2018年9月3日 星期一

生活 "Life" 2 第一單元 Unit One 上 First Semester

For a general overview of these textbooks and how they're used in Taiwanese elementary schools, refer to Elementary School in Taiwan: Overview of Classes and Textbooks Used.

The "Life" textbook is the precursor to both Social Studies and (Natural) Science, which elementary school students study in grade 3.  This textbook is also used (or at least mentioned) in their "Living Arts" class.

第一單元 Unit One: 和樂在一班 Happy in Class Together

A tiny class with many stories,
You help me and I help you,
To share the chores is joyful!
We get along with each other in class.

1. 我願為大家服務  I Am Ready to Help Everyone

開學了, 見到好久不見的同學, 你想和大家分享那些事情呢?  School has started.  As you see classmates after a long time apart, what kind of things would you like to share with everyone?

Boy 1: 我會騎腳踏車了.  I can ride a bike.

Boy 2: 我去宜蘭童玩藝術節玩, 好好玩呵!  I went to the Yilan Children's Arts Festival.  It was very fun!

Boy 3: 放假時, 哥哥教我拖地, 我已經學會怎麼把地拖乾淨, 所以這學期的打掃工作, 我可以幫忙拖地呵!  During vacation my big brother taught me how to mop the floor.  I can now mop the floor, so during cleaning time this semester I can help with the mopping!

Girl 1: 暑假中, 我看了很多書, 認識更多字了, 這學期我要當閱讀小天使, 讀故事給大家聽.  During summer vacation I read many books and learned many new words.  This semester I want to be the "reading angel" and read many stories to everyone.

仔細觀察班上的同學, 他們做事的能力和一年級有什麼不一樣?  Take a careful look at your classmates.  How is their ability to do things different from first graders?

Boy 1: 雅利常主動把歪掉的桌子排好, 他會把桌子排得很整齊.  Ya-li moves the crooked desks back into their rows.  She's able to make the desks very straight.

Boy 1: 芳芳認得好多字, 他最喜歡讀故事書給大家聽.  Fang-fang knows many words.  She loves to read stories to the class.

Girl 1: 哲明每次看到地板髒了, 他會馬上動手把地板拖乾淨, 他最喜歡拖地了.  Je-ming quickly mops the floor clean every time he sees that it's dirty.  He loves to mop the floor.

Girl 1: 彥豪常主動幫老師整理作業簿, 他好會整理東西呵!  Yan-hao usually helps the teacher organize the workbooks.  She is good at organizing things!

大家都長大了, 會做更多的事.  想一想, 班級裡有哪些事需要大家互相幫忙?  你能做什麼呢?  Everyone has grown bigger and can do many more things.  Think about what class chores require everyone's cooperation.  What can you do?

Girl 1: 我不想當清潔長, 因為我不會垃圾分類.  I don't want to be the "cleaning captain" because I can't separate the garbage from the recycling.

Boy 1: 每個人都有不同的才能, 可以為大家服務呵!  Every person has different abilities that they can use to help everyone else!

Girl 2: 我認得所有同學的名字, 可以幫忙發簿子, 我想做排長.  I know all of my classmates' names.  I can help hand back the workbooks.  I want to be the "row leader."

Girl 3: 我喜歡幫老師收教具, 我可以當什麼長呢?  I like to help teacher prepare for her lessons.  What can I be captain of?

班級裡, 有沒有大家都不想做的事情?  為什麼?  大家都不想做時, 要怎麼辦?  Is there any type of class chore that no one wants to do?  Why?  What can we do when nobody wants to do a certain chore?

Girl 4: 我也想下課出去玩, 我們可不可以輪流做圖書長?  I also want to go outside and play during break, can we take turns being class librarian?

Boy 2: 我也不想做清潔長, 但是每個人都可以學學看怎麼當清潔長, 做好垃圾分類.  I also don't want to be the "cleaning captain," but everyone can learn to be the "cleaning captain" and learn how to separate the garbage from the recycling.

Boy 3: 當圖書長, 下課常常要留下來整理圖書, 不能出去玩, 我不想做圖書長.  When you're the class librarian you usually need to stay after class to organize the books.  You can't go out to play.  I don't want to be the class librarian.

幫大家做事時, 你曾遇到什麼問題?  和同學討論, 這些問題要怎麼解決呢?  When you help the class with its chores what kind of problems do you encounter?  Talk about it with your classmates.  How can we solve these problems?

[Boy 1 is passing back workbooks and rudely throws Girl 2's book on her desk.]

Girl 1: 嚇我一跳!  You scared me!

Girl 2: 啊!  Ah!

Girl 2: 你丟到我了好痛!  You hit me [with the book] and it hurt a lot!

Girl 1: 他不是故意的.  He didn't mean to do it.

Boy 1: 對不起!  以後我會把簿子輕輕放在桌上.  Sorry!  From now on I'll place the workbooks on the desk lightly.

Boy 2: 你丟錯了, 要重丟!  You threw it away in the wrong place.  You need to throw it away again!

Girl 3: 真的嗎?  Really?

Girl 3: 我不知道要丟哪裡?  I don't know where to throw it?

Boy 3: 我來教你, 這是紙, 要丟在紙類回收箱.  I can teach you.  This is paper.  You need to throw it in the box for paper.

Boy 4: 還有哪些情況呢?  What other situations arise?

