2017年11月18日 星期六

My Sister's Visit to Taiwan 我妹妹來台的旅遊

My friend referred to it as "staycation," though I'm not sure if he meant the days I'd be taking off or the time I'd spend introducing my sister to Taiwan.  Whichever one it is, it definitely wasn't relaxing.  Fun at times sure, but definitely not relaxing.  我有一個朋友稱這種情況 "留假," 可是我搞不清楚他指的是我請假的期間, 還是我帶我妹妹認識台灣的時間.  不管哪一個意思, 這段過程一點也不輕鬆.  當然有時候很好玩, 可是一點輕鬆感都沒有.

My sister was here for two weeks.  She flew over on a Sunday from San Francisco, and flew back two Sundays later.  During those two weeks I had to work five days, but I spent the rest of the time showing her around.  我妹妹來台灣兩個禮拜.  她從舊金山到台灣是一個禮拜天, 也在二個星期後的禮拜天飛回去.  這二個星期我上班五天, 其他的時間我都帶著她去玩.

After her arrival at Taoyuan International Airport, we went straight back to my apartment in Taitung.  She spent the next three days recovering from jet lag, and by the time I was finally "free" she was, for the most part, adjusted to the time change.  她到桃園機場之後我們直接回來台東.  剛開始三天她用來調整時差, 當我終於不用上班的時候她也比較習慣台灣的時間了.

The first order of business was a trip up the coast.  I drove her to San Shian Tai ("Three Fairies Bridge") and with made many stops along the way.  We would have gone farther up the coast, but it was raining and we wanted to have lunch in Dulan.  我們第一件做的事是開車往東海岸.  我帶她去三仙台和沿路上其他的地方.  我們原來想往更北邊的地點, 可是那一天下雨, 而且我們也想在都蘭吃午餐.

Jia Lu Lan 加路蘭.

Dong He 東河.

The view from San Shian Tai 三仙台上的風景.

On the following day we drove up the East Rift Valley, turning back at Jade Mountain National Park.  That was a LONG drive.  We ran into trouble when she "couldn't find anything to eat" in Chr Shang, but she did like the stinky tofu in Guanshan.  隔天我們開車往花東縱谷, 並在玉山國家公園回轉.  哇!  那一天開車開很久!  她在池上找不到想吃的東西 - 有點煩 - 可是她後來發現關山的臭豆腐不錯.

Yuan Sen Botanical Gardens 原生植物園.

Luye Gaotai ("Luye High Terrace") 鹿野高台.

Chr Shang 池上.

Jade Mountain National Park Visitor's Center 玉山國家公園遊客中心.

Rice fields near Nan An Village 南安村附近的稻田.

Most of Saturday was spent driving between Taitung City and Kaohsiung's Dream Mall.  In Dream Mall she bought a very expensive pair of shoes, and afterwards we drove to Kenting, where we spent the night.  我們禮拜六大多時間是在台東市到高雄夢時代的路上.  她在夢時代買了一雙很貴的鞋子.  之後我們開車到墾丁過夜.

The night market on Kenting Road was, I think, one of her favorite parts of the trip.  I can't remember what foods she liked exactly, but she seemed very happy there.  We also had drinks in front of the Howard Prince Hotel, and she bought a woven bracelet with her name on it.  我妹妹在台灣旅遊最喜愛的部分大概是逛墾丁大街夜市.  我忘記她在那裏喜歡甚麼食物, 可是她那個晚上顯得很快樂.  我們在福華飯店前喝了幾杯酒, 她也在夜市裡買了一條有她名字的手鍊.

The place on Kenting Road where we had drinks 我們在墾丁喝酒的地方.

Kenting National Park 墾丁國家公園.

The following Sunday we went to the aquarium and walked around the old city fortifications in Hengchun.  She liked the aquarium, but not as much as I would have thought.  I couldn't tell if Hengchun was boring for her, or if she just hadn't slept well the previous night.  那個禮拜天我們去海洋公園跟恆春古城.  她喜歡海洋館, 但不是我想像中的那麼喜歡.  我不知道她喜不喜歡恆春古城, 也或許是晚上沒睡好太累了.

Hengchun's South Gate 恆春古城的南門.

