2019年5月10日 星期五

Today 今天

Of course by the time you read this it won't be today anymore.  It'll be three days from now, or four.  It'll be Friday then, or Saturday, and what I say here will be yesterday's news for you.  Or maybe you'll discover this years from now, and you'll wonder what life was like in 2019. 當然你在讀這文章的時候, "今天"已經過了.  你讀的時候可能是三四天後, 是禮拜五或是禮拜六, 所以對你來說,我這裡寫的事是過去的事情.  或是你幾年後才讀到這文章, 那你就會好奇2019年的世界是什麼樣子.

Whatever day or year it is where you are, I hope you and the people you care about are happy.  I hope that in your future everyone has flying cars and superpowers.  I hope that you're not plugged into a computer, and sadly unaware that the world is ruled by robots. 不管你現在是在哪一天, 哪一年, 我希望你還有你關心的人都很快樂.  希望你住的那個未來裡每個人都有會飛的汽車和超能力.  希望你的意識不是屬於電腦的一部分而沒發現世界已被機器人統治.

Where I am, in my time, it's May 7, 2019.  Or at least it was when I wrote this.  Tomorrow, when I translate this into Chinese, it will be May 8, 2019.  Two days after that I'll click "Publish" on my blog site, and after that - at some point in the future - you'll be reading what I wrote here.  That is unless a huge meteor strikes the Earth before Friday.  If that happens, these words will go unread. 我現在的時間是2019年五月七日. 也就是我寫這文章的時候.  明天我把文章翻譯成中文的時候是2019年五月八日.  二天後我會在這個網站按"Publish", 然後你在未來的某一天看到,  除非星期五前一顆大流星撞到地球. 如果這種事情發生, 那就不會有其他人讀這文章了.

Where I am it's cloudy.  It's been raining off and on for a few days, and as cars pass on the road I can hear the water stirred up by their tires.  I'm sure my coworkers prefer this kind of weather, but I would rather the sun was out. 目前是陰天.  這幾天陸續下雨.  我可以聽到車子經過時輪胎壓過水的聲音.  我的同事應該比較喜歡這種天氣, 可是我比較喜歡太陽出來的時候.

Where I am it's also Tuesday.  Tuesday is an easy day for me because I only have three classes.  When I came to work this morning the first thing I did was make copies of worksheets for class.  After that I fooled around with the internet.  Then I had class with the "advanced" students.  Later I corrected papers.  Later still I took these papers back to the classes that wrote them.  And now I'm sitting at my desk, typing this. 現在也是禮拜二.  對我來說禮拜二是輕鬆的一天, 因為只有三節課.  今天早上我剛上班的時候用印表機準備學習單, 之後我上網逛逛.  在這之後上了一堂"進階"的課, 接著改學習單, 改完後把學習單拿回去完成的班級,  現在我正回來座位打字.

My work ends at 4 today, as always.  Between now and then I'm probably going to get very bored.  I generally try to keep myself busy, but Tuesdays can be rough.  Often, after I've written in my blog and scrolled through various online forums, I have to get up and go bother someone.  This keeps me from getting too bored and introspective. 我今天一樣四點下班.  直到下班前, 我大概會很無聊.  我一向努力讓自己忙碌, 可是這件事在星期二很困難.  通常我會寫文章並參考幾個網站, 之後我會起來去煩同事.  這樣子我才不會那麼無聊, 不會覺得很煩.

After 4 I'll probably go ride my bike, and then read a book I just started.  Somewhere in-between those two things I'll have dinner.  I hope that if my wife's cooking she makes fried food, because I prefer fried food to soupy food.  Sometimes when it's colder she makes medicinal-smelling soups with chicken, and even though I can eat them I don't enjoy them very much. 四點之後我大概會去騎單車,  然後繼續看我沒看完的書.  這兩件事情中間我會吃晚餐.  我希望我太太煮飯的時候做炒的, 因為我比較喜歡炒的方式.  天氣比較涼快的時候她喜歡煮有藥味的雞肉湯.  我可以吃, 可是我不是很喜歡.

All in all, that will be my day.  Or it was my day... whenever I finished writing this.  What about you?  How is your day?  Did you go to work?  Did you ride a bike?  Did you eat something soupy?  Or maybe during your day you visited a new planet, talked to aliens, or traveled back in time to 2019, just to say hello. 我的今天差不多是這樣子,  或是我"以前的"今天... 看我什麼時候寫完.  那你呢?  你今天怎麼樣?  你去上班了嗎?  你有沒有騎腳踏車?  你有喝湯嗎?  還是你今天參觀新的星球跟外星人聊天? 或是回去2019跟我打招呼?

If you're looking for me I'm in Taitung, on the east coast of Taiwan.  I'm the foreigner wearing the blue hat, the one riding the blue and white bike.  Just walk around a bit, and I'm sure we'll find each other.  This city isn't that big after all - at least not in my time.  We'll meet in my today, or else we'll meet in yours.  Let's just hope that there aren't too many yesterdays between this today and that one. 你如果在找我的話, 我在台灣東部的台東.  我是那個戴藍色帽子和騎藍白單車的外國人.  走一走, 我們就能見面.  反正這個城市在我的時空來說不大.  我們在我的時空見面, 或是在你的時空見面都可以.  希望我們未來見面的時間點前沒有太多你的"昨天".

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