和同學發生誤會時, 把自己的感受和困難說出來.  自己錯了, 要馬上道歉; 同學錯了, 要原諒對方, 大家才能和平相處!  When misunderstandings arise between you and your classmates, tell them how you feel and what difficulties you are having.  If you have done something wrong, apologize right away.  If your classmate has done something wrong, you need to forgive them.  [In this way] everyone can coexist peacefully!

2. 大家都是好朋友 Everyone is Good Friends

同學一起玩遊戲, 可以讓感情更好.  想一想, 大家可以一起玩哪些遊戲呢?  Playing games together can improve the feeling between classmates.  Think over what games we can play together.

Boy 1: 一二三木頭人, 大家都會玩.  Everyone can play freeze tag.

Boy 2: "紅綠燈" 可以讓所有的人都玩在一起.  Everyone can play Red Light/Green Light together.

Girl 1: 還有什麼遊戲呢?  What other games are there?

一起唱 "兔子舞" 隨著歌曲來跳舞!  Sing the "Rabbit Dance" song together.  Dance along with the song!

[Words and music to the "Rabbit Dance" song follows]

再玩玩 "過關" 的遊戲, 要怎麼合作才會成功呢?  Play the "obstacle course" game.  How can you work together to play it?

[Students play a game wherein one of them is blindfolded, and two classmates hold the blindfolded student's hand while he/she attempts to move around a makeshift obstacle course.]

Girl 1: 腳抬高, 慢慢的跨過去.  Lift up your foot, slowly move it over.

Boy 1: 哇!  什麼也看不見.  Wa!  I can't see anything.

Girl 2: 放心, 我會帶你過關.  Don't worry.  I will help you around the obstacles.

Boy 2: 我們試了很多次, 終於過關了!  We tried many times before finally completing the course!

在遊戲的過程中, 有沒有遇到問題呢?  你可以怎麼應用學到的方法來解決?  While playing games have you encountered any problems?  How can you use what you've learned to solve these problems?

發現問題  A problem is encountered

Girl 1: 為什麼大家都不跟我玩?  Why doesn't anyone play with me?

勇敢說出自己的期望  Bravely state your position

Girl 2: 我們不知道你也要玩.  We didn't know you wanted to play.

Girl 1: 好!  我要勇敢的跟大家說, 我也要玩.  Ok!  I will bravely tell everyone that I also want to play.

Boy 1: 你要跟大家說, 你也想玩.  You need to tell everyone that you also want to play.

了解和傾聽同學的想法  Hear and think about your classmates' opinions

Boy 1: 我們常常玩鬼抓人, 那你喜歡玩什麼?  We usually play tag.  What do you like to play?

Girl 1: 玩拍球.  Volleyball.

提出大家都能接受的方法  Suggest a solution that everyone can accept

Girl 2: 拍球好玩嗎?  Is volleyball fun?

Girl 1: 很好玩, 我可以教你們玩.  It's very fun, I can teach you.

Girl 3: 好啊!  我們來玩玩看.  Great!  Let's try to play it!

和同學相處時, 你還遇到過那些問題?  和同學一起用手偶演出來.  When you're working with your classmates in a group what other problems have you encountered?  Use puppets to perform [these situations].

Boy 1: 雅婷忘記帶蠟筆, 他沒問我, 就把我的蠟筆拿走了.  我跟他說, 要先問我願不願意借他.  Ya-ting forgot to bring crayons.  He took my crayons without asking me.  I told him he should ask if it's ok before taking them.

Boy 2: 我們要做1個男娃娃和1個女娃娃, 才能演戲.  We need to make one boy puppet and one girl puppet and then we can perform.

Girl 1: 只要2個娃娃嗎?  要不要再做1個手偶演老師?  We only need two puppets?  What about a puppet for the teacher?

Girl 2: 要用什麼材料做手偶呢?  What should we use to make the puppets?

你可以試試看  You Can Try It

[Directions for making puppets follows.]

[Students perform their skits.]

Girl 1: 我忘記帶蠟筆, 請問你可以借我嗎?  I forgot my crayons, can I please borrow yours?

Girl 2: 你畫畫都很用力, 會不會弄斷我的蠟筆?  Every time you draw you push on the crayons very hard, won't you break the crayons?

Boy 1: 你要輕輕的畫, 我的蠟筆借你.  You need to press down lightly as you draw.  I will loan you my crayons.

Girl 3 [in audience]: 我終於知道為什麼上次我拿亦豪的橡皮擦時, 他很生氣.  I finally understand why Yi-hao was angry the last time I borrowed his eraser.

Girl 4: 都沒有人和我一組玩過關遊戲.....  Nobody played the obstacle course game with me...

Girl 5: 別難過, 我們陪你再玩一次!  Don't be sad, we will play with you!

Boy 2 [in audience]: 這一組表演得好精采!  下次分組玩遊戲時, 我也要主動幫忙沒有分別組的同學.  This group delivered a great performance!  Next time we separate into groups for games, I also want to help classmates who don't have a group.

同學這麼多要如何和大家變成好朋友呢?  With so many classmates how can we all become friends?

Girl 1: 時常面帶笑容.  Always wear a smile.

Girl 2: 和大家一起活動.  Everybody does things together.

Boy 1: 還要多為別人著想呵!  We also need to be considerate to others!

Boy 2: 一邊唱歌, 一邊律動玩遊戲.  Sing and play the game.

大家都是好朋友 Everyone is Good Friends

[Words and music follow.]

[Musical exercise, following a tempo with noisemakers]

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