2019年3月29日 星期五

What's Going On In Taitung 台東最近發生的事 10

Local news from the past week or so. 上禮拜台東地區的新聞.

1. The TVBS news channel recently broadcast an interview with former Taitung County Magistrate Huang Jian-ting.  In the interview he discussed business and financial management in the County.  TVBS最近播出台東縣前縣長黃健庭的訪問.  節目中他暢談他如何利用企業經營與金融管理長才治理台東.

2. Starting next month it becomes illegal to feed pigs food waste.  Those caught doing so will be fined from 3 million to 12 million NT.  台東下個月起禁以廚餘養豬, 違者罰1200至300萬元.

3. A guy up in Yuli Municipality, Hualien County stands accused of stealing people's bicycles.  What does this have to do with Taitung?  Apparently he was visiting friends in Taitung, and the stolen bicycles made his trips to the Yuli Train Station easier.  花蓮縣玉里鎮有居民偷自行車.  這個新聞跟台東有什麼關係?  那位男居民常去台東找朋友, 他覺得騎自行車到玉里車站比較方便.

4. 10 students from Taitung's Vocational Training School attending a national drink-mixing (mixology) competition.  Not only did they win a prize, but they also used local ingredients like roselle flowers and rice wine to make their drinks.  台東專科學校10位學生參加全國調酒大賽.  他們不只是得獎, 更用洛神花, 小米酒和其他台東當地的農產品做飲料.

5. The 7-11 in downtown Guanshan issued a receipt that won a local resident A LOT of money.  For readers outside of Taiwan, there is a national lottery which uses numbers from receipts.  關山鎮居民在市區的7-11拿到中千萬大獎的發票.  國外的讀者可能不知道, 發票上的號碼是可以參加統一發票開獎的.

6. The Apple Daily asks the question: how can Taitung and Pingtung counties retain their workforce?  With local job opportunities in short supply, many local people in both areas must go to other parts of Taiwan to find work.  蘋果日報問: 台東和屏東該怎麼留住人才?  當地的工作機會很少, 所以很多台東和屏東縣民需要到外縣市找工作.

7. A lot of land (over 6000 hectares) has been rezoned for development by local farmers and other groups.  Those developing this land will no longer need to demonstrate how they will conserve soil and water.  台東縣6000多頃山坡地將解編, 以後免申請水土保持.*

8. An article in "The Storm Media" lists 6 local spots that only locals know about.  Three of them were news to me.  風傳媒介紹台東六個 "絕美秘境."  其中有三個景點我沒去過.

9. Taitung's Jiou Shing Care and Education Foundation took 15 handicapped residents on a recreational excursion to Kaohsiung for two days and a night.  台東的救星教養院帶15位身心障礙朋友去高雄兩天一夜遊.

10. As a way of encouraging local residents to use the new parking lots near the Taitung Train Station, the county government is offering reduced monthly fees.  為了鼓勵民眾多使用台東車站附近的停車場, 台東縣的路邊停車格已是全台最低價, 只是使用率不高.**

11. Last week someone drove their scooter to the top of the "International Landmark Bird's Nest" in the Seashore Park.  The Taitung County Government would like people to know this is NOT COOL.  So don't do it!  上週有人騎摩托車上去海濱公園的"國際地標鳥巢."  縣政府希望這些少數人不要再這樣做!

12. There's bus service in Da Ren Township now.  The last time this happened was 33 years ago.  台東達仁鄉民等了33年, 終於等到公車服務了.

13. This article encourages you to experience Taitung's aboriginal villages.  Several villages and tourist activities offered by these villages are described.  這個報告鼓勵你參加台東原住民部落的體驗, 其中介紹了幾個部落的觀光體驗.***

14. The 2019 Taiwan Formosa Cup International Paintball Competition will be held at Taitung's athletic stadium this weekend.  Eleven teams from seven different countries will be competing.  這周末台東體育場將舉辦2019台灣福爾摩沙盃國際漆彈公開賽.  有七個國家共11支隊伍參賽.

15. Friday March 29 is Youth Day.  On this day a small ceremony was held for fallen soldiers who did not live to see old age.  三月二十九日星期五是青年節.  台東縣政府在鯉魚山舉辦 "春祭革命先烈暨陣亡將士典禮."

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Note: Following my "rule of 10," this will be the last "What's Going On In Taitung" entry.  The next entry covering local news will be "What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 5."

*The article frames this as an unqualified victory for development in the County.  The environmental ramifications of this change are not discussed in the article at all.  Not even a little bit.

**A LOT of people live in Taitung City but commute to other parts of the County for work.  This is especially true of teachers in public schools and other government workers.  And yeah, I get why people don't want to pay the fees.  After living here for 12 years I do my utmost to avoid it.

***Some of these activities sound very interesting!