2016年9月11日 星期日

Me, Five Years Ago 五年前的我

Five years ago I was writing this blog!  That makes it much easier to remember.  這個blog是我五年前寫的.  這樣比較容易記得!

Back then I was 36 years old, I was living in Taitung, and I was working at Tung Hai Elementary School, where I am still a teacher.  我那時候36歲,   住在台東.  也已經在東海國小教書.

According to my blog, in 2011 I did the following:  根據我的部落格, 我2011年做了這些事:

1. I went to the Taiwan Beer Distillery in Hualien for the first time.  我第一次去花蓮酒廠 .

2. I joined my very first marathon in Kaohsiung.  我第一次參加高雄馬拉松.

3. I wrote the "Sex in Taiwan" entry, which is (by far) the most popular entry ever posted here.  It has received 22,000 views over the past five years.  我寫了"Sex in Taiwan"那篇文章.  它是這個部落格最受歡迎的文章.  五年之內有22,000人看過.

4. I went to Taroko Gorge.  我去太魯閣.

5. I was pressured by my wife to apply for a Taiwanese driver's license.  I still haven't done it!  我太太給我蠻多壓力, 因為她覺得我應該考台灣汽車駕照.  我還沒有做!

6. I thought a lot about the disaster at Fukushima and Taipower's plans to build more reactors in north Taiwan.  (So were a lot of other people.)  我在想福島核災會不會影響到台電在北部再蓋核電廠的計畫.  還有很多人也這麼想!

7. I went back to the States for the summer.  I don't remember most of what we did there, but I do remember seeing Captain America: The First Avenger in the theater.  我暑假的時候回美國.  我不記得大部分在那邊做了什麼事, 可是我記得那時候在電影院看了美國隊長.

8. I rode my bike between 60 and 100 km a week.  我每個禮拜騎60到100公里的腳踏車.

9. I learned that our cat had jumped from our seventh floor balcony, breaking both of its back legs.  This cat spent the following month trapped in a cage in our living room, and is somehow still alive (and mobile) now.  我發現我們的貓從七樓的陽台跳下去一樓.  牠後面兩隻腿斷掉了.  牠後來在客廳裡的籠子生活一個月.  最驚人的是牠還活著, 也有辦法走路.

10. I joined the Green Island Marathon.  That was fun.  我參加綠島馬拉松.

11. I bought a lot of books in Taipei.  我在台北買很多本書.

12. I was, like the rest of Taiwan, worrying about plasticizers and whatever else might be in the food we eat.  It was a scary year to eat out.  我跟其他人一樣擔心塑化劑在食物裡面.  那一年在外面吃飯很恐怖.

13. I went to "Janfusan Fancy World" in Yunlin for the first time.  I believe that my older daughter had a choir activity in Taitung then, so she didn't go.  That was also fun.  我第一次去雲林的劍湖山世界.  那時候我大女兒去參加合唱團的活動, 所以只有妹妹可以跟我們一起去.  很好玩的一天.

14. I bemoaned the lack of Halloween activities in Taitung.  Now that my kids are older it doesn't bother me so much.  我覺得台東沒有萬聖節活動好可惜.  我的孩子已經過了那個年紀了, 所以我現在不是很在乎這件事.

15. I attended the "Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Education Forum" with two Taiwanese coworkers in Washington D.C.  We were there for about five days, with all expenses paid.  The Smithsonian is AWESOME.  我跟兩位同事去華盛頓D.C.參加"Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Education Forum."  我們大約在那裡五天的時間, 不用付交通費, 也不用付飯店的錢.  史密森尼博物館很棒.

16. I had a really rough December when my mom almost drank herself to death.  In the end she pulled through, but it was a difficult time for everyone in my family.  我那一年的十二月很難過.  我媽因為喝太多酒的問題差一點就沒命.  她現在沒事, 可是那時候對我家人來說很困難.

17. I read Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene."  Good book.  我讀 "自私的基恩" 那本書.  滿好看!

18. I ate a lot of beef noodles.  我吃很多牛肉麵.

19. I drove up the Southern Cross-Island Highway.  我開車去南橫公路.

20. I joined the Taitung Lohas Marathon.  我參加台東樂活馬拉松.

21. I worried about the "opening up" of Taiwan to Mainland Chinese tourists.  After Tsai Ying-wen's election, the number of these tourists has gone down dramatically.  我擔心太多大陸客來台這個問題.  蔡英文被選上之後, 大陸客的人數越來越少.

22. I joined the Flowing Lake (now called the Puyuma) Triathlon.  That was my first.  我參加活水湖鐵人三項 (現在叫普悠瑪).  是我第一次參加鐵人三項.

23. I ate at the Farmaggio pizza restaurant on Shin Sheng Road a lot.  It had just opened.  I recently heard that they're going to close.  我去新生路上的Farmaggio披薩很多次.  他們那時候剛開幕.  我最近聽說他們要結束營業.

24. I joined the Beautiful Taitung Triathlon.  That was the worst triathlon experience ever.  我也參加了台東之美鐵人三項.  那真是很不好玩的經驗.

And what about you?  Where were you in 2011?  What were you doing?  What were you eating?  Where were you working?  那你呢?  你2011年在哪裡?  你那時候在做什麼?  你那時候喜歡吃什麼?  你那時候在哪裡工作?

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