2018年4月22日 星期日

What's Going On In Taitung 台東最近發生的事 6

Photoshop!  This place doesn't look as good in real life.

Been a while since I covered the news, hasn't it?  But hey it's Taitung, and there's never all that much going on anyway.  Without looking, I can tell you there were a few car accidents, some weather phenomena, some sporting events, the county government gave someone an award, the county magistrate went on a tour of something, and someone, somewhere launched a scheme to grab more tourist dollars.  我很久沒有討論新聞, 對不對?  還好台東那麼小, 不會有那麼多事情發生.  我還沒看新聞, 就可以跟你講大概發生了一些車禍, 奇怪的天氣, 運動活動, 縣政府頒發獎狀, 縣長參觀了些地方, 還有人提出加強觀光業的計畫.

But what really happened?  Let's take a look...  可是那些事情真的有發生過嗎?  我們再看一下...

"Try not to look bored, try not to look bored..."

A. Local News 地區新聞

1. The DPP is eyeing Taitung hopefully.  The office of County Magistrate will be up for grabs soon, and Justin Huang won't be up for reelection.  民進黨希望在台東打敗國民黨.  縣長黃健庭快卸任了.

2. Local lawmaker Liou Jao-hao, who's up for that County Magistrate seat, invited representatives from the Tourism Administration to discuss how to improve tourism in Taitung.  參選台東縣長的立法委員劉櫂豪請觀光局代表到他的辦公室談論台東的觀光業產.

3. The Puyuma Triathlon took place last weekend.  A man from Sweden completed the Ironman in 8 hours, 35 minutes.  Having competed in the much shorter Olympic triathlon the following day, I can't tell you how tired I feel when I think about swimming, bicycling, and running for that long.  上周六舉辦的普悠瑪鐵人三項賽,  從瑞典來的選手把226公里的比賽在8小時35分完成.  我隔天參加了51.5公里的比賽.  我一想到有人游泳, 騎車和跑步那麼久就感覺非常累.

I like to think they're viewing pages of the Necronomicon.

4. The Taitung County Government is leading an effort to put more TV and phone lines underground.  Jung Hua Telecom is assisting in the effort.  中華電信隨著台東縣政府的計畫把很多纜線放到地下.

5. There was a 4.7 magnitude earthquake in Taitung last Monday.  上星期一台東發生了規模4.7的地震.

6. They placed a metal roof over a local historic building.  An official in the Education Bureau explained that this measure was only temporary.  歷史建物加蓋了鐵皮屋.  教育科長表示只是臨時的保護措施.


7. Freaking horrible.  A local one year old was bit on the head by the family dog.  The dog bit fractured the boy's skull, and some of his cerebrospinal fluid was leaking out.  好可怕.  台東一歲的兒童被家裡養的狗咬了.  他的後腦骨骨折, 腦漿溢出.

8. As a way of promoting tourism after Hualien's big earthquake, the airports in both Hualien and Taitung will not be charging landing fees for international flights.  花蓮強震之後為了要找回觀光人潮.  交通部預告花蓮台東機場免收國際航線降落費.

9. Taitung's Hot Air Balloon Festival will start on June 30, and last for 45 days.  台東熱氣球嘉年華六月三十日登場.  活動為期45天.

Stadium was probably NOT at full capacity.

10. Taitung's team won 3 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals in the National Junior High School Games.  台東的代表隊在全國國中等學校運動會奪3金, 4銀, 2銅.

11. The Shie Guo Cheng National Little League Championship began in Taipei last Wednesday.  Taitung's team didn't fare so well.  上星期三107年謝國城盃全國少棒錦標賽在台北開幕.  台東縣隊處於落後.

12. Plans to complete Highway 26, which would have connected Nan Tian in Da Ren Township with Shiu Hai in Pingtung County, were scrapped recently.  I think this is great news, and I'd like to thank Pingtung's county government.  連接達仁鄉南田村, 屏東縣旭海的省道台26線將不會完成.  我覺得這是很完美的消息, 也感謝屏東縣政府的環保意識.

"Patty," source of joy and horror in several local men's lives.

13. Nine local men were tested for AIDS after encounters with a Thai prostitute visiting the county.  The woman was present in Taitung from March 13 to 22, and had encounters with dozens of local men.  已經有九個當地男子匿名愛滋檢驗.  他們都跟泰國籍女子有性交易.  這位泰國籍女子三月13至22在台東跟數十名男子從事性交易.

14. Taitung's Environmental Protection Bureau hopes to reduce the amount of garbage shipped to Kaohsiung.  Taitung's garbage is shipped to an incinerator over there, and maintenance of the incinerator over the Tomb-Sweeping vacation caused garbage from Taitung to pile up.  台東環保局希望運到高雄的垃圾可減少.  清明節時高雄的焚化廠進行維修, 造成台東縣垃圾激增.

15. Several students from Wu Lu in Hai Duan Township recently visited Jinmen as part of a cultural exchange.  I'm sure it was a great experience for the kids, but was it worth the money?  海端鄉霧鹿村的幾個國小生最近去金門參加文化交流.  對孩子來說當然是很豐富的經驗, 可是真的值得花那麼多錢?

16. There was another, smaller earthquake out to sea yesterday.  昨天台東外海發生了比較小的地震.

17. Yesterday the KMT held a conference to discuss their sponsorship of Rao Ching-ling for the office of Taitung County Magistrate.  昨天國民黨在台東舉辦台東縣長提名饒慶鈴懇託會.

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