2020年10月22日 星期四

Pingtung in the News 屏東的新聞 (Central 中) 1

There are 29 townships, 3 municipalities and one city in Pingtung County.  It's exhausting to include news from every township, municipality and Pingtung City every time, so what I'll do instead is include news items from eleven different townships or municipalities in each entry.  This way I should be able to work my way through Pingtung County every three entries. 屏東縣包含了29個鄉, 3個鎮還有屏東市.  每次討論所有鄉鎮的新聞太累了, 所以我會每次討論11個鄉鎮的報告.  這樣子我每三篇新聞文章就會涵蓋到全縣內鄉鎮的新聞.

1. Majia Township 瑪家鄉

Two illegal houses were demolished in Majia Township.  The houses had a great significance for the local Rukai community, and aboriginal residents there showed up to protest the demolition.  Police removed several protesters from the scene, and one protester even attempted to set himself on fire. 屏東禮納里違建順利折除  20多抗議族人被抬離2人激動送醫

I'm still not sure what the "Slow City Alliance" does exactly, but the Majia Township Magistrate joined their yearly meeting. 台灣慢城聯盟年會  竹田 , 瑪家力拚入列

400 archers convened in Majia Township for a traditional archery competition. 400名射手集合  瑪家鄉傳統弓箭全國邀請賽今熱鬧登場

2. Wandan Township 萬丹鄉

Villagers in Wandan are protesting a proposed duck farm.  The proposed duck farm would exceed regulations pertaining to the size of such facilities and the number of ducks one can raise there.  A local representative stated that the duck farm hasn't been approved yet. 萬丹抗議建養鴨場  屏縣府 : 尚未核准

There are a lot of construction projects underway in Pingtung, most of which have to do with improving the local water supply.  These construction projects often result in traffic delays, and Wandan residents are blaming these delays on a lack of oversight with regard to the many companies in charge of these projects. 萬丹自來水埋管封路不斷  民眾抱怨施工草率

Wandan's Red Bean Festival was cancelled recently.  The Township Office claims this festival was cancelled to prevent the possible spread of COVID, but many suspect corruption is to blame. 防疫 ? 涉弊 ? 萬丹紅豆節今年停辦 (1)

3. Wanluan Township 萬巒鄉

Cheng De Community in Wanluan will be selling beauty products made from lemons. 香檬美麗變身  屏縣萬巒鄉成德社區發表農村保養品 (2)

Wanluan's Cocoa Bean Festival and Pig Feet Festival will be held this weekend. 萬巒好吃又好玩  24日可可節 , 豬腳節 (3)

A woman in Wanluan reached the age of 105.  Her relatives are encouraging her to take it easy. 萬巒105歲瑞賴李賢妹  四代同堂享天倫

4. Taiwu Township 泰武鄉

Traditional Paiwan carvings were displayed in Kaohsiung recently, and residents of Taiwu Township were in attendance there. 作能量原源不斷  屏東俖排灣  "原雕之美" 在駁二亮相 (3部影片)

The Pingtung County Government's Bureau of Cultural Affairs organizes many activities for tourists each year.  One such activity introduced tourists to historic churches along Pingtung's scenic Mountainside Highway.  One of the churches visited was a church in Taiwu Township. 社造走讀 "心" 體驗  感受專屬屏東的文化魅力 (4)

This news goes all the way back to August.  A rockslide blocked County Road 106 through Taiwu Township.  This is not surprising given its location. 巨石坍塌導致泰武鄉道路中斷  道路封鎖中

5. Chaojhou Municipality 潮州鎮

Chaojhou is getting A LOT of money to build an international-grade ice rink there.  They hope to host international competitions in the venue.  Who thought this was a good use of public funds? 斥資3.7億於屏東潮州打造國際賽事規格滑輪流冰場 (5)

Construction of the ice rink has already commenced to the west of Chaojhou's Exercise Park.  Long ago a lot of old military equipment was installed in that area, and local officials are hoping the new ice rink will draw tourists to the military equipment on display there. 國際級流冰場今動工  一旁退役軍備仍在潮州公園生鏽斑駁

Banners designed by the Chaojhou Municipality Office for Double Ten Day caught the eye of both locals and visitors during the holiday.  The Municipality Office will donate these banners to people for use as souvenirs. 國慶旗幟太漂亮  潮州鎮公所邀民眾捐款收藏

6. Xinyuan Township 新園鄉

Pingtung has been experiencing a water shortage for a while now.  Xinyuan recently went without water for a day. 屏東沿海新園鄉以南今夜停水1天  近6萬戶受影響

About a month ago the Xinyuan Township Office paid its respects to officers serving in that area. 屏東縣新園鄉公所敬軍  慰訪駐軍官兵

