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What's Going on with the Taitung County Government 台東縣政府最近動向 2

What follows below are what I thought were the most important and/or most interesting bits of news from various county government websites.  下列的內容都是我在縣府的各個單位網站上找到的.  是我認為最有趣或是最重要的.

Almost all of the sites below have an "English" link at the top of the page, but this link just directs you to the County's tourism portal.  This tourism portal is listed below as "The Taitung County Tourism Department."  Only the Cultural Affairs Department has its own English website.  幾乎下列的網站在網頁的最上方都有英文版的連結, 只是這些連結都會將你帶去觀光旅遊處的網站.  只有文化處有它自己的英文網站.

I also scanned through the news for any interesting news items relevant to the departments listed below.  There isn't a lot of Taitung-related news in the best of times, but I did my best to find relevant articles. 我也看了最近的新聞, 希望找到與縣政府相關的有趣的報導.  我盡力了, 只是關於台東的新聞不多.

Seattle 西雅圖

Oh, and one more thing!  I'll be going back to Seattle for two months on June 18, so this will be the last entry until September.*  還有一件事要跟你們說.  我六月十八日要回西雅圖兩個多月, 所以這篇文章是這學期的最後一篇.  九月再見!

1. The Taitung County Government International Development and Planning Department 台東縣政府國際發展及計畫處

Not entirely sure what this has to do with the International Development and Planning Department (seems like it would have more to do with the Agriculture Department), but organic roselle flowers from Taitung are now being exported to Japan.  我不是很清楚這件事跟國際發展處有甚麼關係 (好像跟農業處比較有關), 可是台東的有機洛神花開始外銷到日本.

The County Government continues to develop its "Smart City Project."  As part of this effort, they gave a presentation on their "TTPush" APP.  縣政府繼續發展 "智慧城市."  他們最近推出政府的APP平台"TTPush."**

2. The Taitung County Indigenous Peoples Website 台東縣原住民族行政處

As in other parts of Taiwan with a higher number of aboriginal people, this department has a plan for getting younger people to return to their villages.  This is of course easier said than done.  跟其他原住民人口較多的地方一樣, 台東縣原住民族行政處有青年人返鄉的計畫.  這種計畫當然是說的簡單但很難做到的事情.

The County Government is working with farmers in southern Taitung County to develop the market for millet.  縣政府在幫南迴地區的小鄉村發展小米廣場.

3. The Taitung County Personnel Department 台東縣政府人事處

Their website hasn't been updated in so long it's ridiculous.  哇!  他們那一處的網頁很久沒有新的消息!

4. The Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department 台東縣政府文化處

There's an exhibition featuring the works of ten Hong Kong artists on the second floor of Taitung's Arts Center.  This exhibition ends June 20.  台東藝文中心二樓舉辦香港十人展.  這個展覽是六月二十日結束.

There will be a concert at the Taitung Arts Center this Sunday, June 11.  這個六月十一日禮拜天台東藝文中心大廳舉辦音樂會.

5. The Taitung County Land Administration Department 台東縣政府地政處

They held a meeting about the rezoning of land for recreational purposes.  I'm sure this meeting was fascinating.  他們最近成立 "台東縣台東市康樂自辦市地重劃區重劃畫會."  這個會議一定很有趣!  (開玩笑的)

6. The Taitung County Civil Affairs Department 台東縣政府民政處

Another census was taken.  220,191 people presently reside in Taitung County.  113,818 of these people have penises, and 106,373 don't.  78,849 of these people are members of aboriginal tribes.  有新的人口普查結果: 現在人口數按性別及原住民身分區別.  台東縣居民人數現在是220, 191人.  113, 818人是男性, 106, 373是女性.  原住民的人口則是78849人.

Augustin, a Taitung resident originally from Switzerland, wants to become a Taiwanese citizen.  He originally came here as a missionary, and has been living in the county for 54 years.  有一位從瑞士來的人士Augustin, 他54年前來台的原因是傳教, 他在台54年並想更改國籍成為中華民國國民.

