2017年3月12日 星期日

Friends to a Fault 正直的人

A coupla guys sittin' outside the Family Mart.  Or maybe the local 7-11.  Not any nice bar, not noways.  Too expensive, and the night is young yet.幾個男人坐在某全家便利商店外,也或許是附近的7-11, 不是閃亮的酒吧! 沒辦法! 太貴了! 快樂的夜晚才剛拉開序幕.

"What you smokin'?" says the one."你抽什麼菸?" 一個人問.

"Marbs," says the other, "You smokin' too?" "萬寶路" , "你也抽嗎?"另一人答.

"Sure I am," says the one, "The night is young, after all.  How about handin' one over here?""對","夜還早 , 要不要在這裡坐一下? "第一個人說.

Thusly friends are made, and smoke wafts up toward the stars.  A buncha gangster types cruise by in a low-slung Toyota.  A lady parks her scooter real quiet like, and lurks in without being noticed. 就這樣成為朋友, 抽的煙也裊裊向星空飄去, 幾個混混般的人開著低底盤的豐田汽車遊蕩, 一個女人安靜的停好機車, 在不引人注意的情況下晃進商店.

A third friend pops up out of the city shadows.  Friends in the night somewhere.  It's always the same on a Saturday.  He sits right down. 第三個朋友從城市角落中閃了出來, 藏身夜晚的友人, 他坐了下來, 這樣的情景總是出現在星期六 .

"What you drinkin'?" says the third, "And is it too much?"第三個朋友問:"你在喝什麼?", "太多了嗎?"

"Beer," say the first and second, "Can't you tell by all these cans?  We're drinking it all tonight.  We're gonna drink the store dry.  And you?  Are you on your Father's business?" 第一與第二位男士說:"啤酒", "從這些瓶罐你看不出來嗎? 今晚我們不醉不歸, 我們要把這間店喝乾! 你呢? 當好學生嗎? "

"Not I," says the third.  "The night is young, after all.  I'll be having myself a beer, because I've already had far too many.  And from here I'll drive off, endangering." 第三個人說:"不", "今晚我已經喝很多了,但我還要喝瓶啤酒, 等一下我要開車離開, 畢竟夜還早".

"A wise course," say the other two.  "The night is indeed young, and we young with it." 另外二人說:" 聰明的做法", "夜確實還早,我們也要越夜越歡".

And by the pile beneath them will you know their covenant.  A dog barks far off.  A truck flirts with traffic.  The subtle lady reemerges, and is gone.藉著那堆瓶罐可以看出他們的關係, 遠處的狗叫著, 一輛卡車在路上咨意蛇行, 那個纖細的女人再一次出現並離開.

A fourth companion appears at their side.  They do not see him arrive.  He is just there, as if he'd been there all the while.  Laughing he is, as if he'd heard it all before.  He has.第四個人出現在他們身邊, 他們都沒看到他的到來, 彷彿他就一直坐在旁邊, 就這樣地出現存在, 笑得好像他一直參與著這場對話.

"You guys got anything to smoke?" this fourth gallant asks the gathering, "Not that kind sold inside the store," he says, "But rather something more pungent.  Or perhaps," he whispers, "The night is young, after all...  Perhaps something that I might swallow, or snort into myself?" 第四個人問參與這場聚會的人:" 有沒有菸?" , "不是那種商店裡賣的, 是某種更有料的.", 他壓低聲音說:" 夜才剛開始, 也或許是某種可以吃或吸的東西."

"Wait for a sixth," say the guys, "For we can see a fifth added to your fourth, coming now toward.  Yet we know that he is not the man you want, as we ourselves are wanting.""等第六個人"這些人說,"就我們知道第五個人快到了", "但我們知道他不是你要的那個人, 我們自己也在等那樣的人".

"Fair enough," says the fourth, "For as you, I know this man.  A virtuous one he is, and not given to such diversions."第四個人說:" 對! 我認識這個人, 他是個有道德的人, 他不是個會做那種消遣的人."

On comes the fifth, and their eyes are all a-skeptic.第五個人出現了, 其餘的人眼中看不到任何熱情.

"Hey," says the fifth of those before the Family Mart.  Or maybe it's the local 7-11.  Not any nice bar, not noways.
"嗨!" 在某全家或是某7-11的第五個人說, 不是在任何酒吧, 也不是現在.

"HEY," say the other four. 其餘四人回答:"嘿!"

"You want a smoke?" says the first.第一位問:" 要抽菸嗎?"

"No," says the fifth.第五位說:"不".

"You want a drink?" say the second and third.第二與第三位說:"要喝嗎?"

"No thanks," says the fifth.第五位說:" 不, 謝謝."

"You want something stronger?" says the fourth. 第四位說:" 要強一點的嗎?"

"Not me," says the fifth.第五位說:"我不要".

"Or be it women you're wanting?" adds the first, "A KTV, and the exercise of commerce?" 第一位問: " 還是你要女人? 去KTV做運動?"

"No, no, not that.." says the fifth.第五位說:"不, 當然不是那個."

"Very well," says the gathering.  And all fall silent."很好"大家回答著, 然後在場男士都陷入了沉默.

Someone far away coughs.  Cats fight in an alleyway.  The moon looms up above them, ominous.  Automatic doors open and close, open and close.  The night, it seems, is not so young, and they have places yet to be.  Not Family Mart.  Certainly not 7-11.  A more expensive bar perhaps, for when the night is older.遠處的人咳漱著, 巷弄中的貓在打架, 月亮也升到他們頭上,空氣中瀰漫著詭譎的氣氛, 自動門開了又關, 關了又開, 夜似乎漸漸深了, 他們也各自有該去的地方, 不是全家便利商店, 當然也不是7-11, 也許是更昂貴的酒吧, 因為夜晚顯得沉重了.

"We'll see you," they say to the fifth companion.  "The night is not so young, after all.  And we know you have to go to bed, and early at that!"  "再見了"他們對第五個同伴說, "夜深了,我們知道你必須早早睡覺了".

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*Thanks to my wife, 林靜怡, for translating this one.  Getting that same rhythm in Chinese was beyond me!

**And before anyone thinks I'm making fun of them, or that this "story" is some kind of thinly veiled criticism, I'd like to say that I've been ALL of the guys in this thing, at one time or another.