停車場看進去風景不錯 , 可是步道上的風景沒那麼好 .  有人把照片右邊山坡上的樹砍掉 , 附近也有其他正在開發的地方 .

From Dongyuan Village there's a road east, to the village of Xuhai on the Pacific Ocean.  From Xuhai we drove a bit north to the Xuhai Pasture, where this photo was taken.從東源村有條路往東部走 , 接到太平洋上的旭海 .  我們從旭海到北部的旭海草原 .  這張照片是在那邊拍的 .

From Xuhai another road extends south to Manzhou.  I really wanted to take pictures of the military fortifications around here, but it's illegal to do so. 旭海南部還有一條路通到滿州 .  我很想拍照, 可是在軍事基地拍照是違法的 .

It's a very peaceful place.  It should be noted, however, that many fishermen go missing in this area.  Storms can appear very suddenly. 這是個很平靜的地方 .  但是風可能會突然變強,有些漁民在這裡的海上消失 . 

Back in Xuhai we had lunch at this restaurant, located next to the Xuhai Hot Springs.  I thought it was very good.  I'd eat there again in a second. 我們回去旭海這家餐廳吃午餐 .  它位於旭海溫泉旁邊 .  我覺得很不錯 , 很想再去一次 .

Following the road from Xuhai west leads you through several Paiwan villages to the Mudan Reservoir.  The reservoir is very full now thanks to recent typhoons. 從旭海開往西岸會經過幾個排灣部落到牡丹水庫 .  最近颱風多, 所以水庫滿滿的 .

The village around the reservoir isn't especially interesting, and the dam itself is only worth walking around when the weather is cool. 水庫附近的部落不是很有趣 .  天氣比較涼快的時候才值得走進去水庫的遊客中心 .

These guys, to be found on the bridge across from the dam, are really bringing home the bacon. 這兩個男人在水庫對面的橋上 .  他們正努力的把晚餐帶回家 .

Further down the road, closer to Checheng, is the site of the historic Mudan Incident.  These two, holding the "celebration cups," are among my favorite bits of statuary there. 繼續往下走就到牡丹事件古戰場 .  這兩個人一起喝酒的雕像是我最喜歡的雕像的其中之一 .

On the Sse Chong Xi River, where 199 takes you into Checheng.  The famous hot springs are just down the road, and beyond the hot springs is Highway 26. 這是199省道旁邊的四重溪 , 往車城的方向 .  直走到溫泉區 , 溫泉區另外一邊是台26線 .

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*Most people living in this area would not agree with this opinion.  They of course have their own opinions about who should own the land and how much of it they should own.  That's a big, complicated historical argument I couldn't do justice to here.