2019年4月26日 星期五

What's Going On In My Neighborhood 我的里發生了什麼事

Taitung City is divided into several li, or neighborhoods.  I live in the Shin Sheng Neighborhood, which is close to the Taitung Train Station.  About a third of my neighborhood is taken up by the west end of Taitung's Forest Park, another third is farmland, and the remaining third is apartment blocks and houses.  台東市分成幾個里.  我住的里是靠近台東車站的新生里.  它三分之一是森林公園西邊的那一半, 三分之一是農地, 三分之一是大樓跟房子.

Oh, and for this entry I consulted my neighborhood's Line group.  The Chinese text below is from that group.  I thought it might give readers a bigger picture of what people in my area talk about.  為了這個文章我參考了新生里的Line群組.  下列的中文是從那個群組來的.  我希望這些討論能讓讀者產生一點對新生里的感情.

[貼圖 emoji, saying "So great!" 好棒喔]

A: "放在路邊的樹枝, 有里民要戴走, 但我問福康老闆, 他們要給朋友的, 所以我就作罷!  等樹枝都戴走, 就很乾淨了.  大家可以去走走.  The branches that were put next to the road, someone in the neighborhood wants to take them away, but I asked the owner of Fu Kang, and they want to give them to their friends.  So I just gave up!  Once the branches are taken away it will be very clean.  Everyone can go and walk there."

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A: "有勞里長了.  Hard-working Neighborhood Chairman."

B: "[名字] 有牽址私人土地確實是很麻煩, 不要說里長, 連議員, 縣政府都沒辦法, 除非土地所有人同意!  否則無解!  里長您辛苦了!  [name] This issue of private land is very troublesome, don't say the Neighborhood Chairman, the legislators, and the County Government can't get it done without the landowners' approval! This is the only solution!  Thanks to the Neighborhood Chairman [for his efforts]!" 

C: "我當然了解, 所以無法幫他.  Of course I understand, therefore there's no way to help him."

D: "我是更生路新生鄰的鄰長想請問一下里長現在很多地方都有房屋外觀整修補助想請問一下我們新生鄰的有補助可以整修嗎?  I'm the Geng Sheng Road, Shin Sheng Neighborhood Chairman.  I want to ask the Neighborhood Chairman, now in many places there is a subsidy for repairing house exteriors.  Does our Shin Sheng Neighborhood have a subsidy for repairs?"*

A: "該住戶閒置多年, 室內植物未修剪和整理, 已經攀爬到附近住戶家中, 附近住戶常常都會受到蚊的驚嚇和危脅, 夏季又要快到了, 真的擔心蚊又爬入住宅裡, 感謝里長和里長太太. That house has been vacant for many years.  The plants inside haven't been cut or tended to, and have already grown over into nearby properties.  The other households in this area usually suffer from mosquitoes, and summer is almost here.  [I'm] very worried that the mosquitoes will start to invade the nearby residences.  Thanks to the Neighborhood Chairman and his wife."

B: "好的, 多方面去尋找, 會早日查出那位住戶在那裡? Ok, [I] have looked in many places, and I'll soon know where the homeowner is?"

B: "午安: 十一點多接到省立醫院的 [名字] 志工打電話來要我幫忙協尋一位 [名字] 的家人, 我答應後立刻去... Good afternoon: after 11 o'clock a volunteer from Sheng Li Hospital called me, asking me to help look for a relative of [name].  I promised I would go immediately..." 

[照片 picture]

A: "午安: 家福中心正在招募寄養家庭, 報名時間為4月1日 - 6月30日.  必須領有育嬰執照, 月薪16000元.  有意者可前往報名!  Good afternoon: the orphanage is now looking for foster parents, the time to sign up is from April 1 to June 30.  Must have a childcare license, and the monthly stipend is 16000 NT.  Those interested can sign up first!"


A: "...可以討論詢問, 但請查明, 不要誤傳誤導里民 We can talk about the inquiry, but please check carefully, don't mislead the neighborhood residents"

B: "晚安: 有關寄養家庭一事, 謝謝 [名字] 的告知!  清楚解釋.  其實我們社區理事來家裡拜託, 希望能在群組給我們里民知道有這份工作.  致於這區塊我不大了解是經陳理事告知才PO出.  想!  如有興趣這份工作可直接與家服或 [名字] 聯絡!  OK-- Good afternoon: as regarding the foster parent business, thanks to [name] for telling [me]!  It's much clearer.  Actually our community director came to our house to ask, hoping that we can spread word about this work among neighborhood residents using this group.  I really don't know much about this area and the director passed on the information.  I think?  Those interested in this type of work should tell the orphanage or [name] directly.  OK...

