2017年12月21日 星期四

Things to Do in Taitung 台東的活動

This entry was supposed to be another "What's Going on in the Taitung County Government," but the Taitung County Government really isn't doing much lately.  我這禮拜原來要寫的文章是 "台東縣政府最近動向 3," 可是最近縣府的動向不多.

Given the lack of news, I thought I'd offer the following list of local events.  I tried to be thorough, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few events (especially temple events) got by me.  縣政府的新聞那麼少, 所以我換成了地方上的活動.  應該還有些廟會與類似活動被我漏掉了.

1. Go to a Christmas/New Year Activity 參加聖誕節還是誇年的活動

There's a list of these events on the Department of Culture's website.  On Christmas Eve there will be a Christmas party from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.  There's also a New Year's party the following New Year's Eve from 8 pm till 12:30.  Both of these events will be held in the new complex of buildings between Shin Sheng Road and Tie Hua Road.  文化處的網頁上的活動的行事曆.  十二月二十四日7:00到9:30有聖誕節晚會.  十二月三十一日8:00到12:30也有誇年晚會.  這兩個活動都在新生路與鐵花路上的鐵花新聚落.

Just don't ask me what they mean by "party."  I have no idea.  不要問我這兩個晚會的內容.  我一點都不知道.

Oh, and WaGaLiGong is also having a Christmas party in Dulan on Saturday, December 23, from 5 to 11.  There are a bunch of other Christmas and New Year's Even-related events up the coast.  Just start from WaGaLiGong's Christmas party and then scroll down through the "Related Events" on Facebook.  還有十二月二十三日都蘭的WaGaLiGong也有舉辦聖誕節的晚會.  東海岸也有很多聖誕節或是跨年相關的活動.  先看WaGaLiGong聖誕節晚會的網頁, 然後在FB出現上就有許多類似的活動.

2. Try a New Restaurant 找新餐廳吃飯

There are a few new restaurants around town.  There's City Burger on Chuan Guang Road, a brunch place that I've visited once.  There's the super expensive Gaya Hotel, which I haven't visited yet.  If you look around I'm sure you'll find something.  台東市有幾家新餐廳.  有傳廣路上的城市漢堡.  還有最貴的Gaya Hotel.  城市漢堡我去過一次.  Gaya Hotel還沒去過.  找一找, 你一定會發現自己喜歡的.

If you like sandwiches you might also want to visit the local Subway on Jung Shan Road.  They'll be closing down soon.  喜歡三明治的應該去中山路上的Subway吧.  他們快要結束營業了.

3. Sign Up for an Athletic Event 參加運動比賽

There's a 100 and 200 K bike race up the coast, from Jia Lu Lan to either Sanshiantai or somewhere in Hualien County.  東海岸有100跟200公里的單車比賽.  起點是加路蘭, 在三仙台或是花蓮縣的地點迴轉.

There's a marathon in Tai Ma Li March 11.  There are 5, 11, half-marathon, and marathon divisions.  三月十一日太麻里舉辦馬拉松.  活動有5, 10, 半碼, 跟馬拉松的競賽.

There's also an ultra marathon in Guanshan March 17, a triathlon in Taitung City the same day, an Ironman triathlon in Taitung City March 18, a road race (not a marathon) in Guanshan the same day, and a marathon in Luye March 24*.  There are even more events further out, but that's it for March.  三月十七日關山也有超級馬拉松, 同一天台東市也會舉辦鐵人三項.  三月十八日台東市有Ironman鐵人三項, 同一天關山舉辦路跑比賽.  三月二十四鹿野將有馬拉松.  三月的運動比賽大致是這些.  三月之後應該有更多的運動比賽.

4. Visit an Agricultural Exhibition 參加農業特展

The Dalah exhibition is at the Bunun Tribe Culture Museum in Haiduan until March of 2018.  海端鄉的布農族文化博物館有Dalah特色農業文化特展. 這特展將持續到2018年三月.

5. Go Even Farther Up (or Down) the Coast to Celebrate the New Year 更上 (下) 東海岸誇年

There's another New Year's event scheduled at Sanshiantai, in Cheng Gong Municipality.  There's also one to the south, in Tai Ma Li Township.  I bet a lot of people are going to those!  成功鎮的三仙台也有誇年活動.  太麻里鄉也有.  應該會有很多人去.

6. Go See a Concert at Tiehua Village 去音樂會

It's downtown and it's super convenient.  I haven't been there in a while, but they do have good shows on occasion.  Their calendar's here.  鐵花村在市區, 很方便.  我很久沒去了, 他們有的音樂會不錯.  他們的行事曆在這裡.

For that matter, they also have other concerts in Dulan at the Sugar Factory.  It might take some searching, but there's always a concert to go to. 都蘭糖廠應該也有其他的音樂會.  可以找一找相關資訊, 總會有音樂會可以參加.

7. Go See an Exhibit in Another Museum 去其他博物館看展覽

You could go see "Mr. Lu's" exhibition at the Taitung Art Museum, or visit the National Museum of Prehistory.  I'd be happy to tell you what the Museum of Prehistory's newest exhibit is... but their website isn't working!  你可以去台東美術館參觀 "陸先生" 的特展, 也可以參觀國立史前博物館.  我想告訴你史前博物館的最新的特展是甚麼, 可是他們的網頁有問題!

8. Stay Home 留在家裡

...or maybe it's just too cold to go outside.  Maybe we should all stay home.  Watch a movie, or read a book.  Pass me that beer, will you?  There's still some football left to see, and enough food in the refrigerator to get us through the day.  還是天氣太冷留在家裡就好.  可以看影片, 可以看書.  把那罐啤酒傳給我好嗎? 冰箱裡的食物和美式足球賽就夠了.  不用出門!

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*No link for that marathon in Luye as yet.  I also failed to mention the "Beach/Bikini Run" in Tai Ma Li on New Year's Day because it's too late to sign up for (unless you go to their office).

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  1. P.S. I went to part of the Xmas Party. It wasn't that great. I figure the New Year's Party will be more of the same, with slightly bigger stars in attendance.