2017年10月27日 星期五

Getting Lost Near Highway 11 在台11線附近迷路

One of the things I like about Taiwan is the fact that, even after 17 years, I can still get lost in it.  I'll take a left turn where I usually go right, or go straight where I usually turn, and suddenly I'm lost in a maze of dusty roads, wondering what's beyond the next hill or around the next corner.  我喜愛台灣的理由很多, 其中一個理由就是我住台灣17年後, 還有辦法在這裡迷路.  我在經常右轉的地方左轉, 或是在經常轉彎的地方直行, 突然就迷失在小路中找不到目的地.

Last weekend I was bicycling down Highway 11, not far from where it joins up with Jung Hua Road south of downtown Taitung.  Instead of staying on the highway I took a left toward the ocean, and the result is the pictures you see below.  我上周末在台11線騎單車, 我在靠近台東市區與中華路交接的附近左轉往海邊, 以下的照片是我在那附近拍的.

More banana trees.  While I was bicycling I also saw rice, dragonfruit, and papaya.  更多的香蕉樹.  沿路也看到了稻米, 火龍果, 還有木瓜.

The erosion of Taitung's coastline is a continual problem for the County Government.  If I had to guess, I'd say that their plan is to build a seawall behind the breakwater.*  對台東縣政府來說, 海岸侵蝕是個很大的問題.  我猜他們的計畫是在消波塊後面蓋堤防.

Not even local graves are spared when construction projects take place.  It doesn't seem like anyone has visited this cemetery in a long time, but I was still surprised to see bulldozer tracks over the graves.  施工的時候, 連墳墓都不可倖免.  這裡好像很久沒人來過了, 但我還不敢相信有施工車輛的輪胎痕跡在墳墓上面.

To the left side of the picture is where a canal empties out.  To the right is the ocean.  I wanted to investigate a village off to the right, but there were too many aggressive dogs there.  照片左邊是水溝的排水口, 右邊則是海邊.  我想去看一下更右邊的村莊, 只是那裏有很多很兇的狗.

Definitely not the most scenic part of Taitung's coastline.  As far as I know, nobody surfs around here, though many local fishermen visit a spot slightly south.  這當然不是台東海岸線最漂亮的部分.  沒有人在這裡衝浪.  釣客也會前往南邊一點的地點釣魚.

Replacing the tetrapods is a continual process.  In other areas they have vast fields of them set aside for this purpose.  放置消波塊是一件永無止盡的工作.  在其他地方有大塊土地放滿了消波塊.

This area is relatively clean, but I've seen other areas nearby that are covered in garbage.  The rivers and canals carry garbage down from Taitung City.  The County Government is aware of the problem, and hopefully we'll see cleaner beaches in the future.  這個地點比較乾淨, 可是附近還有其他的地方很髒.  溪流跟水溝把台東市的垃圾沖到海邊去了.  台東縣政府也注意到了這個問題, 希望未來的海岸不會那麼髒亂.

A nice sunrise at 6 a.m.  It's winter now, and the sun isn't out for long.  6點左右太陽就升起了.  現在是冬天, 白天的時間也比較短了.

Fish farm.  Couldn't get close enough to see what they were raising.  養殖魚池.  沒辦法靠近去看他們在養甚麼魚.

View south toward Jer Ben.  In the background, between the mountains and the treeline, is the Li Jia River.  知本的風景.  背景的山跟最後面樹林中間是利嘉溪.

These old signs are scattered all over this part of Highway 11.  Dental clinics, banks, restaurants - all of the signs used by long-gone businesses, rusting under the trees.  台11線這一段旁邊有很多被人亂丟的招牌.  牙醫珍所, 銀行, 餐廳, 甚麼招牌都有.  全部都在路邊的樹下慢慢生鏽.

The Taisugar gas station on Highway 11.  Somehow, after all that meandering, this is where I came out.  It was beginning to rain, I'd been "lost" for an hour, and it was time to go home!  台11線上的台糖加油站.  我不知道是怎麼發生的, 迷路一個小時之後我從這裡出來.  那時正要下雨了, 是時候回家了!

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*I'm not as smart as this discussion of seawalls, breakwaters, and tetrapods makes me sound.  I hereby refer you to the coastal engineering article on Wikipedia.  Those other structures forming the breakwater are, by the way, best referred to as "interlocking armor units."