2018年9月14日 星期五

What's Going on in Taitung 台東最近發生的事 7

And how was YOUR summer?  Mine was very restful.  I went to Bali for a bit.  Spent a few days in Taipei.  But mostly I just hung around doing things so incredibly fascinating that I can't even remember what they were.  你的暑假過得如何?  我的暑假很悠閒.  我去了峇里島.  也去了台北幾天.  我暑假做的事好玩有趣到我忘記我做了什麼.

1. It's raining a lot.  Again.  They shut down the ferries because of the rain.  The plants need rain, but erosion is an ongoing problem.  又下大雨喔!  這是第幾次?  海上交通也停駛.  植物需要雨水, 只是土石流的問題越來越嚴重了.

2. Several aboriginal villages competed recently to see which one was the "most fun."  Sa Bu Yo (Sapulju) Village in Jin Feng Township was the winner.  最近台東縣政府舉辦台東部落觀光文化創意競賽.  金鋒鄉新興村撒不優部落獲得第一.

3. You may have heard about the Formosan black bear that visited the area near Jia Ming Lake recently.  There's a great picture here.  In the interest of protecting wildlife the Forest Management Bureau will restrict the number of people able to visit this area.  你可能已經聽說了有台灣黑熊在八月時闖入嘉明湖附近.  這裡有照片.  為了保護那附近的野生動物, 林管處決定向陽山跟嘉明湖每天只開放70人申請.

4. Jung He Senior High School in New Taipei City donated desks and chairs to needy schools in Taitung.  新北市中和高中捐贈900桌椅給台東縣社區關懷據點.

5. The office of Taitung County Magistrate will be up for grabs soon, and there's a lot of mudslinging going on already.  Some are even talking about "Mainland Chinese business interests" and their pull with the KMT.  台東縣民快要選新縣長.  已經有很多人開始抹黑彼此並說對方的壞話.  有的人談論關於中國的商機和國民黨對中國的未來的政策.*

6. A soap making workshop was held at one of the coffee shops inside the Taitung Art Museum.  Oh, the excitement!  台東美術館的咖啡館裡舉辦了手工皂製做課程.

7. Former President Ma Ying-jeou has been touring the island in anticipation of local elections.  He showed up in Taitung to voice his support for Rao Ching-ling, who is running for the office of County Magistrate.  前總統在做他的輔選之旅.  他來台東支持台東縣候選人饒慶鈴.

8. The heavy rains damaged part of the Southern Cross-Island Highway south of Tai Ma Li.  大雨阻斷南迴公路太麻里南邊的那一段.

9. The other person running for Taitung County Magistrate, DPP candidate Liou Jao-hao, hasn't been in the news nearly as much as Rao Ching-ling, but it's not for lack of trying.  He wants to promote Taitung as a "center of innovation."  民進黨的劉櫂豪也是台東縣長候選人, 可是他沒有那麼多新聞曝光.  他也很努力.  他在推 "台東新創基地."**

10. With sugar apple exports to Japan increasing, local farmers have been learning more about refrigeration (i.e. "cold chain" technology.  隨著台東釋迦外銷到日本增多, 台東地區的農夫正在克服冷鏈技術.

11. The Jung Wei Development Center joined with the Taitung County Government to discuss how to promote hibiscus crops.  The meeting was in Taipei  中衛發展中心協助台東縣政府在台北舉辦台東縣木鼈果發表會

12. There was a car accident in Jer Ben.  A car waiting at a stoplight was hit by an oncoming truck. 知本發生車禍.  砂石車撞上在等紅綠燈的小客車.

13. Some guy famous on Facebook is running for Taitung City Representative.  I don't know why this is news, but there it is.  有一位 "臉書的明星" 投入台東市民代表選舉.  我不太懂這件事怎麼會在新聞出現, 可是就是這樣子.

14. A driver wanting to take pictures of Taitung's "green tunnel" parked their car in the middle of the road and got out to take pictures.  想拍台東綠色隧道的駕駛把車子停在路中間並離開車子拍照.

15. Another typhoon is on the way, and 4.8 meter waves are expected.  強烈颱風來臨, 會出現4.8米海浪.

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*When you think about it of course this is the case.  The KMT has long been the "business party" in Taiwan, and given the amount of local agricultural goods exported to China of course Mainland Chinese business interests will have an effect on their policies.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

**Not necessarily evidence of biased news coverage.  Rao Ching-ling got a lot more attention after the previous County Magistrate, Kuang Li-jen 鄺麗貞, also a KMT member, signed up to run against her.  (She was never exactly playing with a full deck of cards, if you know what I mean...)