[其他人傳同樣的訊息. Another person sends the same message]

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A: "大家早: 一年一度的母親節即將到來, 為了慶祝這為大的日子.  新生社區發展協會, 定於5月4日 (星期六) 下午三點舉辦活動, 與社區媽媽共度一個溫馨的節日.  下午三點開始報到到四點, 節目開始進行.  誠摯的歡迎有加入社區會員的好姊妹蒞臨.  Good morning everybody: Mother's Day is almost here.  In order to celebrate this important holiday, the Shin Sheng Community Development Association will host an activity on May 4 (Saturday), to help the mothers of our community enjoy the [warm] holiday.  Arrive at 3 pm, and the program will start at 4 pm.  We sincerely welcome our good sisters who have joined the community association."

[照片 picture]

A: "早上7:10分就接到電話, 7:30就出門到仁七街跟泰安街口 (養樂多前) 修剪樹木.  這次有六棵以上的樹修剪所以到9:30才完成, 辛苦清潔員了 At 7:10 this morning [I] received a phone call, at 7:30 I went to the intersection of Ren Chi Street and Tai An Street (in front of the yogurt) to trim the trees.  This time there were more than 6 trees that needed trimming, so it wasn't finished until 9:30.  The cleaning crew were working hard."

[貼圖 emoji for "hard work 辛苦了"]

[貼圖 emoji]

A: "[名字]: 妳提報要修剪的樹 (仁二街300號對面) 之前已跟修剪班的人去看過.  他們回應是那棵樹的葉子已掉的差不多, 且前面在蓋房子, 屋主到時會把那棵樹移走或要修剪, 要由那位屋主做決定.  本來想!  去跟妳解釋, 現就利用群組跟妳解釋, 不是不幫忙!  確實有原因. [Name]: You mentioned trimming the tree (across from Ren Er Street No. 300).  Before I went to see them with the man who trims the trees.  They told me that the leaves that fall from that tree are about the same [?], and they're building a house in front of it.  When the time arrives the owner of the house will remove the tree or trim it, it's up to the homeowner.  It's as I thought!  I just wanted to tell you, using this Line group to tell you.  It's not that I don't want to help!  This was the reason."

[照片 picture]

A: "午安: 昨天上午我的里民在傳廣路 (我家附近) 發生了車子擦撞.  被A到的車子是車後的保險桿有裂痕.  而撞到他車的是我們的里民 [名字] 先生.  Good afternoon: yesterday morning my neighbor had a car accident on Chuan Guang Road (near my house).  The other car received a scratch on its bumper.  The man who hit the car was my neighbor Mr. [name]."

A: "上午忙完事後忙完事後打電話給 [名字] 先生, 電話不接害我緊張, 趕緊騎摩托車去仁七街看, 結果還在睡覺.  After I finished my work in the morning I called Mr. [name].  He didn't answer the phone and this made me worry, so I rushed over to Ren Chi Street on my scooter to see.  I realized he was still asleep."**

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A: "早上8:30工務課的工作人員來家裡, 陪同他們到中興路一段396巷9弄12號邊的地方填補下陷的空洞.  工作人員把整條都填好了.  真的感謝他們, 辛苦了. At 8:30 in the morning the engineering workers came to my [?] house, and I accompanied them to Jung Shing Road, Section 1, 396 Lane, No. 12 to to fill the hole.  The workers filled the hole completely.  I thank them heartily for their hard work."

[照片 picture]

[貼圖 emoji saying "Thank you." 謝謝您]

A: "一個漂亮的富婆脫下自己的衣服後...!  接下來發生的事情  *男人要看, 女人要懂*  你可能不知道吧, 我們能... After a beautiful rich woman takes off her clothes...!  What happens after *Men should see, women should understand*  Maybe you don't know, we can..."

[短片 video]***

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*Not sure if there's a difference between 里 and 鄰, but from this conversation there seems to be one.  All I know is when I type 新生鄰 into Google Maps it gives me the exact same result as 新生里.

**There's actually a lot more drama between this message and the one before it, but I was encouraged to delete that part due to the fact that it could get someone in a lot of trouble.  My neighborhood is small, and I see no point in making enemies.

***Not as exciting as it sounds!  You'd think it would be porn, but instead it's a weird Powerpoint presentation on some sexual technique.