2017年11月25日 星期六

What's Going On in Taitung 台東最近發生的事 5

Local news from the past week or so.  If you can read Chinese, I've linked the various news articles below.  這些是上個禮拜左右的新聞.  看得懂中文的讀者可參考以下的網址.

A. Anything I Missed?  我沒聽說的新聞呢?

A lot of news gets by me.  A lot of news also gets by the major news outlets.  If there's a recent happening that YOU think is important, let me know and I'll try to include it here.  有很多新聞我沒注意到.  還有很多新聞登不上各大報.  你如果知道某些重要的新聞但是在這裡找不到, 請告訴我, 我會試著放進這萹文章中.

B. Local News 地區新聞

The Taitung Department of Agriculture is encouraging more farmers to grow bing hua ("ice flowers"), a type of vegetable native to the area.  台東農業會在推廣 "台灣冰花," 一種當地的植物.

Xu Ching-dong, a local poet, has released another book of poems about Taitung.  當地的詩人徐慶東發表了他的創作今夜, 在東海岸.

On November 18 Jin Feng Township hosted several roselle flower activities.  十一月十八日金鋒鄉辦理幾場洛神花系列活動.

The Taitung County Government continues to push (ha ha) its "TTPush" web app.  They have spent a lot of money on this project.  台東縣政府持續推廣他們的TTPush APP.  他們為了這個APP花了很多錢.*

A Facebook group inspired local fishermen to take part in a beach clean up.  They collected a lot of garbage.  臉書社團讓當地的漁夫淨灘.  他們撿的垃圾真多.

You might have noticed the wind getting stronger, and shifting to the northeast.  In Cheng Gong this signals the beginning of swordfish season.  你可能注意到強風來自東北部.  這也代表著成功的旗魚季開始了.

The Taitung County Aboriginal Culture Hall (the building with the winding staircase near the main entrance to the Forest Park) is offering a new menu consisting of aboriginal cuisine.  Looks yummy from the pictures.  台東縣原住民文化會館 (森林公園大門口對面的建築物) 推出了他們的 "原味套餐."  看網站上的照片好像很好吃的樣子.

The Taitung County Government wants to build a solar power facility in Jer Ben, although the County Magistrate says that if residents there are against it it won't be built.  台東縣政府要在知本發展太陽能發電區.  只是縣長說 "部落不同意就不做."

There was a car accident on Ma Heng Heng Boulevard in Taitung City Tuesday night.  After the accident on of the drivers heart stopped.  He was rushed to Mackay Hospital.  星期二晚上在台東市馬亨亨大道發生車禍.  一位駕駛送往馬偕醫院時已經沒有呼吸心跳了.

In anticipation of the upcoming Taitung Open of Surfing, there was another beach clean up near Jin Dzuen Harbor.  為迎接衝浪比賽, 縣政府在金樽舉辦淨灘活動.

Two members of the Green Island Township Office got into a fight!  綠島鄉的鄉長跟跟一位鄉代打架.

Workers on the Green Island Ferry participated in a safety drill on Tuesday.  台東離島航線客船辦緊急應變實船演練.

County Magistrate Justin Huang presided over the opening of a "special care facility" in Chang Bin Township.  縣長黃健庭參加長濱鄉多元照顧中心的開幕.

There's a news report on some guy finding part of a brick wall in the ocean.  Yes, that's how little news there is in Taitung.  有新聞報導人在海邊撿到磚牆一塊.  台東真的有這種新聞.

An international longboard surfing competition started this week in Jin Dzuen.  國際衝浪長板競賽這禮拜展開.

In defiance of all common sense, a County council member once again suggested an "environmental review" for the "Beautiful Bay" Hotel in Shan Yuan.  The County Magistrate responded with "No."  有議員建議重啟杉原的美麗灣環評, 可是縣長說 "不."

C. Happy Thanksgiving!  感恩節快樂!

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Hope you had a good one.  What did I do during Thanksgiving?  I was one of the judges for the Reader's Theater competition in Dawu, and after that my family had Korean food for dinner.  上禮拜四是感恩節.  希望你們的感恩節過得偷快.  我感恩節做甚麼呢?  早上工作, 晚上我和家人一起吃漢堡.

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*Full disclosure here.  Last semester I was paid to translate parts of this APP into English.  No idea if what I translated is still used as part of the service.