2016年12月29日 星期四

What's Going on in Taitung 3 台東最近發生的事 3

Local news from the past week or so.  If you can read Chinese, I've linked the various news articles below.  這些是上個禮拜左右的新聞.  看懂中文字的讀者可參考以下提供的網址.

A. Is the local news biased?  地區的新聞有偏見嗎?

You know what I'm beginning to notice about the local news?  It's almost overwhelmingly positive.  So what about all the crime, and fraud, and sex that goes on in the rest of Taiwan?  I'm guessing that because Taitung is still very rural, and because the population is smaller, local reporters are afraid of making enemies and/or getting into trouble.  This is really too bad, because a little more truth-telling would benefit everybody. 你知道我開始注意到什麼事嗎?  地區新聞大部分都是正向的.  難道只有其他地方有犯罪行為, 舞弊和色情?  我猜想因是台東還是很鄉下, 人口比較少, 所以記者怕樹敵與惹上麻煩.  這樣很可惜, 因為更多的事實也會讓台東縣的社會更進一步.

B. Local News 地區新聞

1. Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang led a delegation to Hunan, China, to participate in the Chang Sha Tourism Expo, and also learn about Hunan's satellite TV system.  台東縣長黃健庭帶領幾家旅遊業者前往湖南參加長沙旅遊博覽會, 也參觀學習湖南的廣播電視台.

2. The Taitung County Government's Bureau of Economic Affairs is promoting the "Taitung Quality Goods" label.  As part of this promotional effort, the first store selling these local products opened on December 22.  台東縣政府財政及經濟發展處正推廣 "台東好物" 品牌.  推廣活動包括在12月22日開一家專賣當地商品的商店.

3. Is it too early to worry about the 2018 election?  Probably, but the DPP is already making plans for it.  In 2018 the office of Taitung County Magistrate is up for grabs, and the clock is ticking...  現在太早準備2018年的選舉?  有可能, 可是民進黨已經開始準備了.  那時候的縣長選舉將非常激烈 !

5. The Taitung and Pingtung county governments will soon offer a new type of insurance for those practicing agriculture and aquaculture in Pingtung and Taitung counties.  Agricultural and aquacultural losses during recent typhoons were extensive.  明年台東縣和屏東縣政府可望為台東的農民與屏東的漁民推出一種新的保單, 屏東縣將試辦第一張漁業保單, 臺東也將試辦第一張農業保單. 主要原因是最近農業跟漁業受到的災害很嚴重.

7. The Taitung County Government will have another go at producing "deep sea products" next year.  Due to mismanagement, this heavily-funded project has been something of a disappointment.  明年台東縣政府要重啟深層海水計畫, 因為當初布管錯誤, 這個昂貴的計畫目前還是沒有任何作用.

8. Robert Storey, a prominent local expat, passed away last week.  Mr. Storey authored an edition of Lonely Planet's Taiwan guide.  He will be missed. 台東最有名的外國住民上禮拜過世了.  他是Lonely Planet: Taiwan舊版的作者.  很多人會想念他的.

9. The Taitung Urban and Rural Athletic Association will host its yearly "Bikini Run" in Tai Ma Li on New Year's Day.  Before any of the guys reading this get too excited, remember that it will be cold, and that Taitung is a far cry from Kenting.  Very few of the women there will be wearing bikinis.   台東縣城鄉生活協會將在元旦當日舉辦 "比基尼沙灘路跑."  在男讀者們看到這個消息很興奮時, 也要想想那時候天氣很冷, 而且臺東也不像墾丁,  只有少數的女選手會穿比基尼.

10. A fee will be charged for entrance to Taitung's Forest Park after New Year's Day.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm pretty sure that this time it will really happen! 台東森林公園自元旦起開始收費.  我知道我以前寫過這則消息, 但我確信這一次是真的!

11. Taitung is getting its own Mos Burger.  County Magistrate Justin Huang said so on Facebook!  以後台東會有自己的摩斯漢堡店, 黃健庭縣長在臉書上宣布了.

12. The Mainland Chinese market for Taitung's sugar apples and pineapples is thriving.  Representatives from Taitung County recently visited China to discuss further economic cooperation.  台東的鳳梨跟釋迦在大陸市場很受歡迎.  台東的農業代表最近去大陸談更多未來的經濟合作.

13. There was a big landslide in the East Rift Valley, near Jia Na Village.  Residents were very worried, but were later reassured that the slide posed no immediate danger to them.  在台東縱谷加拿部落附近發生大坍方,  那邊的住民很緊張, 可是防災研究中心說不會有立即性危險.

C. National News 國內新聞

1. New restrictions have been placed on the "Taiwan Travel Card."  Many worry about the effect of these restrictions on both the travel industry and the economy at large.  台灣的國旅卡有新的規定.  很多人擔心這些新的規定會影響到台灣的旅遊業與經濟.

2. Tensions continue to mount between Taiwan and Mainland China.  Chinese fighter jets have encroached upon the island's airspace, and the recently constructed aircraft carrier Liaoning has sailed beyond the "first island chain."  To make matters worse, Sao Tome has broken off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of China.  兩岸的關係越來越緊張, 大陸的戰鬥機飛進台灣的領, 還有大陸的遼寧號穿越第一島鏈, 聖多美也與台灣斷交而擁抱中國大陸.

D. Happy New Year! 新年快樂!

1. But let's all of us - Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, or otherwise - try to have a happy 2017, ok?  但是不管是台灣人, 中國人, 還是其他國家的人, 我們都要過一個快快樂樂的2017, 好嗎?

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  1. Really sad to hear about Robert Storey. I met him one year ago (spent several hours talking with him) and he seemed totally fine both physically and mentally. I know he had been suffering from Crohn's disease but it didn't seem anywhere near life threatening. Do you know the circumstances of his death?

    1. I do know SOME details, but I refrained from asking about others. I'm also not sure how appropriate it would be to share all of the details here. Let's just say that his family has been through a lot, and if you'd like to know more about "circumstances" I suggest contacting someone who was close to him when you're in town.

    2. 作者已經移除這則留言。

    3. Thanks for the reply. Your answer suggests it wasn't straight forward (to the extent that any death can be). I mean when someone dies from a battle with cancer, sudden heart failure, car crash or other accident, etc. I spent several days with both him and his wife last year and thought they were both totally fine. We also exchanged emails as recently as Nov 2016 (barely 2 months ago) and he seemed totally fine, telling me about his plans to improve his website, etc. He was our only friend in Taitung. Without him, we probably won't go back for many years (we don't even live in Taiwan). So I guess I'll never find out.

  2. Just FYI, I asked Robert about you just a few months back as I like many of your articles (wondering if he knew you) and he told me he did and would introduce me to you next time I came to Taitung. That won't happen anymore, sadly...

    1. Sorry I can't be more specific. I just feel like those details don't belong to me. I mentioned it here because I know that he had many friends in town, and if it was my friend I'd want to know. If you are ever in town I'd be glad to tell you what I know, especially since it will probably be a less sensitive topic then. Thanks for the compliment. Let me know if you're around town, and perhaps we'll have time to discuss this in a less public forum!