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What's Going on with the Taitung County Government 台東縣政府最近動向

What follows below are what I thought were the most important and/or most interesting bits of news from various county government websites.  下列的內容都是我在縣府的各個單位網站上找到的.  是我認為最有趣或是最重要的.

Almost all of the sites below have an "English" link at the top of the page, but this link just directs you to the County's tourism portal.  This tourism portal is listed below as "The Taitung County Tourism Department."  Only the Cultural Affairs Department has its own English website.  幾乎下列的網站在網頁的最上方都有英文版的連結, 只是這些連結都會將你帶去觀光旅遊處的網站.  只有文化處有它自己的英文網站.

1. The Taitung County Government International Development and Planning Department 台東縣政府國際發展及計畫處

Because the Taitung County Government loves us more than our own parents, they are now posting an online version of the "Seeing Taitung" newsletter.  Read and enjoy!  因為台東縣政府愛我們, 所以我們來看一看他們現在出的看見台東的電子報.

2. The Taitung County Indigenous Peoples Website 台東縣原住民族行政處

The Department of Culture's Film and TV Division and the "Pop Music Industry Bureau are encouraging Hakka residents and members of aboriginal tribes to register for the "Taiwan Locally Produced Pop Music Awards."  There are a lot of talented aboriginal performers in Taitung County.  "檢送文化部影視及流行音樂產業局、客家委員會與原住民族委員會共同舉辦之「臺灣原創流行音樂大獎徵選要點」...鼓勵各部落、原住民族團體及個人踴躍報名."  台東縣有很多有天分的原住民.

3. The Taitung County Personnel Department 台東縣政府人事處

Unsurprisingly, this is the most boring of the County websites.  Want to know what positions they are hiring for?  Look here!  這個網頁當然是縣政府網站上最無聊的.  想知道他們在找什麼人才嗎?  可以參考一下這個網頁.

4. The Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department 台東縣政府文化處

The Taitung Concert Orchestra will play at the Art Museum on February 28.  Taitung's Christian Hospital will be sponsoring the event, so it might be kind of... religious?  台東回響樂團將於二月二十八日在美術館表演.  這是由台東基督教醫院所贊助, 所以可能有點宗教氣息?

5. The Taitung County Land Administration Department 台東縣政府地政處

They recently discussed how to improve maps of the areas around Yan Ping Township.  他們最近開會討論怎麼把延平附近的地圖畫得更好.

6. The Taitung County Civil Affairs Department 台東縣政府民政處

On February 6 they released a new County census.  In case you're interested,  there are now 220, 712 people residing in Taitung.  114,127 of them are men, and 106,585 of them are women.  106,364 of Taitung County's residents live in Taitung City, and only 3,522 people live in Yan Ping Township, which remains the most sparsely populated area in Taitung County.  他們二月六日發布最新的 "臺東縣各鄉鎮市現住人口數按姓別及原住民身分分."  如果你有興趣的話, 現在台東縣總共有220,712住民.  114,127住民是男的, 106,585是女的.  106,364的住民住在台東市內.  臺東縣人口最少的是延平鄉.  那邊的住民只有3,522個人.

7. The Taitung County Government Education Department 台東縣政府教育處

Orchid Island will host a marathon next month.  Why this is on the Department of Education's website I have no idea.  下個月蘭嶼要舉辦一場馬拉松.  我搞不清楚這種資料怎麼會在教育處的網站上.

8. The Taitung County Agriculture Department 台東縣政府農業處

They recently held a meeting to discuss how to get young people to remain in their villages.  As the census numbers suggest, many younger people are moving away from the countryside to pursue opportunities in urban areas.  行政院農業委員會跟水土保持局辦理 "2017年青年回留農村創新研究示範計畫."  看上面的人口普查就知道, 很多年輕人要離開鄉村去都市找工作機會.

9. The Taitung County Tourism Department 台東縣政府觀光旅遊處

This website hasn't been updated since October of last year!  I think they are putting most of their energy into another tourism portal.  這個網頁最新資料是去年十月的時候發出的.  我想他們可能把精力放在縣政府其他的觀光網頁吧!

10. The Public Health Bureau, Taitung County 臺東縣衛生局

The Bureau of Public Health has conducted several food safety inspections in advance of Lantern Festival.  The result?  All of the rice balls were ok!  元宵節前衛生局檢查湯圓的食品安全.  結果呢?  湯圓沒問題!

11. The Taitung County Fire Department 臺東縣消防局

As you might expect, the Fire Department's focus in advance of Lantern Festival has been fire safety.  The Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival holidays are (by far) the most convenient times to accidentally set your house on fire.  元宵節前, 消防局當然很重視加強防火的能力.  春節跟元宵節是最容易把房子燒掉的時候.

12. The Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau 台東縣環境保護局

The local Environmental Protection Bureau has been trying to reduce noise pollution during Lantern Festival.  This is a big concern for many local residents, and may be one of the reasons that Lantern Festival seems to get smaller every year.  地區的環保局努力降低元宵節的噪音汙染.  這是很多住民關心的問題, 這也可能是元宵節活動越來越少的原因.

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