2017年2月19日 星期日

Nonsense That Fills My Head on a Saturday

Damn I'm tired.  I got about three hours of sleep last night, and yet here I am, on a Saturday, trying to cope with another day of work.

We are working today because we will take the 27th off for a four-day weekend.  Since last year, the government has been trying to turn any public holiday that falls on a Tuesday or Thursday into a four-day weekend, and as a result we end up working one or two Saturdays every semester.

Speaking only for myself, I'd rather work on the 27th.  These four-day weekends always come up too fast for me to make any plans, and working on Saturdays is LAME.

Anyway, on to sunnier subjects...

1. Been catching up on movies from last year.  Yes, I was stuck in that 70s coma for a while, but I've finally reemerged into the present day.  Saw a boxing movie, but I can't remember its name.  Frank and Lola?  Not bad, but not great.  La La Land... had a hard time with La La Land.  I got about half way through and had to call it quits.  All that singing and dancing got on my nerves.

2. Work this week has been very busy.  I'm going to take the last two weeks of the semester off, and fly to the States on June 19, so I have to make up the third, fourth, and fifth grade classes I'll be missing.  I've made up a week's worth of third grade classes so far, and at my current pace I should have them all made up in about five more weeks.

3. And what really keeps me going at work is the thought of a HUGE enchilada plate, at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle.  Next to that enchilada plate sits a cold glass of Dos Equis, and in front of that plate sits me.

I don't have many plans for the summer as yet.  We were thinking about flying to Cancun in Mexico for a week or so, but I'm not sure how realistic that idea is.  I've looked into flights and hotels - and it certainly seems doable - but there remains the problem of leaving my daughters behind in Seattle, and some other potential issues that it's better not to discuss here.

And there's also that Grand Canyon trip we always talk about.  Or Alaska.  Or even going down to see my brother in Oakland.  But who knows?  It's too early to decide anything.

4. Been reading Americanah, a novel by a Nigerian-born author residing in the States.  After reading the publisher's blurb on the back, I expected it to be a lot of politically correct bullshit, but as it turns out it's not a bad book.  A lot of the author's observations on what it means to live in another culture reminded me of my own experiences in Taiwan. 

5. I'll be running in Tainan's Old Capital Marathon two weeks from now.  I'm signed up for the half, which I've joined many times before.  I'm not ecstatic about it, but I am looking forward to going.  We'll be staying in a hotel close to the Tainan City Government Building, not far from where the race starts.  This should make the experience MUCH more pleasant.

6. Yesterday I almost got in trouble for taking a particularly troublesome student out of a class I was teaching, and putting him in an adjoining class where another teacher was correcting her students' homework.  This might not seem like a big deal, but I later learned that doing so is against the law.  Really!

Sigh.  Students now have so many rights, and even though most of these rights are to everyone's benefit I think that some of these rights hamper teachers' ability to teach effectively.  Many of these "rights" impinge upon both the classroom teacher's ability to manage a classroom and the students' right to a safe and effective classroom environment.

Though of course this situation is nothing new.  I suppose I just find it more disconcerting because I thought I left such nonsense behind in America.

7. I keep thinking about what I want to have for dinner.  Pizza?  Dumplings?  Stir fry?  Definitely not burgers.  I had my fill of burgers in Taipei.

8. And Trump?  What about Donald Trump?  I've been reading about that massive idiot for so many weeks now, to the point that I'm growing numb in the face of his stupidities.  I'm really starting to wonder how likely his impeachment is, and how long the world will have to suffer his foolishness.  I am embarrassed to say he's my President.

And in related news, there will be a Trump Steakhouse opening behind the McDonald's on Shin Sheng Road.  They've already got a sign up, and it says (I kid you not) "Making Food Great Again."  Christ.  It'll probably close before too long, but I'll have to eat there at least once.

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  1. Hi!
    I have a question totally unrelated to your thoughts here. I couldn't find a contact, so thought I would try to reach you here. I am American of Chinese descent. I speak decent Chinese (casual conversation) and am quite knowledgeable about Chinese customs. I have two hapa children (half German) who are almost 5. They currently go to an international school that teaches Chinese. Their Chinese comprehension is probably at a four year old level. Their German and ?English is on par to native speakers. I am looking to bringing them to Taiwan for a month over the summer so that they can better their Chinese. Question 1) are there programs that can accommodate this for a one month stay?; 2) their school uses pinyin to teach and exposes the kids to both traditional and is simplified writing (although once they really start writing, it will be ins implied form). Would it still be useful for the kids to go to such program if there is one even if the writing may be different? I am personally not too concerned about their writing, but definitely want their expressive Chinese to improve. Thanks!

    1. 1. That would depend on where in Taiwan you are going, and when you are getting here. In Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung I'm sure you could enroll them in any number of private kindergartens. In more rural areas, I doubt there'd be anything for them.

      2. In Taiwan, Pinyin is only learned to teach foreigners (adults) how to speak/write Chinese. Just about anything else - and especially something geared toward small children would be using ㄅㄆㄇㄈ, the phonetic characters devised for the use of native Chinese speakers.

      Happy hunting...