2019年5月29日 星期三

Hello, Taitung Person 台東人妳好 11

In the Hello, Taitung Person entries I'll be interviewing local residents.  They decide what kind of biographical information to include.  Some people are more private individuals, and I respect that.  Others are happy to make their presence known, and I respect that too.  在 "台東人你好" 這些文章中我會介紹當地的居民.  這些資訊是他們同意分享的.  有的人比較重視隱私,  有的人則開心地讓他人更認識自己.  我尊重這二者不同的做法.

All numbered questions were chosen randomly from a list of 37 questions.  下列編號的問題是隨機由四十一個問題中選出來的. 

The thoughts and opinions expressed below belong to the people offering them, and may not be shared by the person writing this blog.  下列是被訪問者的想法與意見, 與寫這個blog的我不一定一樣.

Chinese Name 中文名字: 鄭鈴玲
English Name 英文名字: Ling ling
Employment 工作地點: teacher 教師
Country of Origin 國家: Taiwan 中華民國
Age 年齡: 這是秘密! It's a secret!
Place of Residence in Taitung 住在台東地區: 台東市 Taitung City
Favorite Color 最喜歡的顏色: 紛紅色 pink

1. Q: 妳最喜歡去台灣哪裡旅遊? What is your favorite place in Taiwan to visit?

A: 台灣哪一邊旅遊... 台北吧.  對.  因為我們現在住在比較鄉下的地方, 所以有時候要去比較熱鬧的地方充充電. Place in Taiwan to visit... Taipei?  Yes.  Because we live in a more rural place now, so sometimes we need to go to a livelier place to recharge our batteries.

2. Q: 妳自己開業嗎?  如果不是, 妳想要嗎?  哪一種工作? Are you self-employed?  If not, would you like to be?  What type of work?

A: 我滿想要自己... 那只是一個 "想" 而已.... 我想要自己開一個賣吃的店.  類似中餐廳. I really want to... it's just a "wish" mind you... I want to open an eatery.  Chinese, that kind of food.

3. Q: 把妳認為的最煩的人形容一下. Describe the most irritating person you've ever known.

A: 最煩的人.  最煩的人應該是只會處處看你的缺點的那種人.  不會看你的優點.  就這樣. The most irritating person.  The most irritating kind of person is probably someone who always looks for others' faults, and doesn't see their strengths.  [Someone] like this.

4. Q: 禮拜五晚上.  妳在台北.  妳身上有五千元.  妳會做什麼? It's Friday night.  You're in Taipei.  You have 5000 NT to spend.  What do you do?

A: 在台北啊.  逛夜市啦.  或著是帶家人一起去一些比較特別的店.  聚餐, 聚會. In Taipei!  Stroll through the night market.  Or take the family to some of the more unique stores.  Have a meal, get together.

5. Q: 妳人生中, 發生的最丟臉的事情是什麼? What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

A: 丟臉...  人生中...  好像還好.  最丟臉發生的事情...  可是我也不方便講!  真的. Embarrassing... in [my] life... I think [it's/I'm] ok.  The most embarrassing thing to have happened... but I can't talk about it!

6. Q: 妳去過綠島或是蘭嶼幾次?  為什麼?  How often have you visited Green and Orchid Islands?  Why?

A: 綠島至少五次吧.  蘭嶼還沒去過.  綠島是特地去觀光旅遊.  還有同學會之類的.  蘭嶼一直都沒有去.  沒有人找啊.  有想要去啊.  一直到現在還沒去. [I've] been to Green Island at least five times?  Haven't been to Orchid Island.  Green Island [I] visited for travel purposes, and also things like class reunions.  Orchid Island I haven't ever been to.  I don't know anyone there.  [I] want to go.  [But] but up until now I haven't gone.

7. Q: 台東有什麼特別的地方?  台東很特別嗎? What is special about Taitung?  Is Taitung special?

A: 特別的地方是指...  我覺得就是人情上比較純樸.  然後... 風景看起來就是很舒服.  藍天啊.  納後白雲藍天大海這些看的就覺得很舒服, 這樣.  還有, 我也很喜歡看那個稻田.  我娘家是在池上.  從小就是看得稻田. The "special traits" means... I think that people are more genuine.  Also... the scenery is very soothing.  Blue skies.  Also, the white clouds, blue skies and vast sea bring [a feeling of] peace [to those who] see them, like this.  I also really like the rice fields.  My mother's family is in Chr Shang.  I saw the rice fields from [the time I was] little.

8. Q: 妳上小學的時候最喜歡哪一個課目? When you were a kid what was your favorite subject in school?

A: 國語.  可能這一方面比較有天分, 然後也喜歡那時候的老師啊.  這樣五, 六年級老師很用心地指導我們.  上課活潑這樣. Chinese.  One the one hand it was because I had a talent for it, and also liked my teacher at that time.  In this way my fifth and sixth grade teacher was very diligent about teaching us.

9. Q: 妳對兩岸的現況有什麼看法?  台灣與中國間的關係?  What do you think about the Cross-Strait situation?  About Taiwan and China?

A: 還是比較主張兩岸需要和平相處.  然後我們的關係就是可以......既然語言...  就是語言文化其實都是牽扯不斷.  都是沒有辦法去斬斷的嗎.  所以應該是可以做更友好的一些交流, 這樣的.* [I] still advocate peace between the two sides of the Strait.  Also our relationship could be... Since the language...  It's that our language and cultures are inextricably linked.  There is no way to break [this connection].  Therefore [we] should be able to have more friendly exchanges, like this.

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*I asked her ten questions, but one of the questions she had no frame of reference for, and was unable to answer.  My fault!