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Around Dulan 在都蘭附近

Dulan is about twenty minutes north of Taitung City, in Dong He Township.  It's an area popular with backpackers, and I've even heard it referred to as "Taitung's Westerntown" (i.e. "reverse Chinatown").  With such fame comes a variety of opinions.  Some people love it, others are on the fence about it, and some people - for whatever reason - despise it. 位於東河鄉都蘭台東市二十分鐘.  這個地方很受背包客的歡迎.  我也聽其他人叫都蘭 "台東的西洋城" (相反的中國城).  那麼有名的地方, 當然很多人有不同的看法.  有的人喜愛, 有的人覺得還好, 有的人因為很多不同的原因很討厭都蘭.

If you want my opinion, it's alright.  I've had some good nights in Dulan, and I sometimes go there to eat pizza.  I don't go up there often, but I do go. 我的看法呢?  我覺得還好.  我曾在都蘭玩得很開心, 有時候也會去那裏吃披薩.  我不常去那裏, 只是偶爾去.

Most people visiting Dulan are obliged to visit the sugar factory.  Many local events are held there, there are some businesses to the right and left of the main building, and there's a bar/music venue next to the smokestack. 來玩都蘭的人一定會去參觀糖廠.  當地的活動常在這裡舉辦, 糖廠二邊有些商店, 還有一間酒吧在煙囪旁邊.

Once upon a time you could go into the factory and inspect all the dusty machinery inside.  They've since fenced it off. 很久以前人們可以進去糖廠看那些舊機器.  現在那個部分已經被圍起來了.

Highway 11 through Dulan.  On weekends you'll see a lot of foreign tourists walking up and down this stretch of road.  In the summer you'll also see a lot of sunburns. 經過都蘭台11線.  周末的時候可以看到很多觀光客在這條路上走來走去.  夏天的時候更可以看到很多曬紅的人.

For me one of the strangest things about Dulan is the lack of variety when it comes to restaurants.  You'd think with all the tourist traffic there's be more places to eat there. 我想都蘭最奇怪的部分就是餐廳不多.  觀光客很多, 可是餐廳的選擇很少.

The Dulan river, just north of town. 小鎮北邊的都蘭溪.

From the same spot, in the other direction.  There's an Indian curry place on the hill above the bridge.  I used to love that restaurant. 在同一個地方往另外一邊看.  山坡上有一家印度咖哩餐廳.  我以前很喜歡在那裏吃飯.

Dulan's most famous souvenir.  I've never understood why tourists like these so much. 都蘭最有名的紀念品.  我不了解觀光客怎麼那麼喜歡這種書包.

East of Highway 11 is the beach.  It's not an awesome beach - no white sand to be found there - but it's well visited. 台11線東邊的海灘.  這個海灘不是白沙, 也不是令人驚豔的那種, 可是還是很受歡迎.

A lot of people surf - or at least try to surf - on this beach.  There are much better beaches in other parts of the county, but this beach is one of the most accessible. 很多人到這個海灘衝浪或試著衝浪.  縣內有比較好的海灘, 只是這裡比較容易到達.

...and of course for every beach in Taiwan there's a sign like this.  "The deep water is dangerous, please don't play in the water."  To be fair, it can be dangerous, but nature is always dangerous for those who aren't careful around it. 當然, 台灣的每座海灘都有這種牌子.  "水深危險請勿戲水."  去海邊戲水有危險沒錯, 可是大自然對任何不注意安全的人來說都很危險.

I never noticed this walkway before.  Judging by the plants it doesn't get used much. 我以前沒看過這條步道.  看步道上的雜草就知道沒有很多人使用它.

I took these pictures on New Year's Day.  Most of the tourists, exhausted by a night of partying, had already left the area. 這些照片都是元旦的時候拍的.  大部分前一天晚上喝醉的觀光客都已經離開了.

It's weird how little developed this stretch of coastline is.  Maybe that's for the best? 這一段海岸線的發展不多.  也許這樣是最好的吧?

From Highway 11 there's a road leading to the Moonlight Inn, another famous local attraction.  Before arriving at the Moonlight Inn you'll find the Dulan Archaeological Site. 從台11線有條路往知名的景點: 月光小棧.  到月光小棧前, 這條路會經過都蘭遺址.

This thing, "the Sarcophagus," is the most interesting part.  The rest of it just looks like rocks, all barely distinguishable from other rocks in the area. 岩棺區是最特別的部分.  其他的部分都很像普通的石頭.

The view from the top of the hill.  Those buildings to the right, just before the ocean, are downtown Dulan. 山坡上的美景.  右邊, 靠近海的建築物就是都蘭市區.

The Moonlight Inn.  It's a good place to have coffee if the sun's out.  It also has its share of history, which is explained both inside and outside the building. 月光小棧.  晴天時在這裡喝咖啡不錯.  這個地點也有自己的歷史,  在房子外面和裡面都有解說牌介紹.

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