A fire broke out on the bed of the Kaoping River between Linyuan District in Kaohsiung City and Xinyuan Township in Pingtung County.  The area is near a protected black-faced spoonbill habitat. 高屏溪河床火警燃燒達百公尺  黑面琵鷺棲地無損

7. Kanding Township 崁頂鄉

A farmer in Kanding won first place in a national rice competition, and was even crowned "Rice King." 2020年度台灣好米米王  屏東崁頂鄉顏仙水奪冠

A truck struck a height restriction pole beneath a bridge in Kanding.  The driver had a lot of trouble getting assistance afterward, primarily due to the remoteness of the location. 悲催小貨車  撞斷偏僻路段 "限高架" 動彈不得一下午 (6)

A temple in Kanding had many leaves and twigs to dispose of after regular groundskeeping.  Previously the local government had collected the leaves and twigs without charge, but this year it demanded a fee for the service.  A local resident suggested that those responsible might be discriminating against the temple because it is a Taoist temple, and not a Buddhist one.  The local authorities denied this, claiming fees are imposed only when yard waste exceeds a certain amount. 清運樹枝要不要收費 ?  清潔隊 : 關鍵在數量

8. Laiyi Township 來義鄉

A man drowned while rivertracing in Laiyi.  He was later discovered in the pool beneath the Longxue Waterfall. 屏東來義鄉龍穴瀑布溯溪意外  一人溺斃

Aboriginal residents of Laiyi raised Taiwan's national flag during the Double Ten holiday, and reminisced over their time in the military. 來義南和軍人  "茁壯團隊" 發起國慶升旗遊行族人超感動

Chang Geng Hospital in Kaohsiung opened a special outpatient clinic in Laiyi to combat hepatitis C. 屏東來義鄉抗C肝  高雄長庚進駐開特別門診

9. Donggang Municipality 東港鎮

Jinsha Municipality in Jinmen and Donggang Municipality have been "sister townships" for 46 years.  A delegation from Donggang Municipality recently visited Jinsha to reaffirm this relationship. 姊妹鄉鎮締結46年  東港來訪金沙

A "famous tourist" parked his car in a private underground parking lot in Donggang, and was threatened with an iron rod.  Local police were called in, and they later stated that all such altercations will be investigated, and offenders will be prosecuted when necessary. 遊東港愛車暫停宮廟私地  取車驚見宮主持鐵棍厲聲斥責

The mayor of Donggang Municipality recently paid a visit to locally stationed Air Force personnel to thank them for both their service and for assistance with disaster relief during typhoons.  東港鎮秋節敬軍  慰訪屏東駐軍

10. Nanjhou Township 南州鄉

The Huashan Foundation recently held an activity at Tong An Elementary which brought local teachers and students in contact with the elderly. 守護天使大募集  南州鄉700師生銅板傳愛心 (7)

Water was also (suddenly) in short supply in Nanjhou Township, with some residents accusing the water utility of mismanagement. 無預警停水逾50小時  台水惹民怨

Here's an article introducing the stinky tofu sold in front of a temple in Nanjhou. 排隊也要吃 !  南州代天府廟口 "2人氣小吃"  金黃臭豆腐超酥脆

11. Xinpi Township 新埤鄉

There was a singing competition held in a temple in Xinpi.  屏東新埤鄉萬安慈善宮以歌會友  美聲歡樂落幕

A senior citizen's home was recently opened in Xinpi.  Over 22% of the people in that township are over age 65. 在地安老屏東新埤中心啟用  一國中學區一日照

Several professors, as part of a program to help revitalize the local economy, visited Nanjhou and Xinpi townships in an effort to help farmers promote local agricultural products. 正修USR助新埤小農  推廣紅龍果  蓮霧在地果產

Related Entries 相關的文章:

1. Wandan is famous for its red bean cookies/cakes (紅豆餅).

2. They also make lemon tea in this community.  It's not bad.

3. It should be stated that the newfound emphasis on crops like lemons and red beans is part of the Pingtung County Government's attempt to get local farmers to stop growing betel nut.  It's not just a public health issue, betel nut trees have shallow roots and contribute to erosion.

4. The Pingtung County government has been trying to promote these churches as tourist attractions for a while.

5. I'm not saying anything untoward is going on, but building an ice rink sounds like a great way to funnel public funds away from the municipal government.  Who in Chaojhou would have any idea how much an "international-grade ice rink" is supposed to cost?  Or what materials and equipment should be used?  If you had a mind to charge $100 for a screw, it wouldn't be too hard to do so.

6. I can believe it.  There sure isn't much going on in Kanding.

7. I've attended a couple of these activities already.  There are many of them held in Pingtung County, which makes sense given declining birth rates and a rapidly aging population.  Sometimes they're good; sometimes they're incredibly fake.