2019年3月22日 星期五

Fu Shan to Shan Yuan 富山到杉原

Fu Shan and Shan Yuan are villages in Beinan Township*.  They're a short drive up Highway 11, just north of Taitung City.  Of the two villages, Shan Yuan is definitely better known to tourists.  富山杉原同是卑南鄉的小村落.  都位於台11線上, 在台東市的北邊.  就這二個地方來說, 遊客會比較知道杉原.

This was taken south of Fu Shan, looking north up the coast.  這是在富山南邊往北邊海岸線看.

This is little further north, down a road leading to a beach.  再往北邊一點, 通往海邊的小路上.

In case you don't read Chinese, this sign warns people that this area is under surveillance, and that they shouldn't dump stuff here.  It's sad to say, but some local people use spots like this as dumping grounds.  如果你看不懂中文, 這塊牌子在警告民眾不可以亂丟廢棄物,   因為這地點有監視錄影器, .  真是很可惜, 有的當地居民會來這種地方亂丟垃圾.

The beach near that sign.  It's not a tourist spot, and the only other people I saw were fishermen.  You can see two of these fishermen on the right side, in the distance.  警告牌附近的海邊.  這裡不是觀光景點, 只有當地的居民會來.  照片右邊可以看到二位垂釣者.

I'm guessing that this low wall is the remains of a pond where someone once raised fish.  Whoever was using it gave up years ago.  我猜想這座矮牆應該是以前漁業養殖用的.  應該是很久以前養殖者棄置的.

Near that sign again, looking south.  Monkey Mountain rising up in the distance, with Jia Lu Lan and Shiao Ye Liou not far away.  警告牌附近往南看過去.  照片中間是猴子山, 加路蘭小野柳也在那附近.

This sign is fairly new, and also just south of Fu Shan Village.  The land behind it is used as a cemetery.  這個地標比較新, 在富山村南邊.  後面的那塊地是墳地.

In case you can't read it, the sign says, "Taitung City Welcomes You."  看不懂中文的話, 路標上寫的是: "台東市歡迎您."

North of Fu Shan Village.  I think this hill offers one of the best views of the coast.  在富山村北邊.  我覺得這附近的風景非常美麗.

You'll find the Jia River nearby.  I've heard of local people using this river as a source of drinking water.  I can only hope they're boiling it first.  這附近也有伽溪.  我聽說有的當地居民會喝裡面的水.  希望他們先燒開再喝.

Shan Yuan Beach, just south of Shan Yuan Village.  It's a good place for swimming, but a bad place for surfing.  The Taitung County Government once had great plans for this beach, but in recent years they seem to have forgotten about it.  杉原村北邊的杉原海灘.  這裡適合游泳, 可是不適合衝浪.  以前台東縣政府對於這個海灘有很多地區發展計畫, 可是最近幾年好像都沒消息了.

From the other end of the Shan Yuan Beach, looking south.  That's the much-reviled "Beautiful Bay Resort" in the distance.  This resort was in violation of several environmental regulations, and was only shut down after a long battle in the courts.  杉原沙灘的另外一邊, 往南邊看到的大樓是不收大家歡迎的美麗灣渡假村.  這個渡假村違反環評, 最後法院裁定不可營業.**

Someone is building another resort on the other side of Highway 11.  Part of this project involves gouging a big, ugly road into the side of a nearby hill.  You can see the road/gouge for miles in every direction.  台11線的另外一邊在蓋新的渡假村.  為了這個渡假村的工程, 他們在山坡上又開了一條又大又醜的路.  你可以從很遠的地方就看到這個景象.

Coral blocks, used to fortify the coast just north of Shan Yuan Village.  This is near the "protected" coral area popular with tourists.  杉原北邊可強化海岸的珊瑚.  這個地點靠近受歡迎的"受保護的"護漁區.

I put "protected" in quotation marks because the people doing the "protecting" are actually working for the local fishing association.  They seem more interested in making money than in protecting the fragile ecosystem found there.  那邊真的是"受保護的"護漁區嗎?  那邊的工作人員是地區漁會的員工.  他們似乎對利用珊瑚來賺錢更有興趣, 而保護脆弱的生態環境的觀念相對薄弱.

Going back south a bit, we found a road into the mountains just north of Fu Shan.  We followed this road for about half its length, and then had to turn around because we were afraid we'd get stuck.  我們往南走, 發現富山北邊有一條山路.  但我們只大概到這條路的一半就決定放棄,  因為路況太差了.

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*The boundaries of Beinan Township don't appear when I enter 卑南鄉 into Google Maps.  No idea why.  The link above directs you to the map on the County's tourism portal.  When visiting the County, be aware that even locals get confused about where the boundaries of Beinan Township actually are.

**The court case surrounding this development lasted 11 years and cost a lot of money.