2018年5月9日 星期三

Stuff That I Hate 我很討厭的一些東西

You know what I hate?  I hate the garbage truck.  I hate hearing it on the other side of my apartment building, I hate getting the garbage ready to take downstairs, and I hate going downstairs to dump the garbage.  I even hate the boring, painfully polite conversations my neighbors have while they're waiting for the garbage truck.  "You are dumping the garbage!  Wa!  It's time to dump the garbage!  So much garbage!"  你知道我討厭什麼嗎?  我討厭垃圾車.  我討厭聽到它在我們大樓另外一邊時的聲音, 討厭準備要丟的垃圾, 討厭去樓下丟垃圾.  我等垃圾車的時候很討厭聽到鄰居客氣又很無聊的對話:  "你要丟垃圾喔!  哇!  時間到了!  那麼多垃圾!"

You know what other thing I hate?  I hate blue trucks that almost kill people on their way down the road.  I hate riding my bike to work every morning, and seeing these trucks come within centimeters of crushing people to death.  I hate the way their drivers spit mouthfuls of betel nut juice all over the road, I hate the way they feel the need to shout "Hello" at me in that retarded tone of voice, and I hate the fact that life is often cheap on the roads of Taiwan.  I even hate that certain shade of blue, just because it reminds me of traffic accidents and people trapped under trucks.  你知道我還討厭什麼東西嗎?  我討厭差點在路上撞死人的那種藍色卡車.  我早上騎單車上班的時候都會看到這種差點就撞上人的卡車.  我討厭看到卡車司機到處亂吐檳榔汁, 我討厭他們白癡地對我大叫"Hello!"的聲音, 我討厭人命在台灣路上顯得廉價.  我甚至討厭與那種藍色有關的東西, 因為這讓我想起之前看過的車禍, 也讓我想起人卡在卡車下面的情況.

Another thing I hate?  I hate food poisoning.  I'll give any restaurant two chances, but after they've made me sick the second time I don't go there anymore.  I hate having a meal, and urgently needing a bathroom twenty minutes later.  And while we're talking about restaurants, I also hate it when they (secretly) reduce the amount of food they serve without lowering the price.  The other day I was trying to enjoy a hamburger, and then I noticed how much smaller it had become.  我還討厭什麼?  我討厭食物中毒.  我給每家餐廳二個機會, 可是第二次發生問題之後我就不再去了.我很討厭吃完飯二十分鐘之後要積極地找廁所大號.  在我們談到餐廳的事時, 我也很討厭餐廳在價格不變的情況下祕密地把食物的分量減少,  前幾天我吃漢堡時發現漢堡變小了.

I also hate people who waste time during meetings because they have no life.  In every meeting there's that one guy (or girl) who has nothing better to do than attend meetings, and instead of just being quiet when they have nothing to say they just talk and talk and talk about things that have nothing to do with the topic of the meeting, just so that they can avoid going home and staring at a wall for an extra fifteen minutes.  People like that drive me CRAZY.  我很討厭開會的時候有些無聊人士浪費時間.  每次開會都有某先生或某小姐很喜歡開會, 會講跟主題無關的廢話, 它們只為了延長那十五分鐘的會議時間避免回家.  那種人很糟糕.

Don't even get me started on mosquitoes.  I hate mosquitoes more than anything.  I hate how they hide under desks in the daytime, and while you're sitting at a computer (as I am now), they come and feast on your legs.  Mosquitoes are not cool, and I hate them!  蚊子也很可惡.  蚊子是我最討厭的事物.  我很討厭蚊子白天躲在桌子下面, 打電腦的時候牠們飛出來叮我的腳.  蚊子很煩!  我恨牠們!

I hate it when people litter.  I hate it when people get unnecessarily "weird" around foreigners.  I hate it when people try to turn public school activities into religious activities.  I hate it when governments build unnecessary buildings.  I hate having to avoid stray (?) dogs when I go running.  I hate rice cooked with yams and/or sweet potatoes.  And I really hate shrimp because they make me ill.  我很討厭人亂丟垃圾.  我很討厭台灣人碰到外國人的時候變得怪怪的.  我很討厭人把公立學校的活動轉變成宗教活動.  我很討厭政府蓋不必要的建築物.  我討厭跑步的時候有狗追我.  我討厭地瓜跟白米煮在一起.  我也討厭蝦子, 因為牠們讓我吐.

Wherever we are, and whatever we're doing, there are always so many things to hate.  ...or maybe "dislike" is a better word?  There are, after all, some people would tell you that hating anything is bad, and that an attitude of acceptance is better.  But I often think that if you hate something you should just be honest about it.  No use trying to make lemonade out of lemons.  No use trying to say the sun's shining when it's pouring down rain.  Sometimes the best way to get rid of that feeling is to name that feeling, to see it for what it is, and then move on.  到處都有討厭的東西... 還是說 "不喜歡" 比說 "討厭" 比較好?  有的人說討厭東西是不好的, 用接受的態度來看待更好, 可是我覺得我們討厭什麼東西的時候要誠實地說出來.  不要假裝討厭的東西不討厭.  有時候擺脫那種心情的最好作法就是面對它, 說出正確的感覺.  以後討厭的心情就慢慢消失了.

Yes, hating too much can be bad.  But we all hate sometimes, don't we?  負面的態度會害自己沒錯, 可是我們都有討厭的東西對不對?

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