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Me, Thirty-Five Years Ago 三十五年前的我

In 1981 I was six years old.  I was living with my mother in West Seattle.  My father had just left us, and I think my mother was working in a mail room somewhere.  1981年的時候六歲,  跟媽媽一起住在西雅圖的西區.  我爸爸剛離開我們.  我媽媽應該是在一個郵件收發室上班.

My memory of that time is very hazy.  This is to be expected, as I was only six years old.  If I think very hard, I can remember a few details, but nothing very important.  我忘記很多那個時候的事情了.  當然忘記了; 我那時候才六歲.  如果我努力回想, 可以想起一些細節, 只是都不是很重要的事情.

I was a student at Cooper Elementary School, which was not far from the house where we lived.  I can remember visiting a book fair there, and being fascinated by a book about aliens.  I opened the book to a page featuring the "men in black," and wondered why they would choose to live in the center of the Earth.  Wasn't it hot down there?  我那時候在Cooper國小就學.  那國小離我們家不遠.  我記得那時候去了學校書展, 找到一本關於外星人的書.  我打開書中的一頁是介紹 "黑衣人" , 當時覺得很奇怪,   他們為什麼要住在地心?  住在那裏不會很熱嗎?

I also remember running around the school playground, with a friend whose name I can't recall.  There were a bunch of girls chasing us.  At one point they surrounded us, and then decided to lift up their skirts.  Why they chose to do this we had no idea.  我也記得在操場跑來跑去, 跟一位我忘了名字的同學玩.  還有一群女同學在追我們兩個.  她們抓到我們的時候, 把裙子拉上來, 給我們看內褲.  我們那時候搞不懂她們為什麼要這麼做.

Cooper Elementary School

There was a park near Cooper Elementary.  In the park there was some kind of community center, and on Halloween the community center set up a haunted house made of cardboard boxes.  I remember being scared when I was inside.  我的國小附近有一座公園.  公園裡有一棟社區中心.  萬聖節的時候社區中心的人用很多盒子做一個小鬼屋.  我記得鬼屋裡面很可怕.

There were also these neighbor boys.  I think they were in high school.  They kept sitting on my mom's car.  I have no idea why, but I remember this being a problem.  還有住在我們家附近的那些男生.  他們大概是高中生.  他們很喜歡坐在我媽的車上面.  我不知道原因, 可是我記得這是一件令人頭痛的事情.

Which reminds me that my mom drove a yellow Opel.  This yellow Opel didn't have power steering, and I can still remember the smell of the leather seats.  If you've never driven a car without power steering, let me tell you that it's a lot of work.  這件事也讓我想起那時候我媽媽開一輛黃色歐寶的車.  那輛歐寶的車沒有動力方向盤.  我還記得車裡真皮座椅的味道.  我跟你講, 開沒有動力方向盤的車很累!

And there was my mother's good friend, Barbara, who lived in a house next door to us.  I was friends with Barbara's daughter, Trudy.  Sometimes Trudy and I would sit on the front steps of her house, and Trudy would eat their dog's food from a big bag.  I asked her why she wanted to do this, but I don't remember her answer.  還有我媽媽的好朋友Barbara.  她住在我們隔壁.  我跟Barbara的女兒Trudy是朋友.  有時候我跟Trudy會坐在他們家門前的樓梯, 然後Trudy會吃他們家狗的乾飼料.  我問過她為什麼要做這種事, 可是我忘記她的回答了.

Around that time I discovered an extremely explicit centerfold under a bush near our house.  I recall feeling very confused by the woman's genitals.  I brought the centerfold back home, and asked my mom about it.  She grew very embarrassed, and threw it in the trash. 那時候我也發現家附近的小樹下有一張 "什麼都可看的到" 的成人雜誌照片.  我看到圖中小姐的秘密地方, 也覺得很好奇.  我把雜誌照片帶回家, 問我媽媽一些健康教育問題, 可是我媽媽覺得很丟臉, 就把照片丟掉了.

In the summer of that year, my mom drove me down to a diner in southern Washington state, and from that diner my grandmother picked me up, and took me down to her house in Bay City, Oregon.  I spent my summers in Bay City until I was out of elementary school.  那一年暑假, 我媽開車帶我去華盛頓州的南部, 然後我外婆在那邊的一家餐廳接我.  她帶我去她俄勒岡州灣城的家, 那後我在那裡過暑假.  直到我念國中的時候我們暑假都這樣子.

Later I met my stepdad for the first time.  I remember thinking that he was the kindest man I'd ever met.  He was sitting in our living room, and my mom was telling me that we were going to live in his house.  I was also going to have a new stepbrother, Jeff.  I was ok with all of these things.  之後沒多久, 我第一次跟我繼父見面.  我記得我想著他是世界上最善良的人.  他坐在我們的客廳, 然後我媽跟我說我們兩個要去住在他家.  我也會有一個新弟弟叫Jeff.  我記得那時候完全同意這件事情.

I called him "Tom" back then.  It's funny to think about now.  我那時候叫他 "Tom."  現在想想蠻好笑的.

I remember having a lot of T-shirts with their own slogans.  Things like "My Mom Loves Me... I'm an Angel!" and crap like that.  I suppose I only wore them because my mom liked them.  我記得那時候我有很多 "標語" 的T恤.  T恤上的 "標語" 是 "我媽媽愛我... 我是個天使!" 那種話.  我穿那種T恤的原因應該是我媽很喜歡.

That's about it.  Like I say, I was six.  我那時候留下來的回憶差不多這樣子.  我才六歲而已.

If you look up 1981 on Wikipedia, you'll also discover that Raiders of the Lost Ark was the biggest movie, "Bette Davis Eyes" was the biggest song, Frogger debuted in the video arcades, and John Byrne was probably the biggest name in comics.  Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were Presidents of the U.S., and Chiang Ching-kuo was President of Taiwan.  如果用維基百科找1981年的事, 你會發現那一年 "法櫃奇兵" 是最受歡迎的電影, "Bette Davis Eyes"是最受歡迎的歌曲, "青蛙過河" 是最受歡迎的電動玩具, 還有John Byrne是最受歡迎的漫畫家.  卡特跟雷根是當時的美國總統, 還有蔣經國在台灣當總統.

But of course I don't remember any of those things.  I was only six, after all.  當然我不記得那些事情.  我才六歲!

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