The National Taiwan Aquarium 國立台灣海洋生物博物館.

On Monday we rode bicycles from my apartment to the Forest Park, and from there to the Seashore Park.  We had lunch at Lin Family Dumplings.  My sister was very tired after this bike trip, so after lunch we went home so she could rest.  星期一我們從我家騎單車到森林公園再騎到海濱公園.  我們在鄰家蒸餃吃午餐.  騎單車讓我妹妹很累, 所以吃完午餐之後就回家休息.

Bike trail west of the Forest Park 森林公園北邊的單車車道.

My sister in the Forest Park 我妹妹在森林公園.

Hill next to the Flowing Lake 活水湖旁邊的山坡.

The "paper mache house" next to the Seashore Park 海濱公園旁的舊房子.

The day after that we went to the Prehistory Museum.  She must have spent at least an hour in the gift shop, thinking about what to buy.  She seemed to enjoy taking pictures of that place, especially since the weather on that day was the best of her entire stay in Taiwan.  隔天我們去史前博物館.  她在精品店花了一個多小時, 都在考慮要買甚麼.  她好像很喜歡在那裏拍照.  那一天的天氣是她在台東的時候最好的.

The National Taiwan Museum of Prehistory 國立台灣史前博物館.

On Wednesday rode bicycles around the downtown area.  Starbucks, Eslite, the Tong Yi Bookstore, and the Queen of Heaven Temple (in that order).  She seemed much more "in her element" in the Eslite, and I began to realize that some of her discomfort with Taitung was simply due to the fact that it's so rural, and that there's so little to do indoors here.  She is, in other words, a city person.  禮拜三的時候我們在市區騎單車.  去了星巴克, 誠品書店, 統一書局和天后宮誠品好像比較適合她.  那時候我開始發現她不那麼喜歡台東的原因應該是這裡比較鄉下.  她是城市佬, 而這裡沒有那麼多室內的地方.

I had to work the following Thursday and Friday, but we did have hot pot at the Showtime Multiplex on Friday.  I think that was the first meal I saw her eat here.  Up to that point she'd been eating a mix of chocolate bars, fried onion cakes, and fruit.  之後的星期四和星期五我要上班, 可是禮拜五晚上我們去秀泰影城吃火鍋.  那應該是我第一次看到她在台東吃套餐.  在這之前, 她只有吃巧克力, 蔥油餅和水果.

Last Saturday and Sunday were her last weekend in Taiwan.  As you might have expected, we spent it in Taipei.  We stayed the night in a "capsule hotel" in the Ximending shopping area, with side trips to the Taipei 101, Shandao Temple, Longshan Temple, and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.  That part of her trip was a lot of people, a lot of MRT, and a lot of gift shops.  I don't think I've walked so much in a long time.  上個周末是我妹妹在台灣的最後一個周末.  你大概已經猜出來了 - 我們那時候在台北.  我們在西門町的膠囊飯店過夜, 還去了101大樓, 善導寺, 龍山寺中正紀念堂.  那一段的旅遊是人多, 捷運多, 精品店多的部分.  我很久沒走那麼多路了.

Taking a break in the Taipei Main Station 在台北車站休息.

Near the Taipei 101 在101附近.

On the MRT 坐捷運.

The Ximending Shopping District from the "capsule hotel" 西門町.

Temple in Ximending 西門町的一所廟.

Pro-China demonstration next to the Ximen MRT stop 西門站旁的親中國示威.

And then, at around 4 pm last Sunday afternoon, I was hugging my sister goodbye and hoping that she'd be ok waiting by herself in the airport.  Two weeks had flashed by, she was going back to her "real life" in California, and it was time for me to start going back to Taitung.  I could barely believe it.  Two weeks gone.  Just like that!  上禮拜天下午四點我在機場跟我妹妹說再見, 很緊張她自己一個人等飛機會不會有問題.  二個禮拜的時間過得真快.  她要回去加州, 我要回來台東.  我不敢相信兩個禮拜就這樣子過去了!

I'll miss my sister, but I sure am looking forward to not going anywhere for a while!  我會想念我的妹妹, 可是我很期待可以在家裡休息!

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