2020年4月24日 星期五

Retrospective 懷舊的 8: May五月 2010年

The May 2010 entries are to be found in the Blog Archive 5 entry. 你可以在Blog Archive 5裡找到2010年五月的文章.

1. Taitung City 台東市

In the original entry I talked about places in Taitung City I liked at the time.  These places were the Li Ji "Badlands," the National Museum of Prehistory, the Jerben Forest Recreation Area, the Forest Park and Fugang Harbor.  This list seems a bit odd to me now, but keep in mind there was a lot less to do in Taitung ten years ago. 在原本的文章中, 我提到自己喜歡去台東市區哪些地方, 包含了利吉惡地, 國立史前博物館, 知本森林遊樂區, 森林公園和富岡漁港.  我現在覺得這個清單有點奇怪, 但是十年前的台東真是沒有多少景點.

Do I still enjoy these places now?  Yes and no.  I ride my bike around Li Ji fairly often, so it's a solid yes on that one.  I haven't been to the Prehistory Museum in ages, so that's probably a no.  The Jerben Forest Recreation Area is still a good place for a walk, but it's far from my house and it wouldn't be my first choice.  The Forest Park?  That place is depressing now.  After all the typhoons and "management" that place has withstood it really isn't much of a forest now.  These days it's more of an overgrown garden which the local government is trying to milk for all it's worth.  They even charge people to swim there now.  Lame. 我還喜歡這些地方嗎?  有的喜歡, 有的不喜歡.  我常騎單車去利吉, 還是很喜歡這地方.  但我很久沒去史前博物館了, 所以談不上喜歡.  知本森林遊樂區是個散步的好地點, 可是離我家很遠, 不是我的第一選擇.  森林公園呢?  那個地方讓我覺得很失望.  經過幾個颱風和 "管理" 之後, 森林公園沒有什麼森林.  現在那個地方比較像政府用來賺錢的植物園.  在那邊游泳也要買票!  真爛!

Not sure what I was thinking with Fugang.  Maybe I didn't have a car back then? 我不知道當時為什麼寫上富岡漁港.  可能是我那時候沒有車.

2. Comic Books 漫畫書

In the original entry I wrote about American and Japanese comic books, and how moving to Taiwan made me appreciate Japanese comic books more.  Do I still read comic books?  Once in a while.  Not that often. 我在原本的文章討論了美國日本的漫畫書, 及我搬到台灣之後比較喜歡日本漫畫的原因.  我還看漫畫書嗎?  偶而會.

Still waiting on that Flash movie.  With the coronavirus it's been pushed still further into the future.  The guy who's supposed to star in this movie was filmed choking someone recently, and while I dislike Hollywood witch hunts I wouldn't mind if the role was recast.  As far as I know, the guy who directed It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two is still set to direct. 我還在等閃電俠的電影.  新冠病毒之後要等更久了.  最近這部電影主角被拍到掐人脖子.  我不喜歡美國好萊塢渲染這件事, 但我也不反對這部電影換主角.  ""第一章跟第二章的導演仍舊是閃電俠的導演.

3. First Impression 第一印象

10 years ago then, 20 years ago now.  In the original entry I talked about my impressions of Taiwan during my first weeks here.  Looking back on this in 2020, I can only wonder what 25 year old me would make of 45 year old me.  Of course I am MUCH handsomer now, and much more charming. 那時候的十年前, 也就是現在的二十年前.  原本文章中我談到剛到台灣幾個禮拜的印象.  2020年再看原本的文章, 我猜想二十五歲的我對四十五歲的我會有什麼印象.  當然, 我現在比較帥, 比較有吸引力.

But instead of dwelling on my handsomeness and charm, let's pretend that 25 year old me and 45 year old me are having a conversation.  25 year old me is at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 1999, and 45 year old me is sitting in this office in 2020. 不再考慮我的帥氣跟吸引人的特色.  我們來假裝二十五歲的我跟四十五歲的我在講話.  二十五歲的我在1999年的西雅圖機場, 四十五歲的我在2020年的辦公室.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: Will I be OK? 我不會碰到問題吧?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: Yeah dude, you'll be fine.  You know you worry too much, right?  You always do.  I guess it's in our nature. 不會啦.  你是不是多想了?你不會有問題的.  你總是擔心太多.  這應該是我們的個性.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: What's the weather like over there? 那邊的天氣如何?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: Well, you're going to Taichung in the summer so it's going to be hot.  You also packed the wrong kind of clothes.  The good thing is it's 1999 where you are, so the air pollution won't be so bad yet. 你夏天的時候要去台中, 所以會很熱.  你帶的衣服也不適合.  還好你到時是1999年, 所以空氣汙染沒那麼嚴重.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: Is it really like the travel video I watched in the library? 台灣真的是像我在圖書館看的旅遊錄影帶介紹嗎?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: No, not really.  Most of those mountain views and waterfalls are on the other side of the island.  That temple you thought was so cool?  It's in Taroko National Park, in Hualien.  After arriving you'll think it looks a little like California, but no, it doesn't look much like California. 不盡然.  影片中的山跟瀑布在本島的另外一邊.  影片中很酷的那座廟在花蓮太魯閣國家公園裡面.  剛到台灣的時候會覺得這裡有點像加州, 可是實際上不怎麼像.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: Am I making a terrible mistake? 我在做一個很糟糕的決定嗎?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: No dude, you'll be fine.  The job you're taking over here isn't 100% legal, but the people running the school will treat you well.  The first place you live won't be awesome, but you'll find a better place later on. 朋友, 不是這樣子.  雖然你在台灣的那份新工作不是完全合法, 可是學校的老闆和主管會好好照顧你.  你剛到台灣時住的公寓不會很好, 可是之後會找到比較好的.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: What will I like about Taiwan?  What will I hate about it? 我會喜歡台灣哪一點?  我會討厭台灣哪一點?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: What you like about Taiwan will change over time.  In the beginning you'll think every other women is beautiful, and you'll love the temples.  Over time you'll appreciate subtler things, like how loyal many of your Taiwanese friends are, and bits of local history.  You'll get very lonely toward your first Christmas, but you'll have a very beautiful girlfriend to help you forget how much you miss your family.  Oh, and do yourself a favor.  When you first visit Fengjia Night Market don't eat the chicken hearts.  They'll make you very, very ill. 你喜歡台灣的原因會慢慢改變.  一開始你會覺得大多數的女人都很美, 也會對廟宇很有興趣.  過一段時間你會欣賞比較內在的東西, 例如台灣朋友的忠誠跟當地歷史.  接近聖誕節的時候你會想念家人, 可是那時候會有一位漂亮的台灣女朋友幫你減輕思念.  還有一件事要注意.  去逢甲夜市時不要吃雞心.  會嚴重拉肚子.

Me at 25 二十五歲的我: My flight is boarding!  Talk later? 我該登機了!  晚點再聊?

Me at 45 四十五歲的我: Sure.  Let's meet up in 20 years. 好.  二十年後見!

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