2020年10月17日 星期六

If 如果

If I wasn't working right now I'd be at home, watching a movie.  I'd probably be watching a Bollywood movie, because I haven't seen a Bollywood movie in a while.  Bollywood movies can be fun if you're in the right mood. 現在沒上班的時間, 我會在家看影片.  因為很久沒看印度片了, 我目前大概看的是印度片 .  在特定的心情下, 其實印度片很有趣.

If I wasn't working tomorrow I'd be having a beer after work today.  As it is I DO have work tomorrow, so no beer for me! 如果我明天不用上班, 我今天晚上會喝啤酒.  可是我明天要上班, 所以不行.

If I didn't have work next week I'd be planning a trip to another part of Taiwan.  Maybe Taichung?  Jiayi? 如果我下禮拜不用上班, 我會考慮去外縣市玩.  可能是台中, 或是嘉義.

If Chinese New Year vacation was coming I'd be thinking about how to keep myself busy.  Too much unstructured time makes me depressed. 如果快放寒假了, 我會開始想我放假的時候要做什麼.  無所事事太久, 我的心情會變得很糟.

If COVID wasn't a thing I'd be thinking about going back to the States this summer.  Next year my sister will be having her first child, and I'd love to be there after that happens.  Unfortunately two weeks' quarantine after returning to Taiwan makes a trip back virtually impossible. 如果新冠肺炎不嚴重的話, 我會考慮這個暑假回去美國. 我妹妹快要生產了, 我想回去看看家人和她的寶寶, 可惜回來台灣之後要進行兩個禮拜的隔離, 所以應該沒辦法.

If Biden wins the election I'm going to be worried for Taiwan.  If Trump wins the election I'm going to be worried for the U.S.  I'm not sure which of the two candidates I dislike more.  If you ask me today I'll say Trump, but my answer might be different tomorrow. 美國大選到來, 如果拜登被選上, 我會擔心台灣的未來.  如果川普被選上, 我會擔心美國的未來.  我真不知道我比較不喜歡哪位候選人.  如果你今天問我, 我會回答川普, 可是明天有可能會回答拜登.

If the weather turns colder I'll be happy.  If it stays hot I'll be sad.  I'm tired of the heat. 如果天氣變冷點, 我會很開心.  如果繼續熱下去, 我會失望.  我對這麼長時間的熱氣厭煩了.

If work keeps going the way it's been going I'll be fine.  I've almost been here two months, and after the Reader's Theater competition and the sports days my job should be much easier. 如果我的工作繼續順利地進行, 未來也不會有問題.  我在這裡上班快兩個月了, 等到讀者劇場比賽跟兩所學校運動會過後, 我的工作一定會更順利.

If I finish typing (and translating) this by Friday, you'll be reading it on Monday.  But only if you happen upon this post that day.  And if you feel like reading it.  And if you're not too busy with your own job. 如果我禮拜五前把這文章寫完 (還有翻譯完) 的話, 你下禮拜一就可以看到.  如果你那一天注意到, 並且想讀.  如果你那一天不忙.

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