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Me, Thirty Years Ago 三十年前的我

1. In 1986 the most popular movie was..  1986年最受歡迎的電影是:

...which I remember seeing in the theater.  I was only 11 years old, so of course I loved it.  In retrospect it really wasn't very good.  我記得在戲院看這部電影, 我當時只有十一歲, 想當然而地喜愛這部電影, 現在再看, 它並沒有那麼好!

The soundtrack to that movie was also very popular.  I remember owning it on cassette tape.  I had a friend, Javier, also in my sixth grade class, who could lipsinc to that song "Danger Zone" quite well.  當時這部電影的電影原聲帶很熱門, 我記得自己也有一塊錄音帶, 那時六年級的同班同學Javier可以跟著Danger Zone 對嘴唱得很好.

2. In 1986 the most popular song was...  1986年最受歡迎的歌曲:

Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus."

...which I also owned on cassette.  Of all the songs on that album I can only remember the hit single.  The other songs must not have been very good.  我也有這張錄音帶, 整張專輯我只記得這首最受歡迎的歌, 可能是其他的歌曲都不怎麼樣.

3. In 1986 the most popular comic book was probably...  1986年最受歡迎的漫畫書應該是:

The Dark Knight Returns 蝙蝠俠:黑暗騎士歸來.

...which, if you're not familiar with comic books, features Batman.  I was fanatically devoted to this series, and I read each issue over and over and over.  如果你不熟悉漫畫, 那你應該知道蝙蝠俠. 我愛死這套漫畫了,每一集我都是忍不住看了又看.

I bought most of my comic books at Rocket Comics, a small comic book shop about ten blocks from my house.  I used to see the owner at all the comic book conventions.  我大部分的漫畫書都是在Rocket Comics買的,  那家漫畫店距離我家大概十條街, 我以前常看到漫畫書店的老闆在各個漫畫書展. 

4. In 1986 the most popular video game was probably...   1986年最受歡迎的電動玩具應該是:

...which would mean that this was the "golden age" of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).   這應該是任天堂的黃金時期.

I was kind of a Sega Master System (SMS) snob, though of course I also owned and loved all the NES games popular at the time.  How many hours did my friends and I search for the mythical "purple boomerang" in Zelda?  雖然我也愛和擁有當時所有任天堂受歡迎的遊戲, 但我比較是Sega Master System的擁護者, 我都不知道自己和朋友花了多少小時尋找薩爾達傳說中的"purple boomerang"?

5. In 1986 the second-most popular movie was...  1986年第二熱門的電影是:

...which is laughable because that movie is/was completely terrible.  But it was the 80s, we were Americans, and we didn't know s*&t about Australia.  這很好笑, 因為這部電影很差, 但因為當時是80年代, 我們是美國人, 我們不懂任何澳洲的事.

"That's not a knife!  That's a knife."

6. In 1986 the second-most popular song was...  1986年第二受歡迎的歌曲是:

...which they played on MTV endlessly.  God, Madonna was SO huge in the 80s!  I will admit to liking "Borderline," but after that I lost interest in Madonna.這在電視MTV中一直被播送,天啊! 瑪丹娜在80年代是多麼地有名! 我承認喜歡她的Borderline, 但從那之後, 我對她的音樂就沒有興趣了.

Remember when all the media could talk about was Madonna and Sean Penn?  If so, you're probably as old as I am!  Madonna was so popular that her career survived Shanghai Surprise. 如果你記得當時所有的節目都在談論瑪丹娜和西恩潘, 那你大概年紀和我差不多, 瑪丹娜的名氣讓她的事業在Shanghai Surprise電影之後還存活下來.

7. In 1986 the second-most popular comic book was probably...  在1986年中, 第二受歡迎的漫畫應該是:

Watchmen 守護者.

...which isn't surprising, because it was great.  It was perhaps a little too adult for me at the time, but I knew it was something revolutionary.這並不令人驚訝, 因為它很棒, 它也許對當時的我來說有點太嚴肅了, 但我知道它具革命性.

The only problem with Watchmen was that the later issues were always delayed.  I kept going to Rocket Comics expecting the next issue, and was often told that it would be late.守護者的唯一問題是後來都常常延誤出書時間, 我一直去漫畫書店詢問每一期的漫畫, 但常常被告知出書時間延期了.

8. In 1986 the second-most popular video game was probably...  1986年第二受歡迎的電動玩具應該是:

Metroid 銀河戰士.

...which I enjoyed far more than Legend of Zelda.  There was also another game for the SMS, Zillion, which was very similar.  I loved both games, and as a result my grades suffered.  我喜歡銀河戰士遠勝過薩爾達傳說, 當時SMS也有一個非常類似的遊戲Zillion, 二個遊戲我都愛, 所以當年我的學校成績表現就慘了.

...and 1986 also saw the theatrical release of Platoon, the Karate Kid, Part II, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  1986 was also when Europe's "The Final Countdown," Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" (from the Top Gun soundtrack), Europe's "The Final Countdown," and the Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" hit the charts.  In 1986 comic book shops were also selling The Man of Steel, the Mutant Massacre, and Marvel's New Universe.  In 1986 I was also playing Kid Icarus, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and Out Run.  1986 also saw the appearance of many other things, and in such profusion, that I can't remember them all.  1986年也看了Platoon 前進高棉, the Karate Kid, Part II, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 星艦迷航記IV:搶救未來 這幾部片. 也有歐洲合唱團的"The Final Countdown,"柏林樂團的"Take My Breath Away" (出自捍衛戰士原聲帶),寵物店男孩的"West End Girls"受歡迎. 1986年的漫畫店也賣蝙蝠俠對超人:正義曙光X戰警:天啟  和漫威漫畫. 1986年的電動玩具我玩Kid Icarus, Alex Kidd in Miracle World 阿歷克斯小子奇幻世界大冒險, and Out Run. 1986年也看了許多其他的作品, 只是我無法一一記住而已.

...but it was a good time, 1986.  I was 11 years old, I was in the sixth grade, and it was a good time to be alive. 1986是很好的一年, 我當時11歲, 就讀六年級, 活著真好!

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