2018年9月17日 星期一

Hello, Taitung Person 台東人妳好 3

In the Hello, Taitung Person entries I'll be interviewing local residents.  They decide what kind of biographical information to include.  Some people are more private individuals, and I respect that.  Others are happy to make their presence known, and I respect that too.  在 "台東人你好" 這些文章中我會介紹當地的居民.  這些資訊是他們同意分享的.  有的人比較重視隱私,  有的人則開心地讓他人更認識自己.  我尊重這二者不同的做法.

All numbered questions were chosen randomly from a list of 50 questions.  下列編號的問題是隨機由五十個問題中選出來的. 

The thoughts and opinions expressed below belong to the person offering them, and may not be shared by the person writing this blog.  下列是被訪問者的想法與意見, 與寫這個blog的我不一定一樣.

First Name 名字: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Last Name 姓: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Chinese Name 中文名字: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Employment 工作地點: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Country of Origin 國家: USA
Age 年齡: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Length of Residence in Taiwan 居住在台灣的時間: (It's a secret!  這是秘密!)
Place of Residence in Taitung 住在台東地區: Taitung City 台東市
Favorite Color 最喜歡的顏色: blue 藍色

1. Q: What do you like to eat?  And what do you not like to eat?  妳喜歡吃什麼?  妳不喜歡吃什麼?

A: I'll eat anything except liver.  除了肝之外我都願意吃.

Q: Ok, so we're going to say you don't like liver and everything else is OK?  好.  所以其他的食物都沒問題嗎?

A: Exactly.  沒錯.

2. Q: Could you see yourself growing old and/or retiring in Taiwan?  Why or why not?  妳想不想在台灣養老, 退休?  為什麼?

A: No.  I'm interested in exploring more of the world, and uh... I've spent some time in Asia, and I don't think I don't think this is my place.  不.  我還想去其他國家探索... 我已經在亞洲一陣子了, 而且我也不覺得台灣是我的地方.

3. Q: What has been your greatest moment in Taiwan so far?  Your greatest moment, something that makes you happy...  目前為止, 什麼情形是妳在台灣最棒的時刻?  讓妳很高興的事情...

A: I have many great moments.  Um, I can't choose one.  我有那麼多美好的時刻.  我沒辦法只選出一個.

4. Q: How could Taiwan be better?  台灣哪一部分可以更好?

A: I think it could be better if it declared independence and it's its own country.  我想它宣布獨立, 成為自己的國家就好.

Q: Uh, OK.  Final answer?  好吧.  這是妳最後一個答案嗎?

A: --I would like that.  I'm rootin' for ya, Taiwan!  ...我會喜歡這樣子.  台灣加油!

5. Q: Are Taiwanese parents overprotective?  Why or why not?  台灣的父母親管孩子的事情管太多了嗎?  為什麼?

A: I have no frame of reference to answer this.  我完全不知道怎麼回答這個問題.

6. Q: What are your thoughts on local night markets?  妳對當地的夜市有什麼意見?

A: [Laughing] I really don't care for them.  I think the one down by the... the tourist market is... just that: touristy.  Um, the main one, for the locals is OK but, you know, it's all the same stuff.  I don't really go for that anymore.  [在笑]  我不是很喜歡.  我覺得靠近那個... 觀光市場的就是....... 只是觀光氣息太濃.  最大的夜市對當地人來說還好, 可是那邊的東西都一樣.  我很久沒去過了.

7. Q: When you were a kid, what was your favorite subject in school?  妳上小學的時候最喜歡哪一個課目?

A: Gym!  I loved it because I'm an old jock, and I just like sports.  And I was good at it, so...  體育課!  我非常喜歡那門課, 因為我就是喜歡運動.  我也有能力, 所以...

8. Q: What are some problems specific to the area you live in?  妳住的地區有什麼特定的問題?

A: The drivers?  [Laughing]  It would be nice if people uh, used their blinkers.  It would be nice if you could be in the proper lane to turn instead of getting on your scooter and having to be... over in the right lane, and trying to make a left hand turn, or if you're a car and you're in the fast lane and you want to make a right hand turn you have to cut across one or two lanes of traffic... it just seems silly I guess.  駕駛吧.  [在笑] 如果人們轉彎前利用方向燈就好了.  騎摩托車的時候, 如果可以在適當的車道轉彎, 不用...  在右車道需要左轉時, 或是開車的時候開在快車道上要右轉時需要過兩個車道.  只是感覺沒有意義吧.

9. Q: How could Taiwan's relationship with your home country be better?  台灣跟妳的國家中間的關係哪裡可以更好?

A: We could recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation.  And have a real embassy here, and not be A.I.E. or whatever it is.  A.I.T. I guess.  我們可以承認台灣是主權獨立的國家.  並在這裡設立正確的大使館.  不是A.I.E. 應該是A.I.T.吧.

Q: Is there anything Taiwan could do?  那台灣應該做什麼?

A: I think Taiwan could be... could be bolder, I think, in asking for requests and help.  And... you know, helping, standing up to China.  我想台灣應該要... 勇敢一點, 要求幫助.  還有, 你大概知道, 抗議中國大陸.

10. Q: Are Taiwanese women sexy/attractive?  Why or why not?  台灣的女人性感 /很吸引人嗎?  為什麼?*

A: Yeah, you know I think they're the same as women around the world.  Do you know?  You have some very attractive people, you have some unattractive people.  And "sexy" is a matter of opinion, so sure, some are sexy, some are not so.  People are people everywhere.  是啊.  跟全世界的女人一樣.  你知道嗎?  有的人是吸引的, 有的人不是.  每個人對 "性感" 都有不同的看法.  當然有的人很性感, 有的人不是.  每個地方的人都一樣.

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*Before anyone gets too offended, the same question about men is also one of the 50 possible questions.