2018年6月16日 星期六

What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 4

For those less familiar with Taiwan, the "big" cities are divided into districts (區), and the counties are divided into cities (市), townships (鄉), and municipalities (鎮).  給對台灣比較不熟悉的讀者,  大城市 (高雄, 台南, 台中, 新竹, 基隆, 嘉義, 台北, 跟新北市) 以下有"區"的劃分, 縣 (城市外的地方)則由市, 鄉, 鎮組成.

I also scanned through the news for any interesting news items relevant to the township and municipalities below.  There isn't a lot of Taitung-related news in the best of times, but I did my best to find relevant articles. 我也看了最近的新聞, 希望找到與這些城鎮相關的有趣的報導.  我盡力了, 只是台東的新聞不多.

This will be the last news entry for a while.  Summer vacation is only two weeks away!  關於新聞的文章這將是這學期的最後一篇.  暑假快到了.

1. Da Ren Township 達仁鄉公所

Rao Jing-ling, the KMT's candidate for Taitung County Magistrate, recently made it down to Da Ren to talk about development plans there.  台東縣國民黨縣長提名候選人饒慶鈴去達仁鄉討論那邊的發展計畫.

I'm not really sure why this is news, but apparently a pair of "husband and wife trees" in Nan Tian Village are still standing, even though they died ten years ago.  我不知道這件事怎麼會在新聞出現, 可是南田村有十年前枯死的夫妻樹還沒倒.

2. Da Wu Township 大武鄉公所

The Da Wu Township Office brought several farmers growing red quinoa plants to Pingtung County to learn more about growing these plants.  大武鄉公所帶幾個紅藜農民去屏東縣汲取當地的經驗.*

3. Jin Feng Township 金峰鄉公所

Jia Lan Community in Jin Feng Township recently won an award for environmental education.  金峰鄉的嘉蘭社區最近獲環境教育的優等獎.

4. Tai Ma Li Township 太麻里鄉公所

Looking for something new to do in Tai Ma Li?  You can visit the "hydrangea tunnel!"  在太麻里找新的景點嗎?  可以去繡球花隧道!

5. Orchid Island Township 蘭嶼鄉公所

Metal doors, used to keep out wild pigs, are becoming part of Orchid Island's local culture.  蘭嶼農地都裝上門窗, 成了蘭嶼特別景觀.

The Orchid Island took place on June 3.  From the looks of the picture, not a lot of people went.  六月三日蘭嶼舉辦馬拉松.  從照片來看, 選手不多.

With a little funding from a well known bank, junior high school students on Orchid Island now have a baseball team.  因為銀行的協助, 蘭嶼的中學棒球隊正式成立了.

Boat service was suspended on Orchid Island due to big waves蘭嶼有大浪, 交通輪停駛.

6. Green Island Township 綠島鄉公所

Due to adverse weather conditions, Green Island's "underwater mailbox" was taken out of service for a week.  因為天氣的關係, 綠島的海底郵筒 "停班停課" 一個星期了.

7. Taitung City 台東市公所

In part to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, the Taitung City Office and the Central Market were selling 10 NT boxes of eggs on June 10.  為了慶祝端午節, 十日的時候台東市公所跟中央市場賣10元的蛋盒.

The Taitung City Office's team came in first in the "Slow-pitch Magistrate Cup."  台東市公所的慢速壘球隊在 "市長盃" 得到第一名.

The City Office is promoting several "Makapahay" festivals in accordance with local aboriginal harvest festivals.  配合聯合豐年祭, 台東市公所推出馬卡巴嗨系列活動.

People have been shopping the tops off of trees in anticipation of heavy rains.  因為颱風季來臨的關係台東市又見斷頭樹.

8. Beinan Township 卑南鄉公所

There was a fire in an aluminum shack in Beinan.  A man resident in the shack was killed.  卑南的鐵皮屋發生大火, 一男子喪命.

There's a new bridge open in Tai An Village, Beinan Township.  卑南鄉泰安村的新橋通車.

A team of rescue volunteers came together in Jer Ben's hot spring area.  Typhoon damage in that area is a real problem.  重機具搶救班及志工隊在知本溫泉區成立.  那邊受颱風的影響很大.

9. Dong He Township 東河鄉公所

The artificial nature of most rivers/streams in Taiwan poses an obstacle for wildlife.  A reporter climbed down into a river in Dong He and had a hard time getting out.  台灣河床蓋上水泥溝造物會影響到河床附近的野生動物.  有一位記者下去東河的一條小溪, 他要從河床爬上來都很困難.

10. Cheng Gong Municipality 成功鎮公所

The Taitung County Government is encouraging fishermen not to place the day's catch on the pavement for reasons of hygiene.  台東縣政府教導漁民不要把魚丟在地上, 因為這個習慣不衛生.

Would you like a nice, hot run?  You can sign up for the San Shian Tai Marathon now!  你想在很熱的地方跑步嗎?  現在可以報名三仙台馬拉松.

A surfer disappeared in the water up in Duli.  They still haven't found him.  衝浪客在都歷海灘失蹤.  他們還是找不到人.

11. Chang Bin Township 長濱鄉公所

There's a list of Chang Bin's aboriginal harvest festivals here.  They all occur in July.  這個網頁有長濱的豐年祭活動期程表.  所有的活動在七月舉辦.

Some guy was caught in Chang Bin with a fake gun.  It scared people.  They called the police!  長濱一位男子有假槍.  那邊的人嚇一跳趕緊報案.

12. Lu Ye Township 鹿野鄉公所

Pineapples are going for as little as 10 NT now.  This is causing problems for farmers in Lu Ye.  現在買一顆鳳梨只要10元.  造成農民的損失.

The hot air balloon festival is in full swing.  You might want to avoid Gao Tai on the weekends.  熱氣球嘉年華來了.  周末的時候大概要避免去高台了.

13. Yan Ping Township 延平鄉公所

There will be an aboriginal archery competition in Yan Ping on July 8.  七月八日延平舉辦原住民傳統弓箭射箭比賽.**

The Yan Ping Township Office wants to use the old Yung Kang Police Station as an exhibition center for agricultural products.  延平鄉公所要把以前的永康派出所改建成一處農產展示中心.

14. Guanshan Municipality 關山鎮公所

As way of promoting "rice tamale (zongzi) culture," a rice tamale activity was held in De Gao Community.  為了推廣米粽文化德高社區舉辦包粽體驗.***

"Fake honey!"  It may surprise you to know that fake versions of Guanshan honey have appeared online.  假的蜂蜜!  你大概沒聽過網上有出現盜版的關山蜂蜜.

15. Hai Duan Township 海端鄉公所

A truck hit a tree on highway 20, killing the driver.  台20線有車撞到一棵樹造成司機死亡.

There was also a rockslide along highway 20.  That road is dangerous.  台20線也有落石.  那條路很危險.

16. Chr Shang Township 池上鄉公所

Several junior high school students took part in a rite of manhood ceremony at a local temple.  池上應屆畢業國中生在當地的玉清宮參加成年禮儀式.

A hot air balloon demonstration was held at Fu Yuan Elementary School for graduation students.  為了鼓勵畢業生, 福原國小舉行熱氣球展球活動.

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*Pingtung has a better developed market for these plants.  Unfortunately for the red quinoa farmers in Taitung, the price they can fetch for this crop has been going down.

**Local foreigners, you should go to this.  You'll probably receive a warm welcome!

***There is no satisfactory English name for this food.  I use "rice tamale" because it makes more sense to me.