2016年3月5日 星期六

New (and Venomous) Friends 新 (有毒的) 朋友

Welcome to Taitung!  歡迎來台東!

As you may know, Taitung County is one of the most scenic places in Taiwan.  From pristine beaches, to mountain views, to aboriginal culture, Taitung really has it all!  你應該知道台東是全台灣風景最好的地方, 從乾淨的海灘, 廣大的山區, 到原住民文化, 台東什麼都有.

But do you know what Taitung also has in abundance?  Yes, that's right - venomous snakes!  可是你知道台東還有什麼特色嗎?  沒錯, 台東也有很多有毒的蛇.

Yes, Taitung boasts more venomous snakes that just about any other part of Taiwan.  From the common cobra to the umbrella snake, Taitung is blessed with many varieties of life-threatening reptiles, all eager to make your acquaintance.  是的! 台東應該是臺灣毒蛇最多的地方.  從眼鏡蛇到雨傘節, 台東很幸運地擁有很多致命的爬蟲類動物.  他們也很想跟你當朋友.

So come and enjoy the venomous snakes of Taitung.  You'll make new friends, and the memories will last forever.  歡迎你來欣賞台東的毒蛇.  很多新朋友在等你.  牠們會帶給你一輩子的回憶.

Hi there!  I'm the Hundred-Pace (Pit) Viper.  I enjoy nature excursions and reading a good book.  If you see me, please pick me up and give me a hug.  I love to make new friends!  你好!  我是百步蛇.  我很喜歡戶外活動跟看書.  你如果看到我的話, 請抱抱我.  我超愛新朋友!*

What's up!  I'm the Many-Banded Krait, also known as the Umbrella Snake.  I like hanging out with friends and listening to music.  最近好嗎?  我是雨傘節.  我喜歡跟朋友在一起,  也喜歡聽音樂.

Hello.  I'm the Chinese Cobra.  I often hang out in drainage ditches.  When not eating rodents or frightening farmers, I like to watch movies and sing karaoke.  你好.  我是眼鏡蛇.  我喜歡在水溝裡休息.  我不忙著吃老鼠或嚇農夫的時候, 我喜歡看電影或是唱卡拉ok.

Good morning.  I'm Kraeplin's Cat Snake.  I come out at night, and I really like to party.  In my senior high school I was voted "most likely to bite people."  早安.  我是大頭蛇.  我都是晚上出來, 也很喜歡跟朋友一起玩.  我念高中的時候同學都覺得我畢業後一定最會咬人.

How are you?  I'm the Mock Viper.  I might not be as venomous as some of the other snakes here, but I can still make you sick if I'm in a bad mood!  你好嗎?  我是茶班蛇.  我不是毒性最強的, 可是我心情不好的時候一定會讓人不舒服!

Good to meet you.  We are the sea snakes and sea kraits.  We are VERY venomous.  We are very shy when around people, but we also like to have fun!  很高興見到你.  我是海蛇.  我們非常毒的!  雖然我們看到人時很害羞, 可是我們也很會玩.**

Hey guys.  I'm the Russells' Viper.  I come out at night and in the day, so anytime you're in town let me know!  朋友們好.  我是鎖鍊蛇.  我白天跟晚上都會出來逛逛, 所以你在台東的時候一定要告訴我!

What's up.  I'm the Pointed-Scaled Pit Viper, or Chinese Habu.  I live all over Taiwan, but Taitung is one of my favorite vacation spots.  It's a great place to explore!  嗨!  我是龜穀花.  每個縣市都可以見到我, 可是我特別喜歡在台東.  這是一個可以好好探索的地方!

How you doing?  I'm called the Taiwan Alpine Pit Viper.  I live in the high mountains, so let me know when you're out hiking or mountain climbing.  Ah, that fresh mountain air!  你們好不好?  我叫菊池氏龜穀花.  我住在高山裡, 所以你爬山的時候一定要約我.  高山的空氣很新鮮!

Good to see you!  They call me the Green Bamboo Viper.  I'm one of the most commonly seen snakes in Taiwan, and I'll be waiting for you in the forest!  很高興跟你們見面!  他們叫我赤尾青竹絲.  我是台灣最常見的蛇中的其中之一.  我在森林等你來啊!

Oh, and the list above was taken from 台灣兩棲爬行類圖鑑 ("A Guide to Taiwan's Reptiles and Amphibians").  This book was published by Owl Publishing 貓頭鷹 in 2009.  Shiang Kao-shr 向高世 wrote the section on snakes.  上面的蛇的資料都出自台灣兩棲爬行類圖鑑.  這本是貓頭鷹2009年出版的.  蛇的部分的作者是向高世.

Oh, and snakes were also discussed in the 布農族的百步蛇朋友 The Bunun Tribe's Friend: The Hundred Pacer, Snakes in Taitung 台東的蛇, and Wildlife in Taitung 台東野生動物 entries.  Feel free to check those out if you have the time.  對了我也在布農族的百步蛇朋友 The Bunun Tribe's Friend: The Hundred Pacer, Snakes in Taitung 台東的蛇, 還有Wildlife in Taitung 台東野生動物這些文章討論過台東的蛇, 有興趣的讀者也歡迎參考一下.

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*ALL the vipers are venomous to one degree or another, so if you see a snake with a pointed (or triangle-shaped) head it's best to keep your distance.

**The sea snakes and sea kraits are actually the most venomous snakes in Taiwan, but it's really difficult to get one to bite you.  If you manage to get bitten by one of these, all I can say is good luck making it back to the beach.