2019年6月5日 星期三

Moving? 要不要搬家?

I've got a foreign friend who always talks about moving.  Maybe he's really going to do it.  Maybe it just makes him happy to talk about it.  I don't know. 我有一個一直討論搬家的外國朋友.  有可能他真是要搬家.  有可能討論這件事讓他舒服一點.  我不知道.

Sometimes he talks about moving up the coast, north of Taitung City.  "I want a house with a yard," he says, "I grew up having a yard, and I want my kid to have one, too." 他有時候說想搬去台東市北邊的東海岸.  他說想住在有院子的房子, 他小時候是在那種房子長大的,  他想要他的孩子也在那種房子長大.

Other times he talks about leaving the county altogether.  Hualien maybe, or even another country.  The Philippines?  Japan?  Back to the States?  I'm not always sure where he's talking about, or when he might move there.  When we have these conversations we're always a few beers in, and our opinions on various places tend to flit between the Rift Valley, Feng Bin in Hualien, and various other locations. 有時候他也會說要搬到別的縣市, 花蓮或是其他的國家.  菲律賓?  日本?  搬回去美國?  我不總是確定他講的是哪一個地方, 或是他什麼時候要搬家.  我們通常是在喝啤酒的時候討論搬家, 我們通常提到的地方是花東縱谷, 花蓮的豐濱和其他的地方.

Lately I've started to talk about moving too, though for different reasons.  With him it's frustration with work and the desire to live closer to surfing spots; with me it's my daughters, and where they might be in two years. 我最近也開始想"搬家"這件事, 可是我的原因不一樣.  他要搬家的原因除了因為工作不順利, 也是想靠近衝浪地點.  我的原因是我二個女兒未來二年可能會住在哪裡.

My older daughter is applying to Wen Dzao Foreign Language University in downtown Kaohsiung.  She wants to enter their Translation program.  My younger daughter wants to attend Tainan City Asia Senior Hospitality School, where she'll study cooking.  These two schools are within about an hour's drive of each other, with one located near the southern edge of downtown Tainan and the other located in the north end of downtown Kaohsiung. 我大女兒在申請高雄的文藻外語大學.  她想進翻譯系.  她的妹妹要念亞洲餐旅學烹飪.  這二所學校的距離大概一小時左右的車程.  一個在台南市區的南部, 另一個在高雄市區的北部.

All of which makes me think it might be better to move to either north Kaohsiung or south Tainan year after next.  My older daughter's 18 of course, so she's less of an issue, but I worry about my younger daughter going off to senior high on the other side of the island.  Wouldn't moving closer to her school be the responsible thing to do? 這件事讓我覺得下下學年的時候搬到高雄的北部或台南的南部可能比較好.  我大女兒已經18歲了, 所以比較沒有問題, 可是她妹妹自己一個人去西部念高中讓我很緊張.  我們搬到她學校附近是比較負責任的吧?

It wouldn't be forever, after all.  I'm thinking three years, and then maybe a move back to Taitung, where we already own an apartment.  Three years isn't that long when you think about it, and maybe a change of scenery, a different job, and new acquaintances would do me good.  Of course I'd miss Taitung, but I already know and like Tainan.  Maybe the relative "foreignness" of Tainan would outweigh the nostalgia I'd feel for Taitung. 反正不會永遠在那裏.  我想在那裏住三年之後搬回來台東.  我們已經在這裡有公寓.  三年沒那麼久, 也有可能新環境, 新工作, 新朋友會讓我的生活更有趣.  我當然會想念台東, 可是我已經喜歡也認識台南.  有可能台南的 "新鮮感" 不會讓我想台東太多了.

The last time I brought this up my friend just laughed at me.  "You're a 'Taitunger,'" he said, "You'll never leave this place." 我上次說出這種話的時候朋友笑我: "你是台東人, 你永遠不會離開這個地方."

And maybe he's right.  I can certainly think of worse fates than never leaving Taitung.  But I also don't think moving to south Tainan or north Kaohsiung would be the end of the world.  I could see myself getting along quite well there.  Of course I've never lived in that area, but I've visited it more times than I can remember. 也許他是對的.  我也覺得定居台東很好.  可是住台南或高雄也沒有什麼問題.  我應該會慢慢習慣那邊的生活方式.  雖然我沒住過這些地方, 可是我去過很多次.

We'll see.  For now it's just talk, but you never know how things go.  Maybe one day I'll be writing this blog from Tainan, while my friend is inhabiting a house (with a yard) in Hualien.  Or maybe I'll be the one in Hualien, and he'll have gone back to the States.  Or maybe we'll both be sitting at the same place - two years from now - talking about moving. 以後再說.  現在只是討論而已, 不知道結果會怎樣.  有可能到時候我在台南寫這個blog, 然後我朋友住在花蓮的有院子的房子裡.  或是我自己住花蓮, 然後他回去美國住了.  還是我們二年後還在同一個地方討論"搬家"這件事情.

Get back to me in 2021, and we'll see where we're all at. 2021年的時候再問我一次.  那時候才知道.

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