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What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 6

For those less familiar with Taiwan, the "big" cities are divided into districts (區), and the counties are divided into cities (市), townships (鄉), and municipalities (鎮).  給對台灣比較不熟悉的讀者: 大城市 (高雄, 台南, 台中, 新竹, 基隆, 嘉義, 台北, 跟新北市) 以下劃分為"區", 縣 (城市外的地方)則由市, 鄉, 鎮組成.

1. Da Ren Township 達仁鄉公所

No recent news out of Da Ren.  最近沒有達仁的新聞.

2. Da Wu Township 大武鄉公所

A concert held in conjunction with Taitung's hot air balloon festival took place in Da Wu's Seashore Park on the last day of August.  This concert was set to take place much earlier, but was postponed due to typhoons.  八月的最後一天, 大武海濱公園終於舉辦了台東熱氣球嘉年華的音樂會.  因為颱風的關係, 這場音樂會已經被延期兩次.

Police in Da Wu are using a new type of device to catch those driving over the speed limit. 大武警察分局開始使用最新型的雷達測速儀器.

3. Jin Feng Township 金峰鄉公所

The Taitung County Government is working to improve tourism and goods produced in Jin Feng Township.  As part of this effort they've placed a display on the top floor of the TT Style Innovation Hall.*  I went by there last weekend, and they were giving away locally-produced beers if you "liked" them on Facebook. 台東縣政府正努力推展金峰鄉的旅遊跟在地產品.  為了這個目的, 縣府在TT Style文創館展覽介紹金鋒鄉.  我上周末去過.  在臉書按讚就可以得到一瓶當地特產啤酒.

A local man was taking endangered plants from Jin Feng and other areas and selling them online.  He was recently apprehended.  一個男子盜採金峰等山區的稀有瀕危植物, 並且在網路販售.  他最近落網了.

4. Tai Ma Li Township 太麻里鄉公所

Not really news, but here's an article about Duo Liang, a big tourist draw in Tai Ma Li. 不算新聞, 可是這個部落格有些多良的照片.

5. Orchid Island Township 蘭嶼鄉公所

With Typhoon Ling Ling approaching, the East Coast Navigation Center announced that ferries to and from Green and Orchid Islands would be running for half a day during September 3.  隨著颱風玲玲的接近, 東部航務公告九月三日往返綠島與蘭嶼的船只營運上半天.

6. Green Island Township 綠島鄉公所

Ferry service to Green Island was suspended after Typhoon Bai Lu (White Deer) blew a lot of driftwood into Fu Gang Port. 颱風白鹿把漂流木吹進富岡漁港之後, 往綠島的船都停班.

The Green Island marathon is on 9/29.  Too late to register, but there's always next year. 九月二十九日綠島馬拉松已截止報名, 但是明年還會再辦.

7. Taitung City 台東市公所

Trees along Ss Chuan Road are suffocating.  The company in charge of improving the road covered the base of the trees with cement, and as a result the Taitung City Mayor is asking that the trees be replanted.  四川路上的一些樹沒辦法呼吸.  原本負責施工的公司把水泥鋪蓋在那些樹的根部.  台東市長要求改善挖除.

Amis tribal members from 22 different villages recently joined together for a dance celebrating their harvest festival in Taitung's Seashore Park.**  最近在台東市海濱公園舉辦22部落的阿美族聯合豐年祭.

More talk about turning on the garbage incinerator.  But before they turn it back on (?) they need to spend a lot of money to fix it.  又是在談焚化爐這件事.  如果真是要重啟的話, 要先花錢整修.

8. Beinan Township 卑南鄉公所

The Aboriginal Tribal Cultural Development Center has created a new dance interpretation of a Beinan tribal legend. 原民會原住民族文化發展中心發表新樂舞Kasavakan.  是以台東卑南族建和部落傳說故事改編.

A coffin fell on the road in Beinan and the police are trying to find out who it belongs to.  在卑南有一副棺材掉落路邊, 警察在找遺失者.

Jer Ben will host a "Forest Challenge Race" on 9/21.  Too late to sign up, but maybe keep it in mind for next year.  九月二十一日知本舉辦 "森林鐵腿人" 比賽已截止報名, 請留意明年的比賽資訊.

9. Dong He Township 東河鄉公所

No recent news out of Dong He.  最近沒有東河的新聞.

10. Cheng Gong Municipality 成功鎮公所

No recent news out of Cheng Gong.  最近沒有成功的新聞.

11. Chang Bin Township 長濱鄉公所

There was an earthquake off the coast of Taitung.  This earthquake was strongest off the coast of Chang Bin Township and Cheng Gong Municipality.  台東外海發生地震.  最大震度在成功的長濱鄉.

12. Lu Ye Township 鹿野鄉公所

No recent news out of Lu Ye.  最近沒有鹿野的新聞.

13. Yan Ping Township 延平鄉公所

No recent news out of Yan Ping.  最近沒有延平的新聞.

14. Guanshan Municipality 關山鎮公所

As a way of increasing safety in tourist spots, the Guanshan Precinct has set up "mobile police stations" around Guanshan and Chr Shang.  These mobile police stations are staffed by both police officers and volunteers.  為了加強大家的安全, 關山警分局在關山, 池上景區設置 "機動派出所."  除了警察之外, 機動派出所還有志工來服務.

15. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉公所

A baby Formosan black bear was discovered in Hai Duan about a month ago.  Under the Forest Management Bureau's care it has put on a lot of weight.  一個月前在海端發現了一隻幼台灣黑熊.  林管處照養之後, 那隻小熊胖了許多.

16. Chr Shang Township 池上鄉公所

No recent news out of Chr Shang.  最近沒有池上的新聞.***

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NOTE: For the purposes of these entries "recent" news means news within a two week period..

*The TT what?  The building made of containers, between the Starbucks and the Showtime Movie Theater.

**Also sometimes referred to as the "Makapahay Park."  The local government really needs to make up its mind about that name.

***There were actually a couple "news" items about Chr Shang, but they were so dumb I decided not to include them.