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Me, Ten Years Ago 十年前的我

In 2006 I was 32, and I had been living in Taiwan (off and on) for seven years.  My older daughter was six years old, my younger daughter was one year old, and I can't tell you how old my wife was because later she'll read this and be angry.  2006年, 我32歲.  已經在台灣來回住了七年.  當時我的大女兒六歲, 小女兒一歲.  我不能告訴你那時候我太太幾歲, 因為她看到這裡時會生氣.

By 2006 we were tired of living in Taichung.  The air was making our older daughter sick, we'd had enough of driving through heavy traffic, and my job seemed like a dead end.  I started looking around for other jobs, in other parts of Taiwan, and after a great deal of searching I found a job in Taitung, on the east coast of the island.  西元2006年, 我們不想住台中了.  那邊的空氣汙染影響到我大女兒的健康, 每天塞車也讓我們感覺很累, 當時的工作似乎沒有什麼發展性.  所以我開始找其他縣市的工作.  找了一段時間後, 我發現了台灣東部的台東有工作機會.

Moving to Taitung seemed like a good idea.  We were looking for somewhere more rural, somewhere with better air, and the job here was better suited to my qualifications.  We were never 100% sure that moving to Taitung was the right thing to do, but after many long discussions we decided to give it a try.  我們那時候覺得搬到台東應該是最好的選擇.  我們要住鄉下點的地方, 空氣比較新鮮, 而且我的專業能力符合這裡的工作.  我們不確定搬到臺東是不是最好的選擇, 可是經過多次的討論以後, 我們決定試試看.

So one day in June we loaded the contents of our apartment into a moving van, and the driver set out to meet us in Taitung.  My wife drove our two daughters in a car over first, and I followed them by train a week later.  By that time we had already found a house on Luo Yang Street, not far from Shin Sheng Elementary.  所以在六月的某一天, 我們把公寓裡的東西裝進一輛搬家卡車裡.  由司機先生開到台東來與我們會合.  我太太跟我們的孩子先和我丈母娘開車過去, 我一個禮拜後才自己坐車到台東.  搬家前我們已經先找到洛陽街上且靠近新生國小的房子了.

東海國中 Tung Hai Junior High School

I started a job at Tung Hai Junior High School, where I would teach for two years.  It turned out to be a fairly easy (if repetitive) job, and I made a lot of friends in that school.  I am still in touch with many of these friends, and I have many fond memories of that time.  我剛開始在東海國中上班.  我在那裡上班兩年.  那份工作很簡單, 只是有點無聊.  我在那所學校交到很多新朋友.  我目前還會跟當時的朋友聯絡, 那段時間也留下許多美好的回憶.

When I wasn't working, we explored the county by scooter.  I remember feeling astonished at how quiet most of Taitung was, and how little traffic we encountered.  The first place I remember driving to was Jer Ben, which seemed miraculously beautiful at the time.  Later on we ventured up to Luye, and slowly worked our way up the coast.  Sometimes we rented a car, and other times we took the train farther north.  It was a very rewarding time for me, and after a few months I knew that moving here had been the right decision.  我們會在我下班時間騎摩托車探索台東縣.  我那時候覺得台東安靜的不可思議, 也不敢相信路上的車那麼少.  我記得我們最先騎車到當時覺得非常美麗的知本.  之後我們騎車去鹿野, 慢慢的我們騎去東海岸.  我們有時候租車, 有時候坐火車往北部.  那段時間對我來說很值得, 住了幾個月之後, 我知道搬到台東是最好的選擇.

Ten years later, and I'm still here.  I live in a different part of the city now, and I work at a different school, but I still visit many of the same places, eat a lot of the same food, and do many of the same things.  Taitung has been good to me.  I can't say that I've never considered leaving it, but for the most part I've been happy here.  十年之後我還在這裡.  我住在城市的另外一區, 在別的學校上班, 可是我還是會重複去一些景點玩, 還是吃一樣的食物, 做同樣的事.  台東對我很好.  我考慮過搬到外縣市, 可是我在台東的生活過得很快樂.

Which isn't to say that I wasn't happy in Taichung, too.  City life has its good side, and there are definitely things that I miss about the years I spent living in Taichung.  There was the excitement of the city at night, the crowds, and the feeling that something was always happening.  But for all of that there are the quiet nights in Taitung, the friends I've made here, and the slower pace of life.  When all is said and done I can always visit Taichung, while Taitung is where I'd rather live.   但這並不是說我不喜歡臺中.  住在大都市裡有它的好處.  我住台中那四年也有很多美好的回憶.  城市裡的夜晚很熱鬧, 感覺生機蓬勃.  台東則有寧靜的夜晚和我在這裡認識的朋友, 更有悠閒的生活步調. 整體來說, 我可以隨時去台中玩.  但我只想住台東.

Three Fairies Bridge 三仙台

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  1. I think you made a wonderful decision to move to taitung, it's really a beautiful place! And also good for kids :)

    1. I still like it. A lot of people like to say "Nice mountains, nice water, nice boredom" (好山好水好無聊), but I think if you can be "calm" it's a good place to live.