7. The Taitung County Government Education Department 台東縣政府教育處

The final round of the County English competition was held last Wednesday.  I'm sure the English teachers of Taitung are all glad it's over.  上禮拜三是台東縣的英語文競賽決賽.  我想台東所有的英語教師應該很高興.

8. The Taitung County Agriculture Department 台東縣政府農業處

Representatives from the Taiwan International Agricultural Development Company Ltd. arrived in Taitung to discuss the planting of pineapples and sugar apples.  There was some disagreement between the representatives of this company and officials from the Taitung County Government.  台灣國際農業開發股份有限公司來台東介紹種植鳳梨及釋迦的計畫.  縣議會人員跟台農發有些意見不同的地方.

A Chinese Pangolin was found in an alley near Kai Feng Street in Taitung City.  The Animal Protection branch of the Agriculture Department was notified, and the animal was captured and taken to a Wildlife Receiving Center in Pingtung.  有人發現一隻穿山甲在台東市開封街的一條巷弄.  畜產保育科得到消息之後, 就將穿山甲捕獲並送到屏東縣的野生動物收容中心.

Farmers around Da Ren Township experienced crop losses after the recent heavy rains.  下大雨之後達仁鄉的農民可能減產逾五成.

9. The Taitung County Tourism Department 台東縣政府觀光旅遊處

Worried about competition from other hot air balloon festivals, in other parts of Taiwan, the Tourism Department is encouraging people to "avoid the traffic," and visit Taitung's hot air balloon festival instead.  因為中北部的熱氣球活動越來越受歡迎, 觀光旅遊處呼籲旅客: "避開塞車的好方法就是來台東參加台東的熱氣球季."

10. The Public Health Bureau, Taitung County 臺東縣衛生局

The Public Health Bureau cautions residents about the danger of Japanese encephalitis, which is spread by mosquitoes.  Children older than 15 months should be vaccinated against this type of encephalitis.  衛生局提醒居民注意經由蚊蟲傳染的日本腦炎.  滿15個月的幼兒應按時接種疫苗.

Foot and mouth disease is very popular in Taitung this year.  10 classes have been suspended for this reason.  因為腸病毒進入流行期, 台東已經有十個班停課.

A man working on a fishing boat died of heat stroke on Orchid Island.  He was from Indonesia.  蘭嶼有從印尼來的漁工因為氣溫高而熱死了.

11. The Taitung County Fire Department 臺東縣消防局

Two people were reported to be "in trouble" near the Lu Ye River during recent flooding, but the fire department couldn't find anyone.  消防局在這一次的豪雨中獲報有二個人受困鹿野溪,  只是消防局後來找不到受困人.

Local firemen used picture books to teach kids in rural areas about safety.  消防局用繪本教徧鄉學童怎麼防火防災.

12. The Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau 台東縣環境保護局

Taitung's EPA encourages you to remove weeds from around your house to diminish the numbers of mosquitoes, snakes, and rodents in the area.  台東環保局提醒你要除家附近的雜草.  這樣蚊蟲蛇鼠的數量會變少.

After residents voiced concerns, the local EPA will conduct a survey on the use of fill pellets in local construction sites.  These pellets are recycled from local garbage.  台東民眾擔心 "再生粒料" 的使用, 所以台東環保局會著手研究 "再生粒料"安全性的問題.  "再生粒料" 是從地區垃圾加工後的產物.

Someone did a (very detailed) survey of fill-related pollutants found in the land near the Tai Ping River.  You can see the results here.  台東市汙水廠用地去化太平溪土石整地工程(再生粒料)檢測報告.

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*The last Chinese-English entry, that is.  I'll probably write a few more English-only ones. 

**If it helps any, the "TT" in "TTPush" stands for "TaiTung."  The "Smart City Project" has been going on for a while now.  The County Government, in association with National Taitung University and several private companies, is trying to develop the local economy through online platforms, new tourist services, and vocational training.